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08-09-2005 19:33

Do the Shackle Shuffle at Camp X-Ray - Seize the Day (mp3)

Here's an mp3 version of the song Seize the Day performed at the Hiatt protest today.

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08-09-2005 16:30

Demo against Hiatt's trade in shackles used in Guantanamo Bay

Baltimore Road, Perry Bar Birmingham home to torture manufacturer Hiatt

On Thursday 8th September a vibrant protest was held outside Hiatt 111-115 Baltimore Road in Perry Bar Birmingham to expose Hiatt’s appalling trade in handcuffs and shackles. Guantanamo prisoners are restrained with shackles which say ‘made in England by the Hiatt Corporation’.

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08-09-2005 14:58

Guantanamo shackles made by Hiatt of Birmingham

Abubaker Deghayes outside Hiatts Hiatt of Birmingham manufacture the shackles used in Guantanamo Bay. Their factory was visited by Seize the Day, who performed their song, the Shackle Shuffle, along with Mark Thomas, Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, MP Lynne Jones and Abubaker Deghayes, brother of Guantanamo inmate Omar Deghayes.

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07-09-2005 14:15

Another Fallen Soldier

Through the medium of spoken word, Kamal Supreme suggest and explores reasons why our troops need to come back home. Over a hot beat produced by the Wondatwinz of Ohio This is a spoken word track with smooth hip hop flava!

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07-09-2005 11:58

OutRage!-demo 8 Sept against Canada's Sharia Law proposals

gar rights group,OutRage! are holding a demo against the proposed Sharia Law court in Canada Thurs 8 Sept 12-2pm Canadian High Comm- 38 Grosvenor St, London.

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07-09-2005 09:08

Still We Ride - Critical Mass Film

A documentary by In Tandem Productions - May 2005

An action-packed documentary that glimpses into the shocking showdown between the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and the New York City Police Department in the months after August 2004.

Introduction and discussion with two of the film's directors, Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press.

Friday 23rd of September 8pm @ the Midlands Arts Centre.

Screened with shorts from the International Bicycle Film festival (45mins).

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06-09-2005 13:49


'On 7th September 2005 Mikey's family will be marking the second anniversary of his death. We would ask that you spend a moment in thought on that date for Mikey and all those that have died in custody.'

Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice in association with Injustice



'staying focused - keeping up the struggle'

A Memorial Event for Mikey Powell and David Oluwale

Benefit screening of ‘INJUSTICE’ + Q&A with families & filmmaker

'Injustice' is a radical documentary about the struggles for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody in the UK. This award winning film is banned by Channel 4 and the BBC.

Sunday 2nd October 2005 (Doors open 12 noon Film starts at 12.30pm)
Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
Entrance £3.50 (£2.50 concessions)
Info: 07770 432 439 or 0774 008 3915

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05-09-2005 16:37

the Sumac Centre appeal

The Sumac Centre in Nottingham needs help.

The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham, UK. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, veggie catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers.

At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

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03-09-2005 23:41

“Saved” Newchurch Guinea Pigs Victory March Sat 3rd September 2005

Free me Today was a different kind of march for the animal rights movement, this was a victory march, as the Halls, the owners of the guinea pig breeding farm at Newchurch had announced that they were closing the business down and would no longer be supplying the vivisection industry, as a result of actions from the animal rights movement and a disproving general public.

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02-09-2005 15:35

Optima Housing Association 100% Service Charge Increase

Optima Housing Association 100% Service Charge Increase.
and still condoms stolen purses urine faces litter strewn on or stairwells, and still the rubbish shut is not fitted corectly causing a stench of domestic refuse in our landing

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25-08-2005 12:54

Thought Police ban AR activist from the UK

Dead Guinea pigs piled up in a Vivisection lab Dr. Steve Best, determined American activist and liberationist, has been banned from entering the United Kingdom by the British Home Office for the purpose of speaking at the Newchurch Victory Gathering on Saturday September the 3rd in Burton. This of course makes a mockery of the Human Rights Act and trivialises any concept of 'free speech' that may be left. Dr. Best has always argued his comments have been sensationalised and taken completely out of context but now stands aside Dr. Jerry Vlasak as another animal advocate who cannot enter the UK and join us to celebrate this extraordinary victory for animal rights.

