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02-05-2007 10:42

May Day Party Arrests Total Lack Of Solidarity

1 person arrested, and 2 people where fined £80 for calling the police 'Bastards'. the lack of solidarity with those arrested, or detained by the police was sickening, with only one attempt at a 'de-arrest' and only by two people. most of the organizers took the side of the police, trying to force the crowed to give up our mates to the cops.
Those who act with the police, are the police! Read more >>

30-04-2007 14:30

Mayday as marketing

There's something very wrong with the state of anti-capitalism when Topshop starts planting news stories about the WOMBLES to help market celebrity branded sweatshop produce... Read more >>

19-04-2007 12:50

London Mayday 07' - Join the Autonomous Workers Bloc!


// Join the Autonomous Workers Block

// 12pm Clerkenwell Green behind the red and black flags Read more >>

05-05-2006 17:05

Terrorist Arrested At Mayday Police Victory Party

Following on from Indymedia's coverage of MayDay 2006, - see - here is a picture from the Police MayDay Victory Party with additional caption... Read more >>

04-05-2006 21:17

Space Hijackers - Police Party

Wpc's standing to attention
In a year when the only anarchist event on mayday became part of the trade union march,
we decided, if you can't beat them, join them.

Advertising a Mayday Police Victory street party we invited the police to join us dancing in the streets of London, infact we invited the police to become a little anarchist. Read more >>

04-05-2006 02:42

Maydy 2006: Eye witness on the Autonomous Block March

Written record of the days events with the Autonoumous Block. Read more >>

03-05-2006 18:34

IMC at London's Mayday and More Demo Pics.

IMC presence in the Autonomous Bloc 1 ...
Indymedia was present in the streets of London on MayDay by joining the Autonomous Bloc during the main demonstration. Later in the afternoon, Indymedia London activists set up a Public Access Point at the Square Social Centre, so people coming back from the different events that took place during the day could upload their own reports, pics and videos straight into the Indymedia websites. Read more >>

03-05-2006 16:47 | 1 addition

More Pictures of May Day weekend Crticial Mass and Demo

Cticial Mass setting off...
Here, (finally!) are some more images from Saturday's May Day Weekend Demonstration and Critical Mass Bike ride.

I'd taken nearly 200 photos, which is why it's taken this long to sift through them! Read more >>

02-05-2006 14:49

Police Victory Party

On May Day in London, Space Hijackers staged a 'Police Victory Party' in the centre of the city at Bank. Read more >>

02-05-2006 14:32

May Day Autonomous Bloc

At Clerkenwell Green
Between 500 and 1000 people marched at the back of the London May Day march in an 'Autonomous Bloc' behind an anti-capitalist banner from The Square Occupied Social Centre. Report with pictures. Read more >>

02-05-2006 14:02

London May Day Parade Photos

Turkish trade unionist Süleyman Yeter died in police custody
Pictures and text on the May Day March in London, 2006. Read more >>

02-05-2006 13:57

Police Mayday Victory Celebrations

Man warning a mask of George Bush standing in front of Bank of England
2pm Monday 1 May 2006
Bank of England

02-05-2006 11:53

Mayday London 2006 - Mainstream Media Coverage

A few of the articles covering Mayday in London 2006 are below.

Two of the articles were accompanied by pictures of police pushing or grabbing at people on the autonomous bloc, despite no mention of the bloc, or the sound system incident being contained within the articles: Read more >>

02-05-2006 11:44


Video Mysterious Security Guard.
A quick impression of Mayday in London.

01-05-2006 22:57

Marching from anarchy to boredom - photos

Who lives in a house like this? - Cops crawling at the Square 11am
A round up of photos from 2006's Mayday documenting Critical Mass, Clerkenwell Green and the Police party. Read more >>

01-05-2006 22:23

London Citizens Workers' Association

Congolese musicians entertain the crowd
Today saw the launch of a new organisation to support low-wage and migrant workers across London, backed by faith organisations, trade unions and social justice organisations. Read more >>

01-05-2006 21:45

Gate Gourmet and some other banners

Casino workers
Mayday banners are like a walk through history. Here are only four pics, including probably one of the youngest banners: The Gate Gourmet worker's. Read more >>

01-05-2006 21:20

Space Hijackers Police Victory Party

Cool young cop - real or fake?
The space hijackers had a police victory party at 2pm at the Bank of England. They looked pretty sexy in their plastic hardhats. But their haircuts were nothing like those of the real cops that gathered in small groups all around the area. Lots of cameras around, even a big fluffy professional microphone. Two big cops stood there, filming away, with red and white checkered bands round their hats. I thought: These space hijackers, really made an effort! But no - these two were real. Or so they said. Read more >>

01-05-2006 20:49

London Mayday Soundscape

Lots of sounds on the mayday march in London. Some even sung the international. Read more >>

01-05-2006 20:45 | 1 addition

Round up of London Mayday

Brief round up on Mayday in London - More reports and links to follow. Read more >>

01-05-2006 20:25

Photos: May Day Demo (London)

Photos: May Day Demo (London)

01-05-2006 19:51

Coffee, Biscuits and Solidarity!

A nice cuppa!
It Asda be May Day!
To Mark the May Day Bank Holiday, some activists went to offer coffee, biscuits and solidarity to staff working on this public holiday! Read more >>

01-05-2006 19:14

Autonomous Bloc penned in again at Mayday rally.

Bloc at the start
Police today used common law powers of "preventing a breach of the peace" to exclude the wholly peaceful autonomous bloc from entering Trafalgar Square. Their attempts to spark a confrontation however - including confiscating their sound system - failed. Read more >>

01-05-2006 18:41 | 1 addition

Short Audio Reports from London Mayday Interfaith Rally supporting Migrants

Three short audio report and some speech audio from the Mayday interfaith rally held outside Westminster Cathedral in support of migrant workers.

(nb files are MP3 phone reports)



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