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31-01-2016 01:15

HUMAN RIGHTS violation by a group of Poles in London

I have become a victim of psychological and physical torture while living in London. My persecution is being done by an organised, technologically advanced group of people, claiming to be Polish Special Services Read more >>

15-10-2015 05:45

WiFi a Thalidomide in the making

WiFi a Thalidomide in the making - Latest Paper by Barrie Trower, on Microwave Safety.

Safer Alternative to WiFi.

05-04-2015 13:48

Supporting The Whistleblowers @OccupyDemocracy Protest at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Attached is a audio recording of Eileen from Compassion in Care, and Nicola from Woman Against Rape, speaking at a Occupy Democracy protest held on 4th April 2015 in support of whistle blowers outside the Embassy of Ecuador, Knightbridge, London, where Wikileaks founder Assange WikiLeaks has been stuck for almost 3 years.

05-03-2015 07:40

Curo Housing to monitor tenants using remote-controlled worker drones

Curo, the not-for-profit housing & support organisation based in Bath, is becoming one of the first in the country to look at using drones as part of its tenant management tool kit. Read more >>

10-01-2015 23:32

SONY, Obama and Snowden What's been happening after Leveson on phone hacking?

Are the Big Corporations being held to account? Are they still hacking the little people? Read more >>

12-12-2014 22:09

An Open Letter To Russell Brand from the Silent Majority

The Silent Majority reaches out to Russell Brand. Read more >>

24-10-2014 12:55

GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) links to RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) and its close ties to the RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

All links are at the end of the article. Read more >>

24-10-2014 01:41

Implenting the eugenics (Nazi) 'Opening Minds' school curriculum globally

How the new school curriculum goes global. Devised by the Royal Society of the Arts. Read more >>

30-09-2014 11:15

GMB serves ASBO on over tax avoidance and poor treatment of staff

So hostile are Amazon that union organisation is driven underground adopting the tactics of the French resistance or human rights campaigns in totalitarian regimes says GMB. Read more >>

21-04-2014 13:32

Espionage & Brain-Computer Interfaces - Modern Warfare Series

A summary of a four year investigatory series into human medical torture program operated by the US government that seeks to interface computers and human by means of radio. Read more >>

09-04-2014 09:21

#137: Breaking the Frame & politics of technology, rant on Irish policing...and

Listen to episode 137 of Dissident Island Radio featuring an interview on Breaking the Frame - a series of events and conferences discussing the politics of new technologies, the history and relevance of Ludditism, an informed rant on policing in Ireland and Dissident Island Discs. Read more >>

04-04-2014 22:10

An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection 'Finland Unrevealed'

An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection about the problems one finds in Finland (needs logging in FB). Read more on journalists practising self-censorship, mass media usage, security police history and it turning to red, systematic procedures practised to shape the Finland more Russia (and Soviet) friendly, The Agreement of Friendship Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, abuse formulas used by the police and government officials etc. Link is an essential reading for those who plan to move, work or live in Finland. Finnish 'Stasi' file one may say... Read more >>

01-03-2014 15:40

IMPORTANT! NHS Care Data Opt-Out Forms!

Although the Care Data database uploads have been delayed until September 2014 you can already decide to opt out from this database. Read more >>

20-01-2014 14:19

#132: No Borders Tangier, ISP website-blocking, observations on creativity...

Dissident Island Radio is back in 2014...check out the latest show. Read more >>

18-01-2014 13:19

Little people set to sue other Internet Giants like

Internet Giant may be followed by campaigners set to sue other giants.
Campaign group thelittlepeople, based in the UK, is at the final stages of preparations suing Microsoft over grounds of privacy violations, very similar to the claims heard so far against Read more >>

02-10-2013 14:13

Yahoo Allowing AdChoices To Delete Moderator Posts And Replace Them With Ads

Yahoo Groups, part of the international Yahoo corporation, is allowing advertisers
to delete political and poetry posts and replace them with ads. Read more >>

30-06-2013 22:03

Getty Images Scam Letter

Regarding the Getty Images Scam Letter that is going around and has been for some time. Read more >>


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