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The Greatest Mistake in the Existence of „NSA“ and its Counterparts

Internationalist Observer | 05.12.2014 12:47 | Analysis | Iraq | Terror War | World

The late capitalist state does not make errors, it is a historical aberration. It talks of intelligent design while it smears a bacterial fighting gene into a food seed as to degrade the Earth to a mere factory floor and squeeze a quick extra profit out of its own inflated stupidity. But even though there is nothing to be corrected about it having made specific choices that contribute to its own detriment, and inflict severe damage upon its manufacturing of peace (or more precisely of abusive intimidation, such as through farm detectives checking crop design licenses) among the contradictory interests of its followers, they are fundamentally wrong. More important than that though is the absolute point that there shall be no coercion in evolution, and that stupidity and intelligence are cleanly separated by definition: While the scam „scientist“ when confronted with a contradictory situation is likely to describe it as „mostly compatible,“ the true scientist will understand the very same perception as „it is evolving a bit.“ The capitalist state however in its desperate attempt to outmatch natural evolution with unintelligent manipulation does not evolve, which is why it is being described as what it is in the first place.

In the specific case that is to be looked upon from this point – the “NSA” spying against and betrayal of electronic communications of the Al Baghdadi family which has now openly corrupted the Beirut regime and sparked a regime crisis in Tel Aviv – the first notable observation is how it leaked like a mismanaged pipeline. The blackmailing was meant to remain under the table and nevertheless surfaced quickly. The unintended transparency of it is the effect of a typical behaviour of puppet states that are attempting to compensate their failure by renaming it. Apparently for the puppet state the grapes are too sour, so it spits at them. It is of course grossly pathetic once again. If there are no true documents (in principle) then there are no false documents either because all are. Which kind of paperwork would capitalist states like to see from Islamic State inhabitants travelling abroad? This is not an abstract speculation but a diplomatic technicality concerning a population of the size of Austria demanding equal political respect for all who practice all-out atomic abstention.

It is only by mass spying against the data of people who are not involved in any state decision making that a cracker can chose whether to feed a person to a killer robot or a puppet state or a concentration camp racket. The criminal hackers in “NSA” therefore cannot but leave their fingerprints on the results of their actions, because only with excess resources it is technically possible to pick the lowest needle in the haystack. But from a from a human perspective “NSA” crackers anyway would rather deface their own grandmothers and blame it on China than recognise the prisoner dilemma they share with their clones. “NSA” seems to assume that the people of the world were just as stupid as American voters, who do not notice that its manipulations lack evolutionary stringency and are only tailored for deception. Only this can explain the tendency toward cyber attacks with the crass collateral damage of leaning on the daily lives of millions of people but without any consideration of accountability.

This disproportionate distortion of the relationship between result and effort is a clear indication that finally the spying machinery has come to an enemy strong enough to prove any penetration effort futile. Technically it is possible to assemble a snowflake by piecing a multitude of small crystals together like a mandala through some art of engineering, but technologically it makes no sense. The purpose of art is to blossom not to boast. In the same way “NSA” cyber attacks against the Islamic State are technically possible but technologically useless. They do only bring about an even more contradictory situation in which the decay of the capitalist state takes place, but they do not produce any new insight. In this case targeted abuse of electronic mass spying capacities either directly at the disposal of “NSA” or of its fraudulent buddy Netanyahu has proven that it is possible to harass innocent (in terms of commanding power) women but from a purely strategical point of view there is no sense, no meaning and no purpose in it.

Attempts to manipulate Shia against Sunni structures or vice versa in order to prolong a sinking empire are more likely to bring about awareness of the prisoner dilemma between the two main rivers of Islam than the results intended by their perpetrators. It is the guardians of their own integrity in each of the two directions who are beginning to see that “NSA” is attempting to arrange them against each other as to waste their powers just like a generation ago. It appears predictable that every attack on the weak and vulnerable parts of the Islamic family will be interpreted by both its separate streams as an indication that they have worse enemies than each other. These who have swallowed what “NSA” served to them might soon find it sour as well.

In the given example “NSA” has just become so obsessed fingering the snowflake that it is completely missing reality. This is also visible from the crazy repression against the uprising sparked by the escalation of brainless cop brutality and court failure within Unitedstates. The matter of fact is though that Netanyahu now is a shipwreck with the worst of the world´s fascists on board which has less of a chance to stand the truth of abolition than a snowflake in a supernova. The “Israel” got its last warning and will never do an election again if it is in fact complicit in the American transgression that has already shaken its regime like a bearer of guilt.

The sedated decline into barbarianism which takes place by means of the mass spying and the access risks out of it finds a remarkable expression in the language of Nato talking of a formation of “spearheads forces” resembling the war-macht restructuring in the last stages of 20th century fascism. It is no mere coincidence that these are not real spears but metaphorical ones, grossly brutal weapons with no other purpose than the most gruesome decimation of large populations who have nowhere to hide. The technological regression into the most inhumane patterns of reality (see Mar 28, 2014) that is resulting from the mass spying has already proliferated to the entire military-industrial complex and is far from the historical tribes hunting large animals without extinguishing them. The killer robots and the network surveillance programs that feed them are now staffed with computer game idiots on the mental level of a child with a hand grenade. The death spasm of industrial militarism on the background of imminent climate catastrophe is only coming to the fore in the centrepiece of the spying apparatus because it is shaking the entire pyramid of hierarchies attached to it.

