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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Civil Disobedience for 9/11 Justice at Downing Street II

10-03-2011 08:46

A report from Gareth from London Truth Action on the second civil disobedience for 9/11 Justice at Downing Street. A report of the first action + an interview with Gareth

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Foreign Office Responds to Letter on Guantánamo Bay

08-03-2011 20:07

To mark the ninth anniversary of Guantánamo Bay on 11 January 2011, we delivered a letter to the Prime Minister calling on the British government to take more action to see Guantánamo close. We have now received a reply...

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US and allies step up military and intelligence operations in Libya

07-03-2011 20:09

The report that eight members of the UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) were briefly detained in Benghazi provides confirmation that the US and its European allies are stepping up their efforts to establish firm links with elements of the opposition to the regime of President Muammar Gaddafi and secure control of Libya’s oil resources.

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British Army ready for Libya mission at 24 hours’ notice

07-03-2011 18:27

The Daily Telegraph, 5 March 2011
Unlike the non-violent protest movements in Egypt and Tunisia, the armed insurgency in Eastern Libya is directly supported by foreign powers with a view to justifying a "humanitarian intervention".

A military intervention is now contemplated by US NATO forces under a "humanitarian mandate". US and NATO military advisers and special forces are already on the ground.

The operation was planned to coincide with the protest movement in neighbouring Arab countries. Public opinion was led to believe that the protest movement had spread spontaneously from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya.

The real objective of "Operation Libya" is not to establish democracy but to take possession of Libya's oil reserves, destabilize the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and eventually privatize the country's oil industry, namely transfer the control and ownership of Libya's oil wealth into foreign hands.

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Defence contractors are screwing the whole country

07-03-2011 13:21

Defence spending - down at the nuts and bolts level
No doubt people will have heard much about how defence contract overspend is the norm - contracts always delivered late and costing far more than the initial quote. What is less known though is just how much markup the contractors charge and also that much military equipment is ordered, paid for, filed away in military stores and then never ever used. Eventually the equipment may find its way onto the surplus market via auction sales for just a tiny fraction of its original cost. Here's an interesting piece of navy surplus that I came across. It's described as a panel screw - a simple countersunk brass screw about the size of your little finger and probably used to secure something not very critical such as an electrical panel in a ship. Now it's true that this is hardly an industry standard screw so you certainly wouldn't find it on the shelf down at B & Q. However it's such a simple item that any small machinist could knock a few up on a lathe for about 2 quid each and in quantity the price would probably drop to just pence each. Read on for the actual price charged.

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Viewpoint: Instrumenting Kosovo in the 'arc of crisis' By Zahir Ebrahim

06-03-2011 16:58

To fully comprehend this agenda, one has to penetratingly understand what transpired in Kosovo in the 1990s, and what was the end result. The internationalization of the United Nations and NATO “peace keeping” forces in order to maintain peace and stability among a fractious people unable to govern themselves like civilized human beings. Kosovo set the legal, and UN sanctioned precedent for how the World Order of one-world government is to be principally governed. That very end result in the case of Middle East, throughout the 'arc of crisis' in the 'global zone of percolating violence', is evidently being sought through these manufactured “revolutions” which only seed chaos, civil war, Muslim on Muslim ethnic/religious/political violence, all leading to the demoralization and disintegration of the cohesive social fabric under the auspices of 4th, 5th, 6th, ... generation warfare methods designed to destroy nations and societies from within. Just as was done to Serbia.

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War, Prisons, and Torture in the US & UK --An interview with Richard Haley

06-03-2011 08:03

We launched "Stop Isolation" because the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is considering the appeals of four British citizens--Babar Ahmad, Syed Tahla Ahsan, Haroon Rashid Aswat, and Abu Hamza--against extradition to the US to face terrorism charges. The court's long-delayed judgment is expected in the next few months. It will be a landmark in the development of human rights law.

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Death Penalty for Bradley Manning, the Alleged #WikiLeaks Whistleblower?

03-03-2011 10:59

Bradley Manning

Alleged WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning, who has been in US custody since last May, after he reportedly told a former hacker that he had passed thousands of classified US military documents and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, had 22 new charges filed against him on Tuesday by the US Army, including a capital offense — “aiding the enemy” — for which the government has said it will not seek the death penalty, although, as Wired explained, “under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the presiding judge ultimately decides what charges to refer to court-martial and whether to impose the death penalty.”

