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The Gatwick No Border Camp

IMC-UK Features | 17.09.2007 19:20 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration | London | South Coast

2007 is witnessing a resurgence of No Border Camps around the world as three Camps have been announced. The first one took place in Ukraine in mid August [Pics] and another one is announced at the US/Mexico border for November. But close to home, this week the UK sees the first No Border camp near Gatwick airport. Despite weeks of constant harassment of local farmers by the police, the Camp got under way as planned with several hundred people attending workshops and discussions, and taking part in actions and demonstrations throughout the week.

The No Border Camp sought "to try and stop the building of the new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls". The Camp progaramme consisted of four days of workshops, protests and discussions. Various actions were announced for the week, including a Transnational Demonstration on Saturday 22nd from Crawley to the site of Brook House attended by around 500 people. Brook House is planned to be Britain's largest detention centre for migrant people, and it is being build next door to Tinsley House. Another solidarity march took place in Newcastle. There were several actions also happening during the camp on Thursday and Friday. These included the occupation of Virgin Atlantic tour operator offices and a blockade outside Group 4 near Crawley, a welcoming event in Crawley as well as demonstrations outside Lunar and Electric houses reporting centres in Croydon.

Saturday 22nd: Timeline of Events | Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Video | Press Releases: 1 | 2
Friday 21st: Timeline of Events | Reports: 1 | 2 | Pics 1 | 2 | Video | Press Releases: 1 | 2 | 3
Thursday 20th: Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Pics | Video
Wednesday 19th:: report | report and pics | pics

International Reports: Holland IMC 1 | 2 | Liege IMC 1 | 2 | Switzerland IMC | Barcelona IMC | Germany IMC 1 | 2 | Estrecho IMC | CMI Galiza

Practical Info: How to get to the Camp | Local contacts for travelling | Camp's programme | Workshops | Frequently Asked Questions | Legal infos for migrants coming to the camp

For more information see the Camp's website and IMC-UK Topic Page

Links: London No Borders | Nottingham No Borders | | Map of European migrant camps | Migrating University | Groups Endorsing the UK's Camp

Two years of No Borders UK

It was before the G8 2005 in Scotland that initiatives started to network around the issues of Freedom Of Movement in the UK again. A Make Borders History demo took place in Glasgow during the 2005 G8 summit in Scotland, calling at several institutions and companies involved in the Border Regime. Shortly after the G8, actvists forced the YMCA to withdraw from an "ayslum slavery Scheme".

Durnig the following year, No Borders groups were set up all over the country, in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds and other cities. Regular demonstrations targeted immigration reporting centres and as well as detention centres.

The year 2006 saw the first UK-wide No Borders Gathering in London (on 11-12 March) at the Square Social Centre. Exactly one year later, another gathering was held in Glasgow at the Unity centre. The initiatives naturally had different focal points, from fighting against dawn raids [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6], anti-deportation actions (e.g. in Leeds ), campaigning against the point-based system, to solidarity with migrant workers (e.g. justice for cleaners) and, of course, demonstrations at immigration prisons. In Glasgow, people started Unity, a union of by and for asylum seekers. In London, Harmondsworth became another focus of protests as well as building up practical support for detainees. The October 7th Network organised a demonstration in London as part of the Transnational Day Of Action for migrants' rights. However, when the Home Office disclosed plans to build a new immigration prison at Gatwick, the new Brook House became a focus for the whole network.

Days after the Home Office told refugees "We'll do everything we can to send you home", 26 migrant prisoners escaped from Campsfield, Oxfordshire, following days of protests. The riot was the latest episode in the migrants struggle inside detention after the Harmondsworth riots last November.

Relentless protests, both inside and outside detention, have managed to put many detention and deportation profiteers on the map. On 17 August, activists occupied the office of XL Airways in Crawley to protest against the charter airline's role in forecul deportations on behalf of the Home Office. Several demonstrations have been announced for August 28th to protest against a planned charter flight to deport a number of rejected asylum seekers to DR Congo.

The upcoming No Border Camp is organised by No Borders groups from Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Nottingham, Sheffield and Cardiff and supported by Barbed Wire Britain, Unity, Feminist Against Borders, West Midlands Antifa, Sex Workers Union, Vapaa Liikkuvuus (freedom of movement-group in Finland), Campaign to Close Campsfield, No One Is Illegal, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and many more.

