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08-02-2016 14:54

Mega Squatted Farm in Florence Italy "MONDEGGI COMMON GOOD - FARM WITHOUT MASTER

Reclaim The land !!
Mondeggi-Common-Good-Farm, a popular farmers group which occupied a 500 Acre Farm in June 2014 has recently started a "reallocation program" which basically means handing the land back to the local people in small plots. Hundreds ordinary country folk have signed up to the plan and the RECLAIM process and is well under way. The Farm is located in a very desirable (4 the rich) area strategically placed between Chiantishire and Stings mega Mansion and spread. Read more >>

25-01-2016 13:35

OccupyLondon and Occupy WallStreet

It's Time To Take It To The Bank: 08 Feb 2016

Bank of England, London: Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8AH

New York Stock Exchange: 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005, United States

Time: 06.00AM

18-01-2016 21:19

Carlo Neri exposed as an undercover police officer

Carlo Neri, who was active in socialist and anti-racist circles in the 2000s has been exposed as being an undercover officer. A detailed investigation by the Undercover Research Group turned up the necessary document that confirmed the suspicions of his former comrades and partners. Full details at with profile Read more >>

10-01-2016 17:55

Spring Break Delegation to Bolivia, Food Sovereignty, and Indigenous Resistance!

The Plurinational State of Bolivia is the first country in the hemisphere governed by a progressive indigenous leader. Learn about indigenous struggles for sovereignty over food, land, and water. Gain an understanding of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of Pachamama. And discover the traditional ecological knowledge of the country’s indigenous peoples. Meet with farmers, community leaders, government officials, and others. Experience the rich culture of the Andes and soak in the sights, sounds, people, and politics at this historic moment in Bolivia. Read more >>

18-11-2015 12:37

Cambridge March for Affordable Housing (14/11/2015)

Candidate for the world's smallest placard..?
On Saturday November 14th 2015 a march took place in Cambridge that was very much a sign of the times.

It was a march for affordable housing, in an era of all-time-high property prices and proposed Tory policies to force local authorities and housing associations to sell off at least 25% of their existing stock, despite there being enormous demand for new social housing (approximately 2,500 people in the Cambridge area alone are on the Council's waiting list). Read more >>

18-10-2015 20:19

Stop The Agency Rip Off (Flyer)

Stop The Agency Rip Off Flyer Design.
this a flyer design for a new campaign against the use of employment agencies in the teaching profession, something which is both expensive for cash-strapped schools and colleges, and exploitative of the workers having to use them. Read more >>

03-07-2015 23:16

The Sotheby's 4 need YOU!

All the courageous cleaners and porters – "the Sotheby's 4"– that took part in the protest on Wednesday demanding sick pay and end to trade union victimisation have been banned from site by Sotheby's auction house (aka sacked). Some of them have been working for Sotheby's for over 5 years. Read more >>

31-03-2015 22:12

Black is the colour of our flag

As anarchists we have no time for nationalism or flags. That's why the only 'flag' we will carry is the black one. Read more >>

20-03-2015 18:51

Animal Agony, Union Busting, Deforestation, Human Disease At McDonald's

It has been 10 years since the European Court of Human Rights fined British courts 57000 pounds for denying free speech to Steel and Morris in London Greenpeace V McDonald's,
Unionbusting, obesity, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, animal agony, deforestation, rainforest destruction, energy waste, crime, litter continue to be
associated with the Western wrold's biggest restaurant chain Read more >>

19-12-2014 18:53

Rebellions In North America

Around the world, the class struggle, the struggle against state is a struggle against the policial state and his terror: the killing of Rémy Fraisse in France, the attack and torture against Nikos Romanos in Greece, and the recent/preventive actions against anarchists in Catalonia, and the attack on Westfield demonstrators in London. Until today's accounting, there are incidents of riots and social protests in at least 21 countries since the beginning of November. Read more >>

06-11-2014 09:25

The revolution has begun !

Last night in an unprecedented display of the power of the people the British establishment was rocked to its foundations by hundreds of thousands on the streets. Read more >>

04-11-2014 21:47

Cambridge FBU Picket.

The FBU Picket outside Parkside Fire Station.
According to the FBU website, tonight marks the last night of a four day strike by the Fire Brigades' Union after a "refusal from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)" to make any new pension offers. Read more >>

30-09-2014 11:15

GMB serves ASBO on over tax avoidance and poor treatment of staff

So hostile are Amazon that union organisation is driven underground adopting the tactics of the French resistance or human rights campaigns in totalitarian regimes says GMB. Read more >>

24-08-2014 16:11

Nae Nazis demo Edinburgh Saturday 23rd August 2014

Report and 5 photos of the anti-racism march and rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 23rd August 2014. Read more >>

20-06-2014 13:58

IDEAS FOR FREEDOM 2014: Their class war and ours

A weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty

Thursday 3 - Saturday 6 July
Mostly at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

For more information and to book tickets online visit Read more >>

24-05-2014 06:14

DIY Cultures 2014, Sunday 25th May, 12pm-7pm, Rich Mix

2nd Edition of DIY Cultures -
A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibition, workshops - the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives.

20-05-2014 13:32

THEIR CLASS WAR AND OURS: Ideas for Freedom 2014

A weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty
3-6 July. 5 and 6 July will take place at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY Read more >>

07-05-2014 09:21

May Day March London

Setting off.
A day of celebration commemorating Tony Benn and Bob Crow. Read more >>

26-04-2014 13:48

Benetton stores targeted by global protests

Thursday 24th April marked the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, in which over 1000 people died, and thousands more were seriously injured. Benetton shops were closed across Europe by protesters demanding compensation for the victims. Read more >>

17-04-2014 06:46

Victory to the striking South African miners! Demonstrate in London, Thursday 24 April

Marikana Massacre
Assemble 1pm, Thursday 24 April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE
Outside the Anglo American AGM

09-04-2014 09:21

#137: Breaking the Frame & politics of technology, rant on Irish policing...and

Listen to episode 137 of Dissident Island Radio featuring an interview on Breaking the Frame - a series of events and conferences discussing the politics of new technologies, the history and relevance of Ludditism, an informed rant on policing in Ireland and Dissident Island Discs. Read more >>

30-03-2014 17:16

Eco-Warriors Accuse Enfield Council of Corruption at Middlesex University

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. - Lord Acton.
As if to symbolise the destruction of the earth itself, day by day the 400-year-old oak trees in the ancient woodlands at Middlesex university at Cat Hill Cockfosters Enfield north London, have been cut down while the eco-warriors support the blockade at the front gates by elderly local residents to protest against the blatant theft of their educational and environmental heritage by the crooked property developers London and Quadrant and the equally corrupt Enfield council.

24-03-2014 14:13

Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario


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