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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Photos: Sheffield Gaza Protest - 10th January

10-01-2009 18:57

Protesters gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall on 10th January 2009 to oppose the slaughter in Gaza.

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Day 15 sees 21 more dead - Israeli strikes target homes in the north, infrastruc

10-01-2009 17:35

Gaza – Ma’an –Since midnight Saturday morning Israeli fire killed 21 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Most were killed in or near their homes.

The vast majority of deaths from Saturday were in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City and Jabaliya to the north.

In southern Gaza Israeli strikes targeted factories and industrial buildings, while homes were left relatively safe.

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Manchester Palestine Protest Tomorrow!

10-01-2009 12:49

Protest! Sunday 11th Jan, 11 AM, Albert Square, Manchester

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Stop the Slaughter in Gaza - Public Meeting in Oxford

08-01-2009 23:48

Over 600 Palestinians have been killed, thousands more injured and over a million without water or electricity.

Mass struggle needed for liberation!

Open public forum at Oxford Town Hall - 7.30pm Thurs 15th Jan

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Vigil for Gaza, Parliament Square, London

08-01-2009 23:22

It's started... until it stops.

A vigil for peace in Gaza, right opposite Parliament.

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FILM: Raytheon, Boeing, Thales, Rolls Royce- Bunch of Dirty Wrong Uns

08-01-2009 18:53

A 10 minute film taking a look at Bristol Weapons Park, which holds offices of Boeing, Raytheon, Thales and Rolls Royce, and anti-miitarist protestors!

Day of filming: Saturday 3rd of Jan 2009. Bristol.

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Bombing to make the Gaza prison even more secure for Israel

08-01-2009 16:55

There are two persistent myths about the aim of Israel's onslaught on Gaza: the first that it is an entirely defensive move, a way to end the rocket fire of Hamas; and the second that it is designed to restore the army's credibility after its failure to cow Hizballah in 2006.

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EDO MBM/ITT Supporting Israeli Airstrikes In Gaza

08-01-2009 15:39

Brighton arms makers EDO MBM/ITT make the ZFRAU for the Israeli Air Force

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Gaza Catastrophe: Resource Conflict? Natural Gas, Palestinian Elections, and Israel's Subversion of the 'Peace Process'

08-01-2009 14:27

Israel claims it is fighting in Gaza to stop Hamas rocket-fire against Israel, the continuation of which constituted a flagrant breach of the six-months ceasefire. Hence, the objective of the military operation is limited by the aim of putting an end to the rocket-fire. In fact, the current outbreak of violence cannot be understood without analysing the asymmetries in military violence between the two parties; the structural dynamic of the conflict in the context of the character of the Israeli occupation; the central role of recent discoveries of substantial natural gas reserves in Gaza; and joint Anglo-American and Israeli attempts to monopolise the lucrative (and strategic) energy resources through a political process tied to a corrupt Palestinian Authority run by Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party. Hamas' unprecedented victory in democratic elections in 2006 fundamentally threatened these plans. Operation Cast Lead, the concurrent Israeli military venture, was operationalised as a war plan in early 2008, and already finalised in detail as far back as 2001 by Israeli military intelligence. Its execution in late December 2008 into January 2009 is designed to head-off not only domestic Israeli elections, but more significantly, the outcome of further incoming Palestinian democratic elections likely to consolidate Hamas' power, to permanently shift the balance of geopolitical and economic power in its favour. The long-term goal is the "cantonization" of the Occupied Territories making way for increased Israeli encroachment, and ultimately the escalation of Palestinian emigration.

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Palestina: Amid Indifference and Inefectiveness

08-01-2009 14:20

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the Israeli parliament on April 22, 2004, "The support of President George W. Bush for Israel’s plan for the Palestinian territories is an unprecedented success." Those words summarize why there has been no solution to a conflict that worsens by the day.

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Holocaust Denied: The lying silence of those who know

08-01-2009 13:57

"When the truth is replaced by silence," the Soviet dissident Yevgeny Yevtushenko said, "the silence is a lie." It may appear the silence is broken on Gaza. The cocoons of murdered children, wrapped in green, together with boxes containing their dismembered parents and the cries of grief and rage of everyone in that death camp by the sea, can be viewed on al-Jazeera and YouTube, even glimpsed on the BBC. But Russia's incorrigible poet was not referring to the ephemeral we call news; he was asking why those who knew the why never spoke it and so denied it. Among the Anglo-American intelligentsia, this is especially striking. It is they who hold the keys to the great storehouses of knowledge: the historiographies and archives that lead us to the why.

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Palestine discusssion at Friends Meeting house (06-01-2009).

08-01-2009 13:25

On Tuesday night of this week (06-01-2009), despite the temperature outside being minus figures, a room in Friends Meeting House, Cambridge was packed out by a couple of hundred people who wanted to hear another side of the story about the bombs being dropped on Gaza. Another side of a story that the media doesn't always tell, quite often preferring to portray things as 'a Palestinian problem'.

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Press Release: “What are You Doing About it?”: 7yrs of GTMO

08-01-2009 11:06

The London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a weekend full of actions in London from Friday 9- Sunday 11 January to mark the seventh anniversary of Guantánamo Bay opening up including a cultural event on Friday night, local actions on Saturday and Sunday and a demo outside the US Embassy at 3pm on Sunday 11 January. Say NO to torture, NO to arbitrary detention and NO more anniversaries!

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TOMORROW AT 8PM: Binyam's Story: From Ladbroke Grove to Guantánamo

08-01-2009 11:03

Join us as we kick off a weekend of action to mark the seventh anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay with a celebration of the life of the last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay, west London man Binyam Mohamed

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Belfast - rally for peace in Gaza

07-01-2009 20:08

March & rally for peace in Gaza - 10 Jan 2009, 12:45 gather in Art College Square

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Palestine: 60 years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession

07-01-2009 15:36

(Better version). Largely consisting of an article written in 1999 entitled ‘Palestine: fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession’, an historical overview of the conflict in Palestine since 1947, by Dr. Ismail Zayid. Israel’s ‘defensive measures’ justified by those who talk on behalf of Israel and accepted as given by the media consistently fails to recognise that these militants fire weapons into territory which they believe belongs to them and which they view is occupied by Israeli settlers.

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Photos: Lobby of Sheffield Council to protest against the massacres in Gaza

07-01-2009 14:45

Supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall on 7th January 2009 before going into the public gallery to raise the issue of the massacres in Gaza at a full Council meeting.

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Palestine: sixty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession

07-01-2009 12:11

Largely consisting of an article written in 1999 entitled ‘Palestine: fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession’, an historical overview of the conflict in Palestine since 1947, by Dr. Ismail Zayid. Israel’s ‘defensive measures’ justified by those who talk on behalf of Israel and accepted as given by the media consistently fails to recognise that these militants fire weapons into territory which they believe belongs to them and which they view is occupied by Israeli settlers.

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*Pedal for Palestine: Ride against the massacre in Gaza*

07-01-2009 12:04

Join a critical mass style bike ride against the invasion of Gaza: meet
at Hyde Park Corner this Friday 9th January 6pm.

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Zionists organizing a pro war demo at Israeli embassy Wednesday 7th

07-01-2009 00:24

Guess who's going to be trying to hold a demo outside the Israeli embassy just half an hour after the daily emergency anti-war protest? Yes the UK Zionist Federation is mobilizing a pro-war demo in support of the Israeli attacks on gaza....
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