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23-01-2014 13:59

"Syria's holocaust": The British media totally lose the plot

The Scotsman, 22 January 2014

At no time in history has the perversion of the truth been so extreme. Once the NATO-led genocide on the people of Syria comes to an end, The Guardian and the entire British media establishment must be tried for crimes against humanity.


21-01-2014 17:42

When Internet giants give the little people the run around

The London ECONOMIST has a fairly representative account on four of the internet giants.

See in the linked page cited below

11-01-2014 12:52

Behind NATO's propaganda outlet for progressives - the Guardian's board members

The Guardian, 10 June 2013
It is completely disingenuous for anyone to suggest that the Guardian reports on Edward Snowden's revelations are much more than a carefully managed propaganda exercise deployed in the internal power struggle of the US-Anglo elite about how best to manage their declining global power and influence.

Likewise, it is absurd to suggest that the Guardian editors are implementing a "publish and be damned" policy, as Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald has suggested, when it is inconceivable that their editorial policy on publishing Edward Snowden's material will not have been closely coordinated on the basis of the Board's relations with colleagues in the British government, in British intelligence and in the US-Anglo corporate sector. Read more >>

03-01-2014 14:15

Radio Hosts and Guests Required Freedom Talk Radio

Freedom Talk Liberty Justice

25-12-2013 07:07

Prince Charles: "The banality of evil"

War Criminals Inc.
"Prince" Charles is one person who really does know what is going on. He epitomizes the "banality of evil". Prince Charles should stand trial, along with the rest of the war criminals, in the criminal U.K State. A jury of the people will have no difficulty understanding that Prince Charles is not ignorant of law, and that business interests have nothing to do with religion. Read more >>

23-12-2013 20:38

Tucker-v-The Guardian PRISM hoax

Like many stories run by the Guardian, the PRISM story, is simply not true. The PRISM Hoax is however, yet another vehicle, being used by the mainstream media and government, to dangerously continue escalating, that it is an ever increasing number of human lives, that are really at stake, over violent state censorship. The whole world would be a much safer and more peaceful place, without violent state censorship, in the U.K, that is endorsed by the mainstream media, including the Guardian. Read more >>

04-11-2013 19:50

Nine Clauses of British Republicanism

British Republicanism proposes a political system for the UK in which equality is guaranteed. In response to support swelling and growing anger at the anachronistic concept of monarchy, key tenants have been composed. Read more >>

02-11-2013 12:23

Neocolonial dementia, psy-warfare and media complicity

The Libyan and Syrian wars have demonstrated categorically the very clear commitment of the progressive Western intellectual managerial class to the fundamental neocolonial premises of their NATO governments. In that context, Patrick Cockburn's article constitutes a masterpiece of evasion. Its publication in numerous progressive alternative media outlets indicates the insidious osmosis between those media and the corporate mainstream, one which has almost entirely destroyed politically effective Western anti-imperialist consciousness. Read more >>

14-09-2013 20:20

Thousands Of Yahoo Groups Hacked Week Of Sept 8 by Yahoo

Daniel Loeb, Hostile Takeover Operative

Daniel Loeb, a Wall St. billionaire
involved in private equity, a former
vice president of Citigroup,
whose wealth is estimated by Forbes
to be 1.5 billion, in a hostile takeover
wrested Yahoo with the help of 3 of his
Wall St. cronies from Jerry Yang in 2011 and 2012. But this week
he has accelerated the slashing of Yahoo Groups

Bill Gates gave 3 months notice before he totally eliminated Microsoft Groups, as he
broke his contract and word.

08-09-2013 20:28

SchNEWS: Tower Power

The Met Police made up to 200 arrests yesterday (07/09/13) in order to allow the EDL to march across Tower Bridge and into the outskirts of Tower Hamlets.


