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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Animal Rights Records of US Presidential Candidates

22-06-2011 15:56

The animal rights movement has achieved critical mass and will
affect the outcome of the US presidential election.

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Rise of reactionaries

21-06-2011 12:06

Sectarianisim in the North Of Eire, EDL on the streets of England. Ever noticed that in times of economic strife there is always a group who wish to "blame" another section of society, whether it be religious hatred(Catholic/Muslim) economic, or other excuses which detract from the real problem; Government. It is by these divide and rule tactics that they regain strength and power, weakening the masses and our movements. No to loyalisim,no to the EDL/Casuals united. These are lackeys af the state, street thugs. Time for resistance, reclaim the streets!!

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A Tribute to Anti-War Campaigner Brian Haw, Driven by Revulsion at the Murder of Innocents

20-06-2011 09:24

Brian Haw

When I was a child, I read the Guinness Book of Records, and marvelled at the stories of the people who, in ancient times, removed themselves from everyday reality, like Saint Simeon Stylites, a Christian ascetic who lived on a tiny platform on top of a pillar in Aleppo, Syria for 37 years in the 5th century AD.

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Undying spirit - the words of Brian Haw from March 2008

19-06-2011 19:36

Brian Haw, the British campaigner for peace who refused to be silenced, set up camp outside Parliament in 2001 -- and stayed there for 10 years.

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Facebook and Google strut with top bankers and royalty - Bilderberg 2011 debrief

19-06-2011 18:39

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show - At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world - After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Demonstration tomorrow against genocide in Sudan

17-06-2011 10:57

Calling out to people to help build our struggle against inhumaine crimes of El Bashir, President of Sudan.

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Public Rally in Support of Victims of Torture, 26 June, Trafalgar Square, 2-4pm

15-06-2011 14:46

26 June is UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. In spite of laws to protect them, men, women, children and entire communities all around the world have to live with the consequences of torture meted out by state authorities. Torture is illegal. Join us on this day to show solidarity with victims. Also the final day of Refugee Week 2011, it should not be forgotten that many refugees have fled torture.

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The Truth About Libya !

15-06-2011 13:14

Foreign Minister Violates Libya's Sovereignty
German Foreign Minister Violates Libya's Sovereignty, Visits Benghazi Terrorists .... African revolutionary leader: Germany now open for Africans without visas ....... German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle arrived in the city of Benghazi in Eastern Libya which has been held to ransom by Islamist rebels fighting against the Libyan government, in violation of Libya's sovereignty. Westerwelle did not seek permission from the Libyan government nor obtain any visa for his visit.

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Armed Forces Offices targeted in Oxford

15-06-2011 03:15

In the early hours of 15th June, the offices held by the Armed Forces at 35 St Giles since 1936 were targeted in an expression of independent anti-militarist direct action. Red paint, emblematic of the unneccesary deaths of innocents and servicemen and -women at home and across the world, was poured over the front door and steps in order to cause maximum inconvenience to those who make war possible while masquerading as members of the local community. This was done to impede as far as possible the continuation of business from that location.

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Babar Ahmad Police Trial: A Verdict Based on Fear, not Fact?

14-06-2011 18:35

They say a week is a long time in politics. How about almost eight years, and counting, in the criminal “justice” system, with no end in sight. For Babar Ahmad, last Friday (3 June) saw the end of the trial of four police officers accused of assaulting him.

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No Justice in Kafka’s America

13-06-2011 23:39

In Franz Kafka’s short story “Before the Law” a tireless supplicant spends his life praying for admittance into the courts of justice. He sits outside the law court for days, months and years. He makes many attempts to be admitted. He sacrifices everything he owns to sway or bribe the stern doorkeeper. He ages, grows feeble and finally childish. He is told as he nears death that the entrance was constructed solely for him and it will now be closed.

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Why the NATO powers are trying to assassinate Moammar Gaddafi

13-06-2011 22:42

Protecting civilians or western oil companies?

Wikileaks-released State Department cables from November 2007 and afterwards show the real reason for the mounting U.S. hostility to the Libyan government prior to the current civil war.

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Bradley Manning Comedy Night Benefit - Monday 13 June

09-06-2011 19:59

Help support Bradley Manning by coming along to this comedy benefit gig at the Wilmington Arms, London EC1 on Monday 13 June. Proceeds to Manning's defence fund.

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NATO’s terror bombing of Libya

09-06-2011 14:13

The relentless bombardment of Tripoli over the past 48 hours represents a new stage in one of the most naked acts of imperialist aggression since the wars of conquest launched by Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s.

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NATO political cult - Bilderberg convenes in St. Moritz, Switzerland

09-06-2011 09:57

What is the Bilderberg Conference all about? Politicans betraying the voting public. Links between the Bilderberg conference and the Nazis. With Oliver Hides and Tony Gosling

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Prevent: A Totally Illiberal Strategy

08-06-2011 12:21

I have now ploughed through all 120 pages odd of the Government’s new Prevent Strategy, which manages to be even more illiberal and more turgid than the original. It claims that the last Prevent Strategy was misguided – but for all the wrong reasons. Rather amusingly, it starts with a message of endorsement from Lord Carlile – who also endorsed the last strategy which it criticises so strongly. The truth is, Carlile will endorse anything for any government which gives him status – he loves status – “It has my considered and strong support” he concludes his endorsement – you have to imagine saying it with marbles in your mouth and a degree of insufferable pomposity – “It has my considered and strong support”- wanker.

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Stopped by police for talking

07-06-2011 01:32

Today the police hit a new personal low for petty behaviour. Unfortunately I am all too use to dealing with the polic-y enforcers, it has become a somewhat regular pastime. In this incident though new depths were plumbed, I was stopped as you can see on the slip above for ‘Talking to numerous people’. It makes me wonder what sort of country we now live in where one can be stopped for talking to old friends. Let me clarify the point here, none of them had criminal pasts, none of them were engaged in criminal activity, quite the opposite they were ordinary Muslims attending a peaceful rally. There were two groups democratically voicing their discontent at American drone policy, a policy that murders innocents on a daily basis.

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War on Terror - The Obama Years

07-06-2011 01:24

Cageprisoners host a fundraising evening in Cardiff to discuss the impact of the War on Terror during the presidency of Barack Obama. All are welcome to attend.

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raisin a stink at the baby show

06-06-2011 21:43

Despite ridiculously high levels of security, anti arms trade activists managed to enter the recent Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The backstage area of the main stage and the stands of principal sponsors were attacked with stink bombs.

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“Torture by proxy” - Extraordinary rendition by the United States Government

05-06-2011 19:20

Members of the Rendition Group follow a simple but standard procedure: Dressed head to toe in black, including masks, they blindfold and cut the clothes off their new captives, then administer an enema and sleeping drugs. They outfit detainees in a diaper and jumpsuit for what can be a day-long trip.
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