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UK Indymedia Feature Archive

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Indymedia and British Intelligence Services

02-02-2007 01:21

Following the American pattern after 9/11, the UK government has used its own alleged terrorist attacks to push towards a police state, which is not exactly a new phenomenon, as Nafeez Ahmed, for example, explains. This has involved increasing the funds allocated to 'security services' and granting them extra-judicial powers; the systematic assault on civil liberties and human rights; media-spun fear based on dubious 'terror plots'; the clamp-down on activists and the relentless attempts to infiltrate their networks. Even Indymedia, it seems, has not been spared. At least two Indymedia activists have recently been approached, in one way or another, by British intelligence services, offering them better-paid jobs.

Read: Recruiting Spies at British Airports | Coincidence or Grooming? Oscar Beard's chance to join MI5 | Is It Really About Terrorism?

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Monday Love Continues..

15-01-2007 19:36

MONDAY LOVE is a free weekly film & music night at The Good Ship on Kilburn High Road, NW6.

Every Monday, Monday Love brings a heady mix of conscious cinema and live music to The Good Ship, welcoming those who still believe in something more than money and fear.. to watch, listen, chat and chill.

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Demo in Solidarity with Oaxaca outside the Mexican Embassy

31-10-2006 17:21

IMC Banner

A peaceful demonstration to show support and solidarity with the Oaxaca people currently suffering violent police and military repression by the Mexican state took place in front of the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday [Press release]. Around 60 people including drummers and Indymedia supporters gathered in front of the Embassy with banners, and murdered indymedia videographer Brad Will's final footage was projected directly onto the Embassy's facade - all eventually violently interrupted by a massive police presence resulting in eight arrests. Reports: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | Videos: 1 | 2 | Updates on the London arrests: Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday night red paint was thrown on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy in London to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca. On Thursday another demonstration took place outside London's Mexican embassy [Photos] Later in the evening, discussion and screening of films related to Brad and the situation in Oaxaca took at rampART Social Centre and another one is planned for Saturday 4th (E4E).

There were also protests at embassies and consulates around the world, with 14 demos in the US including direct action at the Mexican consulate in New York City | demos in Rio de Janeiro, Soa Paolo, Brasilia, and Fortaleza in Brazil | Madrid | an embassy occupation in Barcelona | an embassy occupation in Napoli | and several actions in Berlin.

Further information: Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will | NYC Indymedia | IMC Mexico | Narco News | CML | La Jornada | APPO Radio Live Broadcast (Sp) | Live Radio Transcript (Eng)

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Violence flares in Oaxaca, Indymedia reporter murdered

30-10-2006 00:10

"They might have the strength to impose their will, but we will never give them our consent". (Extract from the Radio APPO log)

Outrage spread around the world over the weekend following the killing of the documentary filmmaker and Indymedia video reporter Brad Will, from New York City at the hands of pro-government supporters who opened fire on unarmed protestors on the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico. Three others were also killed alongside him (making four dead in total); one member of Radio Universidad was injured.

On Sunday, more than 10,000 military swept the streets of Oaxaca. At their head were tanks with water cannons, laced with tear gas, followed by lines of 3,500 riot cops with batons. Behind them, a further 3,000 military police with automatic rifles. 5,000 army troops were waiting in the outskirts of the city while the paramilitaries continued attacking. Reports came in of snatch squads operating within the city centre, with police and military using helicopters and ambulances to grab protestors and injured people. Many arrests were reported, and at least two protestors were confirmed to have been killed in the clashes. See timeline of events. Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5.

This unprovoked aggression by the Mexican State against the pacific and unarmed people of Oaxaca is one of the largest in the recent history of México and Latin America. As a result, the Zapatista Army of National Lberation (EZLN) is calling for a day of action on November 1st and announces a nationwide strike on November 20th [Call]

Radio APPO (Live stream - Spanish) | English transliteration | NYC Indymedia Statement | Previous IMC-UK Feature
Global Indymedia | Indymedia Mexico (Spanish) | NYC Indymedia

A peaceful demonstration against the repression by the Mexican state (police and military) of the Oaxaca workers and the general population took place in front of the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday evening [Press release]. 60-70 or more gathered in front of the Embassy, with a screening of Brad Will's final footage projected onto the Embassy's facade - violently interrupted by the police, resulting in eight arrests [Update on arrests: Tuesday | Wednesday]. Reports: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 and Video. On Wednesday night red paint was thrown on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy in London to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca.

