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08-12-2006 11:43

Public Meeting this Sunday on 19/3/07 Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond

The common call to action to make March 19th 2007 a global day of action against the war on terror, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion, followed by a proposed response to be discussed at a public meeting at ULU, London, in Room 3E on the 10th December from 2-6pm. Please circulate widely. Read more >>

06-12-2006 13:49

Who do you have to kill to get an invite?

Halloween is a complex tradition, and different people choose to celebrate it in different ways, but this year in darkest Westminster there were some particularly spooky events, and an unusual array of ghouls. Read more >>

05-12-2006 01:12

Preview recorded for ResonanceFM, of Platform's new opera 'Andwhilelondon burns'

Listen to an interview with James Marriot of Platform discussing his recent joint project with John Jordan an opera/audio walk entitled 'And While London Burns' "a soundtrack for the era of climate change".
Interview recorded by Pennie Quinton for Resonance FM104.4 Read more >>

02-12-2006 06:45 | 1 addition

Harmondworth Solidarity Demo at Kalyx

Inside and Outside the Camp: Resistance Continues
This is a statement by London No Borders on the Uprising at Harmondsworth IRC and the protests at UK Detention Centres and the solidarity action we did outside Kalyx on Friday Night

28-11-2006 12:51

March 19th 2007 - A Global Day of Action for Iraq and Beyond

The common call to action to make March 19th 2007 a global day of action against the war on terror, marking the 4th anniversary of the invasion, followed by a proposed response. Please circulate widely. Read more >>

27-11-2006 23:41

Global Economic Prospects 2007: Managing the Next Wave of Globalisation

Richard Newfarmer, Team Leader, Economic Advisor and GEP co-author, World Bank
Andrew Burns, Lead Economist, Prospects Group and author of GEP chapter one, World Bank
Discussant: Simon Maxwell, Director, ODI
Chair: Dr Ian Goldin, Director, James Martin 21st Century School, University of Oxford


24-11-2006 15:59

Peak Oil : High tide for an oil addicted world

2006 has seen awareness of Climate Change reach new levels and those who have said for so long that something should be done to reduce CO2 emissions are seeing action slowly – perhaps too slowly – beginning to happen.

The incredible levels of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere are a result of the massive explosion of the human population in the 20th century and the resulting use of resources – especially the burning of fossil fuels –due to our rising living standards and expectations.

24-11-2006 14:36

"Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity" conference, 25 November

The No Sweat campaign's 2006 conference takes place at SOAS on Saturday 25 November. Read more >>

24-11-2006 02:31

Global Action Day for Education (30th Nov.)

A Global Action Day for Education will take place on the 30th Nov to protest and resist neoliberal reforms (especially within the education sector). Students of the world unite! Read more >>

22-11-2006 23:00

Student Sit-In Halts LSE Oil Baron Peter Sutherland's Lecture

LSE Students sit-in
LSE students this evening demonstrated their opposition to the appointment of current BP Chair, Peter Sutherland, as the prospective Chair of LSE Court of Governors by staging a mass sit-in and halting a public lecture that he was due to give at the university. Read more >>

16-11-2006 15:25

Organising for Fighting Unions: turning anger into workplace activism

Activists gathered in London last Saturday to discuss the kind of trade unions we need today Read more >>

07-11-2006 23:32 | 1 addition

Day of Resistance to the War: March 19th, 2007

On March 19th 2007, we call for a worldwide day of resistance to the imperialist, racist and senseless war in Iraq. We propose occupations, acts of civil disobedience, and direct action. We propose that these acts of resistance be directed towards governments, military recruitment centres, corporations, and other institutions that perpetuate empire and war. Read more >>

07-11-2006 17:23

Wolfowitz in London next Monday morning

Paul Wolfowitz, neo-con co-architect of the Iraq invasion and presidenbt of the World Bank will be in London next Monday, and the Bank's European office has requested a meeting with UK development NGOs for 10.30 am. Venue not known as yet.... Read more >>

07-11-2006 14:12

Travel agents disrupted in Reading!

As part of yesterdays day-of-action against short-haul flights, called for by Plane Stupid, there were direct-actions and protest against travel agents in Reading.


06-11-2006 16:14

Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity

No Sweat's annual conference takes place in London on 25 November. Read more >>

06-11-2006 13:13 | 3 additions

Stop Moping - Towards Strategic Insurrection

Big mobilisation haven't turned out very successful recently. The 22nd October Collective gives us an idea why. Some more thoughts on strategies and what makes them work. Read more >>

05-11-2006 18:49 | 1 addition

Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)

Credit: Marc Vallée -
Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)

03-11-2006 10:33

People & Planet: Carnival of Climate Chaos (London, Saturday 4 November, ICount)

In the wake of the Stern Review, on the eve of critical international climate talks in Nairobi, and shortly before the Queen's Speech, young people will demonstrate that they will not sit back and wait for the catastrophic climate change predicted for our generation. Marching from Bloomsbury to Trafalgar Square, the Carnival looks set to be one of the most impressive student mobilisations in years. Read more >>

01-11-2006 21:13

Brad Will and Oaxaca discussion and films

Bradley, 25 October 2006
At the rampART social centre (15 rampart street, London E1 2LA)
this thursday evening (2nd November), from 8pm...

01-11-2006 15:06

Oaxaca solidarity film evening.

Federal Preventative Police (PFP) are still advancing on the city of Oaxaca in the hopes of dislodging the Peoples’ Popular Assembly (APPO.) In the face of an impending military occupation of their city, determined residents are resisting the invasion without resorting to violence. We'll be showing video testimony shot by authentic journalists determined to document the truth about the Mexican state violence. Read more >>


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