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Women's battle against undercover policing: Week of Action

Police Spies Out of Lives | 12.03.2014 19:08 | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles | London

***STOP PRESS 13th March: The Metropolitan Police has withdrawn its application to strike out women's case as the legal battle continues. Solidarity picket on Tuesday 18th March will go ahead as planned.***

Five of the eight women taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police, due to undercover police officers deceiving them into long term intimate relationships, will be opposing Scotland Yard's attempt to have their cases struck out on Tuesday 18th March. The women and their Police Spies Out of Lives support group have called for a solidarity picket outside the Royal Court of Justice, The Strand, at 9am on Tuesday 18th, as part of a week of action (17th - 21st March).

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NCND: National Cover-up, No Democracy

The police are using the absurd argument that because they refuse to neither confirm nor deny their undercover activities, they will be denied a fair trial and therefore it should not go ahead. The Met. are claiming Neither Confirm, Nor Deny (NCND) is a policy regarding undercover operations. This is despite, to give just two of many examples, the police confirming to the media that Mark Kennedy and Jim Boyling were undercover officers. If this paradoxical nonsense fails to persuade the judge, the police will attempt to block the standard procedure of providing their documents to the claimants or their lawyers.

The five women are pursuing common law claims of "deceit, assault, misfeasance in public office and negligence" since their relationships occurred before the Human Rights Act (1998) was passed. This hearing comes after the three other women in this legal action had to battle for over a year against their human rights claims going to a secret court; to widespread dismay, the Court of Appeal found against them in November 2013, and their battle continues.

Unclear Inquiry

This ongoing legal battle continues despite Theresa May's announcement of a public inquiry into undercover policing. It is unclear what the scope of the inquiry will be and whether it will examine sexual and intimate relationships; it is also not scheduled to begin until 2016. This inquiry has also been called by the Home Secretary who has promised to scrap the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives win the next election.

Furthermore, any public inquiry must question the whole abuse of power within UK policing. The women taking legal action and their supporters have formed the Police Spies Out Of Lives (PSOOL) campaign to challenge the ongoing police abuses carried out against individuals as well as the disruption being caused by undercover policing to the whole social and environmental justice movement.

Undercover Cover-up

It is important to remember that all of the women were targeted by undercover officers precisely because they were effective activists struggling for change. They are not just victims, as largely portrayed in the mainstream media, but continue to fight for justice.

Also, this is not a historical issue; undercover officers continue to infiltrate and disrupt social justice and environmental groups. While the case being heard on the 18th March concerns officers employed by the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS, 1968 - 2008), their activities were continued by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU, 1999 - 2011) and the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit (NETCU, 2004 - 2011). In 2011, these were merged into the current National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit (NDEDIU) run by the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command, known within the Met as SO15. The UK police force continues to obfuscate their undercover operations by re-branding them in even more Orwellian terms.

Undercover officers sought to undermine: the justice campaign for Stephen Lawrence and other Black justice groups, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Animal Rights, Anti-Capitalist, Peace and Environmental campaigns. The stated aim of undercover police units is to prevent 'disorder'; so any campaign that seeks a change to the status quo is a legitimate target. In response several groups affected and their lawyers have formed the recently launched Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS).

We must support the women who have suffered the most at the hands of undercover officers and who have the strength to take on the state in solidarity with the thousands of individuals and groups who have been targeted by undercover policing. Let them know that they don't fight alone: 9am, Tuesday 18th March, Royal Court of Justice, The Strand, WC2A 2LL.

Police Spies Out of Lives
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The Met withdraw their application to strike out the case

13.03.2014 20:18

PRESS RELEASE: Metropolitan police withdraw motion to strike out women’s case, as legal battle commences

March 13, 2014

In a surprise move today the solicitors for the Metropolitan Police have withdrawn their application to strike out the case of women who were deceived into intimate relationships with undercover police. The application was the latest in a series of attempts to avoid answering the claims made by the women and hide behind a veil of secrecy.

Despite clinging to their assertion that they can neither confirm nor deny the identities of any former undercover officers they say that in the light of the announcement by the home secretary of a public enquiry into undercover policing “it is now not proportionate or appropriate for the claims to be struck out.”

Today the women said:

“We welcome this long overdue decision to withdraw an application which we were were confident no court would grant. The previously inconsistent approach by the Police in which they took part in a TV series about the Special Demonstration Squad and had confirmed the identity of some officers, and the information already in the public domain means that this application was farcical. The Police have failed thus far to provide a substantive response to the claims, and we hope that they will now do so without further delay. We expect the police to stop prevaricating and acknowledge the harm done by their officers.”

