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End The Slaughter in Gaza - TESCO stop the sale of Israeli goods

Solidarity Collective | 28.07.2014 17:22 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Terror War | London

On Sunday the 27th of July, activists from the Solidarity Collective attended a Tesco’s in South East London and witnessed the continued sale of products from the West Bank. These products included among other things dates. We feel that in the light of continued slaughter of civilians in Palestine and the ongoing blockade that it is unacceptable that this produce should be openly on sale in the high streets of London.

On Friday the 1st of August a protest has been called by the Palestine Solidarity Committee outside the Israeli Embassy in London from 5.30pm until 7.30pm. In the run up to this protest the Solidarity Collective will be holding a demonstration outside the Tesco Store in Kensington High Street to highlight the continued sale of product from Occupied Palestine.
We are calling on comrades throughout the UK to demonstrate against the sale of these products in whatever way they feel appropriate.

Tesco Metro
146-158 High Street
Greater London
W8 6SU
4:30pm-5:30pm Tesco’s demo

Solidarity Collective
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We are winning

01.08.2014 10:41

Twenty more terrorist tunnels destroyed yesterday

Six major Hamas leaders killed

Three rocket factories uncovered and blown up

Meanwhile you parade outside of a supermarket

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Who knew winning would be this easy



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Tesco's Flyer

28.07.2014 22:52

Print off and distribute.

Solidarity Collective
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GAZA - current numbers of dead and injured

30.07.2014 04:17

#Gaza death toll hits 1262 and 7031 injured.
#Israel is criminal state.

Solidarity Collective
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Wide population

30.07.2014 15:32

Tesco are unlikely to change when Gallup polling this week shows a 84% support for Israeli actions among the uk public


re: Wide Population

30.07.2014 18:26

that 84% statistic would be great propaganda - except it is completely made up...



30.07.2014 18:59


Embarrassing for who?

30.07.2014 21:05

Embarrassing for you Pt beings that you cannot tell the difference between Britain and the US The Gallup poll you linked to is a poll of the US public. There is no Tesco in America. You really are a thick fuck.


lies, lies and more hasbara...

30.07.2014 22:31

pt you seem to struggle to understand the difference between the UK and the US as your link is to a series of irrelevant and dated polls conducted in the US about US opinion, (as one might expect with Gallup polls). Even for the US your statistic is incorrect with recent polls showing the younger US generation beginning to move away from the unwavering acquiescence and support for Israeli crimes which the craven US media and political elite has shown. Of course as a troll you're not interested in actual facts. I post this merely as an interim reply before your post gets removed.


Nice1,great2see boycott for illegal occupied territories.

31.07.2014 11:23

In my travels I ve met Israelis singing songs about equality.They wanted to be professional musicians, but worry about right wing settlers & Hamas, as well as suicide brigades who operate under Fatah who both killed 1000+ in2001&2010.
Combined with being surrounded by states who generally want Israel destroyed, the situation isn't so black&white. My relatives who escaped the Nazis& survived Siberian slave farms, always taught me that by being understanding, without grovelling was very beneficial.


Stone the crows

02.08.2014 08:23

IDF Child Killers
Obedient Zionists
Dollars to Shekels
Fruits of the occupied

Free Palestine

An actual link to an actual survey

02.08.2014 10:55

These trolls really must be far right numpties as the Hasbara Israelis generally provide a more sophisticated line in disinformation.

Below is an actual link to a real survey by YouGov. A survey that will actually appear via a Google search rather than via the fantasy of a right wing twat! A link that does not transfer the user to 14 pages of irrelevant US surveys (with no UK section).

The survey shows that as of March of 2014, the majority of UK respondents either 'don't know' or sympathise with 'neither', Palestine or Israel; hardly surprising given the appalling state of UK mainstream media reporting.

However of those that do have an opinion a clear majority sympathise with the Palestinians, remarkable given the role of the BBC and right wing press.

As the YouGov site summarises:

"Where do British public sympathies lie on this politically charged issue?

Overall 16% say their sympathies lie with Israelis, 22% with Palestinians, 41% with neither and 22% don't know. Among those who do have allegiances, however, there are clear political divides."

Now I'm sure that, in the fantasy worlds of the right wing zionists, the Israeli shelling of schools, hospitals and UN shelters and the indiscrimiate slaughter of civilians that Israel has engaged in once again will have resulted in huge swathes of the UK public changing their minds and that UK public opinion will have swerved behind the Israeli occupation in numbers that are rivalled only by the Jewish Israel public itself (the remnants of the largely expelled arab population still comprising about 20% of Israel's populace) however these fantasies are about as credible as their other assertions.

martin f


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