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04-04-2017 09:52

The UK Indymedia website is to be archived

UK Indymedia

Open publishing was disabled on this site in mid-July 2016 as there was a very low volume of original grass roots news reports from activists being posted and the collective running the site was dwindling as people were working on other things.

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15-07-2016 12:14

Ex-Royal Military Policeman accused of harassing Sussex Police Commissioner Katy

Calls for Katy Bourne to resign Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne is being harassed by an ex- Royal Military Policeman, while Sussex Police stand by allowing it to continue.

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04-07-2016 11:44

Katy Bourne Sussex pcc in 20 year murder cover up of Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor murder a story a 20 year Organised, & Orchestrated murder cover up
It’s been 20 years since Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton July 1996
Her killers are still at large...

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01-07-2016 08:03

Piera Ghirardi, "Guardian Angel" of animals.

Piera Ghirardi, "Guardian Angel" of animals. It 's really difficult to summarize in a few words who is Piera Ghirardi and all its merits.

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25-06-2016 15:52

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #NEO-NAZI #TORY @slatukip @misscheeky666 @ant1fane @JLRFB #UKIP

MEET former Lord Mayor, openly white supremacist Conservative Councillor Heather Venter on Driffield Council. A former Mayor, Venter tweets hatred against black people and Muslims, and likes anti-African and anti-Roma tweets regularly. One of the publications Councillor Venter regularly tweets is the horrific neo-nazi online newspaper the Daily Stormer, where white power extremists and Adolf Hitler worshippers plot the next Reich. Maybe nobody cares less about committed neo-nazis holding office in Driffield, nor discrimination in the town. Councillor Venter wants employers to not employ Muslims, which is of course illegal as well as racist.

Heather Venter belongs to the East Yorkshire Conservative Party.

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24-06-2016 15:58

Calls grow for PCC Katy Bourne to Resign.‏

Katy Bourne's Peasant Tweet Has Katy Bourne over stepped the mark this time? It seems so. Calling the people she represents 'peasants' for voting Brexit, may herald the end for her, as it has for her mentor and hero, David Cameron.

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20-06-2016 16:51

ANTIFA: - #RACIST #SHEFFIELD #DOCTOR: @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @jlrfb

A Britain-First supporting Muslim-loathing doctor, fully qualified weight loss medical doctor (registered with the GMC as a doctor), is boasting that his clinic openly discriminates against Asian (seemingly specifically Muslim) clients, whom he accuses of being liars and cheats, despite of being of an Asian background himself. Dr James Bond (presumed real name) from Sheffield is a doctor who operates weight-loss and personal training clinic, and is also a paid employee of the Sheffield Star, a newspaper whom he writes health and fitness features for. Discrimination on grounds of race or religion is illegal, and is grounds for Mr Bond's dismissal as a General Medical Council, as is Mr Bond's open agreement that Islam should be banned from the United Kingdom (see screenshots below). Dr Bond also wants Islam banned from the UK, and uploads and favourites extreme Islamophobic videos, including one entitled "DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS"....., behaviour unbefitting as a GP.

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19-06-2016 19:45

#ANTIFA #ALERT: JACK #FUCKBY @slatukip @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @siegfails @JLRFB

Fuckby - Mentally ill or extremist threat??? JUST as we hoped we had seen the back of electoral neo-Nazis, with the demise of the BNP, along goosesteps ex-BNP and Pegida organiser Jack Fuckby, Buckby the repulsive, cocky Adolf Hitler admirer with small cock, who was dismissed from his university course in Liverpool for his repulsive fascist activities. Whilst all other parties are not standing in Birstall as a matter of respect to the family of murdered MP Jo Cox's ward, Fuckby knows no shame, determined to rub in the sorrow and suffering in the most abysmal manner. It is the unwritten rule of politics that nobody counters party re-election in by-elections for murdered members of parliament, so no benefit can be gained from politically-motivated acts of terror, to remove all incentive for murder. Antifascists are asked to be on their look-out for fascist activity in the Birstall area.

