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No Salute to Israel, 60 Years of Apartheid is Nothing to Celebrate

thewallmustfall | 01.07.2008 14:18 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Palestine | London | South Coast | World

Today, a series of non-violent protest actions disrupted the 'Salute to Israel' parade. The parade celebrated 60 years since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Activists wished to remind the public that since its inception, Israel has been maintained through the constant oppression of the Palestinian people, in particular through ethnic cleansing.

The 'Salute to Israel' parade was a shameful show of support to a government engaged in war crimes. Sponsors included the Jewish National Fund, an organisation deeply involved in the colonisation of Palestinian land as well in anti-Palestinian discrimination within Israel. Activists wish to stress that the British government's authorisation, protection and support of this event is entirely unacceptable.

En route, the parade was greeted by activists with red dye on their hands to symbolise the blood of Palestinians killed by the Israeli government. In Trafalgar Square, both fountains were turned red after activists poured dye into the water and a Palestinian flag was unfurled at the entrance of the National Gallery. An activist climbed up a big screen which had to be turned off for most of the event. Also, another group attempted to get onto the roof of the National Gallery in order to unfurl a banner but were arrested in the process.

Police responded by making a series of ridiculous arrests, assaulting and detaining a woman for singing anti-zionist songs and deploying Forward Intelligence Teams to monitor and follow those attending the counter demonstrations.

Several Counter demonstrations were held by Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Action Palestine and Friends of Al Aqsa while Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others drove three double decker buses draped with Palestinian flags and black balloons around the square and Rhythms of Resistance tried to drown out the Pro-Zionist hip hop gig.

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UK, London. 'Salute to Israel' march. Trafalgar Square.
UK, London. 'Salute to Israel' march. Trafalgar Square.

Protester pours "blood" into the fountain at Israel rally
Protester pours "blood" into the fountain at Israel rally

Fountain dyed red to represent blood of Palestinians who died during occupation
Fountain dyed red to represent blood of Palestinians who died during occupation

PSC bus
PSC bus

(Photo by Medyan Darieh)
(Photo by Medyan Darieh)

Deir Yassin and Tantura are but two of the most (in)famous massacres perpetrated by Zionist forces against Palestinians in 1948. Over 530 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed, and nearly two-thirds of the native Palestinian people, around 750 000 people, were forced to flee.

Ethnic cleansing continued beyond 1948, including all-out massacres and military attacks, house demolitions and unceasing oppression by the Israeli military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. The Apartheid Wall, mostly built on Palestinian land, is one of the means through which the Israeli government attempts to annex Palestinian land without its people. In Israel, politicians, the media and a section of public opinion openly evoke the 'transfer' of Palestinians whom they describe as a ‘demographic threat’.

Despite this politicians like Ed Balls and Boris Johnson turned ut to give their 'salute' to Israel. Justifying the Israeli states illegal policies over the last six decades.

The proliferation of counter demonstrations and autonomous actions against the march are an indication that the Nakba is not forgotten, that there is a growing movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people and that more and more people are willing to take direct action to confront and unmask Israeli apartheid

Boycott Racist Israel



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against ALL nationalism

01.07.2008 17:32

"both fountains turned red and a Palestinian flag was unfurled at the entrance of the National Gallery"

against ALL nationalism, not one-sided. protesting against Israels injustice is right but we should not close our eyes when it comes about palestinean nationalism.

anti flag

The man on the photo is NO rabbi

01.07.2008 17:33

please get informed about jewish tradistions before posting bollocks.

just anybody


01.07.2008 19:32

The Scots took over control of the Labour Party - undermined Labour Party - undermined UK Government

But who is funding them ...

Douglas ALEXANDER - International Development Secretary [giving money to other countries so they buy UK weapons and control their countries by perpetrating the same old tactics that the UK specialises in - Human Rights atrocities + oppression and tyranny] [£138,724 + generous allowances] [his sister Wendy Alexander worked in George Galloway's office as Labour MP - she was Chair of Labour MPs who helped propel:
the Freemason Scot James Gordon BROWN [£189,994 per year + generous allowances] into Downing Street]

Alistair DARLING [£138,724 + generous allowances] - Chancellor of the Exchequer,

Des BROWNE [£138,724 per year + generous allowances][Scotland and Defence (being run down - as schools, universities, education, hospitals, prisons, police and all state public sector)]

But behind Scots are the Investment Bankers
James Gordon Brown PhD is a FREEMASON
His Political Secretary is Sue Nye [Jewish] - but her real name is Mrs Davies!
Her husband - Gavyn Davies [Jewish] - was a [very Labour Party supporting] Director of the International Jewish Goldman Sachs Investment Bank in London - which is controlled by David Rockefeller [Jewish].

