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07-09-2014 22:07

Theresa May has got to stop the Morton Hall lies over Rubel Ahmed

The 26 year old dies of a preventable illness. Staff ignored his cries for help. Then hie died. So what does the Detention Centre say? It says the young Rubel killed himself?
is that the best Theresa May can do? Read more >>

31-10-2007 19:54

30/10/2007: London Mexican Embassy Protest, The World is STILL Watching

Remembering Brad Will
Tuesday 30 October 2007: Protestors returned to the London Mexican Embassy one year on from the scenes of police violence that greeted them on the 2006 protest. Read more >>

15-08-2007 00:11

Oaxaca Street Art

Some photos taken from the street art, graffiti and stencil work around the centre of Oaxaca city. Read more >>

14-08-2007 17:39

Oaxaca: Catalan Four Released Without Charge, No Reason For Incarceration

The Catalan Four arrested, beaten, sexually assaulted and threatened were released last night, Monday 13 August 2007. Read more >>

13-08-2007 20:58

A Letter From The Catalan Four: Still Detained In Oaxaca, threatened & beaten!

This letter was received from the four Catalan detainees still incarcerated in Mexico DF.
First is the rough English translation, then the original Spanish. At the bottom is a list of authorities you can write to in order to assist in their release.
A previous article asked for no one to demonstrate, but to write to demand release: Read more >>

12-08-2007 21:48

"Do not make political actions for us": Catalan Four

The Catalan four arrested and imprisoned in Oaxaca have asked that no one makes protest for them, as they were not doing anything political.

First in Spanish, then the English translation.

11-08-2007 16:03

Undercover Notes From Oaxaca: Cops, lies and videotape

It’s been a tough two weeks. From election coverage, police monitoring to murder for timber.

But now, as I should be on a bus out of this hellhole masquerading as a happy tourist resort, but a zone of paranoia for an undercover journalist, I am compelled to get all this down. For one thing, purely to document the situation should I not make it out of here. Read more >>

07-08-2007 15:14 | 1 addition

Four Internationals arrested and detained in Oaxaca for watching a video

Four internationals were arrested on the evening of the election, 5 August, by Federal Police for the crime of watching a video of last year's riots on a television screen set up in the in Zocalo. Read more >>

18-07-2007 13:50

Oaxaca meeting 23 July, Parliament

Forwarding from the Global Women's Strike and Payday Men's Network. Read more >>

29-06-2007 16:54

Tonight: Mexican teacher-activists speak in London against repression in Oaxaca

Oaxaca activists bring community-teacher movement to London, Jaquelina López Almazán &
José Luis Díaz Franco from CODEP (Comité de Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo)
& APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca)

Friday 29 July 7-9 pm
Trinity United Reformed Church Buck Street, Camden Town London NW1
Wheelchair accessible hall, accessible toilets nearby


22-05-2007 13:06

THURSDAY 24th-London Indymedia Oaxaca Speaker workshop and benefit - 7pm - late

THRUSDAY 24th start 7pm, mexican food not bombs, workshop, discussion with indymedia oaxaca - benefit. films, Music & Party till late. Read more >>

04-05-2007 13:08

Oaxaca film screening at Camberwell Occupied Social Centre

Wed May 9th OAXACA films at Camberwell Occupied Social Centre starting at 7.30pm
Oaxaca Vive (2007) the incredible uprisings June - Dec 2006 and beyond...
+ Plan Puebla Panama a multi-billion dollar development plan that threatens the Oaxacan struggles Read more >>

24-04-2007 19:24

The Interweavings of the Plan Puebla Panamá

CapitalismThe formal re-launching of Plan Puebla Panamá by Felipe Calderón in Campeche coincided with the opening of a new line of credit to Mexico from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) for 2.5 billion dollars for infrastructure, such as the reactivation and/or execution of various projects, apparently unconnected, in benefit of big capital. Read more >>

20-02-2007 00:39

last EZLN communiqué

Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation Read more >>

18-02-2007 01:48

the WRONG oaxaca "activist" in london

A punch in the face to the APPO and to all the one are fighting for social change. Read more >>

16-02-2007 20:16

An activist from Oaxaca speaks in London, 17 February, 2pm!

An activist from the celebrated Oaxaca struggle is speaking in London on Saturday 17 February. Read more >>

29-01-2007 02:31 | 1 addition

hope and horror in latin america - solidarity report from london

demo flyer
come to the demo today (monday) 2pm - 5pm opposite downing street! calderon is giving a press conference at 2.40 with blair - show him that he's not welcome! Read more >>

26-01-2007 12:23 | 2 additions

Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday!

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor. Read more >>


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