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04-07-2007 13:39

Alan Johnston is released - what about all the invisible captives?

Alan Johnston is released and this is of course very welcome news. But what about the 10,000 Palestinians held hostage by the Israeli occupation or the 20,000 or more Iraqis held by the American and British occupation? How about the hundreds of hostages held in Guantanamo and Bagram? Read more >>

08-12-2006 11:43

Public Meeting this Sunday on 19/3/07 Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond

The common call to action to make March 19th 2007 a global day of action against the war on terror, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion, followed by a proposed response to be discussed at a public meeting at ULU, London, in Room 3E on the 10th December from 2-6pm. Please circulate widely. Read more >>

28-11-2006 12:51

March 19th 2007 - A Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond

The common call to action to make March 19th 2007 a global day of action against the war on terror, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion, followed by a proposed response. Please circulate widely. Read more >>

07-11-2006 23:32 | 1 addition

Day of Resistance to the War: March 19th, 2007

On March 19th 2007, we call for a worldwide day of resistance to the imperialist, racist and senseless war in Iraq. We propose occupations, acts of civil disobedience, and direct action. We propose that these acts of resistance be directed towards governments, military recruitment centres, corporations, and other institutions that perpetuate empire and war. Read more >>

23-07-2006 11:59 | 1 addition

Round up of July 22nd Lebanon solidarity protests

This is a round up of 7 different reports with photos from the day of solidarity for Lebanon on Saturday July 22nd 2006. Read more >>

12-06-2006 18:36

Rally for Justice at Scotland Yard Sunday June 11th 2006

This is a 630 word piece about the rally for justice outside Scotland Yard on Sunday 11th June. 10 photos are attached. Read more >>

23-05-2006 21:27

Just another day in Iraq

This is a 600 word article which takes its title from ITN's `Just another day in Iraq` slot. The failure of the mainstream media to adequately cover Iraq related events such as Brian Haw's vigil is covered. 7 photos are included. Read more >>

11-04-2006 17:57

Open letter to David Aaronovitch about Iraq.

David Aaronovitch
This is a 1,000 word letter to pro-war journalist David Aaronovitch with a number of links about the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the continuing scandal of Guantanamo Bay. The impending attack on Iran is also dealt with. Read more >>

30-03-2006 15:10

Images from March 18 Demo 2006

Girl with Respect 'Don't Attack Iran' banner
Pictures from Demonstration against Iraq occupation and attack on Iran - Saturday 18th March 2006, London. International Demonstrations. Read more >>

24-03-2006 13:44

This Week's SchNEWS - Gaul To Arms

“The widespread perception in French society is that the gulf separating those ‘inside’ society, even if they are badly paid, from those ‘outside’, in particular living in the suburbs, has become more accentuated over the past 20 years.” - Sociologist François Dubet. Read more >>

22-03-2006 14:12

Newswire Radio Show - Wed 22nd March - Listen Now

Weekly hour long show from Indymedia Radio London with coverage of the CPE uprising in France and the global day of protest, the occupation of Iraq on the third anniversary of the illegal invasion by the US led forces, plus confessions from an economic hit man. Read more >>

21-03-2006 22:09

Belated Pictures of London March 18th Demonstration

Pictures from Saturday, March 18th 2006, the big Stop The War demonstration, which marked the third anniversary of the second Iraq War, and was also part of a global day of protest, including anti war demos in Iraq itself. Read more >>

21-03-2006 15:38

More pictures from London anti-war demo

Eight photos of the Stop The War Coalition march on 18th March 2006 Read more >>

21-03-2006 10:57

Jo Wilding on UK Anti-War Movement

Jo Wilding gives her view of the current state of the UK anti-war movement. Read more >>

20-03-2006 13:02

Anti-war, pro-human rights

No Foreign Occupation of Iraq. Don’t attack Iran.
No Islamist State, No Sharia Law
Stop Islamists killing queers and women in Iraq & Iran Read more >>

20-03-2006 11:30

London anti war march. Pictures

Sadly the IMC helicopter is still out of action so an accurate estimate of the numbers is tricky. The Police working as always to a government agenda said 15,000, the organisers said 100,000. The square (which holds 40,000) was full before the section of the march behind the samba band arrived. So I think its fair to say that 50-60,000 were in attendance. Read more >>

19-03-2006 22:56

Anti-War Protest, London (18.03.06)

ISR members
Photos from Anti-War Protest in London (18.03.06)

19-03-2006 19:58 | 1 addition

Sights and sounds from stop-the-war demo, London, 18 Mar 2006

Audio Guantanamo solidarity
Three years on from the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain held a march and rally in London, as part of an international day of protest (see ). Here are photos, audio clips, and a report of the day. Read more >>

19-03-2006 13:04 | 1 addition

That it should come to this … fear and loathing on the swp march

should’ve known, I really should. I mean when it comes to cynical, piss taking of this merry band of useless marching muppets I’m the worst offender… but somehow, well the glorious events taking place in France, the line of mounted riot cops I saw leaving Islington nick on my way there, well it got my blood running, got my hopes up that this day would be more than the usual impotent trot through London, that perhaps, just perhaps this would be the day that something might happen.

19-03-2006 11:46


Personal account of the anti-war rally at Trafalgar Square in London and comment on the Stop the War movement. Read more >>

18-03-2006 20:17

March coverage 18th from further afield

As people make their way home from the London march and rally today, over in Cities throughout the United States people are coming together to express their own growing anger at the continuing occupation of Iraq...

Protests are also being held in other cities across the world. They include Baghdad, Basra, New York, Madrid, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Dublin. Organisers said it was the first time there have been co-ordinated demonstrations in the US, Britain and Iraq... Read more >>

18-03-2006 16:15 | 2 additions

Early reports from Anti-war Demos 18th March - London

Disappointingly throughout this afternoon the BBC has been reporting only 12,000 people on the London anti-war demo. However folks on the scene say the turn out is MUCH bigger than that, maybe reaching towards 100,000. Read more >>


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