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18-01-2008 17:26 | 1 addition

Camden Laboratory Campaign / St Pancras Words from Benjamin Zephaniah

The NIMR / MRC intend building the "World's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab."...on a Camden council estate {Somers Town} - see Camden New Journal - Paul Keilthy - : Words from Benjamin Zephaniah. {Poet / sportsman / vegan / turned the OBE / activist / musician..rapper.......} Read more >>

17-01-2008 18:49

Camden / St Pancras / Kings Cross BBC 1 ITN / Eurotunnel / Paris

The NIMR / MRC intend building the "World's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility & animal testing lab" on a Camden council estate. Somers Town / St Pancras / Kings Cross stations. Please write a polite letter to the following councillor,Planning Chief for Camden, Mike Greene, who's Camden office details are in the following links. {I haven't read the links - apology if not there} . Read more >>

16-01-2008 16:52

Economic Terrorist Network

Mark Logan Pedley - Leader Of The Dominion Of Melchizedek
THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK, a global economic terrorist network has supported fraud and money-laundering in the U.S. and overseas for over 20-years using sophisticated criminal shadowy tradecrafts targeting individuals and businesses the U.S. government claims it cannot protect against. Read more >>

13-01-2008 17:01

Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace to join forces!!!

This is good news. They are on the same side - so why not? Read more >>

02-01-2008 04:43

Marijuana print NBC suits and gas masks for Camden High Street

Camden drug dealers are to be given limited edition marijuana print NBC suits and gas masks as ebola, plague, TB, measles, cholera, diptheria, smallpox, and more are set to be available on Camden High Street...due to the building of the world's largest ever virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council estate. {You will be saved!}

20-12-2007 20:32

Camden residents, councillors and ALF to fight on same side against the MRC!

Camden councillors, Camden residents and the ALF are set to fight side by side against the MRC and Gordon Brown! Read more >>

19-12-2007 22:29

Gas masks Gas Mask filters NBC Suits - Camden High Street

Gas masks, gas mask filters and NBC suits are soon to be available on Camden High Street and on Camden's market stalls due to the virus containment facility to be opened in 2013. Read more >>

19-12-2007 21:46

Foot & Mouth / Anthrax / Ebola and Plague set to be available on Camden High St

See Camden New Journal

17-12-2007 21:19

Kings Cross ~ Animal Rights and Councillors Fight Side by Side at Kings Cross

Camden Councillors and Animal rights Activists are set to fight side by side against Gordon Brown over the controversial plans to build a monstrous virus containment facility and animal testing laboratory on a Camden council estae near to Kings Cross -Broill Place / St Pancras. Read more >>

14-12-2007 00:00

Gordon Brown - open letter from Camden against St Pancras Death Lab

In an open letter to Gordon Brown in today's Camden New Journal concillor Roger Robinson said he has been given "no alternative but to fight alongside anyone" to stop the "world's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility / animal testing lab" to be built within a Camden council estate on brownfield land behind St Pancras and Kings Cross stations.


13-12-2007 20:20 | 1 addition

Petion ~ Camden New Journal ~ petition against Camden Virus Lab ~ Please sign!

A petition has been set up online by a Camden newspaper ~ Camden New Journal against the plans for "The World's Largest Ever Virus Containment Facility / Animal Testing Lab" to be built on a Camden council house estate. The petition also fights for Community facilities and Council homes to be built there instead! Please sign it! Read more >>

11-12-2007 16:24

Ken Livinstone At Death Zone 1 Kings Cross BBC1 ITN and...insults the poor

Amid pandemic fears Ken Livingstone went on telly to promote future death zone 1 Rail / tube station Kings Cross / St Pancras and manages to insult London's poor at the same time! Read more >>

10-12-2007 02:21

Channel Tunnel / Eurostar fears as deadly virus container gets go ahead!

Fears over the opening of the Channel Tunnel / Eurostar became reality this week. The Channel Tunnel links the UK to mainland Europe and could carry deaqdly disease actoss the world, thanks to the go ahead for a deadly vurus containement facility. The facility is going to be the world'd largest, highest level virus lab.The tunnel will also bring tourists wishing to view thr 2012 Olympic Games. Read more >>

10-12-2007 01:26

Property prices set to plummet as Gordon Brown backs deadly virus lab

London property prices are predicted to plummet as Gordon Brown gives backing to deadly virus containment facility. Residents of Camden, Islington and Westminster are likely to see the value of their property decrease by millions as the threat of deadly viruses becomes reality...thanks to the MRC/ Wellcome #Trust /Cancere Research successful bid for land at St Pancras. Read more >>

10-12-2007 00:32

Gordon Brown Backs World Class Deadly Medical Facility

Gordon Brown Prime Minister backs horror facility despite widespread condemnation throught UK. Read more >>

06-12-2007 01:48

Is clubbing in Camden Town finished as we know and love it? 28 Days On....

Is clubbing in Camden Town finished as we know and love it? Is the future of Camden hanging in the balnce as the World's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility threatens to bring a 28 Days Later style apocalypse to Camden Town? Read more >>

06-12-2007 01:33

The Future of Camden Enterntainment Industry Threat by Virus Containment Lab

After it wa sreported on tonights ITN news, Camden Town's nightclubs, bars and pubs, galleries and restaurants etc were tonight outraged by news that the go ahead was today given for the world's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility to be built in Camden which could see many businesses close - there are fears that people will avoid Camden Town, Kings Cross, Euston and the Angel area of London. Read more >>

26-11-2007 11:56

Polonium Poisoning - news, one year later

FACTS as odd as. . . . polonium poisoning - comments re latest "year on" news, what it shows about the situation, postcoldwar, in russia, the world, etc

(with echoes of that old "dystopia" play "a") Read more >>

17-11-2007 01:32

Arrest warrant for Chris Eubank re: Peace Action

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-boxer Chris Eubank after he failed to turn up to court over an unlawful protest in Whitehall.

Eubank was charged after he tried to park his seven-tonne truck outside the gates to Downing Street in May in protest at UK policy in Iraq. Read more >>

13-11-2007 20:43

Another gig, this thursday

gig flyer
This Thursday at the rampART, no cinema this week as there's a gig instead. Read more >>


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