Upcoming events in the next few weeks include:

Events During The No Border Camp:

Thursday, 20th September
Welcome Demonstration - Crawley Town Centre, 5pm-7pm. To inform people about and invite them to participate in the No Border Camp.

Friday, 21st September:
Gathering at Lunar House, the Home Office reporting centre in East Croydon, 10am-2pm. A convergeance between those who have papers and those who don't; information-sharing, exchanging stories, food and music.

Saturday 22nd September
Transnational Demonstration at Tinsley House detention dentre at Gatwick, 12pm-2pm. Tinsley House, which has a capacity of 146, was the first purpose-built detention centre in the UK. The new planned Gatwick detention centre is to be built close by.

Later that day, groups will present their work and experiences in a Transnational Forum at the camp.

Announced workshops so far include ones with migration controls, ID Cards, practical support of people in detention, the political situation in the Middle East, alternative media, experiences from campaigns against companies and much more.

Migrating University
Migrating University is a set of workshops at Goldsmith University in the week before the No Border Camp.

Indymedia at the No Border Camp
As usual, IMC UK will be present at the No Border Camp. There will a public access tent, help with publishing and image processing, as well as workshops about alternative media.

IMC-UK Features


How to get there

17.09.2007 19:48

Map of the area
Map of the area

Close up
Close up

After constant harassment of local farmers by the police, the location of the No Border Camp 2007 had to change.

The new site is located near the village of Balcombe, West Sussex, south of Crawley.

How to get there:


From London: At the southern end of the M23, the road becomes the A23 [southof Crawley]. Take the first exit left B2114 Brighton Road, signposted to Handcross. At the second roundabout turn left onto the B2110 High Beeches Lane, signposted to Turner's Hill. 2km along is a brick water tower on your right. Turn here into Brantridge Lane and the camp site is the first gate on your right.

From Brighton: Turn off the A23 at the Handcross junction signposted B2110. Turn right at the next roundabout towards Handcross. Left at the next junction in the village and right at the next roundabout signposted to Turner's Hill and follow the directions as above.


On the London-Brighton line, get off at Balcombe Station. Turn left onto the B2036 London Road. Turn left at the second junction onto Handcross Road. 2km along this road you get to a junction. On the left is Brantridge Lane and the camp site.

No Border Camp 2007

‘No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportation' - Gatwick 22/09/2007

26.09.2007 18:41

The No Borders Campaign has definitely got to be one of the more controversial issues tackled by independent political thinkers and activists. Just having a look at the comments added to this article, shows how heated the debates can get. The Campaign opens a whole can of worms that has a spill over effect onto other issues like equal rights, war refugees, capitalism, nationhood, the state centric system, the police, freedom of movement, the downward spiral of the developing countries and the list goes on. It is therefore not surprising that such a diverse and dynamic culture made up the No Borders 2007 Protest March and Camp. At the same time, the No Borders Campaign is on the cutting edge of just how far to the left liberalist ideals can be pushed. It truly draws the dividing line between Soft and Hard Liberalism. This particular issue is something for all those that profess to be Liberals to think about.

Many felt that there was a great turnout of people at the Demonstration this year. Various reports reflect that there were about 300 people, but some do feel it was more in the region of 350. Most of the Protesters in front were quite unaware of just how large the group was. It was only when we came around the ninety degree bend at Gatwick, that we were all pleasantly surprised to see the continual wave of protesters taking the corner. Regardless of the exact total, spirits were incredibly high throughout the march. The most popular Protest Chant was the well known ‘No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportation’. Once again, the notorious ‘Samba Band’ did an excellent job. I wonder if they will ever record all these Protest Anthems? It would be great if they did.

The Telephonic Communication with several people in the present detention centre was incredibly moving. If anything, this connection pointed out that they are not alone and forgotten in those cells. Although the protesters are not subjected to the negative treatment that those detained have been, there was a mutual feeling of Hope. I did not stay at the Camp for the weekend, but kept in touch with people that did. Their feeling was that that the Camp went well. It was seen as an enlightening experience and the Workshops were viewed as incredibly educational.