Discussion and screening of films related to Brad and the situation in Oaxaca are being organised for, Thursday 2nd (London, rampART) and Saturday 4th (London, E4E).

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Indymedia journalist shot dead by paramilitary during protest in Oaxaca, Mexico

28-10-2006 10:26

Bradley, 25 October 2006

'William Bradley Roland, also known as Brad Will, 36, a documentary filmmaker and reporter for Indymedia New York in Mexico, Bolivia and Brazil, died today of a gunshot to the chest when pro-government attackers opened fire on a barricade in the neighborhood of Santa Lucia El Camino, on the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico. He died with his video camera in his hands.' (source: Narconews) Read NYC-Indymedia statement and a Call to all independent journalists to support the struggle in Oaxaca.

Call to Protest Outside Mexican Embassy in London, Monday 30th October 5pm

Brad had been in Oaxaca taking video and reporting on the state wide popular uprising and teacher strike that began in June with the violent attempted removal of the striking teachers from their encampment in the centre of Oaxaca City by federal police forces. 3 others were also killed alongside him (making 4 dead in total); 1 member of Radio Universidad was also injured: he was taken to the hospital in a volkswagen van as police would not let any ambulances come.

Since the beginning of the strike in June, teachers and other groups have formed the APPO - the Popular Assembly of the Oaxacan People - and have called for the removal of the governor of state Ulises Ruiz of the PRI. There is a long history of Mexico using government sponsored paramilitaries to repress social movements, including a massacre of hundreds of students in Mexico City in 1968. As reports of protesters surrounded by armed government forces and police continue to pour in, activists in cities around the world are planning protests at Mexican embassies and in cyberspace in outcry against the violent aggression against the people of Oaxaca.

Breaking News and Latest Updates: APPO Radio Live Broadcast (Sp> | Live Radio Transcript (Eng)

More updates: New York Indymedia (EN) | CMI Mexico (ES)

Links: Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will | NYC Indymedia | IMC Mexico | Narco News | CML | La Jornada | NEW

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'i' the film - screening tour

09-10-2006 22:14

Indymedia meeting at protest
Touring the UK this week, 'i' the film expands on the explosive prequel, "Eye of the Storm" and examines the relationship between media and power as manifest by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media activists - Indymedia. Further Links: 'i' The Film website | European tour schedule | Film reviews | Report and Audio from Nottingham Screening | Argentina Indymedia | Wikipedia on Indymedia | Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006

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Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006: Report & Personal View

05-10-2006 15:24

Front view of the IMC Public Access Point

During the Climate Camp, the field IMC media centre was open for a minimum of five hours each day (two and a half each morning and evening), with these limited opening hours primarily aimed to conserve power. Some days it was open longer, and it ran fully all day for two days until about midnight during the main day of action.

Mostly the IMC ran on bio-diesel, but there was also a renewables power feed and some battery capacity. Twelve P1 laptops running via an LTSP server from Bristol Wireless provided the core public access, plus varying at different times up to five more modern laptops were running.

Two tents provided the main structures, one for the main IMC / Public Access Point and one more as storage and kitchen. Chairs came from a social centre in Manchester, and table tops were donated by TRIM timber recycling of Manchester. Six tables were set up balanced on top of hay bales (looking very rustic) while another 6 table tops had very sturdy legs masterfully constructed from scrap timber. The satellite dish providing connectivity from Psand was similarly balanced on top of four hay bales, but was in fact rock solid once ratcheted down - again a nice mix of rustic charm with hi tech.