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18-06-2016 18:02

#ANTIFA: #BRITAIN'S #BREXIT #BREIVIK @slatukip @exposingBF @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

COLD-BLOODED neo-Nazi murder suspect Thomas Mair appeared in court today. Instead of giving his name when asked, by the judge, he ranted "DEATH TO TRAITORS, FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN.....", combining the taglines of both Anders Breivik and #Brexit. Whilst everybody is innocent unless convicted, Mr Mair's statement was most definitely pro-murder and strongly indicative of British independence. Log onto the internet, and search Twitter for "death to traitors", and you will come across thousands of far right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist posts along the same line from EDL, BNP, Britain First, NWI, NEI, SEA, National Action, NF posts, and all the other worldwide white nationalist organisations including not forgetting the KKK. As expected, Mair is not charged with terrorism offences, and neither with a racially-aggravated crime, not does Brexit come into the realm of the criminal charges, thus it is fair, legal and justified to rationally make reference to the facts and allegations ALREADY in the public domain, whilst the #Brexiteer camp tries to turn public attention away from far right links to #Brexit, scared witless people will vote for #Remain out of sheer disgust at #Brexit's links to the toxic far right politics of hate, Mark Collett and friends, seemingly the tip of the iceberg.

The BBC reported that a police search on Thomas Mair's house discovered nazi regalia.

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17-06-2016 11:13

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LITTLE JAMES LAMB @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane #ed

White supremacist groups like National Action are reaching out to more and more young people, encouraging them to get involved with the hate politics that killed Jo Cox, using terms like "white genocide" on their profiles. James is one for the anti-terror police to look out for in future, and the police and ANTIFA should keep tabs on him. Just take a look at the face on the profile - looks like a young Oswald Mosley or Nick Griffin in the making. It doesn't matter how childish young 20 year old racists are, when they say "the traitors will be made accountable", they ultimately mean via the bullet or the gun, as what happened to murdered Birstall and Batley MP - Jo Cox.

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16-06-2016 17:37

#ANTIFA: RICHARD BOON #NEI @slatukip @ant1fane @JLRFB @dsahad @misscheeky666

NEO-NAZI NORTH EAST INFIDELS (NEI) / Durham EDL member Richard "Saex" Boon of Newcastle posted the most appalling comment on the cold-blooded murder of MP Jo Cox from Birstall, Kirklees (near Batley), West Yorkshire, on the Britain First facebook page, approving of her murder. Jo's killer was a gunman in his fifties also armed with a knife who shouted out the chilling words - "Britain First" while shooting her.

Richard "Saex" Boon is a former civil servant, who has worked at the MOD for ten years and also Newcastle Job centre, before he went sick (supposedly from disability), setting up his motorcycle repair garage business called "Busted Knuckle Garage" in Newcastle where he repairs motorbikes

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15-06-2016 20:08

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #BREXIT #DUNGEON @slatukip @JLRFB @siegfails @missheeky666 #ukip

WARMONGER AND THATCHERITE POWER-GIVER Rupert Murdoch nailed his colours firmly to the mast by supporting #Brexit. His rightwing populist newspaper has supported Britain's withdrawal from Europe since the last election, running one hatemongering racist populist campaign after another. Announcing the Pope is indeed Catholic and bears poo in near trees, should be a wake-up call for any hopeful, wool-over-their-eyes Labour #Brexiteers who think an independent Great Britain will magically herald a socialist government. Unless another Tony-Blair-style Blue Labourite takes charge of the opposition, Labour will never be elected to no10, with or without the seats lost to the SNP. Rupert Murdoch has decided the outcome of all British prime-minsterial elections since Margaret Thatcher as the publisher of Britain's best selling newspaper, and should a general elections be held anytime after #Brexit, the oppressive Australian tax avoider will ensure that once again the Tories win the election outright with Boris Johnson in-charge, or in coalition with UKIP which would be the ultimate fascist nightmare, handing tangible power in return for the Sun "News"paper backing #Brexit to the biggest arch-villain of all - Rupert Murdoch.


