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10-01-2014 00:28

Stop G8 network meeting - Cardiff 11/12th January 2014

The Red and Black Umbrella (57 Clifton Street, Cardiff CF24 1LS) is preparing to host a two-day meeting of the Stop G8 network. The first day will be a meeting of all involved to discuss and reach decisions on where next for the Stop G8 network. Read more >>

13-10-2013 13:22

Meeting on new ideas for anti-capitalist/anarchist actions

On 20th October 2013 the Stop G8 Network are meeting to discuss taking forward new ideas for anti-capitalist and anarchist projects. Some of the ideas on the agenda are an anarchist news website, a temporary anti-capitalist squatted space and an anarchist festival. Read more >>

17-06-2013 00:51

You are all Eichmanns. We are free.

Letter to all the prison guards, other prison workers and all the cops. Partly written in a London police cell during the Stop G8 week, where police repression was at its highest. Read more >>

16-06-2013 18:51

Report on J12 Stop G8 anti-militarist action

Report from the June 12 demonstration against militarism and capitalist violence

The anti-militarist demonstration on June 12 had been called by Smash EDO, Disarm DSEi and Sussex Stop G8 and was part of the Stop G8 week of action in London.

16-06-2013 12:31

FLF (food liberation front) action last friday - some pics and words

green assembly member jenny jones
a small protest specifically against asda and more generally against global food policies, corporations, monsanto, GMOs, G8 and austerity, was characterised again by massive overpolicing in a week of repressive crackdown on anti-G8 protests in london. Read more >>

15-06-2013 23:26 | 1 addition

'they owe us' - canary wharf - J14 - pics and words

tripods up
on friday, as part of the london week of action prior to the G8 in northern ireland, a few hundred people protested in the belly of the capitalist beast, canary wharf. in some ways a victory, in many ways a disappointment. Read more >>

12-06-2013 17:48

Demonstration against arms dealers in London, 12 June 2013

Video arms dealers
Despite yesterday's eviction of the StopG8 convergence centre and a sad weather, a few people from different countries gathered today near London's Piccadilly Circus to demonstrate against arms dealers like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and then the Charing Cross Police Station.
Amongst slogans seen and shouted were "Arms dealers are terrorists!" and "Police protects the killers!". Read more >>

12-06-2013 00:31

G8 london carnival against capitalism - report n pics

piccadilly circus lunchtime
massive MSM-friendly police operation to prevent any meaningful protest against G8 and corporate power today in london. Read more >>

09-06-2013 09:32

Stop G8 Convergence Space Going Well

Bringing Anarchism back to Soho! The Convergence Space has kicked off well - but more people needed! Read more >>

05-06-2013 18:08

Dissident Island Radio - 17 May 2013 - Episode 119

Check out the latest show from Dissident Island Read more >>

05-06-2013 10:21

#J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action

The #J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action will start at 12 noon on Tuesday June 11th, the meet-up points will be:

North, Oxford Circus click here for directions -
South, Piccadilly Circus - click here for directions -

the action will finish with a ‘street party’ at 5:30pm, the location will be announced on the day.

This action will only be as effective as the people participating in them. We have not negotiated with the police and we will not be controlled. If we look after each other, stay mobile, don’t get caught in kettles and are ready to make quick decisions about what to do next we can make the most of the day

see you on the streets

03-06-2013 14:25

Info on the Stop G8 Convergence Space

There will be a Stop G8 convergence centre in central London, close to the main actions. There will be space to sleep, as well as workshops, skillshares, food, films and more here. We plan to make the space fully wheelchair accessible and a safe space for everyone using it. Read more >>

24-05-2013 13:11

Activists defy police attempts to gather intelligence on resistance to G8

Two UK anti-capitalists, returning to the country on Sunday May 19 after attending an anarchist festival in the Netherlands (, were intercepted by Kent Police Special Branch officers at Dover, then detained and questioned for three hours under Schedules 7 and 8 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Read more >>

24-05-2013 12:45

StopG8 National Gathering @ London 25/26 May

London Action Resource Centre - 62 Fieldgate St London E1 1ES Read more >>

19-05-2013 13:38

International hip hop & spoken word benefit - 8th June @ LimaZulu, London

Come down to LimaZulu, north London, on 8th June for a night of excellent spoken word, poetry & international hip hop, with a headliner from Mexico! All in the name of an excellent cause, that being the Anti Raids Network ( & SLSF ( Read more >>

10-05-2013 08:27

Press release - Anti-Capitalists publish map of targets in the West End


Anti-Capitalists are targeting the rich in the West End of London in the
run-up to the G8 Summit next month.

09-05-2013 22:44

Call for an Anti-Militarist Action against the G8 on June 12th

This is a call to all anti-militarists to join us in the West End of London during the week of action against the G8. - for more info see Read more >>

04-04-2013 11:48

Come to StopG8 gathering this weekend

The StopG8 UK-wide meeting is nearly upon us. With not much more than 2
months to go till the big week, the time to come and get involved is right
now ...

The StopG8 meeting at LARC starts on Saturday 6th at 11 am (10am for
tea/coffee) and finishes at 5.30pm. On Sunday 7th the meeting begins at
11am and finishes at 4.45pm


27-03-2013 00:55

Stop G8 Call for workshops - Ideas Vs Capitalism

Grow resistance
Calling all talkers, thinkers, writers, readers, fighters, teachers, learners, artists, rebels, performers, rappers, poets, musicians ... and anyone with any skills, ideas or dreams to share ...

The StopG8 week of resistance is taking place in London on 10-14th June, in the week running up to the G8 World Bosses' summit. As well as action in the streets, the week will include an events programme of talks, meet-ups, films, games, concerts, and more, all over London and beyond.

Please get in touch if you would like to run or take part in an event, if you can help with organising or venues or publicity, or if you just have an idea for something you'd like to see happen. We want this to be big, so we're starting to plan the week right now. Read more >>

25-03-2013 11:56

Bomb Diffused Close to Next G8 Summit Hotel

According to the BBC in Northern Ireland, a bomb was found 'abandoned' a mere 16 miles from the hotel due to hold the next G8 summit in the UK.

Link to the article here -

20-03-2013 13:01

Stop G8 national meeting - London - April 6/7

The next Stop G8 national meeting will be held in London on the 6/7 April
- all welcome except cops and journos

To propose items for the agenda, request accommodation in London or for
more info please contact or see

11-03-2013 20:55

get involved! - Come to the Stop G8 Network Meeting in London

StopG8 is organising a week of action, including workshops, gigs and cultural events in June. There is also a major day of action on Tuesday 11 June, 'J11 – Carnival against Capitalism'. There's lots to do and we need more people to get involved.

Hate meetings?! No problem, we want people to come and take on jobs, you don't have to sit around in big groups discussing things. The next national meeting will be in London on 6th and 7th April (venue tba, see, we'll arrange the agenda so you can come along and get involved without spending hours in meetings. Read more >>

09-01-2013 17:43

G8 Foreign Ministers to meet in London, April 2013

The location for the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting has now been announced. Read more >>

11-12-2012 13:51

Statement from Stop the G8 regarding the summit in Northern Ireland next year

We are an autonomous group of activists who have been meeting over the past 6 months to organise a resistance to the G8 summit. We have already put out a call out for a week of action against the G8. We have decided to adopt the PGA hallmarks, and we try to organise non-hierarchically using consensus, respecting the autonomy of groups and individuals involved. Read more >>


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