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UK Indymedia Feature Archive

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Your local Indymedia needs YOU!

17-10-2008 17:35

There will be a meeting on Mon 20th Oct, 7pm, Sumac Centre to discuss the future of Notts Indymedia. It will be a great opportunity to shape how the project works and input to the design of the new site. Please come along and have your say.

We are also holding a Riseup! Radio skillshare session to introduce people to the basic skills needed to record and upload interviews and podcasts. This will take place on Sat 1st Nov, 11am-5pm at the Sumac Centre.

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The New Indymedia London Website Ready For Action!

16-10-2008 20:08

It is now almost five years since Indymedia London came to life as part of the United Kollectives network of IMC's throughout the UK. Now, in 2008, things have moved on; the reality in the streets is very different from that of 2003, and so there has also been a change in the way people experience the internet. The kollective in London has been working hard for the last few months to adapt Indymedia London to these new realities, and now we are very happy to announce that the New Indymedia London website is ready for action!

The new Site, that was launched with a presentation at the Anarchist Bookfair 2008, aims to include more political events and media alongside the direct action reporting from the streets, and a better method of video uploading. Note: If you went to check out the new site and you were put off by a security warning in your browser, please try again. More information about Security Certificates here. Click at the 'Full article' link to know more ....

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Nottingham Mule Rides Into Town

31-05-2008 10:40

The Mule - News With A Kick

Notts Indymedia have joined forces with a national free newspaper called the Mule to bring you a Nottingham edition of the paper. Most of the edition is nationally relevant news, but there is also a four-page Nottingham pullout which includes articles on the library uniforms issue, the Fossil Fools Day of action of April 1, activities by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, alternative media in the city and more.

Copies are being distributed across the city, and available from a number of locations including The Sumac Centre, the Arts Organisation, Rosy Lee's, Refugee Forum and wherever else we can get people to take them. Alternatively, it's available online here or you can email us and we'll sort out getting you a copy.

Newswire: New free newspaper for Nottingham?

Previous Features: Alternative Media Blossoms in Nottingham

Links: The Mule

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Indymedia Activists Targeted in Ecuador, Five Arrested

16-05-2008 14:37

Ecuadorian police detained five journalists associated with Ecuador Indymedia late Tuesday night, May 6th. Four of the five were released from custody on Wednesday afternoon. The government says that the four activists were detained because of their relationship with the fifth detainee, Ecuadorian resident and Colombian national Antonio Alcívar.

The government at first refused to issue a statement on the matter or inform the detainees of the reason for their arrests. The Regional Foundation for Assistance in Human Rights (INREDH) noted that this was a violation of the detainees' constitutional right to be clearly informed of the reason for their detention along with the identities of those who ordered and carried out the arrests.

For a detailed account of the violent arrests see the English translations of the communiques from IMC-Ecuador (Sp): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4.

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Streets A Beach - The Indymedia Story

18-04-2008 11:21

indymedia at Roxy Mon 5th May

Ever wondered just how indymedia started? or where it came from?

Free Event - Monday 5th May

As part of a season of events exploring the political and cultural legacies of 1968, this free Monday Love Special at the Roxy Bar & Screen will present the history of indymedia,
from the hills of Chiapas to Reclaim The Streets, Genoa and the G8

with guest attendant and Master of Ceremonies, MC Lee Harris, footsoulja of '68

Live music, DJ's and anarchy till 1am

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Alternative Media Blossoms in Nottingham

16-03-2008 19:23

notts alt media

A number of alternative media projects have sprung up in Nottingham over the past months. In February the Riseup Radio project was launched, and this month sees a new edition of the Nottingham Sparrow, and steps towards the launch of a GreenZine aimed at young people.

Meanwhile, Notts Indymedia continues to go from strength to strength, with an astonishing number of contributions. In February, we hosted the UK Indymedia gathering, during which we were approached to produce a Nottingham pullout for The Mule newspaper. We hope that all of these projects flourish in the year to come, but they all need people to help make them work. That's where you come in!

Feature: Nottingham Hosts UK Indymedia Gathering

Newswire: GreenZine Open Meeting | Rebel bulletin The Nottingham Sparrow - March 2008 - No.3 | Riseup! Radio: #2 The March Show Now Online | Notts Indymedia Indymedia Topic Page

Links: The Mule | Riseup Radio | Nottingham Sparrow

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Indymedia UK and the Atzmon-Greenstein affair

24-02-2008 02:54

Although moderation discussions and disagreements within the IMC UK collective are not that rare, never before has a post proved so controversial and divisive like an article by controversial Israeli writer and musician Gilad Atzmon titled "Saying NO to the Hunters of Goliath". The disputed post has triggered serious, heated discussions among Indymedia UK moderators, two active IMCers leaving the collective, as well as a malicious campaign of spamming and disinformation against Atzmon and Indymedia UK itself. However, the controversy was also an opportunity for IMC UK to reflect on the process of moderation and the need for a deeper political discussion. The purpose of this feature is to establish the facts and clarify IMC UK's position(s) on the Atzmon-Greenstein affair, anti-Semitism and moderation issues in general.

