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08-07-2005 12:37

African Activists: Make Poverty History is being co-opted

Patrick Bond, Dennis Brutus and Virginia Setshedi argue that the celebrity chasing paternalism of Make Poverty History and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) is an unwelcome retreat from the global democratic challenge to market-led globalisation. Read more >>

08-07-2005 10:23

The London Bombings: Time for Blair to Wake Up or Resign

The US & UK’s oil & war-hungry foreign-policies look set to see London and other major western cities facing years, perhaps decades, of terrorist guerrilla warfare. Could our elected representatives be doing more to speak out against the illegal wars that have precipitated these barbaric acts?

07-07-2005 21:42

Photos from the G8 summit in gleneagles

clown insurgents !
Please see for photos of the G8 demo including the break off demo in the fields! more photos uploaded there later.



ps please acredit sal achhala if u use the photos Read more >>

07-07-2005 20:38

London bombing to the eyes of the third world

What is the feeling in the so called third world about the bombing?
As in all matters, all depends on the glass you see the reality thru. Read more >>

07-07-2005 17:47

Action at Gleneagles

Wednesday 6th July, afternoon, at G8 Alternatives march to Gleneagles. Activists reach main gate and many enter the fields surrounding Gleneagles, some breaching the perimeter fence, with large numbers of demonstrators from the main march looking on. Read more >>

07-07-2005 17:16

GW8 Audio: Global Warming 8 Counter Conference Recordings

Global Warming 8 (GW8) was hosted by the unique coalition of the UK's leading aid and environment agencies, the Working Group on Climate Change and Development formed to fight the unprecedented threat climate change poses to human development. It offered a 'reality check' to the G8 heads of state as people from eight developing nations outline the devastating impact to be expected if climate change goes unchecked.

07-07-2005 15:37

Get a clue -- terrorists don't throw rocks, London bombings and the G8

British and London authorities should be ashamed of themselves. While
1500 London police are over in Scotland, part of a 15,000-strong
policing force, watching people chant and march
against the G8, they leave their home unprotected from real terrorists. Read more >>

07-07-2005 15:34

Solidarity with London, from an anarchosindicalist digital journal in Spain

Nuevamente el terror ha sacudido con toda su fuerza a los de siempre, a los que utilizan los medios de transportes públicos para ir a trabajar, estudiar..., vagones cargados de trabajadoras y trabajadores, indefensos. Read more >>

07-07-2005 15:16

LONDON TODAY? What about Iraq for 2-1/2 Years?


Horrifying pictures are coming out of Iraq today and every day -- have been for almost two and a half years. And all the media wants to show us and talk about is three subway blasts and a bus blast in London. These are white people! They share our history! They share our religion!
If you want to see the face of horror, look for images of Iraq on or www.jihadunspun or Google.

What has been happening in Iraq -- that is what is BARBARIC.

What happened in London is a consequential TRAGEDY. I hate that it happened. It is terrorism, and I hate terrorism.

What the UK and USA have been doing in Iraq is even worse -- it is state-sanctioned (Not in Our Name?) and thus is on a scale orders of magnitude greater.

TED KOPPEL: The next time you feel like reading names on the air, read off the names of civilians killed in Iraq. Whether it is 5000 or 12,000 or 100,000 (as the British medical journal Lancet and the US Johns Hopkins University research shows) -- I guarantee that you will be opposing the war after reading for a few days.

It is time to leave Iraq. Cut and run? Hardly. Defend the US, yes, but that is not what Iraq is about, and you know it. It will be much easier for the Army to defend the US if we use it for its intended purpose rather than as an economic instrument. Read more >>

07-07-2005 12:48

Solidarity From NYC

Solidarity to the people of London, and especially those working for a better world who find themselves hemmed in by terrorists on one side and reactionary governments on the other. We know what you're going through. May you learn from our example. Read more >>

06-07-2005 19:36

London g8 action

London g8 action at Business Action for Africa Read more >>

06-07-2005 10:33

The Games Must Go On!

The issue dominating the news today is... you guessed it, the bid to host a sporting event seven years in the future, the Olympics! Read more >>

05-07-2005 23:02

Report of `Carnival for full enjoyment` on Monday 4th July. 12 photos attached.

This is a 1,500 word report of the `Carnival for full enjoyment`
which took place in Edinburgh on Monday 4th July 2005. 12 labelled photos of the day are attached.

05-07-2005 17:39

movement of the imagination at the G8

movement of the imagination against G8
art activism against the G8 and capitalism placed on boarded up shops and over ads at bus stops in Edinburgh...


05-07-2005 17:37

My day at Live8

The politics of live8 might have been dismal, but so was the event in Hyde Park. Read more >>

05-07-2005 12:23

G8.. G8 .. G8 .. G8 ..If the ship sinks it sinks for us all - Feeding the beast

If the ship sinkd, it sinks for ALL of us
Edinburgh, G8 etc is an amazing reality show interactive theatre - We are collectively writing the script - All of us from all points of the compass - we are colllectively creating our future RIGHT NOW! - The police - the government, the rest of us, we live in a soup of action reaction - infinite possibility Read more >>

04-07-2005 15:36

Live 8 – the concerts

This is Live 8, the greatest rock show in the history of the world. Read more >>

04-07-2005 09:57

Report of `Make Poverty History` march in Edinburgh with 12 photos

This is a 2,200 word report from the `Make Poverty History` march and rallies of Saturday 2nd July 2005. 12 labelled photos are attached. Read more >>

03-07-2005 12:46

The Clown Army and its Entourage Extravaganza

The Clown Army's governmental photographer
The Clown Army has acquired such fame that it draws a number of groupies:
Geoff, the Black Bitches and The Full Monty line dancing group Read more >>

03-07-2005 10:50

Rhythms of Resistance: Their biggest fan

Patrick up front
Rhythms of Resistance have found their own govenmental tour photographer. Read more >>


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