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07-05-2016 15:24

ALERTA #ANTIFA: #BRADFORD #UKIP NAZI @dave4wibsey @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

Alderson - Racist BNP Employment Advisor IAN ALDERSON, a leading Bradford UKIP committee member and a senior employment advisor with ethnic minority skills and advice group QED Bradford (set up by Mohammed Ali OBE), and a youth and community organiser for the Church of England-funded youth scheme for Eccleshill, has tweeted to serial bigot Katie Hopkins a racial slur aimed at Bradford's Muslim population, using a "goat" analogy (goats a common theme for the often obscene fabrications of the British far right). On Facebook, Alderson is a supporter of neo-Nazi BNP-offshoot "Lionheart GB" and the English Defence League (EDL) anti-Muslim page "Proud To Be Kaffir", alongside plenty of other rightwing pages, including the libellous anti-Labour far right Facebook page "Labour Party Exposed", which calls Labour Party members "traitors and paedophiles". This story is extremely worrying, for Alderson is a trusted senior youth, community and employment worker in Bradford, who helps co-ordinate projects with Bradford Council. The Church of England will also be extremely unhappy to discover Alderson also wants the meagre British budget of 0.7% foreign aid to cease, so starving and wartorn people around the globe will not access life-saving facilities and emergency aid. Very #unchristian!


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05-05-2016 13:53

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: #BLUEHAND #SNUFF #PORN @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB

ONLINE neo-Nazi cult #BLUEHAND have begun tweeting racist snuff porn, including photos of beheaded children and babies, including, self-defeatingly, tagging in Twitter support in the self-defence of banned pub singer from Liverpool, "Les" Seavor, who threatened to violently assault female Twitter users. Posting such pictures is against UK law, so most of the #Bluehand Snuff Porn gang are American patriotic "soccer moms", who believe the First Amendment will stop them from being arrested, much like American "freedom of speech" regulations permit the sharing of paedophilia photographs. If the law won't stop racists posting pictures of beheaded Muslims including babies on Twitter, because American laws are an absolute ass, Twitter has a moral obligation to ban such individuals who post such vile pictures of dead bodies online, including dead Muslim kids, the evil neo-nazi scum!

Anybody who posts a picture of a beheaded baby (or adult) on social media, is an absolute disgrace to humanity. The mere fact that self-declared voters of Donald Trump think it is perfectly acceptable to share snuff porn, should serve as a warning to anybody who thinks the comparison between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump is not legitimate.

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04-05-2016 16:16

ALERTA #ANTIFA: LES SEAVOR THREAT @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @dubdanu #ukip

Ring 101 To Report To The Police COWARDLY ageing Hitler admirer / UKIP supporter Les Seavor from Huyton, Liverpool, has been sending death threats to FEMALE TWITTER USERS who he has promised to track them down and "give them a kicking".

Everybody must report him ASAP to the Merseyside Police. His address and phone number are listed in the telephone directory, 192.com, so he will be extremely easy to arrest and take into custody. Stalkers who threaten violence must be arrested ASAP.

Everybody must also remember to contact Twitter to ensure Les does not get his neo-nazi account www.twitter.com/ublocks back.

Vengeful stalker requires a pair of handcuffs

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01-05-2016 16:47

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: #BLUEHAND #NAZI AGENDA @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB

Like all fascist organisations, the fledgling neo-nazi #bluehand organisation which never really got off the ground, led by an ageing racist James Bond fantasist, harbour absolutely vile views little different from Adolf Hitler himself. While #bluehand do their utmost to keep their hatred of Jewish people secret, posting occasional meaningless pro-Israel tweets to keep up a flimsy pretence, their Islamophobia is just as toxic as anything an anti-Semite can muster. In their own words, they want to "get rid of Muslims"...... (says Catriona Bryant, #bluehand)

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30-04-2016 17:16

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: TONI BUGLE @slatukip @dubdanu @katpuff76 @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

IF there's one thing worse than an out-and-out fascist, it's a downright lying fascist, a member of a far right group who vigorously denies to this day, they were a member, and yet, a simple Twitter history search reveals the full extent of their far right involvement. Toni Bugle, founder of anti-Muslim pressure group MARIAS, and now English Democrats PCC candidate, likes to pretend she was never involved with the EDL, and yet, just three years ago was tweeting loud and proud as an EDL member. Furthermore, Toni Bugle dangerously involved her eighteen year old daughter in the violent marches, and also, encouraged her mother suffering from arthritis to take part, despite of the risks, during the EDL's most violent phase before Tommy Robinson left. Last but not least, as a potential "crime commissioner", Bugle planned to incite a police public order offence by encouraging her disabled mother to illegally march past a mosque in the wake of terror attacks..... Hardly the sign of a law abiding PCC candidate.