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Nottingham Hosts UK Indymedia Gathering

14-02-2008 21:12

On Saturday and Sunday, Nottingham hosted a national gathering of the UK Indymedia network, bringing together around 40 people from as far afield as Scotland and Bristol.

A whole host of issues were discussed, such as the future of Indymedia, developments on the startpage and calendar, and aspects of moderating the site. A range of viewpoints on the role of Indymedia were expressed, and a number of proposals to take the project forward will be implemented as a result of the gathering.

Audio: Interviews At UK Indymedia Network Meeting

Articles: Notts Indymedia Launches Radio Show | Where Do We Go From Here? | Indymedia contributor comments on alternative media and Schnews gathering | Mexican Indymedia Activist Speaks In Nottingham | Introducing IMC-UK-PHOTO

Documentation: UkNetworkMeeting2008 | UK Indymedia startpage changes (2008)

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Notts Indymedia Launches Radio Show

02-02-2008 10:17

Notts Indymedia and others have launched a new radio show called 'Riseup! Radio'. The community based podcast includes reports covering issues often overlooked by other local media, as well as music from local artists and bands, and chat about stuff that matters. Each month a new podcast will be downloadable through the riseup! Radio website, or by subscribing to our feed. Look out for extra features and new shows in the near future, but for now.. Download, listen, enjoy, distribute and comment on February's show !

Listen: #1 The February Show | #2 The March Show

Links: Riseup! Radio Website | RSS feed | Notts Indymedia Audio Archive

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Monday Love Returns....

29-01-2008 18:13

Monday Love at inSpiral Lounge
Monday Love returns with a one month residence at The InSpiral Lounge, Camden Lock.
For the valentine month of February, Monday Love will be bringing you the finest in uptown, underground, raise your spirit and blow your mind live music, film and real life grassroots media.
Feb 25th - Monday Love 'Oil & Culture'
Come down for the last Monday Love of the season
Documentary films Source an award winning film about BP's Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, presented by Platform Londons own Mika.
Live Music from Ruth Theodore and Hip Hop Poetry from 'The Assembled Servants'
DJ Snuff bringing Protest Reggae, Funk & Hip Hop from (Speakers Corner)
free entry to all those who believe in something more than money & fear

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Demand for freedom of political prisoners in NZ!

10-11-2007 20:58

15 people demonstrated outside the New Zealand High Commission in London as part of a global day of action in solidarity with political prisoners in New Zealand. Holding banners reading "Activism is not Terrorism" and "Free the Urewera 17" as well as balloons, leaflets and placards they highlighted the situation in New Zealand last month where 300+ Police, in many cases armed, raided houses around the country today making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. The arrestees were all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga, peace and environmental movements.
The Global Day Of Action in solidarity with those arrested, harassed and questioned on and since October 15th has seen over 2000 people take to the streets across Aotearoa, while overseas, solidarity protests took place in many other parts of the world.
For latest info see: Aotearoa indymedia

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London Mexican Embassy Protest, The World Is Still Watching

30-10-2007 23:00

Remembering Brad Will

On Tuesday Tuesday 30 October protestors returned to the London Mexican Embassy to remember Brad Will and those who died in last year's civil uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. William Bradley Roland was an Indymedia New York activist who was shot dead by paramilitaries whilst documenting the uprising in Oaxaca city [ Brad Will's last video]

Even though the protest was small, the message was still there, that Brad Will and all the other victims of repression during the Oaxaca uprising are not forgotten, and that justice is still due. This year's protest at the Mexican embassy passed peacefully, contary to the scenes of police violence that greeted protesters in 2006.

Links:: Brad Will: Open Letter International | IMC-UK's Oaxaca topic page | CMI- Mexico | CMI- Oaxaca

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Indymedia UK Facing Legal Censorship… again!

06-10-2007 07:25

Indymedia UK has been issued with a takedown notice [10th of September & 21st of September] from lawyers acting for Alisher Usmanov. The notice served to Indymedia charged Indymedia with publishing allegedly libellous accusations about Usmanov, one of the richest men in Russia, recently linked to a possible hostile takeover of Arsenal FC.