And the Police, well they generally kept to themselves. There numbers were definitely overkill once again and there were some arrests in the beginning of the march. There behaviour was not as obnoxious and out of context as most of us in London have come to experience though. The legitimate Protest Area was way too small once again. The Police Photographers seemed to be acting from a distance as well. It was definitely great not having the infamous SCD43, Neil Sinclair around. He knows how to put a downer on any worthwhile event. The Police also seemed to refrain from their usual frantic Search and Docket intimidation tactics that so many of us have gotten used to. Protestors were also not prevented from using their own media equipment. The people at the Camp that I was in contact with reported a similar experience. Police did not appear to be interfering with the Camp Events and Workshops. They were only really seen outside of the Camp Site by the entrance points. The Search and Docket tactics of the Police were generally also not used at the Camp. There are several reasons why the Public Servants seemed to refrain from outright victimisation, as they did at Climate Change 2007 and Disarm DSEI 2007. These reasons were compiled during emails between Green Party candidate John Hunt and myself:

1. This No Borders 2007 Event was Policed by a different Police Force than Climate
Change 2007 and Disarm DSEI 2007. However, Surrey Police were part of the
wider Policing Operation at Climate Change 2007.
2. The March Format was strong, consolidated and with a larger turnout than even
expected by the Police. ‘United We Stand Divided We Fall’
3. ‘Gently, Gently’ instructions from top Police Officials following a number of
Climate Change 2007 and DSEI 2007 complaints. Although formal complaints
are often not viewed as the ‘Revolutionary’ thing to do, it does have an impact on
the freedom of the Police to be Brutal whenever they choose to be.
4. The protest action took place on the weekend and directly in the eyes of the
general public of Crawley. Very little would have happened un-noticed by them.
5. A significant number of parents in the Protest March had brought their children
with. The presence of minors and infants in a protest event does have a general
pacifying effect.
6. A controversial, but relevant factor was the strong Black Bloc and AntiFa (Militant
Anti-Fascism) presence. Although many people do not agree with these tactics, it
does balance out the intimidation factor with the Police. It is common place for
such activists to stand up to police harassment.

In conclusion, I feel that the No Borders 2007 Demonstration had a positive outcome. I’m sure that some people aimed for more and would disagree. However, there were a lot of us that were expecting the worse. At the same time, it was an excellent opportunity for a variety of people to meet and tackle a common concern. As for the apparent ‘Nationalist / Fascist’ photographer, I wonder if he got the point that none of us will ever forget where he was standing at the time. The joke is on him.

Don B.

Impressions from Crawley

28.09.2007 01:09

Impressions from the march in Crawley, including short interviews with bystanders and protesters



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Gatwick No Borders Camp 2007 – Taking Notes Regarding Police Behaviour

21.09.2007 22:57

A number of people are expected to attend the No Borders Demonstration and Camp this weekend. This has involved a considerable amount of planning and many of us are hoping that the events will have an impact on the construction of the new Detention Centre and the unjust system of Migration Controls.

I have just received an email from a Green Party Candidate, who outlines the complaint that he issued regarding the brutal behaviour of the Police during the Climate Camp 2007 at Heathrow. The response from Robert Broadhurst, the Police Commander in charge of the Policing Operation at the Climate Camp was included in the email. Furthermore, he attached a letter which was sent from a Green Party Member of the London Assembly after the Climate Camp, regarding this issue to Police Commissioner, Ian Blair. The Green Party Member is also a Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. The Green Party Candidate also attached the ‘unhelpful reply’ from Ian Blair. After reading all the details, it does appear that Police Victimisation, Harassment and even Brutality is justified and even consented to a large extent from the high ranking officials among the Police,.

After reading the email, my feeling about the No Borders Protest Action on 22/09/2007 and the Camp throughout the weekend is that of concern. The manner in which the Police behaved at the Disarm DSEI Protest Events definitely resembles their approach at the Climate Change Protest Events. As the Police are following a trend, it is safe to say that they are being given instructions on how to handle these situations in an aggressive way. What I am pointing out is not to create fear. Instead, I am urging everyone attending the No Borders Events to be aware of the Police Agenda. We are hoping for positive results tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend and it will be a shame if the Police compromise the outcome once again. Police Photographers will obviously be present and looking to film the worse case scenarios. Although a lot of people feel the urge to be rebellious, we have to all be intelligent and give them as little negative evidence as possible.

