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11-08-2004 12:51

rampART wednesday liberation cinema

Wednesday Free Cinema at the rampART

This coming Wednesday (11th August), the rampART free cinema will stick to the weeks theme of Liberation and Latin America. As usual, films start at 8pm and entry is free and this week there will also be food and drink...

Films screened will include:
* The Forth World War (Big Noise Films) 72mins
* School of the Americas
* Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Fight of the IV World War
+ various shorts and latin beats

10-08-2004 11:29

rightwing attacks on venezuala

While the world's attention has been focused on the middle east, the inavision and occupation of Iraq and the ongoing conflict over Palestine, few people have noticed the shake up occuring in South America. Everyone knows that the latinamerican countries are generally political unstable and characterised by military rule. Many people are aware that the US has a long history of intervention, installing and supporting complient dictators or replacing those that don't tow the US line. But there has been a shift, the forth largest supplier of oil to the US has excaped the cycle and liberated themselves from the yoke of the elite. However, the odds are stacked against them. Even having survived a coup and a bosses lock out in the last couple of years, and despite every indication that the people will win the recall referendum of their democratically elected president Hugo Chavez, there may be dark clouds on the horizon. Large arms caches have been intercepted entering the country. Large amounts of explosives have gone missing from military stocks and opposition are talking openly of violence and assasination.

[to find out more, visit the rampART ( this week during Venezuela Solidarity Week for talks, films, food, and art (see for programme)]

Below is an article from a right wing american publication which gives some idea of the propaganda being released to path the way for US intervention... Read more >>

07-08-2004 11:45

Unrest in Venezuela likely

The president, Hugo Chavez, will face a revocatory referendum on his tenure on August 15th. The date was announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE) on June 8th, after it ruled that a campaign by the opposition to garner signatures from 20% of the electorate in support of a petition demanding a referendum had been successful. The result of the referendum is uncertain, as are its implications for the Chavez regime. Whatever the outcome, there is a high probability that the losing side will challenge it, either in the courts??whose neutrality is disputed by both government and opposition??or on the streets. Political instability and a policy environment subservient to the government's priority of self-preservation therefore appear likely to persist for some time...

07-08-2004 11:39

electronic voting

In this year's U.S. presidential elections, electronic voting systems will be used by an estimated 30 percent of those who vote. If you were the type to validate the partical political system by voting, would you trust your vote to these systems?

This year, a US company sold 20,000 of its election machines and licenses for their software to Venezuelan authorities for $63 million and won a $27-million contract for service during the recall vote against Hugo Chavez which takes place in August. This controversial and critical referendum may end up putting the technology on trial...


07-08-2004 11:29

Referendum on the Revolution

It took a while for Venezuela’s political opposition to figure out the best way to get rid of a president it doesn't like. First it tried general strikes, then a coup last year, then the shutdown of the country’s main industry, then an unconstitutional petition drive. Now, about two years after its campaign began, it's opting for the only constitutional way to oust an elected president: a recall referendum...

05-08-2004 12:08

Invitation to the Dissent! Network Gathering in Edinburgh 17th - 19th September

The G8 (Group of eight most industrialised nations) Summit will be held at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, about 40 miles/70 kilometres away from Edinburgh, in Scotland from 6-8th of July 2005. In past years, everywhere they have tried to meet they have been met with a massive response from the world's social movements. Now, in Britain, a network of groups and individuals is emerging that resists the Summit, and forms a lasting movement against capitalism.

The next Dissent! Gathering will take place in Edinburgh on 17th-19th September 2004.

Come along and get involved!


22-07-2004 06:55

London: Demonstrate in support of Haitian workers' rights

Demonstrate at Levi's flagship store, 174 Regent St, central London
12.30pm (lunchtime) Thursday, 29th July 2004

At the beginning of June 2004, workers sewing 505 and 555 Levi jeans in a factory in northern Haiti were threatened by factory supervisors, and beaten up by soldiers.

Following a one-day strike in mid-June, half the workforce - more than 350 workers assembling Levi's jeans - were fired by factory owners, Grupo M. Read more >>

15-07-2004 19:52


The following "article" is more of an announcement of research in progress concerned with a radical way of thinking about money, and the world. Read more >>

09-07-2004 19:21

Chavez: the FTAA is dead

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, expressed again that US project of completing a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is definitely dead. This time, the Venezuelan president made this balance at his arrival to Puerto Iguazu, in Misiones, Argentina, where he will participate on the Summit of MERCOSUR presidents. Read more >>

07-07-2004 23:08

PRESS RELEASE Privatisation of Iraq on Trial - POSSIBLY POSTPONED

Privatisation of Iraq on Trial


05-07-2004 23:11

Peace Campaigners Declare Iraq Procuremment Conference is Illegal


Peace activists on trial claim international privatisation of Iraq is pillage and violates the Geneva Convention.

04-07-2004 15:39


QUOTE: US SENATOR KERRY: ''MY PRO-ISRAEL VOTING RECORD IS SECOND TO NONE." In the policy paper, which has not been released publicly, Kerry outlines clear, strongly worded positions on several issues important to the American Jewish community. Read more >>

02-07-2004 13:52

zapatista night - chiapas reality check and discussion

information, discussion and film night around the zapatista hystory - 20- and where this movement for the indigenous right and demand to "rule" themselves is heading to at the moment - 10-. how can we in the northern city learn from the reality indigenous people are building in their rural,town and city autonomous comunities in chiapas and in mexico. what is autonomy? why? Read more >>

26-06-2004 19:03

Genoa Diaz Court Case - Quick Update - Saturday

Quick update from on the ground in Genoa, Italy: Read more >>

23-06-2004 15:07

Reclaim the streets-Hull

Reclaim the streets-Hull
26th June@12
Meet up in Pearson Park

21-06-2004 21:28

Londonrisingtide shuts down National Portrait Gallery

Today (21/05/04) protesters gathered outside the National Portrait Gallery as it prepared to unveil this year�s winner of the BP sponsored National Portrait Awards. Four London Rising Tide activists chained themselves across the front door denying access to the exclusive event to the country�s richest & most influential culture vultures and forcing them to question their compliance to BP's actions around the world. Read more >>

21-06-2004 11:48

Indymedia cinema

Spotlighting the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) on their 60th anniversary, a special London Indymedia Cinema screening will commence at 9 pm this Thursday 24th of June at the Other Cinema, Soho, with film makers' Q and A and a speaker from the Bretton Woods Project. Read more >>

20-06-2004 15:45

We are all contestants

We are all contestants
We are...

20-06-2004 00:13

Smoking Crusade is about MONEY, not Health

The so-called "smoking" bans as pushed by the Corporatocracy are about what may be the biggest evasion of Corporate Liability of all time. The elements of truth, about harms of "smoking", hide information about WHY typical smoking products are so harmful, and how this involves Big Oil, Pharms, Pesticides, Chlorine, and so on. Read more >>

18-06-2004 19:00

Crap arrest of the week candidate

This guy has been arrested on june the 16th during the 'Greenwash or Us' Street Party for "not moving" and/or for "asking why". You can see how the two cops arresting him are not giving answers to those asking why was that guy been arrested.
One of the agent is covering his badges when the camera approaches him and he says: "Get out of my face!" while another cop approach the guy who's filming telling him :"hey, uv been warned ok!?"... apparently the "get out of my face" has now became a police warning... the filming guy was then told that he was obstructing their duty (wonder why was covering his badges then!).
The guy was finally "gently" handcuffed and taken away... Read more >>


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