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22-03-2008 16:36

Camden Town to Colombia + The most controversial campaign ever?

This has to be the most outrageous and controversial camapign EVER.....From Camden Town to Colombia people are joining the campaign to stop the controversial lab beibg built on a Camden Town housing estate...{ favela scheme / / project etc } Everyone from vicars, football hooligans, bouncers, Colombian ALF, boxers, dancers, writers, musicians.. are joining the campaign... Read more >>

21-03-2008 18:05

Dissident Island Radio - Ressurection Special tinght!

Tonight's show features: Reclaim Your Food (Brixton), Manchester No Borders, SmashEDO, the London Climate Action Group, a new play and some kickin' tunes from Lomax & Lung Collapser.

So make sure you tune in for our 'Resurrection Special'.

20-03-2008 19:44

contact details update.

As many of you know there is an attempt to build the world's larghets ever, highest level virus containment facility ans animal testing lab on a Camden council estate. {Somers town} Read more >>

19-03-2008 22:06

Important notice : Camden Lab Campaign

Roger Robinson who is a Camden councillor is against the lab. When writing to Mr Robinson will all AR people write letters of support and treat this man with respect. Roger attended a meeting despite being on crutches / just out of hospital and passionatley fought against the lab. Read more >>

19-03-2008 19:53

Evening Standard forced to admit lies about Climate Camp coverage

Media Lie 2007
The Evening Standard is having to publish a front page article this evening over the sensationalist lies it told about the Climate Camp.

Se original article:

17-03-2008 13:51

Do you publish anonymously?

A new site to host/archive anonymous 'zines, pamplets and comics has been set up. Read more >>

14-03-2008 18:58

BBC1 ITN Camden councillor Keith Moffitt in shady deals with MRC/NIMR Camden Lab

It is alleged that {Camden New journal} Keith Moffitt and other senoir Camden cllrs were in secret talks and struck shady deals with the MRC / NIMR / Wellocmr trusty consortium who want to build the "worlds largest ever, highets level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council estate. You can write to Keith at : 39 Buckinham Mansions, West End Lane, London NW6 1LS. Read more >>

14-03-2008 18:49

Top Camden councillors "held secret meetings" with MRC / NIMR in lab proposal

The Camden New journal reports rumours of secret meetings between Camden council top brass and the MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust consortium. It is alleged that Keith Moffitt and other senior council members held secret talks and are ignoring the planning brief which states the site should be used for homes and community facilitys rather than a virus lab on a council estate. Read more >>

14-03-2008 02:00

VIDEO - War On Terror media lies challenged at the BBC and on Oxford Street

We Are Change UK consists of a mixed group of talented, educated, intelligent and most of all, passionate people who are sick and tired of the way things in the world are developing and are looking to make a change for the better. Read more >>

12-03-2008 11:59

An Open Letter To The Stop The War Coalition

This Saturday sees a large anti-war march in central London, with the Stop The War Coalition marking five years since the largest demonstration in British history - against invading Iraq. Read more >>

11-03-2008 19:25

Stop The Camden Death Lab!!

Last year MI5 leaked news to the London Evening Standard re security fears around the NIMR / MRC plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council estate. Paul Keilthy of The Camden New Journal ran the story. Locals, councillors and animal rights campaigners vow to fight side by side. Councillor Roger Robinson wrote an open letter to Gordon Brown in the newspaper. Read more >>

07-03-2008 14:15

Do you writes zines or comics anonymously?

A new web host for anonymous zines and comics has been set up, Read more >>

07-03-2008 00:21

Stop The Camden Atrocity Laboratory Potential Tragedy In The Making....

Oppose planning permission for The Camden Virus Containment Facility / Animal Testing LAb by writing to Mike Greene : Mr Mike Greene, London Borough of Camden Old Town Hall Judd Street London WV1H 9JE. No-one wants thgis troublesome lab to affect them on their on their own doorsteps.....a council estate is no palce for a high security lab. {It will be used for animal torture unless stopped!!}

06-03-2008 04:57

Camden Town - Stop The Death Lab!! C.A.L.M.

The MRC / Wellcome Trust intend to build a high security risk virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a London council house estate in a deprived area that needs homes and community facilities. Ths area will be turned into a max security terror threat zone. Read more >>

19-02-2008 00:02

Anti-ALF myspace pages disguised as AR pages used for phishing / hacking etc

Beware of these dodgy {yeah I know...myspace is evil / it's ALL dodgy ....} "AR" / "ALF" / "ELF" myspace pages which are being used to send computer viruses / hacking / spamming / phishing etc. Some are strange, others look like genuine AR sites. Read more >>

10-02-2008 23:36

Camden goes up in flames....

Camden Canal Market AND Camden Lock Market ahve gone up in flames.

With developers wanting to move in one can how the fires started and spread...... Read more >>

10-02-2008 16:25

Economic Terrorist Tea Party: Restoration Project Fraud Unpunished

Economic Terrorists: Van Brink - Zig Ziegler - Danny Hashimoto
U.S. government budget increases to combat terrorists spread foreign networks of fraudsters, counterfeiters, and money launderers applying new fraud techniques against increased numbers of people without white-collar crime enforcement budget to fight offshore capital flight economic threat to national security. Read more >>

26-01-2008 17:01

Change of Religion under Islamic Shari'a: the Case of Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat candidate for president claims that he was born of a Muslim father and that he converted to Christianity. This article deals with the issue of conversion according to the Islamic Shari’a. Read more >>

24-01-2008 16:46

February - Fuck up a CCTV camera month

The "Fuck CCTV Front " ahve said : February is fuck up a CCTV camera month. Read more >>

23-01-2008 15:18

Foie Gras demo 5pm tonight / police march today......

There is a Foie Gras demo this evening at 5pm meet at Holborn tube. We will be demonstrtaing at a restaraunt.....we ahve placards. Bring anything noisy.
Re : today's police demo....maybe I missed something.....but where was everyone?
And to the bunch of cunts who did absolutely NOTHING when a {non cop} protester was grabbed by police, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Other than that incident which didn't result in arrest and getting an eansy weansy minor shove myself {I think it was a "man" thing...} it went off peacefully so far....looking foward to seeing the pics of the spoof police stall....well done to you!!


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