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25-04-2013 16:34

Scottish Coal's Collapse : A Failure of the Planning System

LAON's Press Release questions the role the Scottish Planning System has played in this tragic sequence of events. It draws attention to the fact that 18 opencast sites are affected, not just the six often mention in most news items on this story and suggests that some form of public inquiry is needed if trust is to be restored into the Scottish Planning System and lessons learned so that this situation can be avoided in the future. Read more >>

25-04-2013 12:32

Drax AGM targeted over biomass conversion plans

Drax AGM protest
50 people took part yesterday in a demonstration and rally outside the annual general meeting of Drax Plc, at the Grocers’ Hall in London, organised by Biofuelwatch and supported by 16 other groups. The protest opposed Drax power station’s plans to convert half of its generating capacity to biomass, and highlighted the impacts that this will have in terms of increased deforestation, land-grabbing and carbon emissions. Read more >>

19-04-2013 13:02

Shell to Sea campaigner to speak in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester

Local resident and Shell to Sea campaigner Terence Conway will be speaking in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester to give an update on campaign against Shell in Ireland & promote the Rossport Solidarity Camp week of action happening there in June. Read more >>

31-03-2013 21:00

Summer action camp against Shell

Come over and stop Shell!
Come to Mayo on the 21st of June for a week of action against Shell.
Whether you've been to Rossport before or this is your first time, this is the week to come.
Check website for updates & more information.

28-03-2013 13:17

Summer action camp against Shell

Smash Shell!
Come to Mayo on the 21st of June for a week of action against Shell.
Whether you've been to Rossport before or this is your first time, this is the week to come.
Check website for updates & more information.

21-03-2013 12:18

Is Welsh Planning Policy for Coal about to Hit the Buffers?

The new Welsh Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Mr Carl Seargent, is about to make a decision on the Varteg Hill Opencast site application. If he decides to uphold the Appeal recommendation arising from a recent Public Inquiry it could set a new precedent for how all other Welsh opencast site applications are decided. It could have even wider repercussions across England and Scotland as well. This press release explains why. Read more >>

21-03-2013 09:27

LAON's Feb-March 2013 of Welsh Opencast Sites

This review carries news items on the state of opencast mine proposals in Wales, especially the latest news about the Varteg and East Pit proposal. It also provides some information about who Miller Argent are, the Company mining at Ffos-y-Fran and who mau be submitting a new opencast proposal for the Nant Llesg site in Gwent Read more >>

03-03-2013 13:59

Coal and the Risks Faced by Planning Authorities

This press release recounts the problems beseting the UK Coal Indusrty such as the fire at Daw Mill, the decline in the demand for coal for power generation purposes, lack of willingness to invest in coal, downward pressure on coal prices, pollution caused by coal being responsible fro premature deaths. Yet despite all this the Government wants to make it easier to dig it up!! See what you can do at this late stage to stop this plan it its tracks!! Read more >>

03-03-2013 11:03

LAON's February Review of English Opencast Sites

This review details the latest development on known actual and potential opencast sites in England, plus providing additional information on Air quality Issues and Opencast Mining, the Welsh Varteg Petition, Derelict and Unrestored English Sites and news affecting Hargreaves Services and UK Coal. Read more >>

26-02-2013 13:51

Operation Disclosure: 4 March - 9 April

Either the Department for Transport releases its redacted recommendations about the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) by 5 April or we will peacefully come and get them ourselves! Read more >>

05-02-2013 09:58

Does the UK Need nealy 50 New Opencast Mines?