The author of the posting, Craig Murray, is a former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan and claims to have inside knowledge of the businessman’s allegedly illegal dealings. Murray was sacked by the UK government for exposing the Uzbek government’s use of torture to attain ‘intelligence’ information, and for exposing and criticising UK-US support for a vicious dictator in pursuit of resources.

Murray’s allegations are that Usmanov “is a criminal”, “a gangster and racketeer”. Allegations of criminality seem partly to have been inferred from his connections to “Uzbek mafia boss and major international heroin overlord Gafur Rakimov”. However, Murray also suggested that Usmanov has a criminal past, having been charged with “various offences” in the Soviet Union.

Usmanov’s lawyers minded Murray that Usmanov was pardoned, and all charges against him were removed from police records. However, in response to what seems an inaccurate statement from Usmanov’s lawyers, Murray alleged that "Usmanov is a criminal. He was in no sense a political prisoner, but a gangster and racketeer who rightly did six years in jail. The lawyers cunningly evoke 'Gorbachev', a name respected in the West, to make us think that justice prevailed. That is completely untrue". Furthermore, Murray implies that the pardon was spurious because the real source was the Dictator of Uzbekistan, Islom Karimov.

Karimov himself is an unsavoury character. On completing his investigation into allegations of torture in Karimov’s Uzbekistan, the United Nations Special Rapporteur noted that the use of torture was ‘pervasive and persistent’. He also reported that he had ‘no doubt that the system of torture is condoned, if not encouraged, at the level of the heads of the places of detention where it takes place or of the chief investigators’

Though evidence to support Murray’s allegations has not yet been presented directly to Indymedia UK (but has been collected in his book "Murder in Samarkand"), the Daily Mail informs us that, ‘[r]eports years ago claimed Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service was monitoring him for alleged links — never proven — to suspected mafia figures.' More recently, the allegations have been repeated by Tom Wise MEP in the European Parliament

Indymedia UK is now waiting for Usmanov’s lawyers to confirm exactly what information posted on the web site is defamatory, and it looks like they have resolved to remove any defamatory material. Indymedia, as with other small non-commercial media groups, has very limited options available to them due to the UK’s archaic and elitist libel laws.

Indymedia hopes, however, to avoid the forms of complete censorship that other web hosts have pursued.

For further information on this case, see Bloggerheads | Chicken Yoghurt | Moscow Times.

For further information on Murray’s research on UK-US (at least tacit) support for terrorism in Uzbekistan, see

Legality, Morality and the War on Terror: [ video | audio | report ].

No to Torture - former British ambassador to Uzbekistan speaks out against UK/US torture collaboration [ audio 1 | audio 2 | report ]

Torture and The "War on Terror": [ audio 1 | report ]

Full article

Where Do We Go From Here?

02-10-2007 14:46

Notts Indymedia has been going for over 2 years now and has grown into one of the most successful Indymedia collectives in the UK. We have an ever expanding dedicated group of contributors and many readers. The site has become an important resource which informs and inspires ourselves, our friends and others who care about injustice and wanting to create a better place for all. The site is now even listed by the BBC as an alternative local news source... The Demo Project helped us financially with a benefit night (see photos [1] and [2]) which enabled us to pay for priniting costs for leaflets as well as for a couple of us to attend an alternative media conference in Brighton last May (read announcement and listen to audio). We were also able to get ourselves a digital audio device, and have started building up a substantial audio archive.

There are various ideas about where the project should/can go from here. Website redesign, streaming online radioshow, producing (bi)montly printout, it is all possible. So where do we go from here? Are you able to commit some time for media creation? Help out with publicity? Able to donate some money? We are getting together for a meeting on Monday 8th October at 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields, Nottingham. Everyone is welcome and we'd love to see you there.

Links: Notts Indymedia Documentation | How to get to the Sumac Centre

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Mexican Indymedia Activist Speaks In Nottingham

09-09-2007 09:14

On Friday 14th September, an Indymedia activist from Oaxaca, Mexico came to the Sumac Centre to speak of the ongoing struggle in Oaxaca against the unpopular and corrupt governor and the repression that followed an annual teachers strike. Since the strike, the resistance in Oaxaca has turned into the largest popular rebellion in over a decade. The hundreds of illegal detentions, disappearances and injuries, and at least eighteen documented deaths mark an unignorable part of modern Mexican and world history. Around 40 people attended the talk which lasted about 2 hours and consisted of short films with talk in between. Please see the report and listen to the audio.

