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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Urgent-Stop Destruction of Calais Migrant camps and mass deportations.

16-07-2009 19:35

Urgent - Stop destruction of Calais migrant camps and mass deportations to Afghanistan 21-24th July 2009

Please forward and reply to, adding your name below.

Re: Migrant camps threatened with clearance at Calais 21st July, Mass deportations to Afghanistan planned for 24th July, widespread human rights abuses imminent

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Call out for cameras, video activist and legal observers in Calais

16-07-2009 11:11

RE: Destruction of the Calais migrant camps, 'jungle' and deportation by charter to Afghanistan, next week Monday 20th- Thursday 24th July

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"I am not a Terrorist": 'Not A Crime' photography Campaign

15-07-2009 18:50

Nottingham photographer 'Tash' strongly supports the British Journal of Photography Campaign

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14-07-2009 15:14

CIA's secret program: Paramilitary teams targeting Al Qaeda .... The agency had a plan after Sept. 11 for paramilitary forces to take out Al Qaeda figures overseas. Congress was never told. Reporting from Washington -- The secret CIA program halted last month by Director Leon E. Panetta involved establishing elite paramilitary teams that could be inserted into Pakistan or other locations to capture or kill top leaders of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. The program -- launched in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- was never operational. But officials said that as recently as a year ago CIA executives discussed plans to deploy teams to test basic capabilities, including whether they could enter hostile territory and maneuver undetected, as well as gather intelligence and track high-value targets.

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Lockerbie update

14-07-2009 13:40

The difference between law and justice, and the dominent influence of the Whitehouse on Scottish judiciary and government is more apparent, but remains most visible in the Lockerbie appeal.

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Iraq WMD expert 'was assassinated'

14-07-2009 12:05

Doctors alleging that Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was "assassinated" have demanded a proper inquest into the scientist's death.

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Honduras: This is not an hysterical accusation, it is calling a spade a spade!

14-07-2009 03:46

Saddam Hussein's 'crime' ... his death sentence, was to change from the Petro-dollar to the Petro-euro ... Zelaya's downfall was to join the ALBA!

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Demos & Surveillance continue [July] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ

13-07-2009 23:12

4pm on Monday July 13th, people had gathered at the gates to the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham. Nottingham NG7 PX. [Unit 3 in fact].

The campaign holds regular monthly demonstrations, [These are normally held on the 2nd monday of every month]

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Afghanistan, Troops Out Now Protest. London, UK. 13/07/2009.

13-07-2009 21:50

The stench of corruption.
Just days after British military forces experience the highest casualty rate yet in Afghanistan, the Stop The War Coalition hold a protest outside Downing Street calling for the return of British forces to the UK.

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Muslims under attack at Macomer

13-07-2009 13:11

For approximately four months now, muslims in Macomer prison, Italy, have been subjected to some truly sickening abuses. Unfortunately as the months drive on, so too does the oppression that they suffer.

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Dear Mr. Miliband...

13-07-2009 11:59

They believe in justice, they believe in the rule of law and this country doesn't get involved in where are the two remaining British residents in Guantánamo Bay? Before Miliband & Co. disappear for their lengthy summer holidays (until October), please drop them a daily email and ask them where Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Belbacha are...

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Benefit gig for Swat Valley Refugees NO BOMB NO BOSS NO BORDER

12-07-2009 20:59

Fighting between the Pakistan army and the Taliban in the Swat Valley has
left millions homeless. Donations from this event will go towards the Edhi
Foundation’s relief work in Pakistan.

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Time is Running Out... (re. Guantánamo)

12-07-2009 19:25

The LGC and Cageprisoners held a public meeting in support of Shaker Aamer, the last London resident in Guantánamo Bay. Attended by 100 people, it is essential that action is taken now to bring Shaker and Ahmed Belbacha, from Bournemouth, back to the UK immediately!

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Catholic Workers Arrested Blockading Military's Road to Perdition

11-07-2009 23:53

Veteran members of the Catholic Worker movement Jim Dowling and Ciaron O'Reilly
Australian Catholic Workers, Jim Dowling and Ciaron O'Reilly were arrested this morning while blocking a major military access road to the Talisman Sabre 09 exercises being held at Shoalwater, central Queensland, Australia.

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EDO in Newport

11-07-2009 11:27

EDO are exhibiting in a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle military conference on the 22nd and 23rd (see below).

Anyone fancy a trip to Newport ??

1. Conference: UV Europe 2009. Newport South Wales. July 22-23
Exhibiters from EDO MBM (Brighton) Bental (Israel) UAV Engines
(subsidiary of Israali arms firm Elbit Systems) and others

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A war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan

11-07-2009 09:10

The largest military operation since the Obama administration took office is now underway in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Some 4,000 marines, along with hundreds of British troops, are attempting to impose control over an ethnic Pashtun population that has opposed the US-led occupation ever since the 2001 invasion overthrew the Taliban government and installed a puppet regime.

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Hired Hands: Part 2 - Reporting Elections In Iran And Iraq

10-07-2009 08:09

As discussed in Part 1, media across the UK ‘spectrum’ have expressed outrage at even circumstantial evidence of Iranian political corruption.

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Stop and account for your actions fill in form 5090(X)!

08-07-2009 13:35

I was `happrehended` by the boys in blue in London's Connaught Square last Friday - I'm not the only one apparently.

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Call out! Anne keen squat court date!

06-07-2009 23:40

On the 26th june squatters occupied the 'main house' of MP's anne and alan keen. On Friday 10th June the court date for the repossesion will be heard at brentford magistrates court, brentford, west london - nearest tube station gunnersbury or overground to brentford
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