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19-04-2016 09:15


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11-04-2016 16:44

Dover demo 2 April

A series of mainstream reports from local press re the anti-fascists demo Sat 2 April 16

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09-04-2016 16:11


The moment Stephen Yaxley Lennon, the UK organiser of Pegida, starts talking about law and order, accusing Muslims of being criminals who mistreat women badly, is the moment the ironymeter explodes, for when it comes to a woman-assaulting career criminal who dodged justice all his life, look no further than Tommeh Tit himself. The former leader of the EDL who joined the neo-Nazi BNP with a family membership before setting up the EDL, was convicted on 18 April 2005 for a horrific ultra-violent assault upon his partner Jenna Vowles. A police officer tried to shield Jenna from Lennon's brutal punches and kicks, and himself got kicked in the head. Found guilty of actual bodily harm, the woman-hating fascist thug was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with three additional months for his attempt to resist arrest.

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06-04-2016 19:29

Panama Papers Expose Katy Bourne Sussex P.C.C

Panama Papers Expose Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner named in the Panama Papers it has come to light that she set up off shore companies and shell companies and other accounts to hide money before being elected as Sussex Police Crime Commissioner in November 2012

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02-04-2016 17:07

#ANTIFA DESTROY #PEGIDA IN #ROTHERHAM @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails

Following yet another absolutely PATHETIC turn-out in a deserted car park near the NEC in Birmingham, the prince of egotistical fascism Tommy "The Tit" Robinson, has officially fallen out of love with with patriotic car parks, today announcing to his fellow sellotaped-mouth sheep that the flaccid Germanic Neo-nazi marching organisation will return to coke and Stella town centre demonstrations starting with a provocative goosestep on Saturday May 28th in Rotherham of all places, the town where repeated far right marches led to the murder of a taxi driver. Now Tommy Tit has decided to return to the nitty-gritty of street fascism on the same day as the NF invade Manchester. The NWI in disarray, the NF demo is very likely to be cancelled.

ENTER STAGE: MILITANT ANTIFA to put a stop to the antics of the wifebeater from Luton.


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19-03-2016 12:18

Super mario flash classic

The world's most famous game character Mario who's ever continues to rise with each passing day new games.

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18-03-2016 12:00






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01-03-2016 22:04


I am a 42-year-old Christian with kidney failure - who has been gang stalked, abused and tortured by the UK government since 2007; and despite comppaints to government officials, my illegal, abhorent and atrocious treatment had continued till date.

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11-02-2016 05:11

Each wakening day anew Speculuum onertly of Holger Meins-Bonn the Snuffporn Cop

Okay, last but not least the sexwork=humantrafiki fiki muja muja machien, the Dublin sextourism for womens only by United Nations 'Human-Animal postfordism," Don Donkey beast the Monkey. Fuck off....

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04-02-2016 18:09

Dover anti-fash demo 30/1

FYI-Reports from the recent demos in Dover: pro-refuge/ anti fascist

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04-02-2016 16:43

#PEGIDA BLOODY MAYHEM @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB #ukip

Pegida's neo-Nazi goosestep from Birmingham International Airport Train Station to a windswept car park in the middle of nowhere, is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. We are not talking about confrontations between ANTIFA and the fascists. Serious bad blood remains between many EDL members and Tommy "Tit" Robinson, with Stephen Yaxley Lennon accused by many detractors, with good reason, of grassing up the rank and file to the police. Non more so than when a large number of Birmingham EDL rioters were caged - Tommy apparently was on the phone for a week to officers investigating these crimes, once the photographic evidence was released. Nothing is left to the imagination with Tommy Tit - and one of his most offensive lies was when he headbutted a ex-military dissident in Blackburn who publicly accused him of being an informant, later pretending he viciously assaulted him because he was "a nazi". Lots of ex-EDL members are promising to turn up demanding answers from Tommy, whom they firmly believe to be an agent of the state.