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14-06-2016 18:23

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #BREXIT #ANTISEMITISM @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

Bob Marley Biographer Champions The Protocols Worldwide originator of reggae and champion of Rastafarianism, Bob Marley, professed global peace and love, among with freedom from exploitation. A civil rights leader as well as a pioneering musician, Robert Nesta Marley led the spiritual emancipation against racial oppression and was a beacon of light for the African-American and African-Caribbean diaspora, and a source of hope for the motherland, Africa. During his worldwide career, professional music photographers joined him on his concert tours throughout the world. One of these, who has written extensively about her role snapping the great Bob Marley, is far right neo-Nazi photographer Lindsay Donald from the UK who wrote Bob Marley's biography "Portrait of a Legend and other Folks" released in 2013. This is absolutely shocking, and sends a chill down the spine of music lovers and reggae fans!

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13-06-2016 14:22

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #WHITE #EXTREMISM IGNORED @slatukip @dubdanu @exposingBF @JLRFB

WESTBORO Baptist Church are openly supporting the mass murderer in the Orlando nightclub where fifty LGBT clubbers got murdered by the armed fanatic, tweeting that the killer came from God, and that the victims will "rot in hell". At the same time as the Florida shootings, another fanatic, this time a white, Christian fanatic, was tooled-up with automatic rifles, handguns and bombs, ready to do the same thing to LA pride, and yet, the media refuse to label the second man a terrorist, proving double-standards when it comes to reporting news which does not correspond with a global anti-Islam agenda, and the War On Terror.

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12-06-2016 15:01


Once more, repeating the pattern of the entire Murdoch reign, the British people have been hoodwinked into supporting Conservative Party oppression by a deceitful and manipulative media hell-bent upon persuading turkeys to vote for Christmas. Brainwashed by racism and xenophobia drip-fed over decades by Britain's shameful rightwing press, gut-reaction racism has swung the #EU vote in favour of #Brexit, the moment when the ghost of deadly Thatcherism is reincarnated into a hybrid of a police state and a sweatshop / workhouse. Instead of immigrants doing the low-paid jobs, once immigration is curtailed, and EU workers are switched to visas and repatriated, it will be the misled British worker crushed into the ground by global capitalism, using the UK as a source of cheap labour once all workers rights have been repealed "to make Britain competitive again".

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09-06-2016 17:52

First ever British ski jumping gold medals

Something to add to my profile as a vegetarian

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09-06-2016 16:16

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: #LONDON CALL-OUT @slatukip @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB #ukip

UKIP's female fascist demi-fuhrer - Pegida's low-budget version of Eva Braun - Anne-Marie Waters of UKIP, is hosting a neo-nazi "Sharia Watch" anti-Muslim rally on Saturday the 20th of August, close to Parliament Square provocatively entitled "ISLAM KILLS WOMEN!", aimed at encouraging divisions in London's multicultural population. Waters was the London mayoral candidate before UKIP stood her down, however she is still to a paid-up UKIP member, despite her anti-Islamic posturing, which speaks volumes about the lack of integrity of Nigel Farage, who, himself last weekend accused refugees of being rapists, a grotesquely offensive accusation for which he never apologised. A former Labour councillor in Brighton, Waters was radicalised by Pam Geller, who encouraged her Mosleyite switch to the extreme right, however with pictures of Suffragettes on her Twitter profile, she is still deceiving herself that she is not a reactionary bigot. Just for her interest, Fascism has killed far more women than ISIS ever has - including 2.5 million women and children in the Holocaust.

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07-06-2016 10:38

Billionaire Gambling Tycoon JP McManus will no longer sponsor prestigious “Blue

Hare coursing cruelty at Irish Cup event The cruel “sport” of live hare coursing has been dealt a severe blow...One of its top financial sponsors, gambling tycoon and philanthropist JP McManus, will no longer be sponsoring the three-day Irish Cup hare coursing event in County Limerick.

