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05-02-2016 15:11

SOVRANO dell' OLTRETOMBA "colei che risponde" condotti alla morte VOLERE DI DIO

SOVRANO dell' OLTRETOMBA "colei che risponde" condotti alla morte VOLERE DI DIO Read more >>

04-02-2016 12:52

collocata a cinque giorni di navigazione......




18-09-2015 20:42

More files from Anarchists breach of DSEI arms fair's online security

Additional files obtained from Hacking Team's DSEI account. Read more >>

17-09-2015 20:23

Anarchists breach DSEI arms fair's online security

The Information Liberation Front was able to access Hacking Team's visitor portal and EZONE account on the DSEI website and view information intended for DSEI exhibitors. We are happy to share the information below. Read more >>

15-08-2015 20:57

Tel Aviv sur Seine/Promotion of the bloody Israeli occupation in Palestine

Recently, due to a joint cooperation of the Tel Aviv and Paris municipal
government, a section of river bank in Paris was turned into “Tel Aviv sur Seine” , complete with falafel stands and “Israeli nightlife. Of course in order in order to promote Israel. No promotion
of a 48 years occupation power with as ´´falafel´´ the Gaza Blockade and as ´´nightlife´´
bombings of Gaza and shooting of Palestinian children. On the Gaza beach. Read more >>

22-03-2015 20:46

Report of UN anti-racism day demonstration in Glasgow 21st March 2015

A report of a large anti-racism demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 21st March with 20 photos. Read more >>

21-02-2015 18:28

Cycle '48: Remapping the Nakba

Cycle '48 is a collective of 3 British women who cycled to Palestine from the UK. Cycle '48 is an ongoing project remapping erased histories on two wheels. This article highlights the first phase of our project: Cycling from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem and joining the Jewish National Fund cycle trail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in order to uncover the hidden stories on its path and expose the JNF's role in their erasure. Read more >>

17-02-2015 09:59

Second UK-based Israeli drone factory shut down by occupation

Instro Precision in Kent has been occupied since 5am this morning, for their role in repression in both Israel and Afghanistan. Instro is owned by Elbit Systems, just like the UAV Engines factory shut down in summer 2014 during Israel's "Protective Edge" assault. Read more >>

14-12-2014 10:51

Peace & Reconciling the Past - a talk at the Carnegie Conference Centre

Professor Ilan Pappé, the well known Israeli historian and activist took part in a discussion at the Carnegie Conference centre in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland on Tuesday 25th November 2014. Read more >>

14-12-2014 09:04

Protest outside the St Andrew Square branch of Barclays Bank in Edinburgh

There was a protest outside the St Andrew Square branch of Barclays Bank in Edinburgh on Saturday November 29th 2014 which was lively and well attended. The protesters were demonstrating against Barclays support for the Elbit Systems Electronics Company which manufactures drones used against Palestinians. Read more >>

13-10-2014 00:51

Vigil for Palestine in Edinburgh ahead of commons vote

Six photos from the vigil for Palestine held in Festival Square, Edinburgh on Sunday 12th October 2014. Read more >>

22-09-2014 12:03

Mass Lobby of British Parliament for Palestine

Some photos from the Mass Lobby for Palestine of the Westminster Parliament on Tuesday September 9th 2014. Read more >>

08-09-2014 13:47

Report and media analysis of march on NATO Newport Thursday 4th September 2014

A 2,800 word report on the demonstration against the NATO summit in Celtic Manor, Newport on Thursday September 4th with an analysis of the media coverage and 20 enclosed photos. Read more >>

06-09-2014 14:05

NATO banquet at Cardiff Castle Thursday 4th September 2014

Report of NATO banquet at Cardiff Castle Thursday 4th September 2014. 20 photos included. Read more >>

06-09-2014 11:15

NATO banquet at Cardiff Castle Thursday 4th September 2014

A report of the demonstration against NATO at their banquet in Cardiff Castle on Thursday September 4th 2014. 20 photos included. Read more >>

01-09-2014 00:35

Photos and video from Kedem protest in Edinburgh

Seven photos and a video of the Edinburgh SPSC (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) protest at the Kedem stall in Ocean Mall, Edinburgh. Read more >>

18-08-2014 01:24

Glenrothes march and rally for Gaza Saturday August 16th 2014.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) called for a demonstration outside the offices of Raytheon in Glenrothes, Fife. Here are 20 photos of the day plus a video clip of the march through the town of Glenrothes. Read more >>

14-08-2014 23:14

Photos from march and rally for Gaza Edinburgh Saturday August 9th 2014

20 photos from the march and rally for Gaza August 9th 2014 in Edinburgh. Read more >>

12-08-2014 15:11

How my view of Israel and Palestine evolved

The following article was penned by a friend of the collective who has been involved in some of our actions against the ongoing slaughter in Palestine


10-08-2014 15:58


A bar code starting 729 is a product that was produced in Israel. Read more >>

09-08-2014 21:03

March for Gaza, London, 9th August 2014. PICTURES.

Orthodox Jews in support of Palestine.
On 9th August 2014, around 150,000 people assemble in Central London to march in solidarity with the suffering populace of Gaza. Read more >>

03-08-2014 12:29

Report and photos of Kirkcaldy demonstration for Gaza Saturday 2nd August 2014

Report of a protest in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland against the continuing carnage in Gaza, one of many demonstrations taking part across the country and indeed across the world. Read more >>

02-08-2014 08:32

Every Little Hurts.

On 1st of August 2014, activists from the Solidarity Collective hold a demonstration outside Tesco's store on Kensington High Street London. The protest was calling on Tesco's to stop selling Israel goods. Read more >>

31-07-2014 23:21


July 31,2014 - Eighty years ago the world turned its back on the brutal persecution of European Jews. Today we suffer from similar global apathy -- though this time the persecutors are Jews.
Born by the conquest of the land of others the State of Israel has been guilty since 1948 of the ruthless ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their territory, either by force, by trickery or if the expropriated fought back by outright killing. Read more >>

31-07-2014 17:44

Day of Action Against Millitarism / Diwrnod o Weithredu yn erbyn Militariaeth

Actions in London and Cardiff. / Gweithredoedd yn Llundain a Chaerdydd. Read more >>

28-07-2014 17:22 | 1 addition

End The Slaughter in Gaza - TESCO stop the sale of Israeli goods

On Sunday the 27th of July, activists from the Solidarity Collective attended a Tesco’s in South East London and witnessed the continued sale of products from the West Bank. These products included among other things dates. We feel that in the light of continued slaughter of civilians in Palestine and the ongoing blockade that it is unacceptable that this produce should be openly on sale in the high streets of London. Read more >>

28-07-2014 15:11

Demo for Gaza in Newcastle Saturday 26th July 2014

Report of the demonstration against Israeli Operation Protective Edge which took place in Newcastle on Saturday 26th July. 13 photos attached. Read more >>


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