Although I will be at the Protest Event and noting the behaviour of the Police, I am unable to stay for the rest of the weekend, as I have work to complete relating to the Disarm DSEI Events last week. All are welcome to email me concerning any experiences of Police Victimisation this weekend, as well as during the Climate Camp 2007 at Heathrow and at any of the Disarm DSEI 2007 Protest Events.

Don B.
mail e-mail:

Still no mobile link to the ticker?

22.09.2007 06:48

True the left hand margin has been removed this time but the ticker it is still 6 times too big. Oh yes, ant the mobile link at the top of the page isn't working either. Let me help you out. Try a link to:

and place this beside the existing link on the No Border Camp feature.

Mobile user


23.09.2007 14:40

I believe No Borders are being unrealistic. Nobody wants to have a "pull up the drawbridge and keep em out" immigration policy but equally nobody wants a "let em all in no questions asked" policy either.

If groups like Migrationwatch UK push a wholy xenophobic view of immigration and immigrations then people like No Borders push an almost rose tinted view.

I'd say this all just about sums up about how both sides of the fence on this issue are as prejudiced and misguided as each other.

If saying we need to keep all immigrants out is racist (which of course it is) then saying we should all let them in without any checks at all is living in cloud cuko land quite frankly.

In an ideal world it would be great to have no borders. But we don't live in an ideal world and it's ridiculous to believe that everyone moving from one country to another is doing so with always the best of intentions.

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

To Dan Factor

23.09.2007 18:52

So Dan are you for no police? How about no state?

Borders and their enforcement are an integral part of the state system and play a vital role in class society. They pose the national interests against class interests, they exacerbate divisions between people, in this context between "migrant" and "non-migrant", they produce these classifications which is used by the media and other ruling class institutions to spread divisions amongst those which have, in themselves, a common interest and struggle.

Borders are useful for those who want to maintain capitalism and therefore maintain this barbaric system, They are "of" this system, they have nothing to do with human emancipation but a tool to divide and segregate class struggle.

Maybe you might feel different if it was you sitting in a tent in Darfur watching your family die around you - in this context freedom of movement and the ability to cross borders is a human act of survival.


response to a.k

24.09.2007 10:08

ak. Darfur...a no brainer! Of course we let people from there cross borders. The place is a war zone! Let em come.

Same goes for Iraq too and other places which are messed up by wars and violence.

I fully back a free border system when it comes to people leaving war torn countries.

But there has to be cheeks and balances.

No police? Oh yes! If there wern't any criminals!

a.k would you let someone into your house without asking them what they wanted first? Or would to do so be "upholding the class system"?

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

"No police? Oh yes! If there wern't any criminals!"

24.09.2007 10:15

Aah - is that what the police do?

I thought they hounded protestors, and kept recycling the same criminals time and time again.

Any idea what the clear up rate for reported crimes is?

The police just stop us from sorting our own poblems out as far as I can see.

"But there has to be cheeks and balances."

You mean they HAVE to lock up people escaping to a better life?

Even if they haven't committed any crime?

Yes yes I know - one more person sets foot on this island and we will sink into the sea etc etc etc



24.09.2007 10:46

"Aah - is that what the police do?"

Not always but they are supposed to.

"I thought they hounded protestors, and kept recycling the same criminals time and time again."

So you wouldn't call the police then if you were a victim of crime? Tar them all with the same brush do you?

"Any idea what the clear up rate for reported crimes is?"

Probably preety poor. But that's down to the government and not the fault of individual police officers.

"The police just stop us from sorting our own poblems out as far as I can see."

Tell me how do we sort out crime ourselves then?

"But there has to be cheeks and balances."

"You mean they HAVE to lock up people escaping to a better life?"

Did I say anything about locking people up? Putting words into my mouth!

"Yes yes I know - one more person sets foot on this island and we will sink into the sea etc etc etc"

These are not my views. I don't believe any of that! Did I say any of that? NO!

I did expect this kind of response from some. How about providing arguments instead of making accusations?

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

'The nasty state stops the nice coppers from doing their jobs....'

24.09.2007 10:50

"Did I say anything about locking people up? Putting words into my mouth!"

So, what are these checks and balances you favour? How do you decide if someone is worthy of a better life, or whether they should be sent back to grinding poverty enforced at the barrels of western provided guns?