30-08-2013 18:34

Inculcating stupidity: Syria and Edward Snowden

Only the most foolish, thoughtless and inexperienced could possibly believe the latest propaganda warfare lie about chemical weapons in Syria, hardly different from the blatant lies justifying the war against Iraq. The main reason to consult Western news media now is to find out what the enemies of humanity have to say about their latest crimes. For readers in English, the most prestigious, quasi-plausible media tend to be NATO psychological warfare outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Independent Television News, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent, the Irish Times and the main corporate owned news agencies.

For people outside North America and Europe, the internal spat within the West's ruling élites offers little of interest. Very clearly, almost the entire Western corporate and alternative media network operates on the basis of psychological warfare criteria ultimately at the service of the imperialist tendencies of their countries' societies and the aggressive élites that control them. Like that of their corporate counterparts, the role of the West's supposedly alternative or progressive media, and the similarly funded non-governmental sector, is to provide a moral alibi for their countries' imperialist crimes against humanity.

04-08-2013 21:38

London based political punks!

Non-party social/political events wanted for London-based DIY punk events listings! Read more >>

11-07-2013 18:16

Ethical fashion debated or not at Ethical Fashion Source Summit Friday 12th of J

What's missing from this government-subsidised list of what "ethical fashion" means?
- Fair Trade (or ethical trading), the second one would be
- Organic, manmade, bio-degradable fabrics, and the third is
- Recycling and upcycling.


25-06-2013 09:42

Is Ben Fellows Lying?

Ben Fellows
Fresh doubts have surfaced concerning the testimony of Ken Fellows, who alleged he was sexually molested by Ken Clarke, the prominent Conservative heavyweight and Minister without portfolio. Read more >>

19-06-2013 10:49

Police powers finally kettled by High Court

Photographer in action.

For years it has been common practice for protesters held in a kettle (police containment) to be forced to submit to police filming and/or provide their details as a condition of leaving. There have been countless incidents in which protesters who have tried (lawfully) to refuse these demands have been threatened with arrest, or told they could not leave the kettle.


12-06-2013 00:31

G8 london carnival against capitalism - report n pics

piccadilly circus lunchtime
massive MSM-friendly police operation to prevent any meaningful protest against G8 and corporate power today in london. Read more >>

11-05-2013 15:54

Is a most deprived Tower Hamlets COUNCIL, right to carry out Tory attacks?

Tower Hamlets is notorious deprived, crisis-ridden, wrong-headed local Borough Council. Right now, its head of legal is involved in a most secretive employment tribunal tussle being very strangely held only yards from the main Council Town Hall. The Central Govt has repeatedly condemned the Council Administration for wasting public money on running a propaganda organ called East End Life, aka 'Tower Hamlets Town Hall's very own pravda'.

02-05-2013 21:01

Howard Lyman Continues To Expose Mad Cow Incidence In US And Elsewhere

Hero Howard Lyman
The Canadian Parliament has been investigating the
fraud regarding US testing for Mad Cow. Recent
outbreaks in Brazil, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan,
Switzerland and the US to name a few make silence
on this issue criminal.

27-04-2013 12:10

Case shows up squalid cruelty and abuses in greyhound industry

Hare and Greyhound alike are victims of coursing in Ireland...
Animal welfare groups and greyhound protection organizations are appalled at the deliberate cruelty to greyhounds in Ireland revealed in the course of a recent court case, where a man admitted getting someone to shot two greyhounds that refused to chase hares (link to item on case below) Read more >>

27-03-2013 18:19

South London benefit gig on Easter Sunday with Captain Hotknives.

He's back!
We've been dormant for a while so it seems only fair to return with a blinding showcase combining our top act and some new faces at our favourite venue. Headlining is the utterly brilliant and extremely funny Captain Hotknives with support from Feralus (all girl folk threesome) and Grant Sharkey (Comedy double bass maestro) we'll also have our charity raffle with the worst prizes in the universe (Teen Wolf 2 on VHS anyone?) and a late bar as the following day is a bank holiday. All proceeds will go to the extremely worthy REEL NEWS team to continue their guerrilla war on the corporate media. Details and links below. E-flyer attached bring yourselves and your mates!



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