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15-03-2005 17:49


Police arrested two activists protesting G8 policies on climate change on 15 March at a demonstration outside a G8 ministerial meeting in the City of London. Read more >>

14-03-2005 16:55

Biggest Opposition Demo Swears to Break Syria's Stranglehold and Lahoud's Regime

Lebanon's opposition staged the biggest show of force in the nation's modern history from slain ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's graveside Monday, taking a thunderous oath to break Syria's ruthless stranglehold and tear apart President Lahoud's police state of "secret service phantoms."
Between 1.5 and 2 million opposition activists converged on Beirut's downtown Martyrs Square and surrounding neighborhoods to mark the lapse of one month on Hariri's assassination. They shouted slogans demanding the resignation of all security commanders in Lebanon because of dereliction of duty in stopping the assassination. Read more >>

13-03-2005 23:04

Dr Kissinger arrested at Gleneagles shock!

Relax and let Gleneagles take over!
This is an account with photos of my experiences at the Gleneagles Hotel on Saturday 12th March 2005. I was taken into custody after hotel security were not amused by my impersonation of Dr Henry Kissinger! Read more >>

12-03-2005 10:33

Commission For Africa Report - pdf download and some criticisms

12th March 05: Tony Blair yesterday launched the much heralded "Our Common Interest" Commission For Africa Report, put togethr by a 17-member international commission which he chaired - with Bob Geldolf providing several 4 star "Fuck" quotes (saying it would cost the United States "fuck all" to free the African continent of the shackles of war, poverty and disease).

12-03-2005 03:11

G8Alternatives Apply for Permission for Gleneagles Demo

The press have reported that G8Alternatives have today (11th march) applied for permission to hold their demonstration on the first day of the G8 Summit - starting from Gleneagles train station, passing by Gleneagles hotel, to end with a rally in the park at Auchterarder (the local village). The reports say that they think approval will be given with some conditions attached. Read more >>

12-03-2005 00:08

Avoiding the Death of WORLD SOCIAL FORUM:

up in smoke or Vote to Build
anyone in a social movement organization - will vote on each section and on the overall WSF Economic proposals before the next forum. Then depending on if the vote is near equal (40 to 60 percent either way) then the 2 groups should split up as they are clearly polarized. Read more >>

11-03-2005 12:24

Pictures from the Employment Ministers G8 Protest in London

Set 1
Some small version pictures from the G8 Employment Ministers Protest in London on Thursday 11th March 05. Read more >>

11-03-2005 04:08

the other WMD film about media manipulation

There is going to be an attempt at a global launch screening of this timely and important film WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception we are showing at the duke of clrence , st georges theatre and other but are looking for other venue sreening date 20th march mail with help or offers to stand around in your local drinking beer showing a film to you mates contact Read more >>

10-03-2005 20:21

G8 Employment Ministers Protest In London (thurs 10th report)

Today, Thursday 10 March 2005, a small group of around 25 activists gathered outside the Department of Trade and Industry in London to mark the G8 Employment Ministers meeting.

While the last G8 Summit in the UK in Birmingham in 1998 focused on ‘employability’ and economic restructuring, the result people see now in their daily lives is social cuts, privatisation and compulsory work schemes imposed throughout Europe and beyond.

10-03-2005 15:35

Theatre of War and Trident Ploughshares Locked on at Scots Parliament

Come down!

09-03-2005 20:01

Statewatch Report on G8 and EU Counter Terrorism Plans

Special Statewatch 12,000 worrd report on G8 and EU counter-terrorism plans, pulished today, 8th March 2005.

Also check the excellant Statewatch website for the latest news and analysis on the current UK Prevention of Terrorism Bill -

09-03-2005 16:36

Norwich 2nd Anarchist Bookfair

Waterloo Park, Angel Road, Norwich

06-03-2005 09:18

Blair to use anti-terror laws on G8 protestors

Blair refused to rule out using controversial new anti-terror laws against G8 protesters when Britain hosts the summit of world leaders in July. Read more >>

05-03-2005 07:48

Urgent!! International Support for the workers of Zanon, Argentina!

Social movements around the world are watching the struggle of the Zanon workers with great interest and passionate support. This highly successful alternative to the neoliberal status quo should not be repressed or threatened: it should be celebrated, supported, and exported Read more >>

04-03-2005 15:11

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army desperately needs a LOGO !!!

The clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown has set up a competition for graphic designers and friends to design them a logo !!! Read more >>

04-03-2005 13:46

Resist the G8 Emplyment Ministers Meeting!

Resist the G8 Employment Ministers Meeting: London 10th-11th March Read more >>

04-03-2005 12:43

The Democracy Gap

On reclaiming progressive values from the PR of western elites. Read more >>

02-03-2005 19:52

G8 Dissent International Networking Meeting in Germany - Report

The Dissent international networking meeting was held over the weekend of 26th-27th February in Tuebingen, Germany.

Up to one hundred people from all over europe and beyond came together to continue planning protests against the G8 Summit and campaigns around the issues related to it. With people from well over 20 different countries in attendance this was a truly international event.

02-03-2005 00:53

News For Sale

Context of NEWS FOR SALE: information in the age of market-driven journalism - a conference 12 March, Camden Hall, London WC1 - Organised to highlight commodification of the media. Features 14 speakers from 6 countries and will cover Ownership, control and distribution, Impact of GATS and TRIPS agreements, internet, EU policies, Regulation vs. deregulation.

01-03-2005 23:57

Precarity Assembly

Saturday 5th March 1pm-6pm
Upstairs at the Cock Tavern, Corner of Phoenix Road and Chalton Street, Somers Town NW1 (nearest tube Euston) Read more >>


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