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03-07-2005 10:45

Britain taught Uzbek killers "marksmanship" two months before Andijan massacre

British military advisers trained Uzbek troops in "marksmanship" shortly before a massacre in which hundreds of people were killed. The training was part of a larger programme funded by Britain despite concerns expressed by the Foreign Office at the time over the Uzbekistan government's human rights record.

03-07-2005 10:41

UK-based airline running guns to Congo killers - Amnesty calls for inquiry

REBEL groups terrorising civilians in eastern Congo, where a devastating war marked by widespread atrocities has killed nearly 4m people, are doing so with weapons and ammunition flown to Africa by a British-based airline.

01-07-2005 09:07

G8- BRING 10mm Rope + Climber's Karabiners

People are saying make sure that you bring rope ( 10mm builders blue polyproperlene will do) and any old rock climbing carabiners. Try to
get 50+ metres of rope. - old climbers rope is also great.
And bring waterproof walking boots and 1 litr water bottles.

01-07-2005 02:44

Why we are anti-capitalist. Why we are fighting the G8.

We are anti-capitalist because we do not believe that capitalism can be consistent with democracy, social justice, environmental sense or the fight against AIDS: an argument, via Starbucks and Bill Gates, for why the South is all of us. Read more >>

30-06-2005 18:05

First Aid Training in Edinburgh

Friday 1 July
Learn: How to be safe at an action
How to prepare yourself and your friends
How to treat commonly seen injuries and illnesses
How to decontaminate from crowd-control chemical weapons
How to care for yourself and your friends after the protest

30-06-2005 16:55

Diabolical antics from Diageo - tactical drinking...

Tactical drinking...

30-06-2005 16:46

London actions - Dr Who Crew

Dalek central
London actions...

30-06-2005 13:48

Piracy in Paddington

Wednesday 29 June saw the meeting of two groups of corporate pirates at the Paddington Hilton Hotel....


30-06-2005 13:23

Police Surround London Institute for Autonomy in Preparation for G8 Summit

It appears that police have just surrounded the Institute for Autonomy squat and are illegally detaining and searching its occupants, seizing personal documents and openly talking about the searches being conducted in preparation for the G8 Summit. At the request of a friend, I am posting all the information he has sent me so far. Read more >>

30-06-2005 12:40

G8 police repression already started

Police repression has already begun in the run up to the G8 summit protests. Read more >>

29-06-2005 14:45

To sHell or to Connaught!

Local Area
Local community requests help from activists to fight a Shell/Statoil/Marathon gas pipeline that will threaten their lives and be ecologically devastating for an isolated, beautiful area of Ireland Read more >>

29-06-2005 12:48

Live 8

Live 8, a rock concert to rock the world. Read more >>

28-06-2005 17:10


Oxfordshire residents went to Campsfield House Removal Centre near Kidlington today to offer support for the detainees who are on hunger strike over conditions inside and are grieving the suicide of one Zimbabwean man yesterday morning. They will go there again tomorrow. Read more >>

28-06-2005 15:07

Greek Union G8 Protests

Solidarity actions of activists and unions against G8

Four years after Genoa 2001, activists in Greece are organising Days of Action against G8 in solidarity with demonstrators in Scotland. Read more >>

27-06-2005 23:44

G8 - Our Agenda - Our World Working For All Of Us

When We The People Lead - Our Leaders Follow
““You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”
BUT ………. You can sprinkle salt in its food.
If we go to Edinburgh with hatred, negativity and blame in our hearts and minds, we will be part of the problem, not the solution, the result will be more of the same if not worse Read more >>

27-06-2005 12:14

Letter To The Black Block

What did we learn from Genoa? We learnt that those who bring violence into the movement bring the state in with them. Read more >>

27-06-2005 00:55

Girl in a Cafe my arse! BBC TV G8 Film Tosh

Girl in a Cafe my arse. This was Imperialism in a Hotel.
Stuart Hodkinson.

For those unfortunate enough to have just sat through Richard Curtis's (a.k.a. 'Bob with a brain') ridiculous BBC TV film, The Girl in the Cafe, about a pretend G8 summit in a Reykjavik hotel, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Yes, you really did just watch a jingoistic political broadcast on behalf of New Labour. Yes, she really did interrupt the PM's speech at the G8 dinner by clicking her fingers every 3 seconds to mark a child dying of extreme poverty in Africa. And no, you really didn't learn a single thing about the causes of that poverty, the culpability of the present UK government and the destructive role of the G8 in the world.

26-06-2005 23:33

Dr Who Crew investigate reprts of 'reformed' Daleks...

Dr Who Crew meet Daleks at BBC action.
The Dr Who Crew have investigated the recent reports of ‘reformed’ Daleks expressing support for Make Poverty History. These Daleks are agent provocateurs; they cannot be trusted. Supporting MPH only confirms that they are ruthless in their pursuit of total world domination. An account of our investigation follows. Read more >>

26-06-2005 23:21

Photos of G8 info point and Jack Kane centre.

Here are some photos of the G8 info point in Edinburgh. Read more >>

26-06-2005 15:38

Pirates battling and singing for Iraq

corporate pirates!
This Wednesday 29 June, the Corporate Pirates will be out en masse to protest at the Iraq Petroleum Conference 2005. The protest is taking place at the Hilton, Paddington, London. Assemble Edgware Road tube at 10.30am. Organised by Corporate Pirates and Iraq Occupation Focus. Come dressed as a pirate (if possible!) and look out for the pirates' galleon...

It's vital that many people come up to sing out the message that Iraqi wealth should be in the hands of the Iraqi people. We must stop the corporate plunder of Iraq! Read more >>


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