You put the words in your mouth Dan - explain how it should all work.



24.09.2007 11:57

"Tell me how do we sort out crime ourselves then? "

Well perhaps stop making new criminal offences is one idea. The labour government has made over a 1,000 new laws, meaning it is easier to be a criminal than ever before.

a K

controls, poverty

24.09.2007 12:08

When I say checks and balances I don't mean checking if they should be sent back or not.

I mean checking their ID.

Then they need to be given accomodation.

Then they need a permit to be able to work or claim benefits.

Then they need to be registered with a doctor and a hospital.

Without border controls this cannot be done. So surely the lives of people coming into a country would end up being preety crap if they don't have any of these things.
And all of the above can be done without locking people up and treating them like dirt. I do understand immigration officers can be intimidating even aggresive sometimes. That's got to stop.

As for poverty, yes many do migrate to improve their lives. But some who migrate because of poverty don't always want to but have been forced into it by the terrible state their country is in.
They leave family and friends behind and end up feeling alone and miserable in a country they don't know.
Maybe it would better to help improve the standard of living in poorer countries to people don't have to move and leave loved ones behind.

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

new crimes

24.09.2007 12:11

ak yes labour has created new crimes most of which are stupid.

The best thing to do is sort out current crimes not create new ones.

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

Welcome to "cloud cuko land" Dan

24.09.2007 12:21

"When I say checks and balances I don't mean checking if they should be sent back or not.

I mean checking their ID."

Okay - so now you're in favour of unfettered migration :)

Some of course won't have ID, will they Dan?

What will we do with them?



24.09.2007 12:55

Yeah some may not.

Although most people would have some kind of ID on them. Even more so if changing country.

Chances are those fleeing wars won't have any ID. They wouldn't hang around where they could get shot just o get their ID.

Spose there isn't much we can do.

And why am I living in cloud cuko land? Becuase I don't believe in zero regulation of immigration?

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

more borders now

25.09.2007 09:01

Immigration policies are racist and unfair. True, Dentention centres are Nasty places to spend time. Yes true. Asylum seekers and migration workers have it very tough in this country. Yes true again.

But to compain under the slogan 'No borders' is childish and the campain (which has many facets to it) never going to reach the mainstream, we have to ask ourselves do we want this campaign to stay within its own little anarchic cliques?? Or do we want it to become a more popular campaing?

Personally i love the idea of crossing borders and think the world would be a very boring place if none existed. I like the idea of travelling to a new torrain. Borders are natural way of humans dividing land, in former days, borders would be marked naturally by mountains and rivers.

Furthermore we live in an overpopulated planet, with currently over 6 billion people in it. In there was a world anarchic system in place tommorow you would still need a way of regulating and checking the flow of humans around the planet coz if everyone decided to go come to London we would have a serious health and saftey situation!

I applaud the campainers who work so hard around the 'No borders' issues. I just wish we could ditch the utopian name as i think it confuses a lot of would be sympathizes...


Pleased by brushes with authority?

25.09.2007 09:24

So, its 'childish' to support free movement of people because 'tosh' likes the thrill of getting past security?

I have to say it isn't the most thought out or convincing criutique of no borders I've ever come across. Nor does it really provide support for prisons for those who flee grinding poverty and oppression.

If there is a resource issue, surely it is that the wealthy control even more of the wealth since Labour came into power?


What a load of tosh!

25.09.2007 22:24

Why on cunting earth would the whole world wanna move to London?!

There are two things going on here. First the assumption that borders are "natural". It shows a complete misunderstanding of what borders are. Borders are not a physical line represented on maps but a legal entity, which demarks the end and the beginning of a nation state.

People move across borders all the time, most refugees/asylum seekers move only as far as the neighboring country, a minority go to Europe.

We should be fighting for Freedom of movement as opposed to managed migration, which we have now. Managed migration means that migrants are utilized in specific industries and tied labour contracts. The bosses exploit the new European market and use migrant workers to undercut local work forces. The answer is not xenophobia but a unified attack against the bosses. By undermining low paid work, and fightin for higher and equal wages we can undermine managed migration. Parallel to this we should fight for freedom of movement for all.