Around 145 pictures were published direct from the field IMC, including two mobile phone pics (non-automated). Dispatch had over 50 phone reports on the main day of action. Several audio interviews and video clips were published. One freelance videographer was arrested and had their footage seized by cops. There was lots of good filming going on, and on the Friday night, over one hour of rushes were screened in two different tents to an appreciative audience! Several different sections of these are now fully published in IMC-UK's Climate Camp page. A big well done to all involved in setting up, running, participating and taking down the centre!

Click at the 'Full Article" link above for a personal account, photos, and additions to this article.

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Argentinian film makers screen Indymedia film in Nottingham

04-10-2006 13:46

Indymedia web team meeting at roadblock

Argentinian film makers including director Andres Ingoglia will visit Nottingham next week as part of the european tour of their film "i". The film is a meditation on the relationship between media and power as it is manifested by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media activists: 'Indymedia'. The feature-length documentary follows the first year of a small collective in Buenos Aires as it struggles amidst assassinations, a collapsing economy, and a whirlwind of political upheaval.

The film will be screened as a one-off in Nottingham at the Sumac Centre on Thursday 12th October, where the film's director will introduce the film and answer questions. Food will be served from 6pm and the film starts at 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham. During its UK tour the film is also screened in London, Brighton, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Report: Report and Audio from Screening

Links: "i" The Film website | Schedule UK and Europe tour | Film reviews | Argentina Indymedia | Video Indymedia | Wikipedia on Indymedia | Notts Indymedia 'Video Stuff...'

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The Revolution in Internet TV

10-07-2006 15:48

Oxford activists Hamish Campbell and Richard Hering from Undercurrents have kick-started a radical TV station called OfflineTV. It uses the revolutionary new peer-to-peer open source project Democracy Player.

OfflineTV is innovative because it brings together a number of tried and tested technologies (P2P, RSS, broadband) to make a really user-friendly internet TV interface. It has the capacity to scale from hundreds to thousands and hundreds of thousands viewers in full-screen quality. The other crucial thing is the content: the best of politically radical underground video on direct action, social justice, and the environment. This version is now beta-testing.

Two channels are already up and running :

OfflineTV – a quality-controlled screening of the best of what’s out there in radical cyberspace.

News from the Balkans - the first regional network of what will hopefully be many similar networks around the world. NfB gives a radical voice to this region which is so mis-reported by the corporate media. This project is being launched out of the video workshops in the EYFA Art and Activism caravan, but we hope to create a permanent network of radical film makers posting regular reports.

To watch these channels, download Democracy Player

Then search for Undercurrents inside Democracy Player and subscribe to each channel.

And calling all video activists: if you’ve got a funky report about anything anywhere, post it to the Scratch Channel

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Indymedia July Film Festivals

03-07-2006 08:58

Not been invited to the G8 Summit this year?

Never mind, Indymedia London is hosting an eight day film festival in London venues with no obligation to buy a gallon of Coke or a bucket of popcorn. And up in Sheffield there is a Summer of Truth film festival with screenings every Sunday in July.

For the full programmes and venues click at the 'full article' link above.

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Do you find Indymedia Cambridge easy to use?

20-04-2006 22:46

We want your feedback so we can improve Indymedia Cambridge. So let us know what tasks you've had trouble with, what features you've found useful but hard to find, what parts of the site you just don't understand. In particular

  • Have you tried to publish your news?
  • Have you been successful when you tried?
  • What have you found confusing in the process?
  • Did you know clicking on the title of a feature leads you to the full feature?

Don't think you sound silly admitting you're confused - if you're confused we need to improve our site. We're very used to our site, so what's obvious to us might not be obvious to others - so tell us.

You can let us know by adding a comment to this article, or emailing us at imc-cambridge AT

Full article

IMC-London Open Meetings and Training Sessions

01-04-2006 15:01

This is an open invitation to participate in Indymedia London in whatever aspect you think you could help out. There are many ways and projects you could get involved with: from helping out with the technical aspect of developing the website, or helping to maintain the Open Publishing right hand side column (the newswire), or producing features for the middle column, to a variety of offline activities such as film screenings, stalls at events, reporting from the streets and whatever else you may come up with. Possibilities are endless!