Report: An Evening With M - Oaxaca Talk At The Sumac

Audio: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Links: Oaxaca tour feature article (UK Indymedia) | Oaxaca Topic Page (UK Indymedia) | Indymedia Oaxaca

Previous talks at the Sumac Centre: Argentinian film makers screen Indymedia film | Indigenous Woman from Ontario, Canada voice their struggle in defend of land

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Indymedia Oaxaca Tour In The UK, Second Stage

04-09-2007 18:50

A second round of Indymedia Oaxaca infonite in the UK is starting, focussing on the experiences and struggless the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The tour will begin in Cardiff at the PAD social centre on the 9th where it will also visit people who are fighting the Brecon Beacons gas pipeline. In London it will take part in the Disarm DSEi mobilisations, as well as a planned infonite at the LARC on the 12th. Then it will visit Nottingham on Friday the 14th at the Sumac Centre to continue to Liverpool on the 16th to join in the celebration of the new social centre Next To Nowhere, the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading on the 18th, and it will end at the No Border Camp in Gatwick on the 21st.

There will be talks and discussions with our compañero from Indymedia Oaxaca as well as the presentation of 'True To My Pledge', a video made by MALDEOJOTV to rise funds in support of the women made widows in Oaxaca due to state repression. Click at the Full article link for background information, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

Reports: Nottingham (with audio) | Liverpool

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Indymedia Cambridge Logo Competition

24-05-2007 19:01

Reality Checkpoint

With Tony's Decade of Darkness rapidly drawing to a close, the banner at the top of this page will soon become obsolete. And that's where you come in: we need you to put your creative talents to the test, and make up a new banner for Indymedia Cambridge. It doesn't matter what form your idea takes. Obviously, the closer to a finished product that we can just bung on the webpage the better, but if you just want to sketch out a doodle on a napkin, that's fine too.

There are few parameters. The size of the banner will have to be roughly the same size as the current one, and have a space somewhere to insert the words INDYMEDIA CAMBRIDGE. It also needs to contain the Indymedia logo (the 'i' with the radio waves). And finally, it would make sense to have some visual link to Cambridge. If you really want to show off, you could make sure the banner stretches with the width of the browser window.

When we were kicking this around the editorial office, we thought it'd be cool to have a famous Cambridge landmark like the Reality Checkpoint (pictured) or the cycle bridge over the railway line as the 'i', and then draw in the radio waves. But that's just one idea. Maybe you can come up with a better one.

Is there a prize for the winning entry, you ask? How about this: a year's free entry to Indymedia film screenings. Oh, and our eternal gratitude. So get your camera / inkpot / GIMPshop / napkin out and start creating.

You can send your ideas and contraptions to Cambridge Indymedia before 20 June or add your logo as a comment to this article. That will give us a week to put up scaffolding and hoist the new banner onto the top of our homepage.

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Indymedia Oaxaca Tour Starting In The UK

18-05-2007 10:20

Indymedia Oaxaca, the network in the UK of Zapatista solidarity groups along with anticapitalist collectives launch a tour of information and debate on the issues surrounding the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The Tour will be visiting Birmingham on 16th May 16th, Liverpool on the 17th, Bradford on the 18th, Manchester on the 19th, Edinburgh on the 20th, Bristol on the 22nd, and finally in London's Rampart Social Centre on the 24th before jumping over to Europe. There will be films, talks and discussions with a guest from Indymedia Oaxaca.

The right to rebel is sacred, as exercising it is indispensable to break the obstacles that oppose the right to life. (Ricardo Flores Magon)

Our guest for the tour is a member of the Indymedia Oaxaca collective, and a free radio maker for the communities in the mountains north of the state. He is also a collaborator of Radio Jenpoj (Wind of Fire ). Playing the role that independent media does in the popular struggle in Oaxaca means living alongside a constant threat of targeted repression.

Click at the Full article link for background information on the current situation in Oaxaca, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

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Get Down to Your Local Indy

09-02-2007 11:00

Local Indymedia Collectives

Local Indymedia groups (IMCs) exist all over the UK. Some have existed longer than others and some are more active than others, but they all have one thing in common: they need your help. If you're interested in working on independent media on a local level, or if you have technical skills, why not become involved? Help organise film screenings, benefit events, or report on local issues, compile features and do admin work on the websites. There is a lot to be done!

Local IMC kollectives have regular meetings which are open to anyone interested. These include:
Bristol: Monday 19th Feb, 8pm at the Hillgrove Pub, Kingsdown, Bristol
Cambridge: Monday 19th Feb, 7:30pm at 3 Fletchers Terrace Cambridge (more on meetings)
Manchester: Wednesday 14th Feb, 7.30pm at Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever St, Manchester, M11DZ

Click at the 'Full article' link above to know more about the local kollectives and how to get involved.

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