In Gordon Brown's cabinet, 4 (four) of the 22 members (18 %) are Scots MPs. In 2001, five of the 20 members the cabinet (25 %) represented Scottish constituencies compared to 55 MPs out of 416 (13 %) in the parliamentary party.
The over-representation was partly explained by the fact that Ministers are generally recruited from senior MPs. In 1983, Scottish MPs accounted for 50/229 (21.8 %) of the parliamentary party.
Scottish John Reid PhD, an MP sitting for a Scottish constituency, had responsibility for Health in England and Wales. Responsibility for Health in Scotland has been devolved to the Scottish Parliament.
After 2005 election, four of the 22 ministers in the cabinet (18 %) represented Scottish constituencies with a further Scottish MP, Douglas Alexander attending cabinet meetings. Later promoted to become a full cabinet member.

BBC chairman Sir Michael Lyons [Jewish][Appointed by UK Prime Minister][Political Nepotism!] has stressed that the Corporation [the BBC] will be smaller and more "distinctive" five years from now. Why? Ready to be PRIVATISED! [He is following orders - that way he gets his huge bonuses - as do the "stars" like the massively overpaid Jonathan Ross [Jewish] who tend to be predominantly Jewish: entertainers + music "stars" + those who constantly appear in the media portrayed as "hedonistic whores" like Kate Moss + Amy Winehouse through the refracted filter of the Jewish controlled media)(+ Jewish controlled entertainment Agents) who seem to conduct business as if there are no Goyim (gentile) talent?].

Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Police, Armed Services [are now being broken on two fronts+] etc are all up for grabs in Britain's bargain basement sell off to those who appoint a minister who engineers the sell off to the tendering company as long as that dodgy Labour Party minister is appointed to the Board of Directors that tenders the "correct" amount by "competitive" "open" tender for the dodgy contracts!

So much corruption in the Labour Party - you just couldn't make it up!
Now we know why there were strict unattainable standards - for schools, hospitals, prisons, police, etc ready to be sold off (PRIVATISATION)!

Gordon Brown's government is getting ready for the bargain basement sell off of ALL British public sector assets to the highest bidder! [Recently Brown went to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to try to flog off the dirty nuclear radioactivity producing Nuclear plants to the king of Saudi Arabia.

If we were king of Saudi Arabia we would tell him firmly: "On yer bike - go back to the land of the Jocks!" What's more - no more taking away other people's FREEDOMS & stop causing OPPRESSION & colonising others like IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN & (the planned) invasion of IRAN!

Harriet Harman [Jewish] [married to Jack Dromey [Labour Party Treasurer] - head of Transport & General Workers Union who sponsors MPs] Harriet Harman was appointed Leader of the House of Commons, Minister for Women and Labour Party Chair in June 2007 She is Deputy Prime Minister!
[Jack Dromey's comments that David Abrahams' (Jewish) donations were 'absolutely wrong' echo the bombshell he dropped on Tony Blair's administration in March 2006].

Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs Rt Hon David MILIBAND, MP [Jewish] [He has a brother, ED MILIBAND who is also in the Cabinet].

Secretary of State for Justice (Constitutional Affairs until June 2007) Rt Hon Jack STRAW, MP [Jewish]

Minister for the Cabinet Office & for Social Exclusion & Chancellor of the Duchy of
Lancaster Rt Hon Ed MILIBAND [Jewish], MP £138,724 [+ generous allowances]
[He has a brother, DAVID MILIBAND who is also in the Cabinet].

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rt Hon Yvette Cooper, [Jewish] MP £138,724 [+ generous allowances] [Wife of Ed Miliband (Jewish)][Both are in the Cabinet].

