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04-04-2017 09:52

The UK Indymedia website is to be archived

UK Indymedia

Open publishing was disabled on this site in mid-July 2016 as there was a very low volume of original grass roots news reports from activists being posted and the collective running the site was dwindling as people were working on other things.

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06-07-2016 15:14

#ANTIFA: #BLUEHAND #EXPOSED @slatukip @JLRFB @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @siegfails

#BLUEHAND, the online trolling neo-Nazi hate cult, has been poisoning social media with despicable racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia, trolling minority groups within the UK on social media since 2014 with hateful and criminally inciteful content. Bluehand uses two websites, (and recently The original website is registered to worldwide charity, United Way (Piedmont), their promotional website site hijacked by a senior United Way manager who calls himself "James Bond".

#Bluehand's cyberfuhrer is one of two American IT experts working for the United Way charity - specialist information technology manager David Poe of UPIC, or the finance / IT manager he took over from who was Denny Boll, both of whom are still active United Way managers. Only these two individuals had access to the website which was registered by international humanitarian charity for use by the United Way's Piedmont branch, meaning one of them is the far right troll leader.

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30-06-2016 22:42

Onorificenza al merito per Piera Ghirardi, “l'Angelo Custode” degli animali.

Piera Ghirardi, “l'Angelo Custode” degli animali. E' realmente difficile riassumere in poche parole chi è Piera Ghirardi e tutti i suoi meriti.

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30-06-2016 22:11

Keep Jeremy Corbyn!

Readers, following the events of the last couple of weeks I would urge all of you to sign the following vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. It is now more vital than ever that a socialist voice is heard in opposition to the impending move to the right. I for one don’t believe that Corbyn who was voted in less than a year ago with 59% of the vote (more than all the other candidates combined!) by the members should be without support at the recent behaviour of both Labour MPs in their coup attempt.

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13-06-2016 14:37

#ANTIFA ALERT: WHITE #TERROR IGNORED @Rachael_Swindon @slatukip @JLRFB @ant1fane

WESTBORO Baptist Church openly support the Orlando nightclub mass murder where fifty LGBT clubbers got murdered by the armed fanatic, tweeting that the killer "came from God", and that the victims will "rot in hell". At the same time as the Florida shootings, another fanatic, this time a white, Christian fanatic, was tooled-up with automatic rifles, handguns and bombs, ready to do the same thing to LA pride, and yet, the media refuse to label the second man a terrorist, proving double-standards when it comes to reporting news which does not correspond with a global anti-Islam agenda, and the War On Terror.

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01-06-2016 15:19

#ANTIFA: #BREXIT #WORKHOUSE @slatukip @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

WELCOME TO YOUR WORKHOUSE merry Brexiteers. Your sadomasochistic, self-oppressive and ill-thought out wishes about to come true, prepare to turn back the clock to the oppressive Victorian times that the Daily Mail made you long for, the pseudo-halcyon days of a quaint but patriotic that never really existed. From the chilling moment a perma-drunken Nigel Farage goosesteps onto the BBC news studio arm in arm with Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, and celebrates the final and lasting destruction of Britain's poor, indoctrinated working class Sun, Express and Mail turkeys will have lastingly voted for Christmas. Punchdrunk on jingoism, xenophobia and racial hostility, you might feel inclined to join the permanently inebriated Farage and pop open a bottle or three to celebrate the Brexit Reich, thinking you have long since become upwardly mobile ever since completing that self-satisfying little survey about class status in the Mail on Sunday, however, unfortunately for you, earning just over minimum wage, with bills to pay, does not make you upper class.

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28-04-2016 15:53

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LES SEAVOR @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @siegfails @JLRFB

YOU cannot get much repulsive than the homophobe from Merseyside, who makes no attempt to hide his location and life from the internet, his home address readily accessible on and many other websites, handy for when the cops come calling, swinging a pair of handcuffs ready for use. Seavor is a talentless failed pub singer who apparently suffered a clout to the head, some years back, with a full whisky bottle while attempting to sing Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes. Anyone wanting to take the piss out of Seavor need only logon to talent auditioning site and pretend they are an agent looking for a semi-professional singer, and Les will send you hilarious recordings of his appalling voice

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24-04-2016 15:19

TONI #BUGLE #EXPOSED @slatukip #ANTIFA @dubdanu @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

IF there's one thing more troubling than an out-and-out fascist, it's a downright lying fascist, a member of a far right group who vigorously denies to this day, they were a member, and yet, a simple Twitter history search reveals the full extent of their far right involvement. Toni Bugle, founder of anti-Muslim pressure group MARIAS, and English Democrats PCC candidate, likes to pretend she was never involved with the EDL, and yet, just three years ago was tweeting loud and proud as an EDL member. Furthermore, she involved her eighteen year old daughter in the violent marches, and also, encouraged her mother suffering from arthritis to take part, despite of the risks, during the EDL's most violent phase before Tommy Robinson left. Last but not least, as a potential "crime commissioner", Bugle planned to incite a police public order offence by encouraging her disabled mother to illegally march past a mosque in the wake of terror attacks..... Hardly the sign of a law abiding PCC candidate.

