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22-09-2006 13:11

Judge praises DSEI train blockers!

Well almost, Lord Justice Moses, hearing the appeal against sentence of 10 people who blockaded trains taking delegates to the DSEI arms fair in London stated that every one of them had given considerable public voluntary service to the community. Read more >>

26-05-2006 13:54

ASBO sentences given to DSEI protestors.

Indefinite ASBO 's were just one of the sentences given to DSEI protestors at Snaresbrook Crown Court on the 24th May 2006. Read more >>

13-10-2005 21:12

DSEI arrest witness appeal

this is an appeal for witnesses to the arrest of someone on the 14 september during the DSEI protests. A man was arrested for putting his hand infront of a camera, and is currently being charged with ABH and £900 criminal damage. Read more >>

30-09-2005 14:10

DSEi Official Visitor Survey

The post-DSEi survey thingermajigger can be found here:

please mess with it in cunning and ingenius ways which we cannot afford to miss. Read more >>

29-09-2005 17:20

Reed Elsevier in Oxford targeted again

Oxford activists demo Reed Elsevier management site in Kidlington over their connections with the notorious DSEi arms fair. Read more >>

20-09-2005 10:20

Review of the DSEi arms fair last week with pics.

This is a 2,200 word article about the DSEi arms fair in London's Docklands last week. 9 captioned photos are atatched. Read more >>

19-09-2005 11:16

Great Reporter on DSEi demo and arrests

Great Reporter article on the week at DSEi and arrests. Read more >>

18-09-2005 22:26

Video of DSEi demo - The Dorchester

Video of the Thursday evening demonstrations.

18-09-2005 18:27

Anarchists ‘passed off’ Advertiser, claims editor

10,000 copies of an 8 page spoof of a local paper, 'East London Adversaries', covering the DSEi protests were delivered to about 90% of the Canning Town area.

A downloadable pdf of the newspaper is available here:

The East London Advertiser has responded to the paper claiming it's own design has been hijacked by anarchists and it's journalistic intergrity has been compromised. Read more >>

18-09-2005 15:42

Even more Dsei pics

masons keep watch
More pictures from Tuesday and wednesday Dsei actions Read more >>

18-09-2005 14:10

Full List of DSEi protest Arrests

The full list of arrests over the DSEi demonstrations. Read more >>

17-09-2005 21:56

Banned stun guns and leg irons were advertised at DSEi arms fair

"Peacekeeping" Perhaps?

More news about DSEi - this from yesterday's Guardian:

Banned stun guns and leg irons advertised at arms fair,10674,1571455,00.html

Richard Norton-Taylor
Friday September 16, 2005
The Guardian

17-09-2005 19:13

Why cops failed to prevent disruption to DSEi

What a week, so many cops, so many resources, so few of us, yet still they failed to stop us. Read more >>

17-09-2005 17:50

Video: DSEi solidarity demo in Bristol 14.09.05

Video Videostill: DSEi solidarity demo, Bristol
A short video (around 5 mins) of the DSEi solidarity demonstration in
Bristol, 14.09.05
Video is viewable in quicktime (.mov), realmedia (.rm) or as a web mpeg (.mpg) Read more >>

17-09-2005 12:25

DSEi Wednesday Demos Part Three

Final video of Wednesday's actions.

17-09-2005 12:05

DSEi Wednesday Demos Part Two

Part Two of wednesday's videos.

17-09-2005 11:33

DSEi Wednesday Demos Part One

The first of three videos from Wednesday's various actions. Read more >>

17-09-2005 11:23

Arms Dealer Sex Toy Party

Taking one look at the arms industry you will find a lot of middle aged men, surrounding themselves with large phallic objects and imagery, rockets, bombs, cannons, submarines etc. It seems the men who conduct the business of death, must rather be compensating for a "lack of weapons capability" elsewhere. Read more >>

16-09-2005 18:31

More Pics and Report of Protests at DSEi Gala Dinner

main banner at the protest
Some more snaps and report from Thursday's protests at the DSEi gala dinner in upmarket Park Lane. Read more >>

16-09-2005 17:25

DSEi Video - KinoKast

8min video of two days of protest at the DSEi in East London. Read more >>

16-09-2005 14:52

some pics from dorchester dinner protest

pig city
police busy protecting the dinner of dsei delegates against angry protestors
park lane blocked for about half an hour

16-09-2005 14:22

DSEi gala dinner

Security breached at Dorchester Hotel during DSEi Gala dinner. Read more >>

16-09-2005 13:12 | 1 addition

Weapons inspectors visit Norwich factory

To coincide with protests at DSEI a group of weapons inspectors entered an arms manufacturer in Norwich on Friday 16th September. MSI Defence Systems, who have been in the business for 80 years, have a stall at the London Arms Fair promoting their missile and naval gun systems. Read more >>

16-09-2005 10:04

Disarm DSEi march - Tuesday

Video of the march from East Ham Central Park. Read more >>

15-09-2005 23:32

Fashion Show DSEI Style

The bazooka, it's this years must have accessory
Hosted by Dick Taylor or was that Dick Taitor? DSEI show off this years summer collection... Read more >>

15-09-2005 23:17

Report and pics from protest outside arms dealers banquet

Both carriage ways blocked
A roudy greeting faced the arms dealers as they arrived for their supper at the Park Lane dorchester hotel. Read more >>

15-09-2005 19:41

Train Delays at DSEi

This is a report about a train action that disrupted delegates going to DSEi. Read more >>

15-09-2005 14:56

CO11 - Official Statement: 'We got it wrong'

CO11 would like to extend a full apology to all civilians included in the 13/09/05 CO11 Operation Oracle 17 "bingo" cards.

CO11 accepts that these people were mistakenly identified as a threat to Public Order due to an ideological error.

That error has now been rectified and we have issued new cards to all officers involved in Oracle 17 with criminals we now accept pose a VERY REAL threat to public order and global security.

Please contact our legal department to make a claim at your earliest convenience. I have been assured by very senior officers that the Metropolitan Police Service will make extremely generous payments to all those affected by this awful error. Read more >>


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