Yet the hypocrisy thereof is not a consequence of an alleged relevance of such data which would be annulled anyway due to the coercion in it, but a consequence of the incapability of the spying system to transcend the fundamental errors in its own interest. In the concrete case this means that the inertia of stupidity incorporated by the hierarchy of officials built for no other purpose than the “haystack scam” is a train without brakes which cannot come to halt short of colliding into the common sense of analysing the external meaning of its actions. The misconstructed apparatus has heated up so much that its staff cannot realise how its meddling brings its opponents together and defies its own declared intentions. Likewise, there is no sign that it would be understanding the grave implications of its situation. For “NSA” this appears to be all about forging themselves into places where they are not welcome, while the reality is all about reaching total abolition ahead of total destruction.

The problem of “NSA” crimes and complicity of all the oil-market-dependent states in it (in this sense even Beijing is capitalist, just like Seoul) is that the failure of Unitednations Securitycouncil has unsettled the Beijing balance – the classical counterweight against Washington which if still functional with its mere reciprocation capability would successfully have deterred the transgression. But this time no embarrassment has been served that way, although through the entire duration of Unitedstates meddling in Syria the Chinese side had noticed that this is not only explicitly unwelcome but also a negative precedent, and took it as opportunity to give its American counterparts a more behaviourist treatment. It appears as if China had quietly dropped out of the frog pond concert of Songun politics after devouring Obama (see Nov 17, 2014) and got stuck on some disinformation that it had better not touched.

That is a remarkable symptom of Unitednations failure – the befuddled conglomerate has lost its way. So while there is no positive sign that Beijing could fool the climate scientists (maybe some empty suits in some American satellite states, but such phoney wins would effectively be a cost burden for it just like Kiev is for Brussels), it is apparently capable of fooling itself, and currently does just like the people in Rome and Athens did about the fascist “uprising simulation” of Kiev for a while. Anyway, if Mao were still alive he would probably describe the current ruling class of China as a boatload of plastic ducks drifting the ocean, compared to which every anti-Securitycouncil protester in Pyongyang is a shining revolutionary. But in the outside view, China is not a swarm but one, and could be painted as a gallant rabbit with fluff on its eyes that suffers difficulties to remember the “Gulf of Tonkin” incidents (which is odd, as if Tehran were to forget the “Shah Concession”). From the Chinese point of view it should be crystal clear that every such incident, even when the intended humiliation is successfully deflected, on the perpetrator side strengthens the evildoers against the unbiased. E. g. only by Beijing tolerating Belgrade the moral level of Nato and its member regimes could decline to the extent China itself noticed in the imperialist assault against Libya.

So beyond the depth of animal parables what really bites China is its own conscience lamenting its regrettable cowardice over the humiliation of Russia by the Americans and their European puppets. The questionable heirs of the Long March legacy should be well aware that it is more likely for them to be harassed alike than to take over the puppets and the hegemony like a rival barbarian. It should be added for completeness that at least to some extent Russia suffers the enmity at its own fault, swallowing instead of vetoing the anti-IS farce of the failed states in Unitednations Securitycouncil. Moscow would better recognise that any such effort is as reckless as missile shield science fiction, and Beijing ought to find itself closer to Pyongyang than to Brussels. Or else even the Islamic State might conclude that the Buddhas of Bamiyan had more faith in ending the Saudi captivity than the hollow clay figures of Beijing.

Even before the harassed woman is set free it must be concluded that despite contradictory the geopolitical situation indicated by the occurrence of the incident is yet another proof of the obvious, namely that spying makes people stupid. Not so much these who are being spied against, although it undoubtedly is to their disadvantage as well, but these who are spying thereby deprive themselves of all opportunity to obtain true insight. Spying makes people stupid, such as franchise food makes kids obese, or working in the labour market makes adults get cancer. Which brings us to the issue of the two burned European reactor control stations. It would be no surprise if this was to be understood as the work of careful operators turning out the lights of toxic assets where deemed scientifically appropriate, but of course such background can only be known with certainty after complete abolition. What can already be said now is that the double fire marks the point at which Unitednations Securitycouncil entirely and irreversibly deviated from the Clausewitzian theory of conflict which sees war as an extension of sanity into insanity and not vice versa, and dropped to a level of spying-induced insanity against the Islamic State that it cannot keep up very long.

To close with a targeted pin-prick to the befuddled conglomerate at the feet of Pyongyang it is being given to consider the fact that the birth house of Alexander Zamenhof is a better organised place than the Unitednations building and its various branches, although they both are raw prototypes grown out of last century´s oil bubbles, and enthusiasm has evolved into all directions. Being the newest member thereof, only since the “red swap” that came with the collapse of the “gold standard,” Beijing is faced with the resulting temptation to imitate not only capitalist technology but also capitalist ideology, and to some yet not irreversible extent already has. E.g. even though China is host to the oldest human living on the planet, doctors there are not even being asked how long a senior needs its caretakers to stay off payjob. Like the other inmates of Unitednations Securitycouncil, it might however only notice how far off the way it has come when the forgotten God of Nature drops the big hammer of abolition in the open court of the benumbed world.

* * *

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