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19-04-2016 09:15


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19-03-2016 08:54

Hard Coloring Pages

Hard coloring pages, Difficult coloring pages, Advanced coloring pages

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15-03-2016 14:28

Cam4refugees fundraising event

We are holding a fundraising event for refugees here in Cambridge and across Europe at the guildhall on April 15th

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23-02-2016 09:49

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22-02-2016 23:43

Universal Credit is coming to Cambridge!

The picket outside Cambridge Jobcentre. Last Tuesday (February 16th 2016) there was a small picket in front of Henry Giles House, the Cambridge Jobcentre, to mark the occasion of a big change in the welfare system.

Universal Credit is being rolled out for all new claimants over 25 in Cambridge from February 29th!!

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19-02-2016 18:44

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11-02-2016 11:07

D.I.R.T. the 'Sitte," Q&A of think global, act local

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08-02-2016 10:08

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05-02-2016 17:52

#ANTIFA CALL OUT DESTROY #PEGIDA @ant1fane @iamhaggisuk @JLRFB @protestwatch

The hour is almost upon us, your opportunity to destroy Tommy Robinson's Pegida UK movement on a chilly, rainy February afternoon. The neo-Nazi scumbags are not marching in Birmingham City Centre because they are shit scared of ANTIFA, especially as a handful of bourgeois UKIP racists in expensive suits are expected to join the action, cowards who talk big about persecuting Muslims and destroying Islam, but in the cold light of day, will shit themselves once they catch sight of an angry antifascist ready to chase them off the streets. Dover was big, however stopping Pegida in their tracks will be momentous. Antifascists were too slow off the mark to stop the EDL in the early days, part of the reason, there was only the UAF mobilising at most if not all counterprotests. Now ANTIFA and the Anti-fascist network are taking the lead, there is much more resources for direct action, Dover and before it, Liverpool, landmarks in the physical struggle against street fascists.

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04-12-2015 00:44

Cambridge Gets Creative Against Syrian Bombing

The main message of the night. At 5:00pm on Wednesday, December 2nd 2015 Cambridge activists came together outside The Guildhall to publically express their outrage against the UK's RAF dropping bombs on Syria.

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01-12-2015 23:35

Cambridge Says "No" to Bombing Syria!

So many attended I had to make a panorama to fit them all in! On Saturday November 28th 2015, Stop The War Coalition called for a nationwide day of action against the UK bombing Syria.

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18-11-2015 12:37

Cambridge March for Affordable Housing (14/11/2015)

Candidate for the world's smallest placard..? On Saturday November 14th 2015 a march took place in Cambridge that was very much a sign of the times.

It was a march for affordable housing, in an era of all-time-high property prices and proposed Tory policies to force local authorities and housing associations to sell off at least 25% of their existing stock, despite there being enormous demand for new social housing (approximately 2,500 people in the Cambridge area alone are on the Council's waiting list).

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12-11-2015 20:25


EMERGENCY CALL-OUT IN BRADFORD THIS SATURDAY. ARRIVE MIDDAY OR EARLIER. This is your chance to take to the streets to defend Bradford from facsist invasion as the violent drunken racists of the EDL will be allocated a pub to get drunk and march through the streets of Bradford along Hall Ings, shouting racial abuse at passers-by. Stay at home another week, as Bradford's diverse community needs antifacsist volunteers to defend the city from organised race hate thugs, especially post-march, when the police subside, when they are at their most dangerous.

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20-10-2015 09:53

Demonstration – No Local Health Cuts / No Hospital Closures

12:30-1:30 pm on 5th November
East Coast Community Healthcare, Common Lane North, Beccles, NR34 9BN,(near Morrisons and Brand of Beccles)

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18-10-2015 21:03

National Demo: Free Education, November 4th 2015

Free Education Flyer (front page). There will be a national demonstration in London on November 4th 2015 for free education, and against financially crippling tuition fees.

Below you will find resources to assist in promoting this event, including both sides of an A5 flyer and a sticker design.

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18-10-2015 20:19

Stop The Agency Rip Off (Flyer)

Stop The Agency Rip Off Flyer Design. this a flyer design for a new campaign against the use of employment agencies in the teaching profession, something which is both expensive for cash-strapped schools and colleges, and exploitative of the workers having to use them.

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16-09-2015 16:53

New Installation - 'Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.'

The artist is inviting you, the audience, to control one ordinary share in 'Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.'
Baker sees his role as artist and facilitator of this perpetually evolving installation with the future direction now relinquished to you, the active audience.

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29-08-2015 14:56

Housing Sticker Designs.

Social Housing (A5) The attached artwork is intended for downloading and printing.

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25-08-2015 08:44

Witness Venezuela’s Elections This December-6, 2015

This December, witness one of the most important elections in the history of Venezuela, and of the hemisphere. On December 6, the people of Venezuela will exercise their right to vote in elections for deputies to the country’s National Assembly.

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