Minister for the Olympics & London and Paymaster General - Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP [Jewish] £101,713 [+ generous allowances] Her real name - Mrs David MILLS [Casino adviser to head of the 'Mafia' Silvio Berluconi + member of Propaganda Due (Propaganda Two Masonic Lodge)(Gordon Brown is also a very senior Freemason)]

Minister for Housing - Caroline Flint - Her real name - Mrs Phil Cole.

Minister for Africa, Asia & the UN Sir Mark Malloch Brown KCMG, Lord Malloch Brown [JEWISH] [Deputy Secretary General of the UN - member of MI6 - Jewish link to International Banking]

Rt Hon Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC - Attorney General - from Dominica, Caribbean

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) - Scotsman Sir Ken Macdonald was appointed from Cherie Blair's Chambers Matrix Chambers. Cherie Blair recommended him to Tony Blair [29 (twenty nine) Connaught Square (near Marble Arch, London) - link to Freemasonry - as Tony (ACL Blair) is a very senior Freemason] as an excellent {?} DPP, as his background was in Defence work not in Prosecution work.

The "Royal Family" - Foreign imports with no connection to Anglo Saxons - live in the British Isles. [Saxe Coburg Gotha imports].

CHURCH has been broken by Prime Ministerial appointments [Archbishops + Bishops of Church of England]!

ARMY has been broken - to be replaced by Mercenaries that are not accountable to the public taxpayers who are being bled dry to extinction!

Upper Class people in Britain - all but been destroyed - by marrying in to their British dynasties bloodlines by the wealthy daughters of Jewish International bankers who now TOTALLY control the UK [& US]. [Compare with Madonna (daughter of wealthy Jewish family - whose music was heavily promoted) and poor British husband from a British dynastic family - Guy Ritchie (his mother is Lady Amber Leighton)!]

Middle Class people in Britain - all but been destroyed by contracting work out to other countries -but the real threat is not the foreign workers but the International [Jewish] Banks!!!

Lower Class people in Britain - all but been destroyed by Foreign Workers - but the real threat is not the foreign workers but the International [Jewish] Banks!!!

David Rockefeller [146 East 65 Street, New York] is the man that controls the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Club of New York, Bohemian Grove of California and the Bilderberg Group.

Dick Cheney [Jewish - CFR member], Donald Rumsfeld [Jewish - CFR member], Paul Wolfowitz [Jewish - CFR member], Douglas Feith, [Jewish - CFR member], Donald Perle [Jewish - CFR member].

ALL members that are the true executive of the US government are controlled by David Rockefeller of 146 East 65 Street, New York, NY 10021

David Rockefeller of 146 East 65 Street, New York, NY 10021 is in charge of the US ’shadow government’. He indirectly decides who will be the next US president!

George Walker Bush (’43′) was selected by David Rockefeller and bankrolled to win the US [s]election.

The electorate only endorse the pre-arranged candidates - they do not elect - the few that control the cartel of bankers fulfil the task of selection of candidates!

JPMorganChase is controlled by David Rockefeller of 146 East 65 Street, New York 10021

David Rockefeller controls the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] who control the cartel of private US international banks that control the US [private] Federal Reserve.

David Rockefeller decides when the time is right to crash the economy, to increase US Interest Rates or when it is time to create a Recession. That time is very fast approaching.

mail e-mail:

NETUREI KARTA - gives the answer - Moral, Ethical, Spiritual dimension

01.07.2008 19:41

ORTHODOX Judaism asserts quite clearly: If there is to be no Moral, Ethical, Spiritual dimension, then it would be better for all Jewish people to be all spread out in the diaspora and not to return to a homeland where a Moral, Ethical, Spirtual dimension is absent.


Look up BIROBIJAN Autonomous [Oblast] Russian Jewish Region

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Re: The man on the photo is NO rabbi

02.07.2008 10:42

No one said he was.


anti semitism and anti zionism

02.07.2008 12:57

The President of the British Muslim Initiative - Mohammad Sawalha - said in a speech to Al Jazeera:

“We, the Arab and Islamic community, gather here today to express our resentment at the celebrations by the Jewish community and the evil/noxious Jew in Britain”

[والوبيل اليهودي في بريطانيا]



02.07.2008 14:41

The "rabbi" is from Jews for Justice for Palestine

Free Palestine


02.07.2008 18:33

Isn't that just a cut 'n paste from the rabid islamaphobe and Zionist Melanie Philip's?