The 20th LAON press release highlights a recent estimate that 47 new sites for opencast or the surface mining of coal are in the planning pipeline, 15 in England, 25 in Scotland and 7 in Wales. At the same time UK Coal Mining acknowledges that the demand for coal is going to drop significantly - hence the title of the press release Read more >>

11-01-2013 22:46

vedanta protest in london today - reports and pics

making noise
vedanta is a huge mining conglomerate with a long history of abuses around the world. the indian supreme court is nearing a final decision on whether vedanta can mine for bauxite in an area precious to indigenous people in india, and recent london protests, called by 'foil vedanta', are in solidarity with them. Read more >>

01-01-2013 13:19

PR 19 '2013- A Crunch Year for Coal and the UK Coal Industry

This press release explains why this is an important year for the UK Coal Industry. The industry awaits the outcome of decisions that have to be made this year by Generating Companies, on whether they will adapt their coal firing power stations to meet new European Pollution Standards. If they do not, the use of coal for power generation could fall from over 41m in 2011 to 7m in 2023, thus significantly reducing the demand for opencast coal, if the UK Coal industry can survive that long. Read more >>

28-11-2012 14:13

Wake -Up Call To Stop Damaging Legislation

The government is proposing to allow large scale mineral planning applications to by pass the normal, local democratic process. This press release give some background info on this and how anyone can participate in a consultation exercise on this proposal and say NO! Read more >>

28-11-2012 13:36

Growth and Infrastructure Bill: Proposed 100 Hectare Threshold

The Government is intending, by means of legislation which forms part of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill (Clause 21), to introduce a 100 hectare threshold on all future mining and quarrying planning applications in England. It has issued a consultation document ‘Nationally significant infrastructure planning: extending the regime to business and commercial projects: consultation’ [1] to assess reaction to their proposals. This Briefing Note outlines the impact that this proposal would have on current English opencast mine proposals. Read more >>

21-11-2012 12:22

#nodashforgas Telling Osborne Gas is Not The Answer

This morning Climate Rushers went out to Westminster so spread balloons and a message: Osborne Don’t Dash For Gas


18-11-2012 20:12

anti BP sponsorship flashmob at british museum - report & pics

additional security
this afternoon, the 'reclaim shakespeare company' ran through some of their best performances in the great court hall of the british museum, cheered on by a flashmob of up to a hundred climate activists. Read more >>

14-03-2012 22:55

anti-fracking protest at gas conference today

frack off

a small group of protestors gathered outside the marriott hotel in swiss cottage this evening where the 'unconventional shale gas conference' is taking place today and tomorrow.


28-03-2009 02:30

G20 Map - Squaring Up to the Square Mile - Easily printable versions

Get your maps here! Get your maps here! - Map of the Square Mile

Technological gremlins and exhaustion have been banished and more easily printable versions of the maps of the Square Mile and the ExCeL Centre have now been sorted. A3 is the best size for the Square Mile map, so for those without A3 printers, there are two A4 versions you can print out and stick together with old-fashioned sticky tape. The map is downloadable as a JPEG or PDF in A4, A3 and split A3 versions, in black and white or colour.

Here's the full map: Version for printing to A3 - JPG | Version for printing to A3 - PDF | Version for printing to A4 - JPG | Version for printing to A4 - PDF

However, it's best to print an A3 map on two A4 sheets and tape them together:

Here's the two parts in colour: Part One Colour PDF | Part One Colour JPG | Part Two Colour PDF | Part Two Colour JPG

And here they are in greyscale: Part One Greyscale PDF | Part One Greyscale JPG | Part Two Greyscale PDF| Part Two Greyscale JPG

And here's the map of the ExCeL centre: Excel Map PDF | Excel Map JPG

Finally, here's a Button/Banner to embed and link to the map.


27-02-2009 00:22

Climate Rush Landmark Coal Industry Decision

Climate Rush tackled the climate criminals pathetic annual coal awards tA victory of sorts. The coal awards bailed out, cancelling the venue a couple of weeks ago fearing the attention of the climate rush and instead moved to a different venue earlier in the day.

The Landmark hotel management were less than happy about the righteous fury brought down on them by the dirty coal scum and said they'd not be accepting bookings from their ilk again.

Cops managed to arrest one bloke for not dressing the part and the suffragettes kicked arse yet again. his evening at the Landmark Hotel . Read more >>


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