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08-01-2006 13:10

Anti Lydd Airport expansion-Update

Newsletter from one of the groups opposing the expansion of Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh, Kent, (LAAG) see first post below and some info from the Keep The marsh Special Alliance.(2nd item) Read more >>

05-01-2006 11:51

Dance out WEF 14.Jan.06

flyer german
Protests against the WEF

04-01-2006 16:42

Occupiers ready to resist Broadway Market Eviction.

Over 30 people watched the sun rise from the roof of Tony's cafe, occupied for weeks by the local community resisting gentrification, ready to resist the Bailiffs once again ( this is the 5th attempt at eviction !). Read more >>

03-01-2006 10:59

Plane Stupid Campaign building up steam

The campaign to stop the third runway at Heathrow is building up steam, attracting lots of national press coverage. This follows the pie-ing of Alistair Darling, the disruption of the aviation conference and the demo on Towerbridge that meant the aviation bosses required a police escort. Read more >>

21-12-2005 08:34

Urgent eviction of Broadway market cafe NOW

occupied for 3 weeks by an inspiring mixture of locals and activists this cafe that is going to be illegally turned into yuppie flats at 34 broadway market is now being evicted and demolished - please come down and help stop the further gentrification of hackney- support needed now - eviction began 7am.. Read more >>

21-12-2005 07:19


After 2 weeks of occupation against gentrification, by an inspiring coalition of locals and activists the cafe on broadway market has just started to be evicted - call came at 7am -- please come down to 34 broadway market, London Fields, Hackney - as soon as you can . Read more >>

05-12-2005 19:38

Climate Change & Resistance to Big Oil - film night

London Rising Tide & Indymedia cinema present...

05-12-2005 12:37

Peak Oil - Global Crisis? Free Event - London, December 14th

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary The LSE Environmental Initiatives Network are pleased to present this free event on December 14th: "Peak Oil" - the Global Crisis? Read more >>

03-12-2005 20:45

Pics from campaign against climate change demo

Crowd at the start in Lincoln's Inn
10,000? marchers took to the streets of London to protest climate change while world leaders decide to do too little too late in Montreal.

03-12-2005 19:25

ACLU, el-Masri SUING CIA for Flight to Prison, Torture

The famous "26 Planes"
CIA prisons and CIA flights are a growing front-page story, and Khaled el-Masri is a good example of why we all should oppose extrajudcial flights and prisons. El-Masri is the first to sue the CIA for "rendition," or kidnapping-to-torture. The ACLU in New York will assist. This article presents the kind of information they will use. He can't sue the CIA? There are private individuals he can sue, including top officials like the CIA official, the Deputy Director of Operations, who authorizes each rendition and each of 6 steps in the escalation of CIA torture. Once-proud Germany allows its citizens to be treated thus: Khaled, a German citizen charged and suspected of nothing, was arrested on vacation as he crossed the Macedonian border on New Year's Eve 2003. He was transported by a US company, Premier Executive Transport, on a 737 jet to a secret US gulag in Aghanistan. He was dumped in Albania 5 months later when the CIA learned they had the wrong man. It would seem Premier, who provided the plane, and whatever company supplied the pilots, could be sued as well. Many such suits could ensue. Read more >>

03-12-2005 19:20 | 3 additions

Thousands march in London Climate demonstration.

March progresses along the Embankment
Thousands marched today as London's contribution to the International Day of Climate Protest.

A wholly peaceful demonstration wound its way from Lincoln's Inn Fields, via Thames Embankment, Parliament Square (where there was a brief sit down) and Downing Street to - astonishingly - the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

02-12-2005 18:00

Guardian Media Group Close City Life

Poets, journalists, publishers, businesses and readers gathered in Manchester today to launch a campaign to save City Life magazine. Thirteen jobs have been axed but many more journalists will suffer. The editorial team at City Life comprised of thirteen staff but also seventeen freelance staff who... Read more >>

29-11-2005 21:42

critical mass lock-on at aviation conference at tower bridge tonight

a genuinely harmless plane
among various attempts to protest and disrupt the aviation conference, tonight's gala dinner at the tower bridge rooms was the target of critical mass, and an attempt to delay delegates by locking on across the embankment. Read more >>

29-11-2005 14:57 | 1 addition

Two Edinburgh G8 court cases collapse

Two recent G8 court cases in Edinburgh saw the prosecution case completely collapse. Defendants were found not guilty when the Procurator Fiscal threw in the towel halfway through the trials. Read more >>

27-11-2005 14:31

Tory leader (Til 6Dec)M.Howard on Trident&Climate Change.

Letters to a constituent from out going Toty leader Michael Howard on Trident renewal (Greenpeace campaign) and Climate Change (FoE campaign).

23-11-2005 10:20

Half Price Sale

T Shirt Design
Imagine the fun that can be had when you print up a bundle of half price sale t-shirts and then wander around London's shopping mecca? Read more >>

15-11-2005 18:59

"Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity" conference

The fifth No Sweat conference will take place at SOAS in central London on Saturday November 26. Read more >>

12-11-2005 18:00

DEMOcracy in Action

some of the messages of the antiwar protest on September 24th Read more >>

08-11-2005 16:22

Weekend flights to double at Farnborough?

TAG Aviation have applied to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport from 2,500 per annum to 5,000 per annum. Read more >>

03-11-2005 17:09


The July 2005 Solidarity Group, a support group for people arrested at the G8, has denounced the police publication of “Wanted” photos of anti G8 demonstrators. The Group states that they will support all facing charges arising from the G8 demonstrations, and calls for all charges to be dropped. Scotland against Criminalising Communities, a grass-roots organisation campaigning against the “anti-terrorism” laws, is supporting the stand of the July 2005 Solidarity Group. Read more >>


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