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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Disarm DSEi arms fair, London - pictures.

08-09-2009 20:50

Barclays employees looking on.
Around 150 activists and anti arms-trade campaigners gather in London to bring attention to Europes largest arms fair due to take place in London between 8th and 11th September 2009.

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World War Two: Good war or imperialist slaughter?

08-09-2009 19:45

The Second World War, was supposed to be a ‘good war’, perhaps the only ‘good war’ of the last hundred years. This has been used again and again to justify the present social order. This idea of the ‘good war’ serves to reinforce the idea that, when it comes down to it, we must all rally together to defend democracy when it is threatened by something ‘much worse’...

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Grilliband - your chance to ask about vestas, e.on, nukes, and that bloody grin

08-09-2009 11:45

Does my grin look big in this?
Guardian Repost + commentary: "Live Q&A: David Miliband on the Copenhagen summit
In the first of a series of web chats on Copenhagen with government ministers, David Miliband replies to your questions". OK, so it's MSM hosted, but no reason not to take the opp. to take this grinning buffoon to task, eh?

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Lockerbie - FBI gangsterism

07-09-2009 14:10

FBI head Robert Mueller phoned up Lothian & Borders police in the middle of the night to get Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskills home address. He said this was to have his FBI agents in Scotland deliver a letter to MacAskhill immediately. To their great credit, L&B polis told him to deliver to the night-watchman at the Government offices.

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Solidarity with Camp Ashraf Hunger Strikers, London - pictures

06-09-2009 09:31

Forty five years.
On day 40 of the international hunger strikes taking place around the world in sympathy with the hunger strikers in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, London hunger strikers hold a solidarity vigil for those still arbitrarily detained in custody by Iraqi security forces.

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Public organising meeting on Afghanistan: Why the troops must come home

05-09-2009 12:49

Details in brief

Date: Monday 7th September
Time: Meeting to start 7.30 pm
Location: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge

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PanAm 103 Over Lockerbie

05-09-2009 11:53

If there's anyone out there who is not already thoroughly cynical about those on the board of directors of the planet, the latest chapter in the saga of the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland might just be enough to push them over the edge.

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Camp Ashraf Hunger Strike, US embassy, London - pictures.

04-09-2009 21:15

Monitoring blood pressure.
On the 39th day of a hunger strike outside the US embassy in London, Iranian pro-democracy campaigners lobby Downing Street to pressure the Iraqi government to release 36 prisoners it has taken prisoner from Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad.

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Rethink Afghanistan - Security

01-09-2009 15:48

The sixth installment of Robert Greenwalds documentary 'Rethink Afghanistan' has just been released onto Youtube.

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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

01-09-2009 00:41

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Photo- London Rally for human rights demands release of 36 Iranian refugees

31-08-2009 01:18

London Rally to save lives iranian dissidents in Ashraf
London Rally for human rights demands release of 36 detained Camp Ashraf residents
Hundreds of Iranians gathered outside the US Embassy in London on day 33 of a hunger strike by a dozen Iranians who are calling on the US authorities to prevent a further massacre of their relatives at Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

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No Border camp in Lesvos Greece 26th-31st August

28-08-2009 16:45

The No Borders camp began recently in Lesvos there are five hundred of us here doing a lot of cool stuff , it runs until the 30th August, keep up with it at

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Release of Lockerbie bomber according humanitarian values

25-08-2009 12:27

With the release on humanitarian grounds, of the Lockerbie convict, Mr Megrahi, the Scottish goverment has acted according the universal humanitarian values and fundamental principles of civilisation
The objections of certain American political circles not only testify of lack of respect for humanitarian values, but are also highly hypocritical and based on double standards.

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'The Shape of Things to Come' - The EU Stockholm Programme

24-08-2009 10:16

A recent report released by Statewatch has highlighted the direction in which EU-wide policymaking is likely to heading until the middle of the next decade. The full article here contains a press release from the European Civil Liberties Network which breaks down the 60-page report into something less lengthy. The major themes are massively increased surveillance, tighter social control, and a harsher border regime. It is stated within the report, 'The Shape of Things To Come' by Tony Bunyan, that funding for 'security' in the EU's 2007-2012 financial plan is set to increase by 968%.

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Hamid Karzai and Afghan elections 2009 (byLatuff)

24-08-2009 03:27

Hamid Karzai
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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MacAskill releases Al Megrahi

20-08-2009 13:13

Kenny MacAskill just released the innocent person convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, against heavy US pressure. He milked the limelight in his half an hour speech, blaming the UK government for failing to cooperate and repeatedly referring to Al Megrahis supposed guilt and lack of remorse.

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Mumbai and Islamic Terrorism

19-08-2009 21:58

Even though it is not politically correct to say so, there is a lot of terrorism taking place, and quite a bit of it is coming from Muslims. Indeed, there is actually far more terrorism going on than most people realise, and a very significant amount of it indeed is Islamic in origin.

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Is Barack Obama steering a healthy ship out of turbulent titanic global waters?

19-08-2009 17:04

Franz & Jutta talking and listening to the Sovereign.
Is the capitalist world economic crisis over? Are we coming to grips with the financial scandal and banking fiasco? Have we saved world capitalism and can we now peacefully get down to big business, to big wars again?

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Naming of the Dead Ceremony in Cambridge

18-08-2009 17:31

Cambridge Stop the War and other Cambridge residents to hold a Naming of the Dead Ceremony for British troops and innocent Afghan civilians who have lost their lives in the war.

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SMASH EDO: Support demo for Elijah Smith tomorrow

18-08-2009 08:14

There will be a noise demo for Elijah Smith tomorrow outside Lewes Prison at 5pm. Come along and show him some support!
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