She ends her tirade with:

'Welcome once again to Londonistan, where the British authorities ensure that the jihadi sun never sets.'

chosing credible sources

Dodgy translations redux

03.07.2008 09:43

"Isn't that just a cut 'n paste from the rabid islamaphobe and Zionist Melanie Philip's? "

Melaneeeeee does acknowledge that she got it from Harry's Place - which isn't exactly the kind of place you'd expect supporters of the IMC ethos to be hanging out.....;..

A comment on that Melaneeee piece explains why the awful David T is not to be trusted as a translator:

July 3rd, 2008 9:18am
While Melanie Phillips' crazed drivel is to be expected, it's some of the comments above taking her word for granted that makes one want to puke. Harry's Place is a racist, hate-filled site which is far from being a bastion of truth, a source of authentic information or a credible, balanced or fair reporting, and hence Phillips' willingness to put her own damaged name on the line by stating that whatever that vile blog states is true, speaks volumes of her and her 'followers'.
The translation that was offered by the 'DaveM' was not only wrong, it was laughable. Going back to the original piece on Al-Jazeera, Sawalha clearly talks of the Jewish 'Lobby'. That seems to have been an Arabic hurdle too far for DaveM who now appears to masquerade as a translator in his spare time when he's not spreading hatered. The word that DaveM claims he translates from 'Al-Wabeel' has no meaning in Arabic. As my 6 year-old would say: It's not even a word! To skew it in order to mean evil/noxious, is evil/noxious an act in itself.
So, Phillips and groupies...stop being silly. You're obviously stressed out for some reason, but at least have the dignity to realsie that by your lies, falsheoods, skewed attempts to 'translate' from a language you know nothing of, you destroy innocent lives and reputations. You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

David T's Memri


03.07.2008 15:21

Does somebody want to crop the picture of whats eir name putting the red in trafalgar fountain?

Respect to all those involved in resisting such propaganda


your name

PSC = Zionist in attitude?

04.07.2008 19:06

It is unfortunate that the success of this day, which was down to a joint Action Palestine / Britain Palestine Twinning network effort after the initaal PSC led organising meeting collapsed in acrimony, which PSC finally joined in when it realised it was being eclipsed, sees the Twinning network totally ignored. The buses happened despite PSC, not because of it. The open topped bus was the Twinning networks and although we are glad PSC finally saw fit to help out, it is once again regrettable they now present everything as their own.

It was predictable, as previous independent efforts have shown that this event would be colonised by PSC or mis reported as one of their own. The very successful Apartheid week organised by Action Palestine earlier this year, the effective Womens tour recently organised and funded by the Twinning network, not forgetting the very good adverts in many newspapers and journals by Nakbe 60 were all organised without PSC support.

Nothing of note comes to mind they have organised this year apart from the annual demo organised alone after other groups pulled out, rather than work with them. All this despite a huge annual budget.

Note 1 - PSC are part of the movement for Palestine not the movement itself. Please wake up and smell the coffee.
Note 2 - the vast majority of people there on the buses were not from PSC.

'Nuff said.

David Ash
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

to all of you

04.07.2008 23:04


i can see your point about petty nationalism, but in times of oppression nationalism can be a unifying factor required to resist that oppression. For example if the French were occupying Britain I would personally 'fight for my country', or resist nonviolently, and think nationalism would be an essential force for galvanising us to resist the common oppressor. I dont see why palestine is different.

to the action palestine person; cant we all just get along? we are all fighting for the same thing, and to be fair none of the mainstream actions were particularly effective. I was there and i would say that the people with the drums were the ones who did the most effective action. The press swarmed the 'freedom of speach' pen when they arrived

to the weird racist person going on about a scotch/jewish conspiracy to take over fair england, please comment on releavnt issues. Under the act of union scotland and england are essentially the same countries, and we have a very well established jewish community here. It should be no surprise that some of them get into good positions in life. There is no conspiracy. Calm down


Against ALL nationalism - without exception.

