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08-09-2014 19:54

SOCPA7 Events taking place this week

Inside the walls of Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), over 100,000 animals are imprisoned and more than 500 animals are killed every day. Read more >>

21-08-2014 15:16

Support the Socpa 7

Help us to support 7 protesters who are facing up to 5 years in prison for fighting animal testing. Read more >>

13-10-2008 15:06

SHAC London Demos Continues Apace

Do your bit to support the SHAC UK 8 and get out onto the streets Read more >>

28-09-2008 19:32

HLS & NYSE Shareholders have more protests

With the world of finance far calmer than this time last week, our demos did not generate such a big external interest as then, but we were still outside the same companies shaming them for their involvement in the torture of animals inside the razor wire of Huntingdon Life Sciences. We targetted Barclays, Axa and Merrill Lynch to demonstrate against. Read more >>

23-09-2008 21:25

SHAC Financial Demos in London

This week's demos had been planned for Thursday for a week or so, but we would never have thought that by the time came round it was to be right in the middle of the biggest global financial crash in living memory. Banks and financial institutions were in turmoil, with companies like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs in the headlines having been struggling against going broke. It turned into a fantasic opportunity for us to really put pressure on the massive faceless financial institutions at a critical time for them. We had NYSE shareholders in our sights. We had a very good turnout this week, with over 20 protesters - exceptional for a Thursday afternoon. Read more >>

14-09-2008 13:13

HLS Financial Demos in London

It had been a while since we had paid NYSE Euronext a visit in London, partly because of the awful place that it is to demonstrate and the restrictions of the injunction they have taken out against us, but we were here again today outside the normal terms of the injunction to perform a very loud and committed demonstration. Read more >>

05-09-2008 16:08

More Barclays Demos in London

This Thursday we used as a chance for another day of action against Barclays Bank, who are HLS's largest institutional shareholder as well as being third biggest shareholder in NYSE/Euronext. They are a disgusting greedy filthy-rich bank who will make money any which way. $8m of Barclays' money has been invested in HLS to kill, maim, burn, poison and mutilate sentient animals. How dare Barclays give money to this torture! Read more >>

02-09-2008 23:24

AstraZeneca Meet 'N' Greet Demo in London

Monday 2nd September

Once again we arrived on AstraZeneca's doorstep early on a Monday morning. Two small groups leafleted at both of AstraZeneca's entrances. AZ continue to write the death warrants for innocent animals in HLS. As staff arrived at work we were there to remind them that while they were enjoying their weekend, animals were suffering and dying in HLS because of their company. Read more >>

26-08-2008 18:29

AstraZeneca & Barclays Demos in London

Despite SOCPA 'laws'

17-08-2008 01:12

Barclays and AstraZeneca Protests in London

Friday 15th August

A group of about 15 activists met at 11am to start the day of demonstrations against the allies of HLS. Barclays was first, second and third on the list. Read more >>

15-08-2008 02:37

Another Barclays Demo Day in London

What shall we do today? Barclays demos! We decided to meet at Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street today for a couple of Barclays demos, because the Goldman Sach's security guards are the tetchiest people in the world. They were scurrying around looking anxious that a demonstration might just kick off. We had no intention of demonstrating at Goldman Sachs today, but they are a scummy company and we like the idea of regularly meeting outside their office just to get their pulses racing. This day was, yet again, all about Barclays. Not only are Barclays the biggest shareholder in HLS with $8m of shares, but they are a huge investor in NYSE (HLS share traders) as well. Read more >>

10-08-2008 17:18

Demo against Nepal's plan to export monkeys

July 17th, London. Campaigners returned again to the Nepalese embassy in London in support of the week of action against the export of monkeys from
Nepal to research labs in the USA.

09-08-2008 23:30

HLS and NYSE Shareholder Target: Barclays
Apart from Barclays being the largest shareholder in HLS. Barclays are in fact a double target as they also own 12 million shares in NYSE who are the ONLY exchange that trades in HLS shares and without NYSE they won't have any shareholders!

Take Action:

06-08-2008 23:19

HLS Largest Shareholder Barclays - Update & Action Alerts

Barclays Global Investments has called a PR meeting to decide what to do about the protests against them. Remind them that HLS shares = puppy killing scum! Read more >>

05-08-2008 15:11 | 1 addition

SHAC Tour Barclays in London

Monday 4th August

We started the day of demonstrations with a short, sharp trip to NYSE/Euronext. A 20 minute loud burst to let them know that we're not going to forget their murky dealings with HLS. However, this day was for Barclays, HLS's new biggest shareholder, so we left the NYSE to do the rounds... Read more >>

04-08-2008 23:52

Action Alert: HLS Shareholder Barclays - Part 6

Target: Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd, a part of Barclays Bank
Detail: HLS' largest institutional shareholder with 279,842 shares in HLS (LSR) Read more >>


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