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UK Ocean Defence Newswire Archive

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Akbayan rejects Chinese call for dropping West Philippine Sea arbitration

13-06-2016 12:54

With the upcoming commemoration of Philippine Independence, Akbayan party-list today called on government to hold steadfast in pursuing the arbitration case filed on the UNCLOS regarding Chinese occupation of the Scarborough shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

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The World Revolution to Stop Global Warming

13-06-2015 10:22

And when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. - Paul McCartney.
Global warming is destroying the earth and driving the human race to extinction but the official censorship in the mainstream news media is suppressing the truth about the catastrophic apocalyptic consequences of climate change and preventing the people of the world from taking the urgent action that will be necessary to save themselves and help ensure the survival of future generations.

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Oil War: Another Parrot Bites the Sand

11-11-2014 16:37

The incredible has happened: After the British leader, the Unitedstates commander-in-chief is directly picking up from this platform. This is about the animal feeding advice in last week´s analysis, particularly the part about spreading out food given to captive animals because they cannot make a fair division like free ones. On top of the current imperialist provocation in the Persian Gulf, Unitedstates leader Obama has now chosen to spread out his overseers (so-called military advisers) over the remaining territory of the shrinking Iraqi state instead of keeping them concentrated in the capital. In other words, in losing its grip on the country the foreign military-industrial complex is spreading out its funding in order to micromanage the remainder of the Iraqi military. It is not only that this reveals how the imperialist perceives its allies as domesticated commensals driven by short-sighted instincts. It is also an admission that the terror bombings from the air have failed their intended purpose, instead of which they sucked in its accomplices. Apparently triggered by putting the stethoscope of online research on a stability keeping mechanism of the supply chain, evidence was obtained that “Iraq” is a stable state not quite in the sense the Baghdad regime would like to explain to the population. By someone throwing a coin on the internet, one percent of the dollar empire´s annual military budget was neutralised with the push of a button, and the nature of the puppet state revealed. But first of all it is an indication that the imperialist´s overall calculation is contained in this analysis. The empire has arrived in the strategy of defeat: No longer being able to decide independently, it is openly imitating its irreversible opponent, speculating it was possible to hide the direct reference from the public although it cannot hide it from any other regimes. Yet the mantra goes “too little, too late” – apparently the so-called nation building effort had never been spread out.

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Eco-Warriors Noah's Ark Rescue Mission to South Pacific Islands

09-08-2014 11:15

The Eco-Warriors are planning the Noah's Ark Campaign as a rescue mission for the islanders in the South Pacific whose island nations are being submerged by the rising sea levels, and we intend to travel to the South Pacific on an ocean liner called Noah's Ark to publicise our appeal to all the governments of the world to help evacuate all the low-lying islands before they vanish beneath the waves within the next four years.

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Fukushima 3rd Anniversary meeting in Houses of Parliament. 10.3.2014.

13-05-2014 15:48

Here is a link to a 15 minute video of Rik from Kick Nuclear, London, speaking in parliament, committee room ten, with slides, followed by links to the other speakers, at the meeting held to Remember Fukushima, 3 years on. No To Nuclear Power!! No to the proposed new one near Bristol, Hinkley Point.

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The Pacific Fata Morgana and its Imperialist Origins

