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09-11-2007 15:12

False Reporting by Incompetent Social Workers

Social Workers from the Irish Health Board in Waterford,Kilkenny Dublin and Drogheda combined together, and based upon their unfounded perceptions of guilt,have nearly destroyed our innocent Family. Read more >>

09-11-2007 04:53

Camde planning chief councillor Mike Greene "rules out Camden danger lab".

Planning chief Mike Greene, for the first time ruled out the MRC?NIMR bid for Brill Place in Camden after angry locals and animal rights activists "pinned councillors to the wall" in Camden Town Hall. Read more >>

26-10-2007 08:42

Controlled buy

A controlled marijuana buy in a sting operation. Read more >>

14-10-2007 23:29 | 2 additions

Anarchist Bookfair after party at rampART

Offering something of a break in tradition, the noborders/rampART benefit party after the anarchist book fair is an alternative to hanging out in the pub. Open from 6pm it's a chance to hang out with friends while supporting grassroots campaigns and a rare opportunity to listen to conscious hip-hop and rap with acts from the USA, Greece, Scarborough, Manchester, Bristol and London.

Suggested donation £5
proceeds to NoBorders and rampART


10-10-2007 22:57

Politicians: is it one rule for us and another for them? - part II

Watch senior MPs squirm when it is suggested to them that lying by politicians be made illegal. Read more >>

05-10-2007 11:15 | 2 additions

Burma: Pressure Shows Results : (Keep It Up: Sat :Tate 11am to T Sq)

last night the burmese "junta" agree to open talks with the democratically elected burmese peoples representation, after a meeting with the UN rep . . . .
The media spin of "doom doom" in the west, with the odd "deprioritisation" of this sort of mould-breaking news - with its echoes of the end of apartheid in south africa, or the irish peace processes "key moments" - is suspicious, but . . . . breaking news???? MUCH TO DO, keep up pressure, but FIGHT THE HYPE too! Read more >>

02-10-2007 14:34

Mining Heritage of Durham builds Nov 3rd Bookfair

The first ever Working Class Bookfair is building momentum, as it gets closer to Saturday November 3rd. The latest development involves the Market Tavern public house, in Durhams' Market Place, which was the founding place of the important Durham Miners Association in the 19th century. Read more >>

01-10-2007 20:32

Channel 4 Dispatches on Immigration Oct 1st 2007

Jon Snow's presentation of Dispatches expressed the real difficulty that we now have with a media that relies on 'research' that is partial and concentrates on the symptoms of problems rather than their real underlying cause. Plea for documentaries not shockumentaries... Read more >>

01-10-2007 09:22

Last Hours #16 - radical culture magazine

Last Hours issue 16 cover
The new issue of Last Hours is back from the printers; it's 116 pages packed full of articles, interviews, columns, comics and reviews about DIY culture, revolution, punk rock and autonomy. Read more >>

28-09-2007 14:40

Burma : The Old Covert Ops Criminal Types Tax Haven Of Choice

1 : daily demos, 12 - 1 lunchtime . . . . BURMESE EMBASSY 19a charles st,
2 : this sunday, 11.30 trafalgar square to the Burmese Embassy
3 : pass these facts to media types, those with actual influence. . . . each other!
4 : where you are, all the time, if you could : researching the publicity organs or western corporations trying to influence media opinions, or playing "tail wag dog" games with some of the "junta". There is talk of recent actions of some soldiers seeming those of "automatons", or use of drugs to machinate them in these current times . . . . its possible some of this has more subtle effects, but Read more >>

27-09-2007 12:38

We are ALL burmese, in this little 2007 world .Cyberslavery. . . . then you?

In london, the address of the burmese embassy is necessary to discover it . . . . this lunchtime the present day "representation" had hidden their flag.
Shame, or cowardice . . . . people are choosing against the cyberslavery put upon them in test case new deliberate designs of "repression-cities", as much a test for the world as was the nazi slave labour deathcamps - or peenemunde. Could global institutions have had pride in their actions if the retort to, say, the attempts at a breakout in Sobibor have limits of stopping the passports or overseas credit of the Auschwitz troops? A town a week is destroyed as we "wait."