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Sign our Open Letter to President Obama: Release Shaker Aamer

01-03-2011 12:06

Downing Street:recent action to mark 9 years of Shaker Aamer's illegal detention
Shaker Aamer, a Saudi national who lived in the UK for many years, and has a British family, has been held illegally without charge or trial for over 9 years at Guantánamo Bay. The British government has made various efforts over the past 4 years for his release but he remains, for reasons unknown, in American custody. Please sign our letter and let the US administration know that the UK would like him back

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Defend Julian Assange! Behind the witch-hunt of #WikiLeaks

28-02-2011 22:38

Robert Stevens spoke at a public meeting in Sheffield on 23rd February about the persecution of WikiLeaks, and in defense of Julian Assange.

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UK Census 2011: Why I Will Be Breaking The Law on March 27, 2011

28-02-2011 16:14

On Sunday March 27, 2011 I will be breaking the law.

If you live in the England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then I would also like you to break the law. We can do it together, and I know for a fact that an awful lot of people will be doing the same.

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Catholic Workers Blockade London Court as Julian Assange Extradition Verdict

26-02-2011 10:19

Feb. 24th. -Associated Press Photo (Matt Dunham) - "Catholic Workers Ciaron O'Reilly, left, and Roland Gianstefani, right, are removed by police and security officers after sitting in the road after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange departed after his extradition hearing at Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in London, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011."

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7 March - Freedom of Speech is on trial Westminster Magistrates

25-02-2011 19:39

Kroll, Guy Carpenter ltd, City Police Counter Terrorism Directorate used to silence plumber Ian Puddick for exposing corruption at board level at the worlds largest reinsurance company.

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U.S. Army Ordered Psy-Ops to Sway Lawmakers on Backing Afghan War

25-02-2011 02:13

The U.S. military is facing allegations of illegally ordering a "psychological operations" campaign to convince Senate members to increase support for the war in Afghanistan.

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Israel investing $1.6 million in "new media warriors"

25-02-2011 01:08

The Israeli military establishment is once again on the offensive, but instead of high-tech weaponry and missiles, it is using computer screens, keyboards and rapid wireless connections to fight what Israeli military representatives are dubbing a "new media war."

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Palestine Today 02 23 2011

24-02-2011 05:59

Violence erupted along the Gaza border a day after new Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz made his first visit to the Southern Command.
Clashes began in the morning after a roadside bomb detonated next to an IDF patrol along the border. Mortar shells were then fired into the western Negev. None of the soldiers was wounded, and the IDF responded with tank fire in the direction of the terrorists.
Meanwhile, a large explosion in the southern Gaza Strip killed a 10-year old girl and wounded two others. Hamas said it was investigating the cause of the blast.
Explosions are common in Gaza. They often take place in the homes of terrorists, when explosives and other armaments detonate prematurely.

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more 'tar sands' crooks join the Advanced Manufacturing Park

22-02-2011 09:19

Swiss company joins ‘united nations of advanced manufacturing’

One of the world's leading crooked manufacturers of construction machinery is the latest international company to sign up at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham.

Liebherr-Great Britain Limited is part of the Swiss based Liebherr-International AG company, which in addition to its production of heavy construction machinery such as the trucks used on the tar sands is also an acknowledged in numerous other fields, including commercial refrigeration, aerospace and rail vehicles.

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F24 British aim to return Assange to custody, Bradley Manning

21-02-2011 07:07

As WikiLeaks founder. Australian Julian Assange, faces return to British custody on Thurdsay Feb 24th, Bradley Manning continues to be tortured in Quantico U.S. marine base in Virginia U.S.A. - anti-war resistance & solidarity to the persecution of these peace activists continues to emerge.

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The Uninvited Visitors

20-02-2011 20:06

On Wednesday 26th January 2011 at approximately 6am in the morning, my son had just made the first adhan for Fajr and was waiting to make the second adhan. All of a sudden, there was a bang on the door.

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Anti-War Solidarity with Julian Assange - Verdict on Extradition Thurs Feb 24th.

18-02-2011 07:38

Members of three Catholic Worker communities - Giuseppe Conlon House/ London. Rickmansworth/ Farmhouse & St. Francis/ Oxford - joined with folks from WikiLeaks London Support, Justice for Assange and Anonymous over last week's three days of Julian Assange's extradition at Woolwich Courty/ Belmarsh Prison.
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