06.07.2008 20:08

bob said: "i can see your point about petty nationalism, but in times of oppression nationalism can be a unifying factor required to resist that oppression. For example if the French were occupying Britain I would personally 'fight for my country', or resist nonviolently, and think nationalism would be an essential force for galvanising us to resist the common oppressor. I dont see why palestine is different."

The point is bob, all nationalism is damaging because having a "unifying" central point such as a state creates a structure that can be conquered. With no nation, with no central authority, with no central power to be taken - there is nothing to be invaded; just a bunch of people living their lives.

The existence of the state and it's apparatus of control over us all is the reason we are vulnerable to invasion in the first place - because it is that apparatus (and thus the people) that an invader seeks to control.

If everybody would think for themselves, refuse to be ruled over by anyone, and refuse to be conned or coerced into rallying behind their own oppressors, we would be impossible to invade, because the circumstances that allow invasions to take place (and the prize for success in such an invasion) would not exist in the first place - for a whole multitude of reasons.

For anarchy! Against ALL nationalism - without exception.

No Nations

in times of oppression nationalism

07.07.2008 13:45

Bob: "i can see your point about petty nationalism, but in times of oppression nationalism can be a unifying factor required to resist that oppression."

So it was in when 1947 the Yishuv joined forces with the terrorist factions, having seen how the British had put up borders against Jewish refugees from the Nazis who then perished, but not against Arab immigrants, and the threat of extermination by Arab armies.


To 'Onlyme'

07.07.2008 17:09

Who emptied Palestine of thousands of indigenous Palestinians and went on a killing and destruction spree before 15 May 1948 (when small armies from neighbouring countries came too late to help the remaining population)? Yes, the Zionists who see themselves as the owners of the land 'given to them by god'. If the Nazis were so evil, why behave exactly as these?



20.07.2008 15:45

531 (Five Hundred and Thirty One) Palestinian VILLAGES DESTROYED!!!

Yes, 531 (Five Hundred and Thirty one) Palestinian VILLAGES DESTROYED

On Wednesday, 14 May 2008, 531 (Five Hundred and Thirty One) Balloons were released over Frankfurt, Germany in order to commemorate the number of Destroyed Palestinian Villages.

531 (Five Hundred and Thirty One) balloons were released over Frankfurt's Roemerberg to commemorate the villages that were destroyed by Israel 60 (sixty) years ago.

Each balloon contained a paper with a village name. The paper below one says 'Jahula, from the district of Safad'. One of the over 530 (Five Hundred and Thirty) Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel. 420 (Four Hundred and Twenty) people lived there.

60 (Sixty) Years of ISRAEL = 60 (Sixty) Years of NAKBA (meaning "CATASTROPHE")!

What Pain = What Punishment = What Penury = What Persecution = What Perdition = What Purgatory!

60 (Sixty) years of Torment, Terror & Torture

Every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every year living as a terrified troglodyte [or cave dweller] as if to be SEEN, HEARD or SPOKEN of rekindles the remembrance of a despicable crime that needs to be shut out of consciouness in the media of Zion.

Orthodox Judaism - the oldest of the three major Semitic roots of Judaism, Christianity & Islam - all derived from the far, far older teachings of ancient Egypt of Amenhotep IV [A(n)kh-en-aten ('The Hidden One') who was advised - after closing the traditional temples of ancient Egypt & ordering his people of ancient Egypt to follow his MONOTHEISTIC beliefs of himself (and his mother) to abdicate and found a city at Amarna] teaches the world that Judaism is built on a firm foundation of a MORAL, ETHICAL & SPIRITUAL system that underpins ALL RELIGIOUS thought of the World's main monotheistic beliefs - as the most revered Orthodox Jewish grouping of NETUREI KARTA teaches us all!

Judaism teaches the need for society to be built on a Moral, Ethical & Spiritual philosophy.
If not, this leads society to destroy itself - for 'cvilised' society to destroy others and 'civilised' society to act with vanity, self-indulgence, arrogance, conceit, abuse of power & corruption - and for society to commit the unthinkable - moral, social & political suicide!