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01-02-2016 19:36

ALERTA #ANTIFA TEAM TOMMY @slatukip @JLRFB @signfails @bikeyjezmo @misscheeky666

Neo-Nazi group Pegida tried to sanitise their extreme racism, however a simple search for old tweets comes up with all the proof you need to show that Tommy Robinson's inner circle of friends include hardcore white supremacists who loathe black people. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's Australian cheerleader "Ozz Sue" AKA Team Tommy", who repeatedly champions Tommy's Pegida UK and his Birmingham demo, is exposed by her own past tweets as a sickening white supremacist who regularly posts KKK-style anti-black captions online. Tommy Robinson is more than happy to use this white power nut to promote his Islamophobic organisation on Twitter. Black Brummies - you know the score.

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01-02-2016 17:30

ALERTA #ANTIFA TOMMY GOES FULL HITLER @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails

Having pretended to moderate his views, former EDL leader and BNP member, Pegida UK Fuhrer Stephen Yaxley Lennon has virtually copied Adolf Hitler rants about removing Jews from Europe in the 1930s, this time targeting Muslims. The sickening tweet the scumbag made last night promises to get rid of all Muslim males from Europe, in a chilling echo of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, which were actioned, as we all know, by Kristallnacht, forced ghettoisation, and finally the Holocaust. Whilst Tommy is a rabble-rousing white supremacist windbag who has very little chance of ever gaining electoral power despite his obvious hopes with a Pegida UK link-up with UKIP sometime in the future (whilst Farage refuses to proscribe the neo-nazi organisation) chillingly extremist comments like his, (see the screenshot) provide all the ammunition to enpower the violent criminal fascist rampages that happened in Stockholm and Leipzig. MILITANT ANTIFA - BE THERE!!!

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31-01-2016 17:28

DOVER HITLER SALUTES #ANTIFA @slatukip @edlnews @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

In the same week as billions of people worldwide commemorated the victims of the Holocaust, vile horrific neo-Nazi NWI and NF thugs turned up in Dover to salute history's worst ever mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. Whilst the BBC and Sky News liked to call them far right protestors, they were the furthest right as you could possibly get - supporters of anti-Semitic genocide. Such pictures were not broadcast by the main news channels who preferred to describe the disgusting national socialists as "anti-refugee campaigners". Shame on he media for going soft on Nazi hate, and failing to spot the hardcore neo-Nazi regalia, including triple cross NF flags, Combat 18 flags and the dozens of Hitler salutes that happened throughout the day. Playing up to the David Cameron / Theresa May narrative that immigration is a "bad thing" is bad in itself, but failing to spot Nazis as being Nazis, shows a distinct lack of understanding, sacrificing history and common decency to facilitate a rightwing political agenda. Ordinary people were not out demonstrating against refugees in Dover. National Socialist thugs were!

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30-01-2016 19:13

DOVER R SOLES @misscheeky666 #ANTIFA @edlnews @siegfails @JLRFB @bikeyjezmo #edl

Hitler-Lickin' Bad: - Fascist Thugs On Parade The drunken dregs of the master race amassed in abridged numbers down in Dover, having earlier attacked an antifascist coach smashing the windows and daubing a swastika across the vehicle, letting the whole world know once and for all, the National Front are unreconstructed neo-Nazis. For all the hype about what they would do to ANTIFA, once the scuffles began, the cowards cowered behind police lines, whilst trying to claim a moral victory. The ghost of Adolf Hitler must have been so proud watching on from hell as the drunken thugs fought and tripped over each other, some unable to stand up straight as they got jostled back and forth from both antifascists and police horses. Combat 18 flags draped around shoulders alongside red, white and blue white power flags, blood pouring down faces, bawling insanely towards locals and passers-by, the Waffen SS they were not despite SS flags on show. National Action members were present, which said all you need to know, as were the Bristol United Patriots. All the usual hapless fascist suspects.

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