In a statement last week, the women said:

“Neither Confirm Nor Deny” should not be used as a shield to prevent any illegal and immoral activities by the police from ever coming to light. Effectively they are attempting to use NCND to evade accountability and avoid any genuine scrutiny of their actions.”

Since publicising this case the women have been inundated with expressions of public support and outrage at the police’s actions. The women will keep pushing for truth, justice and to prevent this deceitful abuse from ever happening again.

Harriet Wistrich, Birnberg Peirce & Partners (

Background Notes

This application involved 5 women who were deceived into intimate relationships by undercover police officers in the Special Demonstration Squad – Bob Lambert, John Dines, Jim Boyling and Mark Jenner. It is linked to the case of another 3 women who were deceived into relationships with Mark Kennedy of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit. Further information about the case is available on the website:

from Police Spies Out of Lives
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Solidarity Picket will continue as planned: Met are still fighting the case

13.03.2014 21:09

Solidarity Picket will continue as planned: Met are still fighting the case

Police Spies Out of Lives


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Jason "Bishop"

17.03.2014 13:22

Jason "Bishop" replaced Jim Boyling in Reclaim the Streets. This SDS spook was involved in anti-GM actions and went on to be involved in organising actions against DSEI and the 2005 G8 protests in Scotland amongst other stuff.


More about Jason Bishop

20.03.2014 07:54

See Netpol site:

After a detailed investigation by former friends and activists, there is now no doubt that the activist known to many people as Jason Bishop was an undercover cop working for the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS). Jason lived in Kilburn, with a flatmate we haven’t been able to trace who was involved in animal rights activism. He drove a landrover, and allegedly made his money from pirated dvds and software.

Jason was described by another undercover cop, Jim Boyling, as his replacement, including details of the vehicle he drove, and his exit plan. In Paul Lewis and Rob Evans book –Undercover– The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police, he is described as a “bearded, stocky man with black wavy hair in a ponytail”. However, those of us who knew Jason can confirm that, unlike the description given in the book, Jason’s deployment was far from “uneventful”.

Jason joined Reclaim the Streets (RTS) and a variety of other campaigns in around 2000, and was active, particularly amongst the Disarm DSEi collective until he left in 2005 to live in Holland with his girlfriend. He attended several Earth First gatherings, anti war protests, and was close to those organising the Fairford coaches – the coaches which were on their way to a protest at a military base when they were stopped en masse and illegally forced to return to London under police escort. Despite lots of attempts, no-one has been able to contact him since late 2005....


See Netpol site for the whole article

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a piece of work perhaps for healing and to help me tomorrow write a story

25.04.2016 09:16

Dear all,

My idea of a little piece of work to do, some create and craft, because I do think it is healing is this. I do also hope you might see the use, living under occupation, have a conversation and we will be valued more when going to an even or in the event of having to deal with an unfriendly. The idea is to get some thick card make a simple box. Put a small light bulb in it with a battery. On the front have a piece of card with exit cut out. Have hooks on top so it can be easily taken somewhere and hung up as a exit sigh when entering. You know keep an eye on it and make sure it is known that it is yours and take it away home with you when you go. I do fully accept payment in tins of Heinz baked beans if you consider that to be appropriate response. Perherps I could suggest 3% of GDP

To come on to my second bit I want to do some good work again tomorrow. What I want to come across as is a nasty criminal org. Though what about ILO regulation 192 forced and compulsory labor, what is the latest their. Do people think they have a right to drink, take drugs and party. Well I think that should be enough but my clear request is that could you please help with this expression for tomorrow to hopefully help people learn and deal with some problems.

Thank you very much and sincerely, Toby Clarke

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28.04.2016 08:07

Why not put women wooden leg on the menu
feed the earwigs
today it all welcome to the corporate dictatorship
Process, peace and the population
Wips please

Toby Clarke
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16.07.2016 11:39

After recognising stalking and spying run in Bristol for up to three decades, something I can trace from childhood, and as politically motivated as mainstream Labour media links, police bias and absent rights, reported sexual assaults, criminal activity and commercial interests, and a woman from a radical Marxist background and her child, the infiltration subject is rather pertinent. It helps that anti-Poll Tax meetings appear to have been assimilated into a commercial media and political scandal along with its deaths.

Can anyone tell me if these commercial writers are observably 'left wing' or not, and what that is supposed to mean? - Anna Britten

PS: Toby, Mr Meme, the hanged man of Bristol and MC Party Town Capitalism UK: most people wouldn't bother with you; but God, go and get paid by the Daily Mail or BFI if you have to proliferate such low-rent junk. I'm tried of seeing people like you backing up the commercial filth and bent system from every available website.

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