The BNP are against migration, which ultimately means if they got to power we would have something similar to the deportation camps of Nazi Germany. The white working class are increasing tired of migration AS ITS BEEN PRESENTED and are turning against their class interests. We should be arguing against MANAGED MIGRATION - which is the migration policies set-up by the neo-liberal state, which exploit workers, cause division amongst local workers, undermines wage gains and worker power. We should fight for the FREE movement of humans as a fundamental right.

A k

a k


27.09.2007 09:50

a.k. I agree with you about exploitation. But how are we going to prevent exploitation of immigrants by employers if there is no controls and no borders?
The tragedy of the Chineese cockle pickers is a case in point, they went to their deaths largely because nobody had a clue they were here and that allowed them to fall into the hands of unscrupulous employers who use immigrants who have come here illegally as cheep labour.

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:

fight exploitation

27.09.2007 13:01

We fight exploitation like we always have done, to aid and support struggles as and when they happen. To expose low-wage rackets for migrants, make connection with them and promote the unification of isolated struggles. The bosses use migrant labour to undercut wage gains, we must therefore make sure that their ability to do this is undermined NOT by stopping people come here but by enforcing employers to pay the right wages.

a k

lord, save us from liberals...

27.09.2007 19:56

you seem a fairly intelligent, reasonable chap so i hope that this debate will spark your interest enough to commit to further research & contemplation of the 'no border' argument.

"The tragedy of the Chineese cockle pickers is a case in point, they went to their deaths largely because nobody had a clue they were here and that allowed them to fall into the hands of unscrupulous employers who use immigrants who have come here illegally as cheep labour."

i'm afraid that your example is specious, as the reason the Chinese cockle pickers were in Morecambe Bay in the middle of the night is precisely because of managed migration laws; if they had registered themselves they wouldn't have been protected but rather deported for being an 'illegal' immigrant. as everyone knows China is currently undergoin an economic boom and therefore the people have no legitimate reason to flee...




28.09.2007 00:09

How can you judge what is a "legitimate reason to leave"... for fuck sake...And why except the states authority to say "YOU ARE FROM THIS COUNTRY THEREFORE YOU HAVE TO STAY HERE" who the fuck takes this as "natural". Why can't people from wherever go wherever? How come those of us with British/EU passports can go and work pretty much anyway and the rest of the world can't?

Anyone that doesn't support Freedom movement should have their movements restricted otherwise they're hypocrites.

Smash Nationalism! For one free humanity! Long live anarchy!

A k

sarcasm anyone?

28.09.2007 10:21

a k,
take a deep breath & calm yourself a bit,
can't have you flyin off the handle at anyone who posts a slightly tongue in cheek comment aimed at highlighting hypocrisy, now can we?

not everyone structures their arguments between flag wavin n table thumpin.

go back, read my post again, then see if you can spot your deliberate mistake...

jeez, save us from anarchists

an anarchist with a sense of humour


we make borders all the time

02.10.2007 10:37

. Yes, the state controls borders and acts in its own interests, but look at how tribal societies organized themselves:Tribes from native america and africa used natural borders of rivers/mountains and land to make themselves distinct from others. I think borders are a natural way for humans to organize themselves. With 6 billion people in the world not everyone is going to want to live in your idealized version of anarchist society.

I just think its very unrealistic to campain under the slogan No borders as i think borders can be useful marking of difference. I wouldn't want to live in a world where everyone has the same customs/language/laws and was borderless.
Crossing borders would be better name.

tosh again

crazy fool boy anarchists

02.10.2007 10:53

just wanna say something after reading the (mostly intelligent) thread here.

i used to be into the activist scene and spent time at peace camps, demos, actions etc. things need to be done and some things are urgent - thus require immidiate action - hence the effectiveness and relative popularity of direct action.
what really gets on my tits though is that there's always a 'smash capitalism, fight fascism, blowup anyone who doesn't see it my way' poser or two.
ok. i believe in what you're on about but i find myself wanting to get as far away from you as possible because you EMBARRASS everyone else with your self-righteous vanity.

these are serious political issues and thus can't be sorted out with this mental vanguard mentality. if someone offers a different, perhaps more moderate (god forbid) view then LISTEN, DEBATE. don't just knee-jerk yourself into 'more-anarchic-than-thou-so-therefore-you're-a-fascist' mastubatory nonsense. stop posing and allow political debate.

sorry to rant. it's just that people like a.k. have really put me off activism.

bob dobbs

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