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24-08-2005 20:06

pieces of the dream

it has been 43 years since martin luther king, jr. delivered his "i have a dream" speech. what has happened since then?

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24-08-2005 10:29

Newchurch National Demo will go ahead as planned

After 6 years of relentless campaigning, Newchurch Farm(breeders of guinea pigs for vivisection) have finally accepted defeat!! But the National Demonstration on Saturday 3rd September will go ahead as planned.

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23-08-2005 15:42

No to destitution! No to deportation! Support Iraqi Kurds in Brum!

In defiance of anything approaching sanity, the Home Office is gearing up to deport "failed" Iraqi asylum seekers and to starve out of the country those who don't agree to leave "voluntarily".

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23-08-2005 10:46

Newchurch victory

strategic retreat?

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18-08-2005 14:39

List of DSEi Arms fair exhibitors addresses in the West Midlands

Merchants of Death dribble over the XM-395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition DSEi (Defense Systems and Equipment International) is the largest Arms Fair in Europe. It takes place every two years at the Excel centre in East London. This year it takes place from 13th - 16th September. Arms dealers and their manufacturers from all over the world descend on London's docklands to profit from other people's misery and death.

The Resistance:

Thousands of people seek to shut DSEi down using a variety of non-violent direct action methods including affinity groups and blockades. DISARM DSEi is co-ordinating a week of action and resistance to the arms fair and the unjust global system that supports it from 10th - 16th September.

From the Disarm DSEi website

'We envisage a week of affinity group actions and public events. We are planning a conference with workshops, training sessions and information-sharing in the days leading up to the arms fair itself, which runs from 13 – 16 September. If you would like us to publicise any of your group’s events, please let us know. Disarm DSEi is a non-hierarchical organisation. We have no guidelines and work by consensus.'

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17-08-2005 19:27

Films about Food Not Bombs

For anyone who's not familiar with the background and aims of Food not Bombs here are a selection of films you can download and watch.

Food not bombs was started in the United States in Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists. It has since developed into a gobal movement of autonomous chapters who turn surplus food into great vegan meals for people who need it for free whilst protesting against war, poverty and waste.

Food not bombs is run on non-hierarchical lines by volunteers who embrace non-violence and make decisions through consensus - there are no leaders, ngo's, funders or political parties behind this initiative.

From the Food not Bombs website:

"Food Not Bombs is organizing for an end to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We also support actions against the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people and the destruction of the earth."

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16-08-2005 10:18

Monkey Business: Balsall Heath Park 20th August

Monkey Business is an annual event organised in the park for people who live in the community. It’s named after a monkey grinder who just to stand at the 'monkey steps' leading up to Birchwood Crescent from Birchwood Road in Balsall Heath.

The park has been badly damaged by the tornado. It was feared that the event would have to be cancelled or at least postponed but local feeling was that the devastation caused by the tornado added extra reason for all efforts to be made for it to go ahead as planned.

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15-08-2005 20:29

Council meetings with residents after the tornado: August 9th

Council surveyor clearly states it is a ‘safe type of asbestos’ Since the tornado damage, Birmingham city council has finally engaged in a series of poorly publicised meetings with residents and traders in Balsall Heath. What follows is a response collectively written by some residents present at one of these meetings at Lahore Karahi and then two reports - one of a meeting at Lahore Karahi on Ladypool Road on Tuesday afternoon and another ‘resident’s meeting’ later on in Mosesley. Both meetings happened on August 9th 2005.

Residents and traders affected by the tornado’s damage know through direct experience that very little was done early on by the council in response to the disaster. This is in direct contrast to what the council have been recently saying in their press releases, on their website and in their free newspaper ‘Forward’.

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11-08-2005 15:30

Brum day of action against animal cruelty

Outside the BBC in The Mailbox On Saturday 6th August, Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs organised demos against the BBC re their blatantly biased programmes about this anti-vivisection campaign. Simultaneous protests took place in London, Manchester & Birmingham. The Birmingham demo brought together nearly 30 campaigners from across the West Midlands and was a great success, as you will read in the report below, but protesters didn`t stop there! The day turned into a great day of action against animal abuse with demos at Thomas Cook(re their involvement in the trade in primates for vivisection) and McDonalds, re the murder of billions of animals every year and the devastating destruction to the planet caused by farming those animals.

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