The IMC London collective has regular face to face open meetings, and they currently take place on the last Wednesday of every month.

The next two planned meetings will be on:

  • Wednesday 31 May
  • Wednesday 28 June

Where:The Square Social Centre
21 Russell Square, London WC1 [Map]
Meetings start at 7.30pm.

Please feel free to come and share your ideas, knowledge and skills. The agendas for these meetings are proposed and discussed in the IMC-London email list. This is an open list that anyone can subscribe to, and where the day to day running of the project takes place. Check it out.

Also, for those interested in getting to grips with how the Indymedia 'back office' works, there are montlhy training workshops available and open to everyone. These generally take place on the Sunday before the meetings, so people have a chance to familiarise with different aspects of the project.

The next planned Indymedia training workshop will be on:

  • Sunday 28 May

Where: RampART Social Centre
15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 [Map]
Workshops start at 3pm.

Finally, any contribution to the running and development of IMC-London is always much appreciated. The same as with any other local IMC within the IMC-UK Network, IMC-London can only be as relevant and useful to the people, campaigns, initiatives, groups and networks of London as we all make it!

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Indymedia photographer arrested by armed officers

30-03-2006 14:22

On Saturday 18th March photographer and serial Indymedia contributor Alan Lodge - or Tash - was arrested after taking photos of armed police in public. Tash denied the charge of wilfully obstructing a police officer at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Monday March 27. Defending solicitor Paul Dhami told the court: "The officers took exception to his presence, and one took it upon himself to physically impede Tash and then arrested him." The arrest came only weeks after Nottingham police issued guidelines to their officers reminding them to respect journalists' rights.

Recent topics covered by Tash include: Council workers on strike 1 + 2, Nottingham's new rinky dinky, the campaign against incinerator expansion, Ashbourne's Shrovetide 'Mob' football and surveillance of Nottingham city centre.

Links: NUJ backs photographer in press freedom case | All articles published by Alan on Indymedia since 2003 | Previous article on Notts Indymedia about the incident | Guidelines for police and media at incidents | NUJ Freelance - May06 Defend the Nottingham One! | Trial Date now set for hearing at Nottingham Magistrates

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Indymedia Needs You

23-03-2006 16:59

Your Community Needs You!
The global indymedia network is the work of thousands of people at many different levels, from the people who read the articles and speak to other people about what they read, the reporters who post their stories, photos or video etc, to the admins who check for breaches of open posting guidelines and the techies who maintain the servers and develop the software.

Indymedia always needs more volunteers and at the moment the IMC UK network in particular is seeking more tech help so that it can be more active in the development of the content management program used by many IMC sites. It is really important to increase the developer pool since many proposals made for improving the site are stalling at the tech bottleneck.

If you think you could help please get in touch with your local collective or email imc-uk-tech. You could also mention this to anyone else you think might be able to help.

If you'd like to develop your own tech skills, you might be interested in the various Hacklab projects around the country which host regular training and workshops. The rampART lab for example provides a useful venue for anyone wanting to become more involved in indymedia.

On Saturday 25th the London Hacklabs Collective is putting on a benefit event to help cover the cost of the broadband both at the rampART and Freedom Book Shop. You can find more details about the event from the rampART or the Hacklabs website. The event will be a workshop about IMC tech and various IMC projects.

Related Articles : IMC Needs You, Bad time for indymedia servers, rampART hacklab report, evolution and changes to IMC UK.

Outside Links : London Hacklabs Collective, Aktivix, Sheffield Hacklab, International Hacklabs.

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Indymedia Radio Live Today on Resonance FM and streaming

22-03-2006 09:15

It's wednesday so check out the latest Indymedia Newswire Show broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM in London, and everywhere else via simultaneous live webcast. It goes out every Wednesday 1pm - 2pm and repeated the following Monday morning. If you miss it, fear not, it is restreamed throughout the afternoon on rampART radio and available to download from radio.indy.