12-05-2014 15:03

Historically, it is going to be read as the definitive acknowledgement that the “Giant Bike Basket” has failed and the predictions the Tokyo regime would be unsuitable as a tool to clean up its own mess have proven true: The so obviously phoney Japanese “peace initiative” is yet another instance of the observation that when it comes to capitalist states, behind the cry for peace there hide the murderers. Abolitionist movements remember: Because no one in Japan wanted to have the reactors in their backyard, but the regime was too evil to draw the consequence of abstention, the compromise had been to hide them behind a mountain. There they sat on top of a permanent groundwater stream carrying the precipitation captured thereby into the ocean. When the meltdown finally came, it was discovered that no waste-water storage system was sufficient to collect all the contamination and only a reduction of their water intake could stop the toxic clods that once were reactors from forever unloading their deadly cargo into the Pacific. Reflecting the sweatshop architecture conditions of the Nonproliferation treaty, which left the supervision over the Japanese-American disaster to a Japanese diplomat in the “Nuclear Lottery” of the Unitednations organisation, the Tokyo regime ordered the clean-up of the Fukushima disaster to the hierarchy that had produced it and the result was the project of the “Giant Bike Basket.” The hollow structure was projected to be assembled into the ground around the molten reactors, and then frozen by means of the insertion of a refrigerant into the tubes to bring about an emergency clod pool whose water throughput could be regulated. The current situation where it cannot equals a scenario in which the notorious serial killer continues to go around – just because the regime has proven to be too dumb to understand the effects of Natural water cycles, the contamination, proliferation and worldwide lethal effects thereof go on. When now, without being able to put an end to its disaster, Tokyo is attempting to sell itself as the crystallisation core of world peace, it bears all the hallmarks of replacement psychology – a “Japanese peace” would be a radiological catastrophe.

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A Budding Alliance: Vietnam And The Philippines Confront China

03-04-2014 09:40

Last year, the Philippines brought a complaint against China’s aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea to the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal. The Chinese “were really unprepared for that and were really embarrassed by it,” one of Vietnam’s top experts on Chinese diplomacy told me during my recent visit to Hanoi.

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Peace campers board nuclear submarine at Faslane, arrested

21-03-2014 12:01

Two campaigners from Faslane Peace Camp were arrested on Wednesday morning aboard the Royal Navy submarine HMS Ambush at its berth in Faslane.

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Remember Fukushima London demo, Saturday 15 March 2014

12-03-2014 14:31

Remember Fukushima Demo, London, Sat. 15 March 2014

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The Death of the Inclusion Policy in the East Asian Shelf Waters

16-01-2014 14:40

The Chinese extension of airspace claims into the Pacific that shocked so many Atlantic observers is interesting to analyse for a number of reasons. First, it is just as symbolic as the recent border conflict with India in the Himalaya. Second, in its entire arrangement it nevertheless equals a tangential intervention into material conflicts of neighbours, first of all Japan and Korea. And third, the issues at stake such as the meddling of reactionary regimes from across the Pacific are hot enough to mandate attention from only collaterally related places which are affected by the destructivity of these forces as well. Nine months after the "High Noon" atomic test, China now appears to have seized the opportunity to assist Korea as a fellow "nuclear club" member and by doing so at the same time reassert its own position on the Taiwan issue. But to the outside observer it is something much worse that is contained in these developments – the Japanese expansionism whose first wave was only stopped by external reactionaries. Nobody can seriously want the atomic bombings against Japan to occur again, all the more so after the Fukushima incident. But anything suitable to stop the historical revisionism of the Tokyo regime from proliferating across the Pacific and Indian oceans and leaving similar consequences as it did the first time is a welcome – and under sudden circumstances even a necessary – change.

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The Irradiated Sailors of Fukushima

15-01-2014 11:29

The Irradiated Sailors of Fukushima

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Fukushima: Who Profits from a Cover-up?

08-01-2014 02:58

Fukushima: Who Profits from a Cover-up?

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Why is Cameron more stupid than Erdogan?

11-11-2013 20:46

It is not a matter of verification but of explanation: The quote-unquote nuclear renaissance – more precisely to be described as the scorched Earth economy – of the London regime follows a pattern of penetration of an uninformed public that is known from regions where atomic power is mystified as the last step of colonial independence and pushed into the faces of the people regardless of specific value for geopolitical triangulation. The post-colonial regimes are repeating the self-destructive mistakes of the colonialist and its heirs in order to overtake their failing economies and avoid more of the same, and the internal contradiction of that ambition transforms into mathematically suicidal projections of atomic power generation. Now since the last big reactor meltdown has slashed all economic foundations for atomic power in Europe, a financial blowback from these spoiled colonies serves as the new centerpiece of the so-called nuclear ideology there. That means Japanese reactors at the Black Sea for the Turkish politician Erdogan to assert himself of what he seems to feel as a lack of power, and now Chinese-financed French reactors in Britain. This pattern is being called suicidal because it is designed to evade meltdown compensation claims so that a catastrophe there would be likely to take down the local currency with it, since neighbours might find it even more difficult to take external enablers into account. In such a distorted situation the people do no longer have reactors, but the reactors have the people. And the most stupid politician would be the one betting everything on an absurd expectation that when the reactor meltdown comes everyone else would look even more stupid.

