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Day 7: Climate Camp's 24 Hours of Action Spreads Throughout England

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The Climate Camp's second Day of Action has seen a flurry of direct actions throughout England despite the widespread abuse of Stop and Search powers that Climate campers were subjected to over the duration of the camp. Whilst the 24h blockade of BAA headquarters in Heathrow continued overnight and into the afternoon, a series of protests have taken place in different parts of the country. The day started with a blockade of the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk where a group of five people locked on in the entrance of Sizewell nuclear power station and unfurled a banner reading 'nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos' and a solidarity protest in Newcastle. At the same time a group of activists super-glued themselves to various entrances of the BP head offices in St James Sq in central London. An hour later a group of people occupied the offices of a carbon offset company called 'Climate Care' in Oxford, whilst work was disrupted at the London offices of Bridge Point Capital, the owners of Leeds airport. Another action took place at the fountains of London's Trafalgar Square. Another solidarity protest has taken place in Newcastle city centre. Finally, a battalion of ten clowns marked out the site of a 4th runway in the garden of Lord Soley, chairman of the Heathrow Forward campaign.

Press releases: Carbon Offset Companies targeted by Climate Camp Activists and the camp's press release summarising 24 hours of action

Update Tuesday 21st: A group of around 30 people from the Climate Camp made their way to Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre at midday on Tuesday, only to be forcibly penned by police into a car park invisible to the road [Report]. The action was to highlight the link between detention centres and climate change, and to show solidarity to those inside, detained for committing no crime. In the evening Climate Camp activists targeted Stansted Airport. Leaflets were handed out and a slogan attached to a wall on a main entrance/exit. Hear a podcast containing a couple of interviews, general mood in BAA, Seize the Day gig and Rob Newman performance at the camp.

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Daily round-ups are on the UK Indymedia Climate Camp page, and for detailed up-to-the-minute Climate Camp reports and breaking news, check the Indymedia UK News Ticker.

Links: Camp For Climate Action website | workshops | bust card | directions 1, 2


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Locals support the Sizewell Climate Action

20.08.2007 12:30

The Shut Down Sizewell Campaign fully supports the protest at Sizewell, blocking the way in for workers, and the action's uncompromising yet peaceful message. No marks, however, for the plods who roughed up the protesters.

We hope that those workers who had to wait in their cars pondered on the fact that, as they sat there, the sea level was rising and the beach erosion was being expedited by offshore dredging (while the Crown Estates rake in the money from the dredging licences and turn a blind eye to the need for adequate seabed monitoring).

The time theworkers impatiently sat there is as nothing, compared with the twelve years or so before any new nuclear station could begin to produce electricity. Twelve years of uranium mining, fuel processing, and massive concrete and steel construction belching out carbon dioxide. Twelve years during which so many tripping points for run-away climate change might occur that there will be no need (and perhaps no civilisation) for that electricity anyhow. All that there would be is a legacy for a quarter million years into the future of dangerous nuclear waste, the containment and guarding of which would emit incalculable volumes of CO2, even if accidents and wars and their aftermaths are miraculously avoided.

There's no time for new nuclear power. There's no point, no honesty or integrity and no heart in new nuclear power. And there's no money nor liability insurance for it either, that wouldn't be far better invested in electricity demand reduction and in benign forms of renewables.

Peter Lanyon
Shut Down Sizewell Campaign

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