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Activists gather for peace conference

03-03-2006 19:18

Hundreds of people gathered on Sunday for a day of talks, information, discussion and workshops on the theme of peace.

The Nottingham Students Peace Movement's conference welcomed Sam Azad (International Federation of Iranian Refugees), author Milan Rai and Alan Simpson MP to lead a discussion on "justice not vengeance." They were followed by lecturers Richard Keeble and Beryl Aldridge and Notts Indymedia's Wietse talking about combating media bias. Both sessions welcomed extensive audience contributions. Various workshops were later held on alternative media, creative campaigning, civil rights and black activism.

Event photos
Listen to media bias debate
See full timetable

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Notts IMC publishes print version - print out and distribute!

28-02-2006 19:09

Nottinghamshire Indymedia has published a printed version of showcasing recent articles and the website. It reflects our active community with a selection of articles and photos on varying campaigns and issues. Also in the print out are large refences to the website and versions of our newswire and diary. We hope this will attract readers to engage with the site. Four hundred copies were prepared for the recent peace conference event in the city - remaining printouts will be distributed elsewhere. Attached is the PDF version of the publication.

Print out and distribute around!

>> Download PDF here (14MB)

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World Social Forum Bamako

10-02-2006 20:00

Un Autre Monde Est Possible

The first Social Forum on African soil took place in January in Bamako, Mali [Photos | Video]. Around 10,000 activists from Africa and Europe mainly discussed issues of global trade justice, migration and neo-colonialism during the four-day get-together. A large-scale demonstration marked the opening the WSF. The Youth Camp and some media activists participated with a soundsystem bus. Slight troubles were caused by clashes between Moroccan and Western Saharian nationalists at the end of the ceremony [Video].

Before this the stadium witnessed the opening talks of Malian associations, remembering the quest of WSF to tackle the poverty in the world and create solidarity among the people.

"We have to talk about why our young people dreams are all about leaving Africa, why do they want to go to Europe and prefer the risk to die?"

Migration related workshops played a major role in the WSF and several statements were published about the pressing issue.

World Social Forum 2006 opens in Bamako, Mali | World Social Forum 2006: Bamako (Mali) | Caracas (Venezuela) | Karachi (Pakistan)

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A boost for video activism

20-01-2006 06:21

Indymedia Video Activism
While ever cheaper consumer electronics and increased internet bandwidth have made it easier than ever to make and distribute independent video, the number being made still appears to be disproportionately low compared to the number of people filming at events. Various projects have been initiated to empower more people to get involved with radical video production and screening. They include online distribution, archives, screening databases and training sessions (see IVDN, IndyPeer, IndyTorrents and Clearer Channel.

In London during January there was a video activism gathering consisting of skill sharing workshops, presentations, discussions such as the role of cameras on demos (how video can be used to get protesters both nicked and set free), along with feedback from the G8 video indymedia experience. Modeled on similar national gatherings in previous years, this one was organised by and took place at the rampART social centre.

The event ended with a public screening with films from Real2Reel, Revolt Video, Camcorder Gorillas and many others. There was also a premiere of Cine Rebeldes 'Latitude 36' and two films made during the gathering 'Justice For Dad' & 'The Demo Demo'.

Related links: UPDATE - The gathering generated a number of proposals to indymedia and have already resulted in support for uploads of 3GP and M4V formats for mobile phones and ipods etc. Further follow-up workshops will be taking place, join the list if interested. In Manchester next month there's a gathering to look at how groups currently work with each other, what resources are available for screenings and campaign work and how best to make them accessible.

Full article

Invitation to Peace Conference

12-01-2006 15:04

Nottingham Student Peace Movement would like to invite all campaigners and activists to this year's Peace Conference on Sun 26th Feb, at the University of Nottingham, for a day of discussion and networking aimed at discussing local campaigns and actions. Whilst we are inviting speakers to share their experiences with attendants, the focus of the day will be on group discussion and formulating practical ideas.

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