[Full Story ]

06-06-2016 12:51

#ANTIFA ALERT: #UKIP IGNORE BABY RAPIST @slatukip @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

PROLIFIC CHRISTIAN white paedophile Richard Huckle who raped and sexually abused hundreds of young children throughout Asia was today sentenced for life imprisonment. Described by the court as the United Kingdom's worst paedophile, repeating for the sake of the EDL, Breitbart, Pegida, Nigel Farage, the BNP, Britain First, the NF and National Action, Britain's worst ever paedophile, worse even than the notorious Jimmy Savile was a practising Christian white man called Richard Huckle. Huckle from Ashford, Kent, had travelled the world as a family photographer and religious teacher abusing children throughout Asia, from Malaysia to Bangalore, and was discovered with over 20,000 images of abuse on his computer after a tip-off from Australian police. There were no protests outside the courthouse, no anti-Christian abuse on Breitbart's twitter account, and Nigel Farage failed to use Huckle as cheap publicity for his Brexit fascist bandwagon, purely and simply because Huckle was a white Christian man, and white Christians from Kent cannot do no wrong, especially when his victims were dark-skinned foreigners. Had baby rapist Huckle been a Muslim of Pakistani origin, all hell would have broke loose...........

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05-06-2016 17:18

#ANTIFA: #FARAGE GOES #FASCIST @slatukip @dubdanu @JLRFB @misscheeky666 #UKIP

UKIP leader and Brexiteer in-Chief Nigel Farage has blatantly copied the language of the EDL, Britain First and BNP with a mightily repulsive far right rant about immigrants, accusing them of being rapists, making reference to Cologne (an incident which was investigated and not linked to refugees), in the same week Rupert Murdoch's Sun utilised neo-nazi white supremacist language, incorrectly describing the BBC as "Anti-white". Arrogant, domineering and overtly racist, Farage has proven once and for all that UKIP are a trojan horse for the thuggish far right.

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04-06-2016 16:53

#ANTIFA: #PEGIDA FLOP @slatukip @exposingBF @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB #UKIP

The Retirement Club For Ageing Nazis (AKA Pegida UK) held their 80-strong United Beer Gut stroll through Rotherham, joined by a handful of hoodwinked worse for wear Shitain First nazis specifically invited by Tommy Tit on the off-chance he could pick a nationalist pocket or two, his bank account perilously low after snorting away all previous takings. The South Yorkshire Casuals turned-up hoping for a piece of the action, but there wasn't any, so they ended up pestering their fellow marchers for "spare change and a light", not that anyone had any pennies left after being accosted by Tommy's "Bucket Fannies", bucket-wielding Pegida pests in yellow vests emptying the pockets of the neo-nazi faithful for every penny they had. Out of breath, the unfit rabble of binge drinking little Tommyites wandered ungainly, cans of lager in hands, continually reassuring themselves the world gave a shit, and they were not walking, talking lumps of racist human faeces living meaningless lives, but they fooled no-one, not even themselves.

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03-06-2016 21:57

National Action: Are They Just Rubbish?

National Action, habitues of luggage departments and protectors of a known sex offender may not be all that! Read all abaht it!

[Full Story ]

03-06-2016 15:11

#ANTIFA: #BRISTOL #NAZI #FLASH #POINT @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB

This Saturday, the openly racist and homophobic neo-Nazi gang of the South West Infidels and their cohorts in the EDL goosestep through the multicultural streets of Bristol in the misguided belief that Hitler sympathisers are in the majority in South West Britain. Led by German SS fetishist Ed Dowden, a loner who spends all day trolling his local newspaper the Bristol Post posting hatred against Bristol's Somalian community, his legion of straight-arm saluters are well and truly set for humiliation by local antifascists who, like the vast majority of Bristolians, well and truly reject fascism outright, and will not stand for a moronic rabble of drunken fascist imbeciles shouting obscenities at non-white people, Muslims and refugees. Whilst are SWI are openly homophobic, many are believed to be closet homosexuals, and according to the Bristol Post, their march will coincide with the arrival of a fleet of stark-bollock-naked hunky, well-toned male cyclists on a protest bike ride, a "timely coincidence" will put immense pressure upon the bigots to keep their sexuality under wraps.

