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30-07-2008 11:28

The possibility of a retaliatory attack by Iran on US bases in the region

[4] Sunday Times, 13 July 2008
The US Airbase in Incirlik, Turkey contains 90 nuclear warheads. As was the case in Afghanistan and Iraq, this base is likely to play a crucial role in a prospective war against Iran. Moreover, the Sunday Times map (see item 4) indicates that the use of Turkish airspace by Israel is also being planned, with the tacit consent of the Turkish authorities. Read more >>

28-07-2008 18:31

Flashback: "Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran's President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, "Israel must be wiped off the map". Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove. Read more >>

28-07-2008 09:22

Kim Powers ARA in hands of cancer research

Kim Powers singer songwriter animal rights activist, gives a short insight into his experiences after the diagnosis 'cancer cup syndrome'.The article comes out soon in the magazine 'albatros' in German, French & Italian. Read more >>

25-07-2008 14:47 | 2 additions

Open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from NUJ.

An open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from the National Union of Journalists. Read more >>

18-07-2008 13:56

Unlawful Crossrail shortchanges tube and Londoners £16bn - another central line

The Crossrail Bill is due to receive Royal Assent on Tuesday 22 July 2008 after petitioning in the House of Lords and House of Commons. Residents are beginning to realise why so many publicly funded projects go wrong if the level of scrutiny is similar to that of the Crossrail Bill, the Millennium Dome of public transport schemes. The Department for Transport, the House of Commons and House of Lords Crossrail Committee, who have favoured the City over ordinary London residents, taxpayers and farepayers have slammed the final nail in the coffin of the Crossrail Bill. We now know why so many publicly funded schemes are so poorly scrutinised. Read more >>

15-07-2008 08:58

Natalie Bracht, more reported sightings

On the run for two months now with her five daughters, the police remain hot on the trail of fugative Natalie Bracht. The latest statement from the police say she has been sighted in Devon on a bus from Exeter through Dartmoor. She has previously been reported to have been in Yeovil, Glastonbury and Bristol since originally hiding out in London after abandoning her home in Sunderland. Other reports place her in Holland or Germany. Read more >>

12-07-2008 14:42

Anti-Phorm Protest Event this Wednesday, July 16th, in London

Directions to the Barbican
July 16th - Protest at the BT AGM, Barbican Centre, London

10-07-2008 15:50

Boris cuts wages of London’s poorest!

The Guardian reveal their true colours today with a story claiming that Boris Johnson is to raise the minimum wage for ten of thousands of Londoners to £7.40 an hour. (1) Read more >>

30-06-2008 13:39

Must Read Book - Crack House true story by Harry Keeble @ Stokey and Haringey

A book about Stoke Newington aka "Cokey Stokey" and Haringey Drugs Squad has arrived. Having found a flyer on becoming a cop in the bin, Harry Keeble joins Cokey Stokey drugs squad and then Haringey drugs squad. He describes them as "drug dealers" and "naughty lazy coppers". They give him a cardboard desk, a box for a chair, a huge 80's phone, steal his answerphone & give him a decrepit purple car. Read more >>

26-06-2008 10:41

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail

Journo Yasmin Whittaker-Khan, writing in the Fail on Sunday last week, claimed that a man she saw inciting the crowd, yelling abuse at the police and shouting ‘pigs out’ was himself of a porcine nature, a fully serving police officer.(1) Read more >>

24-06-2008 09:57

John Pilger's keynote from a recent conference on Investigative Journalism

On Friday the 13th June 2008 The Chinese Media Centre at Westminster University held a conference into the current state of Investigative Journalism around the globe.

Here is the keynote speech from the event by veteran journalist John Pilger. Read more >>

21-06-2008 11:57 | 1 addition

Action Altert: Contact Eagle Asset - HLS Investor

Action Alert: Contact Eagle Assets and tell them to divest from LSR! They are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares. Read more >>

14-06-2008 18:59

London Naked Cycle Ride...14 june 08

Naked Cyclists stage protest in London

10-06-2008 09:30

NLD's Landslide Victory Still Valid: Burma Democratic Concern

Burma Democratic Concern today condemned Burmese military regime attempting to nullify 1990 Elections result in which National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi won the landslide victory and call for the international community to make sure to implement 1990 Election result. Read more >>

06-06-2008 16:32

Peace Action in London Thursday June 12th

On Thursday 12th June, there will be a peaceful protest against the recruitment of young men and women for induction into the war machine, outside of a military recruitment center in London. Come along and express your opposition to military recruitment in the capital. We will be meeting at Waterloo train station, underneath the clock (in the middle of the station) at 12 Noon. Hope to see you there. Read more >>

05-06-2008 02:39 | 2 additions

Squatting in the media, a squatter responds

On Monday 2nd June, inaccurate and prejudicial articles about squatting appeared in the Hate Mail and the Torygraph, then not to be out done, the Daily Star. All were regurgitating some bullshit statement from the conservative party made by Eric Pickles (a particularly nasty right-wing pro-hunt homophobic toad from Essex). So clearly lacking any genuine research or analysis and so blatant in their anti squatter bias, I felt compelled to complain... Read more >>

03-06-2008 19:42 | 1 addition

Police protester snap did not breach rights rules court

The Register is reporting that a CAAT activist has essentially lost a High Court case against the FIT Teams. (See link for full story - rest of this article quoted from that story) Read more >>

29-05-2008 15:23

Home Secretary told “end police surveillance of journalists” - NUJ

The NUJ has called for Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to put an end to police surveillance of journalists. Read more >>

20-05-2008 14:55

Camden Lab - Letter from Frank Dobson & Govt. deal : Lab in "return" for flats

We have a letter from Frank Dobson MP for Camden. {9th May} and it appears that the government are trying to do a deal. They are, it seems, trying to persuade the people of London to accept a deadly lab near Kings Cross in "return" for flats on the Hampstead Road site, currently owned by the NIMR. If built the lab will see the Somers Town estate and surround, patrolled by armed police. Read more >>

16-05-2008 14:16

Camden Deadly Disease & Animal Torture Lab - there were 27 other bidders.

As you may be aware there is an attempt to build a deadly disease lab in London. There were 27 other bidders for the land at Brill Place next to St Pancras International in the heart of London's business district. The site is also on a Camden council house estate. 12 complied with the planning briefthat the site should be used for 50% housing but were turned down. There is something very stinky about this whole thing... Read more >>


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