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DSEi 2005

September 2005: International arms trade fair London.

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Mobilisations around DSEi 2005

12-08-2005 18:34

Every two years east London plays host to DSEI, the worlds largest arms fair. Every two years thousands attempt to shut it down. Here is a collection of reports, articles, video, audio and photo's from when DSEI 2005 took place.

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SouthCoast Perspective on the DSEi Action

26-09-2005 09:35

The South Coast had a contingent present at the recent succesful blockades of the DSEi Arms Fair held at the ExCel centre in East London. A critical mass bike ride left the Bank of England shortly after 9 o'clock and held up traffic throughout East London for 2 hours before managing to clog up one of the main roundabouts and routes to the ExCel centre.

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DSEi Quick Links

16-09-2005 23:00


DSEi 2005: There have been 57 arrests in relation to the DSEI policing operation to date +++ Convergence Centre +++ For full list of anti-DSEi actions, protests and events see: [ Disarm DSEi - CAAT Listing ] +++ Legal Advice Card (pdf) | Legal Briefing (pdf)

Full Timelines of DSEi Events: Sat 10th | Tues 13th | Wed 14th | Thurs 15th

Disarm DSEi | Campaign Against Arms Trade | Beat the Bombers - Party for Peace

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DSEi Protests Continue - Thursday 15th September

15-09-2005 23:58

Thursday evening saw noisy protests outside the DSEi arms fair luxury dinner at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane in London. With hundreds of police deployed around the hotel, protestors gathered to 'unwelcome' the arms industry guests with banners and placards reading "Death Goes Shopping" and "Dinner of Death: Carnage Soup with Cluster Bomb Croutons". A critical mass bicycle protest left Eros statue to also join the demonstration outside the dinner. There was some aggressive police action as police sought to move protestors from the road and some violent arrests - at least 5 people were arrested. Despite a high level of stop and searches and police surveillance, one person there said "The arms dealers can't ignore this, they had to walk right through it - we've made it clear we oppose their dealing in death for profit."

Reports and Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 | Security breached at gala dinner
Video | Audio coverage
See [Full Timeline of Events]

More News and Comments: Banned stun guns and leg irons were advertised at DSEi arms fair | Why cops failed to prevent disruption to DSEi | Anarchists ‘passed off’ Advertiser, claims editor | article

Earlier in the day anti-arms fair protestors protested outside Reed Elsevier's offices in london, the DSEI organisers, while others staged a humorous action on the Docklands Light Railway - armed with numerous sex toys they embarassed the mostly male arms fair delegates over their liking of 'boys toys' and big rockets, as well as handing out anti-arms fair leaflets to other passengers [Photos and Report]

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DSEi delegates told: "Stick your bloody arms up your bum !"

14-09-2005 08:06

Critical Mass - 6

Actions and protests for the second day of the DSEi Arms Fair included a Critical Mass bike ride, a mass action at Custom House Docklands Light Railway Station, and affinity group actions targetting the fair. The day also saw the commencement of the trial of some Corporate Pirates, following an action against Windrush Communications, promoters of the Iraq Procurement events.

During the day's actions many delegate's journeys in and out the arms fair were disrupted, whilst major delays were caused to transport into the area. After the day's protests at least 27 people were reported arrested (we have 15 confirmed and named). Further affinity group actions are planned for tomorrow,as well as a protest and critical mass during the arms dealer's gala dinner.

More news: Reports of banned cluster bomb on sale at DSEi | Custom House Station: Attempt to intimidate journalist | Lower Lea Crossing: Van used to road block | Video advert of DSEi exhibitor | Video solidatity demo in Bristol.

Critical Mass and Demo: Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Blockades: Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3
Videos of Demo, Blockades and Actions: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Animation

See Full Timeline of events

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DSEi 2005: First Day Of Action

12-09-2005 19:42

The world's largest Arms Fair [official website] opened its doors for business at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands. Protets took place throughout the day which included a march, a Diaper Bloc and affinity group actions.

Around 400 people marched from East Ham central park towards the Excel exhibition centre. When the demonstration reached near Prince Regent DLR station, police blocked the road to prevent the march from going further. Several speeches were made by local groups, and eventually the crowd dispersed.

Nearby, a Diaper Bloc action took place outside Custom House station, where kids donned police helmets and riot shields whilst imposing a S60 on adults inside the designated protest zone. Meanwhile a batallion of the Clandestine Insurgent Clown Army toured central London visiting companies involved in arms trade and DSEi. At least 1 arrest was reported during the day's protests and, as it is becoming common place in London, police forces continued with their tactics of surveillance and harassment.

View Full Timeline of events

CAAT demo: pictures: [1] [2] [3] [4] Pictures and report: [1] Audio: [Speeches mp3] Videos: [1] [2] | Baby Bloc [pics 1 | 2 ] [comment] | Rebel Clown Army detained | Protestor blocks the east entrance to the ExCel centre.

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A Week Of Protests Against DSEi Arms Fair Has Started

09-09-2005 23:24

The much criticised bi-annual DSEi (Europe's largest arms fair) runs from 13-16th September in London, sparkling protests in and around the East End docklands. This year condemnation of the arms fair has also come from Newham Borough Council and the Mayor of Newham. Events against the arms fair include two counter conferences, press briefings, direct action trainings, a Reclaim the Streets Party, candlelit vigils, marches and blockades. A delegate's dinner protest and critical mass have also just been announced for Thursday 15th evening.

Is spite of police intimidation, harassment and relentless surveillance, actions and protests started ahead the opening of the fair. On Thursday 8th, anti arms trade campaigners paid a visit to the offices of DSEi organisers Reed Elsevier in Kidlington, Oxford, to raise awareness of the companies involvement in organising and promoting the arms fair. See [report and pictures] [video] Also see The Lancet Medical Journal Attacks its Owners Reed Elsevier | Corporate Watch on Reed Elsevier | CAAT on Reed Elsevier [Reed Leaflet + Action]

On Saturday the 10th, a Beat The Bombers - Pary for Peace took place in the streets of east London. Some of those who turned out were subjected to somewhat questionable but predictable police tactics against lawful protesters. See Timeline of Events and photos [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5] [Videos 1 | 2]

On Sunday 11th, companies in the south-east of England involved in exhibiting at the arms fair were targetted with disruptive actions against their premises. On Monday 12th evening a Candelit Procession and Prayer Vigil took place outside Excel centre, while a noborder meeting was held in the convergence center.

Aberdeen: activists hung a banner outside an Offshore Europe oil and gas exhibition. Nottinghamshire: arms manufacturers at east Midlands expo. Netherlands: Reed Elsevier targetted.

Background to DSEi:
"DSEi Arms Fair 2005: The global arms trade comes to London", an in depth 30 page CAAT report (pdf) | SchNEWS on DSEi | The Arms Fair is Coming to Town a Red Pepper article | Indymedia UK DSEi Protest Archives [2003 | 2001- incomplete]

Website Links: Disarm DSEi | Campaign Against The Arms Trade | CAATs Armsfairs.Com | Newham Opposition to War and Racism | RTS Party for Peace | Mobilising The Mediators

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'Stop the Arms Trade, Shut Down DSEi, Stop Making Murder Profitable'

17-08-2005 08:03

DSEi suits

Bombs on the underground, bombs in Iraq, guns in Harlesden, Euston, Kings Cross, in the car and under your pillow, destroying the lives of men women and children, and destroying the world in which we live, all sold to you by these nice men and women in suits, who only do this job because, "if I didn't, someone else would"..

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