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Arctic 30 and Pussy Riot graffiti

09-11-2013 17:36

Graffiti dedicated 2 help spread the word!.......

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I Have A Confession to Make

20-10-2013 00:40

Emerging threats analyst and author Robert Marston Fanney on new frontiers of climate change. Plus Dr. Alex Rogers of Oxford: State of the Oceans 2013.

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Many Reasons Dolphins Are Dying

25-09-2013 20:16

nuclear waste dumping, municipal sewer dumps,
long lines fishing, ship propellers, sonar,
and other causes of dolphin deaths

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No More Fish In The Sea!

25-09-2013 13:43

The Black Fish marine conservation organisation are back in Sheffield on Friday 27th September 2013. There will be a free film screening and presentation at Riverside on Mowbray street, 7:30pm start.

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Black Fishies TONIGHT in Nottingham

21-09-2013 08:24

As part of the dynamic ''the Black Fish'' tour of UK they will be in Nottingham TONIGHT!!!!

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Tonight Black Fish! Brighton

17-09-2013 12:27

Black Fish TONIGHT in Brighton

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THE Black Fish Tour Kicks Off!!

12-09-2013 12:43

Black Fish Tour 2013

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War for Oil takes a Weird Turn

21-05-2013 20:18

It gave an impression of Russian roulette at the pump – when the Brussels regime raided offices of European oil corporations last week there was no mentioning of the deadly bullet that could bring about the liquidation of these fossil legacies from the most ruthless decades of industrialisation. That smoking gun would be the notorious “Bhopal of the seabed”, the deep water drilling catastrophe in the gulf of Mexico, in which the “American Dream” to stop the rise of the sea level before total disarmament had gone up in flames. Stuck on downplaying like a Mandarin emperor, official statements even suggested that the raids were a routine event such as if the same had happened every year before.

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BP fuels Greenpeace

06-03-2013 20:37

'Fill her up please!'
Do as we say, not as we do.

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UG616 - The Secret, Silent Poisoning (Nuclear Victims in Peace and War)

15-02-2013 05:13

We hear how not only the Japanese but also the Marshall Islanders continue to suffer as a result of the US military's determination to assert its nuclear superiority, whatever the cost to human life. Complementing out main focus on Nuclear Weapons, we hear from Chris Busby that the safety of Nuclear Power may be overestimated by a factor of 400.

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American Naval Ship Crashes into World Heritage Site

01-02-2013 10:44

APL dares Philippine President Aquino to penalize US Navy for Tubbataha damage

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Japan! - Stop Whaling (email, phone, fax of Japanese embassies)

20-11-2012 11:54

Japanese whalers are again on their way to slaughter whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. To suppert Sea Shepherd which is there to stop them and to protest against these cruel and disgusting „business“ please contact Japanese embassies around the word.

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Climate Hacking: Geoengineering the Ocean

24-10-2012 06:18

Serial climate hacker Russ George (Planktos) leads indigenous villagers to dump iron into the sea - a secret geoengineering project off Canada's West Coast. Press conference statements by the Haida Old Massett Village Chief, interview w. Living Oceans' Karen Wristen, Russ George clips from interview by Guardian's Martin Lukacs.

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Sustainable accreditation considered for shark finning

11-10-2012 19:02

Fishermen catch sharks for their fins. Photo by
In what has already been branded a highly controversial move, Western Australia's Fisheries Minister Norman Moore has announced he is seeking 'sustainable' certification for shark fins which regional fishermen wish to export to Asia. The high demand for the prized fins in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea is pushing shark species towards the brink of extinction as ever increasing numbers of sharks are primarly killed for their fins. Since a recent visit to China by an official Australian trade delegation, the Fisheries Minister and his department have commissioned the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to analyse the possibilities of giving the Western Australia's shark finning practices a 'green' stamp of approval.
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