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08-10-2004 08:05


The Chap's second annual protest agasint vulgarity will convert a major public square in London into a "Doffing Zone" for the day. Read more >>

08-10-2004 00:37

STOP PRESS: Millennium Dome to be used for ESF Accomodation!

Quite how the Guardian gets this scoop before the information is made public through the ESF organising email lists and committees is beyond me (ah no hold on, they're a "media partner").

Anyway this is truly quite astounding! Looks like £10 for three nights. This should sort out all of the ESF accomodation crisis on one fell sweep, amazing!

07-10-2004 15:15

IMC + Camden Centre 4 Day Media Programme for ESF

Four day programme at Camden Centre + IMC info and other spaces

More workshops yet to be added - will repost when finalised this weekend. Read more >>

07-10-2004 01:30

Breaking News - US North West Social Forum Collapses!!!!!!!!!!!

The US NorthWest Social Forum planned for the same time as the ESF in London has collapsed as several groups pulled out of the process citing problems over the organising process including accountability, failure to adhere to charters and values, and margianalisation of grassroots groups.

Here are the statements from

06-10-2004 21:35

The Corporation.

A few surprising facts about the modern corporation. Read more >>

06-10-2004 21:07

HALLIBURTON DOWN UNDER Broadcast Transcript (Australian Dateline)

Halliburton's Australian no-bid defence contracts,local infrastructure involvement televised in Oz for the first time Read more >>

06-10-2004 11:20

Greece: Statements by the Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Statements by the alleged members of the "17th of November" guerrilla group on the beginning of their hunger strike. Read more >>

05-10-2004 18:35

Can the Tony and Bob Show really do any good in Africa?

Tomorrow, Tony Blair arrives in Ethiopia with Bob Geldof for a meeting of his Commission for Africa. But what do African leaders make of his recommendations and how do they view Mr Blair? Richard Dowden reports from Addis Ababa. Read more >>

05-10-2004 12:21

Welcome the The Autonomous Spaces Around the ESF!

"We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, and are united in standing for grassroots self-organisation, horizontality, for diversity and inclusion, for direct democracy, collective decision making based upon consensus, and against the false consensus in which power is used to silence others." Read more >>

05-10-2004 11:11

ESF Breakfast Radio Show on Resonance 104.4 FM (fri 15 - sun 17)

Live and Direct On The Airwaves...

Each morning during the ESF tune into Resonance FM 104.4 to get one hour of the latest news and views from the Indymedia ESF Breakfast Show... Read more >>

04-10-2004 21:23

BBC misleads world over US opinion polls

BBC world service radio ignores polls,claims Bush ahead while mainstream polls show dead heat. Read more >>

03-10-2004 16:17

Babels Interpreter CoordinatorsThreaten to Pull Out of ESF

Urgent statement by Babels ESF ‘O4 European coordinators to the UK ESF Organising and Coordinating Committees, the Directors and Treasurer of the ESF UK Company, affiliated bodies, and all other organisations, groups, networks, delegates and activists participating in and organising the ESF 2004 in London. Read more >>

03-10-2004 14:41

What is happening with accomodation for no UK activist in ESF?

We are a group of 200 activist from Spain and we are totally esceptic about ESF organitation. Since a mounth time, we already bouhgt the acreditations, and sort out in Spain all relative to travelling to ESF, difussion of event and everything. But still today, we are trying to agree or especting for news about accomodation in London. Is there a sport gym or whatever where we can sleep? Alternatives?.........etc. Read more >>

01-10-2004 15:37

Scottish 'G8 Alternatives' Mobilisation News

G8Alternatives News:

01-10-2004 15:21

60 Films for 60 Years of the World Bank and IMF... web portal launched.

'Eyes on International Financial Institutions (IFIs)'
Web portal to critical independent films and videos on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Regional Development Banks launched to coincide with the WB/IMF's 60th Annual general Meetings in Washington DC. Read more >>

01-10-2004 00:27

Classic ! - "What do you think of the new G8 logo?"

If you thought £40K from the GLA on an ESF website was bad - then check this out!
Great comments from people on bbc website:

Last Updated: Thursday, 30 September, 2004, 21:12 GMT 22:12 UK

What do you think of the new G8 logo?

The new logo unveiled for the planned G8 Gleneagles summit next summer has been described as a thistle with a "modern twist".

The Scottish Executive believes the design - which cost £40,000 - has captured traditional and contemporary images of the country. The summit at the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire in July 2005 will be the main event of the UK's presidency.

But is the logo an adequate reflection of the UK's role? Do you agree it reflects Scotland's traditional and contemporary image? Has it been worth the money? Read more >>

26-09-2004 15:18

Indymedia Call for Participation Around ESF

Indymedia @ the ESF: Four Days of Tactical Media Production

Come and join us from October 14th – 17th in London.

We need your reporting, radio, photography, cables, ideas, enthusiasm and more! Read more >>

26-09-2004 08:56

Dancing on Injustice at Labour Conference

Banner over the bar
(Sat 25.09.04) In tribute to a little remembered bible verse where Christians are told to "Dance Upon Injustice", a group who were in Brighton for the Labour Conference demo's did just that. From 7pm to 1am they put on a club night in a seafront bar with the aim of raising awareness of "trade injustices" (or the effects of capitalism, as some might put it). Read more >>

25-09-2004 12:42

Palestine Checkpoints - What's the Point?

The checkpoints in Palestine are there to make life next to
impossible. They are not a security measure. Anyone
here will tell you this, and it's easy to find out for

25-09-2004 00:40

Bono, Geldof, Hertz, Labour Party Conference and the G8 NGOs

Scotsman covers bono run up to Labour Party Conference.

Expect a lot more of this in next week as the PR machines get up to speed. Read more >>


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