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27-02-2005 16:55

MP Accountability: David Lepper, Brighton Pavilion

Below details the facts of David Lepper's performance as my MP. Go to research your MP and name & shame. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual (and most probably poor) record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!! Read more >>

27-02-2005 09:50

Condi, Kofi, WB, IMF, EU and Russia

This benign bunch will all be in London on Tuesday to teach the Palestinians how to be a good client state, and to encourage them to accept permanent untermenschen status in the Middle East. And to big up Phoney Tony too. Read more >>

26-02-2005 19:13

Fascism: Alive and Well in US

The following articles are the attempt to speak of events and attitudes in the US, which also have global consequence due to the "spread of democracy" currently falsly under way by the Neo-Con cultists in the US.... Read more >>

26-02-2005 00:05

'Oil & Activism' meeting at the LSE - a report

The LSE 'Oil and Activism' meeting on Monday night was packed. I was warned that I would be kicked out if I carried on handing out 'What's Right with BP?' leaflets before the start. (Let us know if you'd like a copy sent electronically - very handy for giving to BP-sponsored cabbies and shops with BP-sponsored National Portrait Gallery posters!) Read more >>

24-02-2005 05:07

Report with photos of Public Rally in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd February 2005.

From left; Tommy Sheridan MSP, Iraqi Ahmed Rustan, Chair, Writer A L Kennedy.
This is a 1,300 word report with 5 photos of the Public Rally in Glasgow on Tuesday 23rd February 2005 which was to help build for the International day of action on Saturday March 19th 2005. Read more >>

23-02-2005 01:26

Water Cannon and Tear Gas in Brussels

Police have used water canon and tear gas against anti-bush protesters near the EU headquarters in Brussels. Petrol bombs were thrown at the Police by demonstrators. Read more >>

22-02-2005 21:02

April 15th: All-Night Anti-Free Trade Protest In Whitehall + Global Action Week

Thousands of people are expected to flock to Whitehall in April to take part in an all-night demonstration against free trade and forced economic liberalisation in what campaigners have called a protest against the "obscene world trade system".

22-02-2005 02:05

SPEAK Launches Big Dress against Trade Injustice

SPEAK banner
SPEAK (the Student Christian Justice Network, not the Oxford folk) today launched their "Big Dress", the largest garment in the world, to a crowd of 400 students, ministers, mps and corpo-journo's. Doubling as a creative petition, with individual squares painted at festivals and freshers fairs nationwide, it is designed to draw attention to the horrors of the modern garment industry. Read more >>

21-02-2005 15:06

Anti-Bush Protests in Belgium (20th jan sunday reports)

Yesterday, 20th Feb, between 500 and 1000 people protested against Bush in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange at the start of his European visit. A big banner saying "The world holds you accountable", made clear that many hold him responsible for the death and pain of thousands of people. Posters with the names of countries that were bombed by the US illustrated this statement.

For more reports over the next two days see:

21-02-2005 12:59

G8 Detention Centres, Anti-Terror Stop and Searches and Special Court Sittings!

Several press reports over the weekend and today (21st Feb) have indicated the following: Read more >>

20-02-2005 08:33

G8 and OILWATCH interview on Climate Summit Cop10

24/7 365
The Convention on Climate Change is the platform where the world decides what to do about "the Climate". Every year the climate big wigs give birth to pretty horrible things in the name of "sustainable" development. Kyoto was one of those. With russia about to ratify the Kyoto climate change agreement... Read more >>

17-02-2005 23:22

How the US murdered a City

These are war crimes for which the Bush adminastration should all swing at the end of a rope, and I pray to God they all do soon! Read more >>

15-02-2005 11:52

Opposing the Olympic Bid

Saturday saw the successful launch of a week of protest which ends with a public demonstration in Meridian Square, Stratford Station on the 19th February at 1pm. 20 traditional narrowboats travelled the canals and gathered at the site of the proposed Olympic Stadium.

15-02-2005 11:18

Victory for McLibel 2 against UK Government

This morning (15th February) the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression. The McLibel 2 (Helen Steel, 39 & Dave Morris, 50) had launched legal proceedings against the UK government arguing that the marathon 'McLibel trial' which lasted 313 days - the longest trial of any kind in English legal history - and UK libel laws, breached the European Convention on Human Rights Article 6 (right to a fair trial) and Article 10 (right to freedom of expression). Read more >>

13-02-2005 23:30

ready for iran yet?

so why iran ?

13-02-2005 19:39

G8: Activists Being Monitored - Border Controls Considered reports Scotsman

Scotsman roundup of security measures re G8 Summit in July 05 - including assertion by Tayside Chief Constable that "known activists" were already being "monitored" by "undercover officers" both in the UK and mainland Europe, and that police are "talking to the Crown about a range of issues... ...including restricting access to Scotland". John Vine, the Chief Constable of Tayside Police said: "In extreme situations we may apply to prevent entry into Scotland". Read more >>

13-02-2005 17:11

Climate change demo pictures.

How most of us veiw America at present.
Thousands take to the streets of London to make their feelings known about the small matter of our planet being destroyed by greedy profit obsessed scum like George Bush. Read more >>

13-02-2005 15:02

Caminos De Resistencia film festival

programme now available:

11-02-2005 14:09

G8: Scottish Parliament Petition re Policing + Protests

G8 Alternatives are publicising a petition in response to some of the alarming reports about policing plans for the G8 summit protests this coming July is Scotland. The petition demands that riot police equipped with rubber bullets are not used for policing, that venues be provided for protest meetings and accomodation, and that protestors creating their own spaces should be allowed to do so. Read more >>

10-02-2005 19:51

Creative Forum and Peace Not War

Creative Forum with Peace Not War, this Saturday 12th Feb 2005. Great line up. Fab day. Cool people. 49 Tufnel Park Road. St.Georges' Theatre. Be there. Read more >>


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