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30-10-2007 23:00

London Mexican Embassy Protest, The World Is Still Watching

Remembering Brad Will

On Tuesday Tuesday 30 October protestors returned to the London Mexican Embassy to remember Brad Will and those who died in last year's civil uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. William Bradley Roland was an Indymedia New York activist who was shot dead by paramilitaries whilst documenting the uprising in Oaxaca city [ Brad Will's last video]

Even though the protest was small, the message was still there, that Brad Will and all the other victims of repression during the Oaxaca uprising are not forgotten, and that justice is still due. This year's protest at the Mexican embassy passed peacefully, contary to the scenes of police violence that greeted protesters in 2006.

Links:: Brad Will: Open Letter International | IMC-UK's Oaxaca topic page | CMI- Mexico | CMI- Oaxaca


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Indymedia Oaxaca Tour In The UK, Second Stage

A second round of Indymedia Oaxaca infonite in the UK is starting, focussing on the experiences and struggless the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The tour will begin in Cardiff at the PAD social centre on the 9th where it will also visit people who are fighting the Brecon Beacons gas pipeline. In London it will take part in the Disarm DSEi mobilisations, as well as a planned infonite at the LARC on the 12th. Then it will visit Nottingham on Friday the 14th at the Sumac Centre to continue to Liverpool on the 16th to join in the celebration of the new social centre Next To Nowhere, the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading on the 18th, and it will end at the No Border Camp in Gatwick on the 21st.

There will be talks and discussions with our compañero from Indymedia Oaxaca as well as the presentation of 'True To My Pledge', a video made by MALDEOJOTV to rise funds in support of the women made widows in Oaxaca due to state repression. Click at the Full article link for background information, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

Reports: Nottingham (with audio) | Liverpool


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Indymedia Oaxaca Tour Starting In The UK

Indymedia Oaxaca, the network in the UK of Zapatista solidarity groups along with anticapitalist collectives launch a tour of information and debate on the issues surrounding the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The Tour will be visiting Birmingham on 16th May 16th, Liverpool on the 17th, Bradford on the 18th, Manchester on the 19th, Edinburgh on the 20th, Bristol on the 22nd, and finally in London's Rampart Social Centre on the 24th before jumping over to Europe. There will be films, talks and discussions with a guest from Indymedia Oaxaca.

The right to rebel is sacred, as exercising it is indispensable to break the obstacles that oppose the right to life. (Ricardo Flores Magon)

Our guest for the tour is a member of the Indymedia Oaxaca collective, and a free radio maker for the communities in the mountains north of the state. He is also a collaborator of Radio Jenpoj (Wind of Fire ). Playing the role that independent media does in the popular struggle in Oaxaca means living alongside a constant threat of targeted repression.

Click at the Full article link for background information on the current situation in Oaxaca, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.


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Repression in Mexico continues as UK prepares for action

As the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) continue their advance on the city of Oaxaca in the hopes of dislodging the Oaxacan Peoples’ Popular Assembly (APPO), the determined residents are resisting the invasion with any means available to them [Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]. This is being marked with a demonstration outside the Mexican Embassy in London at 5pm today, to coincide with the Mexican Day of the Dead [Earlier demo report] . Afterwards, there is a video screening of Brad Will's final footage [bittorrents: Es | En | DVD ] and discussion at RampART at 8pm. Meanwhile, the planned solidarity film screening on Saturday is temporarily on hold, following the eviction of the Dalston Squat on Thursday [Pictures: 1 | 2 Video: 1].

There is also a mass demonstration against climate change taking place in London on Saturday, marching to Trafalgar Square.

Recent reports about Oaxaca in IMC-UK Newswire: Mexican embassy covered in symbolic blood | Reports from Oaxaca (and what to do) | Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 | Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 2) | News From Mexico | Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 3) | Latest from Mexico | Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 4) | Oaxaca: the people win an important battle against the police! | Reporters San Frontiers investigates Brads death | Investigators slip up in Brad Will case, while seven journalists hurt in Oaxaca | Oaxaca 3rd November | London Mexican embassy protest video - 30/10/06 | Oaxaca: the battle of the Day of the Dead | Oaxaca Worldwide | 1.3 million people march in Oaxaca | Letter in Support of the People of Oaxaca.

Links: Mexico IMC (Es) | CML Mexico (Es) | New York IMC | Radio APPO (Es) and transliteration (En) | UK Climate pages


31-10-2006 17:21

Demo in Solidarity with Oaxaca outside the Mexican Embassy

IMC Banner

A peaceful demonstration to show support and solidarity with the Oaxaca people currently suffering violent police and military repression by the Mexican state took place in front of the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday [Press release]. Around 60 people including drummers and Indymedia supporters gathered in front of the Embassy with banners, and murdered indymedia videographer Brad Will's final footage was projected directly onto the Embassy's facade - all eventually violently interrupted by a massive police presence resulting in eight arrests. Reports: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | Videos: 1 | 2 | Updates on the London arrests: Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday night red paint was thrown on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy in London to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca. On Thursday another demonstration took place outside London's Mexican embassy [Photos] Later in the evening, discussion and screening of films related to Brad and the situation in Oaxaca took at rampART Social Centre and another one is planned for Saturday 4th (E4E).

There were also protests at embassies and consulates around the world, with 14 demos in the US including direct action at the Mexican consulate in New York City | demos in Rio de Janeiro, Soa Paolo, Brasilia, and Fortaleza in Brazil | Madrid | an embassy occupation in Barcelona | an embassy occupation in Napoli | and several actions in Berlin.

Further information: Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will | NYC Indymedia | IMC Mexico | Narco News | CML | La Jornada | APPO Radio Live Broadcast (Sp) | Live Radio Transcript (Eng)


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03-11-2006 00:07

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