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09-05-2008 19:59

Did the SO19 marksmen kill an "Iraq veteran" or a "top barrister"?

Evening Standard, 7 May 2008 (1st edition)
Here are the two editions of the London tabloid 'Evening Standards' on May 7th, 2008. Read more >>

02-05-2008 17:30

“The first May Fayre in Mayfair for 300 years.”

Cross-dressing 18th century lords and ladies gather to reinstate the celebration of the May Fayre in central London. Police couldn't help but tap their feet... Read more >>

18-04-2008 18:00

Dissident Island - Zine Special tonight

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London...Rupture...Shift Magazine...Last Hours...London Zine Symposium Read more >>

16-04-2008 17:18

BBC1/ITN/CNN/Channel 4 London Mayor Candidate on Camden Death Lab

Sian Berry fGreen Party Mayoral candidate speaks out on the Camden Lab which
"if built" will become the "world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility & animal testing lab due to be built on a deprived inner city Camden council house estate that needs homes & community facilities. Read more >>

16-04-2008 11:44

Zimbabwe and the Power of Propaganda: Ousting a President via Civil Society

As the case of 'democratic' interference in Venezuela has been well documented, this article will provide a critical – although by no means exhaustive – investigation into the complex issues raised by the current political interventions by foreign organizations into Zimbabwe’s political affairs. Initially, this article will examine how ostensibly progressive mainstream media have acted as imperial flak machines to legitimize ongoing inference in Zimbabwe. Subsequently, it will demonstrate how Western governments’ carried out an overt cultural war to successfully manipulate Zimbabwean civil society, and will then conclude by recommending how concerned citizens might best further the protection of human rights in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Read more >>

13-04-2008 09:34

Last Hours #17 out now - radical illustration & culture

Cover of Last Hours issue 17
The new issue of Last Hours is out now. Once again its 116 pages jam packed with articles, interviews, DIY guides, comix and art on radical culture, punk rock, DIY, autonomy & revolution. Read more >>

13-04-2008 00:23

S.T.O.P. will be orgainsing a protest against the MRC displays in Camden

S.T.O.P. will be holding a demonstration aginst the MRC displays to be held in Camden {Somers Town} . We intend to take down the displays and let these arrogant scum know that we DO NOT want the lab or their people on OUR estate. It is OUR land. Read more >>

12-04-2008 14:33

Remember:reopen All the SFO enquiries . . . . Minderbinder Aerospace Slushfund!

A little success in court could expose a lot of problems to solutions - if the serious fraud enquiry is told to relook at all its "we wont follow up these aspects" pronouncements - most of all in relation to the dodgy "networks" of ex-covert ops types or "dual-payment scheme" neighbourhood watch types ( QUIS CUSTODIAT CUSTODIES INDEED! )- in the British Isles as much as globally - that shook cash out of this corporation amongst others then hid its actions under such spurious excuses as commercial secrecy or national security - in this case - most weirdly - Saudi national security, allegedly!!!! Read more >>

12-04-2008 10:49

Your mortgage, the worlds hungry, the next wars . . . .Remember this weeks G7,

Big picture thinking is a stretch for the people meeting in Washington, but it seems the bulk of the commentators in the newspapers this weekend havent added their 2 + 2 together - forgetting to remember the reason wars often happen, forgetting to see the "creditcrunch/ meltdown/ depression/ crash" is a bit of the same jigsaw as the disastrous, exponential increase in the "cost" of staple foods to the worlds poor. Read more >>

11-04-2008 22:52

'War on terror' propaganda of the British press is in high gear

The Times, 11 April 2008
Although the selected items below are from today's Times and Sun only, the British press as a whole is involved in this massive disinformation campaign.


11-04-2008 14:41

Islington council kept in dark over "Death Lab" on border with Camden.

We contacted Islington council who it appears have not been informed by Camden council {or anyone else} about the plans for "The World's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab" to be built in Kings Cross on the Camden side just a few footsteps from the border with Islington. We wonder, what contingency plans, if any have been drawn up in the event of terror attack or virus leak at the site, scene of 7/7 and 21/7 bombings. Foot and Mouth disease was a govt lab leak. Read more >>

08-04-2008 19:57

CamdenLondon UK Animal Testing Lab - Control Development Committee

Some of you know about the attempts to build the world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate.
This will be put before a Control Development Committee.
Usually only ten people can speak at such meetings.


04-04-2008 21:54

MRC etc plan a public display and interaction mid April. Contact MRC.

The MRC are planning a public display and interaction with the people of Camden / London in mid April in order to convince the people that live there that a virus containment facility / animal torture lab instead of the homes needed there {Gordon Brown promises} are a "good idea". This will be built on a Camden council estate - somers Town. The MRC plans have also been criticised recently at government level.

We are looking forward to it.

contact for more details

Stopping Camden Animal Lab Department

03-04-2008 19:17

Controversial Camden Lab links to notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences

The controversial Camden Lab {see} will have links to notorious lawbreaking scum, Huntingdon Life Sciences.
SHAC top targets Novartis are on the UCL campus. The UCL are part of the consortium in with the MRC who wan to build a huge virus container facility and animal torture lab. This has recently been criticised at government level. Read more >>

03-04-2008 14:18

As govt is criticised over MRC project....govt has criticised MRC.

As the government was criticised over the MRC project, the largest and most important situation to hit London next to Olympic Games. {The world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab due to be built on a Camden council house estate, behind the British Library at Kings Cross, close to the border with Islington}. The government previously criticised the MRC chairman Sir John Chisholm. He was described as "vague" and "possibly the wrong man for the job". Read more >>

02-04-2008 16:31

The Government has been criticised for it's handling of the research project.

01-04-2008 13:28

Camden Councillor Roger Robinson challenge to the MRC consortium.

Roger Robinson has asked for a Development Control Consultation Forum re the controversial "World's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility and animal testing lab" due to be built on a Camden Council housing estate - Somers Town. Read more >>

01-04-2008 12:26

Direct Action news reports - Greece 3/08

revolution by night

30-03-2008 03:52

Alms for the Poor, Smash Libel Tourism, ebook

Naughty Brit mercenaries in Equatorial Guinea, UK government up to its neck in shit??? D Notice anyone?
Saudi Billionaire and Wahabbi Dog sues global publisher in UK court for libel. You can be sued too! Read more >>

26-03-2008 21:15

Camden Town to become "Terrorist Target" MRC/ Wellcome Trust/ NIMR/ UCL

A new terror site is planned for Camden Town.

A nasty, filthy terror target is to built on my estate. Right outside my flat!!

Police with machine guns. Animal rights Extremist Terrorists. Other terrorists.

......thanks to the MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust / UCL bunch of spoilt selfish lunatics and middle class brats who call themselves scientists. Read more >>


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