26-09-2007 16:07

Cleaning House : the dodgy functionaries in whitehall . . . .etc

. . . . the people that leave MOD procurement to join US-based arms corporations seem to have got very little publicity in comparison to the MPs or political appointees that put a foot wrong to the tune of getting a couple of extra trips out of expenses . . . . the "rotten burrough" of westminster that threw poor people out of theit homes to install influential friends was checked out, but this creeping petty criminal coup of " you scratch my back i scratch yours" is asking for much sharper enquiries - despite the large amount of sacrificial patsies it has got waiting, "pseudo-group" omertas, or old pre-"cyberbullying" scams it twists. Read more >>

26-09-2007 15:05

Upsidedown begging bowls! Spititual traditions reject the "Muggers" Tithe: Burma

recent NEWS . . . . monks take casualties to shield people, to protect future free thought, to keep the integrity of parents, mothers mothers, fathers fathers, to break the "western" media shrug-blockade.

Demos at embassy - easy access - loads of tubes, buses etc,(google Burma Embassy location)
Pressure good - of serious sorts - see comment with "time for movement against war to evolve"-
"voice of democracy burma" also has background.
"boom, boom" - people ARE dying - but - ACT.
Open door - push. Despite the "media-opinion-influencers" doomgloom-crusade that is something we should all expect, then see past, this IS a moment for burma, etc. In burma the armed forces high-ups must have a mix of opinions about all this - they did ALLOW that democratic election in recent times - despite reneging upon its results - so if they are encouraged to listen - forced to listen - to people saying they should come to some accomodation with the democratic forces - but allowed a way out of the current-dictatorship situation too, a responsible, bounce-back global popular bit of effort, with imagination, acceleration, etc, then GLOBAL peoplepower should work.
Without ruling out actual armed intervention, with the actual or tacit support of china - perhaps with the involvement of china too - of a multi-national force - several different SHARP economic measures are possible that dont harm the poulation, or are so fast in effect, that , say, with fooddrops etc the iraq disaster of almost deliberately stupid economic measures could teach us how to do it a different way. But all the actual gravytrain corporate types in the west - or "offshore tax havens" as most are these days - shouldnt get away with the usual distractions this time - or the twisting of the news against china for some old "coldwar replay" either.
I Expect the media spin to show a "threpressionwastotalitsallover" - but, in actual fact - its "boomboom - they've blown the bloody doors off!"
That media blockade is extinct.

If you are in the media, or a spiritual tradition, different religion, different culture or different people - these shots might get used as a "media-influencers attempt at a full stop" or you might see it as a sort of trumpet intro for the new "drum'n'bass" of a quickening, STRENGTHENING pulse - with a grin that reflect strength back to you - that reminds you of what it is to act WITH the good spirits, the good intentions of community- of all people - if we are to have a free future - or a future at all. Read more >>

25-09-2007 14:58

Dispatches: Politicians: is it one rule for us and another for them?

Last night's Dispatches (repeated Thursday 3.45am) exposed the extent of MPs' perks, the lack of transparency into expenses and top-level collusion to quash attempts to improve standards. Read more >>

21-09-2007 12:50

suicider worlds end, or . . . . we remember EACH of us. "CYBERBULLYING". "stop".

latest news, suicide from tower overlooking hyde park, london, 10.30 a.m, eye witness thoughts about stopping this happening, with reference to latest news about the world waking up to the effect of "cyber-bullying" - a worlwide factor, but also a metaphor for all of us, the way tech is getting used against peoples happiness - by a few inadequate bullies, cheats or frauds sacrificing others to cover-up their lack of thought - for others - the worlds - or for their own imminent future - Read more >>

17-09-2007 17:29

News Digest from 4WardEver

Please see our collection of news links.
Keep Informed - Keep up the Struggle!

17-09-2007 10:57 | 1 addition

NUJ photographer challenges police

Solicitors Hickman & Rose have served papers on Sir Ian Blair the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis for "Battery" (assault) and breaches of the Human Rights Act, relating to freedom of expression and assembly, on behalf of the photojournalist and NUJ member Marc Vallée. Read more >>

14-09-2007 11:30 | 1 addition

Jon Snow: "Iran, Iran, Iran"

The eyes of the world are pointed at Ahmadinejad; it is Iran in the dock, not the country that has invaded the two countries to the left and right of Iran. All of Jon Snow's questions were straight from White House press releases. Read more >>

10-09-2007 13:51 | 4 additions

News from the streets - SMS news during DSEi

To get news from the streets during the various protests against DSEi
text the message: follow streets
to 07624801423
you will receive a confirmation message
which you must reply to with a username of your choice.

You will not be charged to receive the news alerts but you will pay for the two texts you send to sign up.


07-09-2007 05:22

An appeal/a request to the world media.

Please ; Save the life of Innocent Canadian Khalid Awan , now he is facing hardships in MDC without any ticket in USA. Read more >>


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