What we are doing in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN [& about to do in IRAN] acts as a barometer of our moral compass. [Mr Mordechai Vanunu & others communicated to us that ISRAEL has over 150 ballistic nuclear weapons sited at Dimona]. [Dimona (דִּימוֹנָה‎) is in the Negev desert, 36 kilometres (22 miles) to the south of Beersheba and 35 kilometres (22 miles) west of the Dead Sea above the Arava valley in the Southern District of Israel]. [Vanunu was born in 1954 in Marrakesh, Morocco, into a large Jewish family which emigrated to Israel in 1963, Vanunu served for three years in the sappers' unit of the Israeli Defence Force after leaving school. He held the rank of sergeant. He then became a technician at the nuclear reactor centre in Dimona. He worked there from 1976 to 1985. At the same time, he was studying philosophy at Ben Gurion university and already beginning to feel uncomfortable about a number of his government's policies. He was also beginning to come to the attention of the authorities, not least because, along with four other Jewish students and five Arab students, he had formed a radical group, called Campus. He was also an admirer of his professor, Evron Pollakov, a radical who had refused to serve with the Israeli army in Lebanon and had been jailed as a result. Vanunu was concern for the Palestinians. Where he worked clandestinely produced nuclear weapons. Yet this production was supported by France, Germany, UK & US. The only country in the entire middle east to hold a substantial arsenal of potentially devastating nuclear weapons that could easily destroy any country in the middle east.

The holding of Nuclear missiles by Israel was all part of the Zbigniew Brzezinski doctrine to control Eurasia for the United States - through its southern flank - in order to control middle east oil supplies - as every OPEC country was arabic in origin - theoretically inimical to western belief systems.

Controlling ARABIC oil supplies is key to control of the whole of the Middle East by the Unites States.

Our society in BRITAIN is failing.
Just look at the hospitals, education, police & justice system.
Our society in BRITAN is being held out as a mirror in how to control and enslave others.
Just look at Commonwealth & how we covertly control other countries
Our society in BRITAIN is being communicated as the most profligate, wasteful, vain and living in complete DENIAL!

Just look at how so many resort to 24/7 alcoholic drinking, gambling, drugs & clothes modelling industry - not a day goes by without seeing the likes of the dysfunctional drug takers/promoters who appear as immune from the law "The Untouchables": Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell & Amy Winehouse who are daily promoted in the advertising, clothing, music media - which becomes the news of today, tomorrow & yesterday.

We need to listen to those who are crying out suffering in the world - the elderly - the young - the dispossessed - the homeless - the starving - the victims of dire poverty - those without drinking water - those severely disabled - those who cannot get a job or a way to see their way to paying the next bill - not to focus on the vain, arrogant, self-indulgent billionaires who do not care one iota and have no intention of ever caring!

We need to wake up fast from our deep, deep sleep!!!

The victims of the 531 villages are ANGRY

Would you not be angry if you lost you only family home - bulldozed by others who had no right to what was never theirs!


Every Empire in recorded history has learnt this painful lesson far, far too late.
Ancient Egyptian
United States

[Each and every Empire was (in turn) destroyed].

All Empires were cyclical - there was a RISE - there was a FALL!

This cyclical Rise & Fall of every Empire in recorded history is No different to the tide of events as the tide of the sea that rises and then falls - there is a RISE - there is a FALL!

There is a FLOOD of the tides - there is an EBB of the tides!

There is a WAXING of the Moon [as the Moon orbits away from the Sun (with respect to the Earth)] - there is a WANING of the Moon [as the Moon orbits towards the Sun (with respect to the Earth)]!

There is a RISING of the Sun [as SUMMER Solstice (Earth tilts towards the Sun)] - there is a SETTING of the Sun [as Winter Solstice (Earth tilts away from the Sun)]!

We must be concerned about our brethren in our midst.

If we do not care for them - they will assuredly destroy us - and rightly so!!!


mail e-mail:

Ulster salutes the struggle of the Isreali People

24.06.2009 18:41

Orange Isreal Solidarity Flags
Orange Isreal Solidarity Flags

Ulster Isreal Flags
Ulster Isreal Flags

The Isreali people have endured things no other people have had to. Right from the holocaust they have come through and survived and the people of Ulster salute their struggle against the odds.

Whether you lot like this or not the Isrealis are an irrevocabale part of the Middle East and are NOT GOING AWAY YOU KNOW!!!

We the loyalist people of Ulster salute their tenacity courage and most of all their indomintable spirit of NO SURRENDER!!

Orange Man


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