[Full Story ]

02-06-2016 14:49

#ANTIFA: #BREXIT #POLICESTATE @slatukip @katpuff76 @bikeyjezmo @JLRFB @john3ners

With Brexiteers gaining in online polls, and in some instances pushing into the lead due to a narrow Thatcherite #Brexit agenda based solely around immigrants and immigration, the future looks frighteningly bleak for the United Kingdom post-Brexit, especially as racist pornographer Richard Desmond, Dacre and Murdoch are all-set to continue to use the fear and loathing they single-handedly helped incubate towards the European Union to turn on EU migrants, before turning their emphasis upon halting all immigration including refugees fleeing death and destruction. Once our extreme rightwing media megalomaniacs get a taste of blood, like sharks circling a wounded swimmer, the unelected yet ultra-opinionated thought-makers will pick off one target after another, as the clock is turned back decade after decade, reversing every last vestige of social progress back into the dark ag

[Full Story ]

01-06-2016 15:19

#ANTIFA: #BREXIT #WORKHOUSE @slatukip @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

WELCOME TO YOUR WORKHOUSE merry Brexiteers. Your sadomasochistic, self-oppressive and ill-thought out wishes about to come true, prepare to turn back the clock to the oppressive Victorian times that the Daily Mail made you long for, the pseudo-halcyon days of a quaint but patriotic that never really existed. From the chilling moment a perma-drunken Nigel Farage goosesteps onto the BBC news studio arm in arm with Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, and celebrates the final and lasting destruction of Britain's poor, indoctrinated working class Sun, Express and Mail turkeys will have lastingly voted for Christmas. Punchdrunk on jingoism, xenophobia and racial hostility, you might feel inclined to join the permanently inebriated Farage and pop open a bottle or three to celebrate the Brexit Reich, thinking you have long since become upwardly mobile ever since completing that self-satisfying little survey about class status in the Mail on Sunday, however, unfortunately for you, earning just over minimum wage, with bills to pay, does not make you upper class.

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30-05-2016 17:03




David Joe Neilson says Katy Bourne pcc has had murder files removed from Sussex Police computers and that there are 3 different murder files

1 Before the murder

2 Murder reported a new set of files

3 Attacks intimidation attempted murder of David Neilson

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27-05-2016 17:12

URGENT #ANTIFA CALLOUT: #LEEDS @2ferdi7 @millymatty @ant1fane @dubdanu @JLRFB


In today's interview with BBC News, swastika-tatooed Eva Van Housen is defying calls to stop campaigning for Vote Leave, and will be setting up her stall in Briggate. Leeds City Centre, once again this weekend, accompanied by fellow neo-nazi, former BNP Youth Leader / publicist AIDS fan Mark Collett and appalling violent Hitler-worshipping National Action anti-Semite Wayne Jarvie from Wakefield / York. and many more local fascists, intimidating Jewish and non-white shoppers and passers-by. "Vote Leave is a non-affiliated volunteer campaigning group, they have absolutely no right in telling me and my partner to discontinue the stalls," she told the BBC. "Myself and my partner and any other nationalists will continue to hold Vote Leave stalls and leaflet up until the referendum". They must be given their marching orders by ANTIFA!

[Full Story | 1 comment ]

25-05-2016 19:00

#ANTIFA ALERT: #LEEDS #NAZI TAKEOVER @millymatty @slatukip @dubdanu @JLRFB #ukip

The lunatics have taken over the "asylum", hardcore Hitler-salivating, rabid neo-Nazis that even the likes of the EDL had thought were history, returning with a vengeance in Leeds, taking over the Vote Leave campaign in the city, much to the stonily silent indifference of Michael Gove and the Official Conservative Party. Ignore it and it will go away, is the attitude of the Vote Leave bigwigs, who have assumed ostrich mode as damage limitation, even though the story refuses to go away, and more and more hardcore Hitler-lickers are gathering each and every week on Briggate, Leeds creating a dangerous situation for Jewish and ethnic minority shoppers.

Wayne Jarvie AKA Jorvik Son, was out campaigning with Vote Leave - a horrific neo-nazi who recently celebrated the Middle Ages genocide of Jewish people in Clifford's Tower, York, before his appalling anti-Semitic account got taken down by Twitter.

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