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18-11-2003 11:14

Police Filmed Returning ESF Visitors at Waterloo

surveillance society...

17-11-2003 21:55

Letter from America - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROTESTS!

Seattle Police Attacking Americans at LEIU Protests, June 2, 2003
I am an American activist who is appalled by our President Bush, and am writing to support your Bush protests from America. I saw Bush on American TV last night. An announcer from the UK said he had never seen this much vehemence towards a U.S. president in the UK EVER. Bush's response was that he was HAPPY to go to a country where protest/free speech was openly embraced and allowed. The hypocrisy here is unbelievable.

17-11-2003 20:18

ChasingBush: SMS Tracking Website Live + Instructions

The Chasing Bush state visit tracking site has gone live from its holding page with info of how to get involved etc: Read more >>

17-11-2003 15:23

what britons really think about bush... (yougov poll results)


ok just another poll - but results are supported by other recent polls - the message is clear - BUSH GO HOME! Read more >>

17-11-2003 15:10

100,000 Anti Bush Petition Handed into Downing Street

11am this morning:

17-11-2003 14:43

Reasons to protest Bush Visit

Just a few of the many reasons to protest at the visit from bush: Read more >>

16-11-2003 23:05

2 BP bosses in one day - report(s) from London Rising Tide actions

LRT-ers protest outside RCS as BP chair is disrupted within
Thursday 13th November 2003 saw BP Chairman Peter Sutherland and BP CEO John Browne out and about on a full-on charm offensive. Could this have been to counteract the bad publicity the company had been getting over the approval of public funding for the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline? In response, London Rising Tide and its new alter ego the Foundation for the Advancement of Big Oil (or FABO) decided to hijack the slick BP green(wash) machine. Read more >>

16-11-2003 15:31

Public petition-alarm call releashed by the 5 hunger strikers' doctors

Here is the public petition-alarm call written by the three doctors of the 5 hunger strikers of thessaloniki.....adressing as the only one responsible the greek goverment.
But also proving how the goverment is ussing these days the dying 5... as a bite, in order to agress and to force in extreme violence all the solidarity movement at the up-comming (annual) demos of the national feest of 17November....and eventually arrest even more comrades... so athens is gonna be secure for the summer ollympic games...and all americans as well Read more >>

15-11-2003 17:06

Moblogging Bush - SMS Text Tracking System for State Visit >>

OK, folks - here's the nuts and bolts of the Bush-stalking moblog... Read more >>

15-11-2003 16:45

Bush State Visit: Corporate Media Coverage

Page for collecting together a list of corporate media articles about the Bush State Visit to britain - 19-21st November 2003: Read more >>

15-11-2003 16:35

Daily Mail - Anarchist Thugs Plot a Bush Demo BLOODBATH!

More madness from The Daily Mail... "Bloodbath"? well maybe if the US secret service shoot a few people! Also includes a nice paragraph to try and split people by suggesting mainstream organisers have been informing police about those with more radical plans...

14-11-2003 15:51

The FTAA country by country (2nd part)

The struggle of the Latin American countries to came out of the deep economic crisis that produce social inequalities is different on each country: “in some countries the struggle advance and in others it declines”. The FTAA process promises solutions, but actually it will implicate to get deep in many of these inequalities.
We continue our tour by Latin America, checking each country’s situation respect to the Free Trade Area of the America’s agreement. Read more >>

14-11-2003 05:04

Sponsorship Opportunity: City of London Police Mounted Unit!

14-11-2003 04:54

Interesting article in The Spectator on Bush visit

Hail to the Chief

George Bush needs to be pictured with the Queen to impress voters in the forthcoming presidential election, but, says Peter Oborne, next week’s state visit by the Commander-in-Chief is causing chaos


13-11-2003 21:41

The Alternative State Procession Order

The Alternative State Procession Document:

13-11-2003 13:36

"Anti-Bushism" hits U.S. expats in London

The British abandoned their stiff upper lips and hugged Americans after 9/11. Now much of that goodwill has evaporated and the blame is being laid firmly at the door of George W. Bush. Read more >>

13-11-2003 11:48


Join us and keep our opposition to GM on the agenda when Bush visits the UK this month. Read more >>

12-11-2003 23:20

FABO welcome BP boss Browne to IoD dinner tonight!


2 big BP fish will be out and about on Thursday 13th November. As well as BP Chair Peter Sutherland at the Royal Commonwealth Society at lunchtime, BP boss Lord Browne will be addressing the centenary dinner of the Institute of Directors at the Royal Albert Hall in the evening. (Can this charm offensive be anything to do with the poor publicity generated by its planned Baku-Ceyhan pipeline?) Read more >>

12-11-2003 13:16

No easy ride for BP Chairman Sutherland - tomorrow (13.11.03)

BP Chairman, ex-WTO boss, board member of a fistful of blue chip companies and all round cheerleader for full-on capitalist globalisation Sutherland is peddling his ideological wares tomorrow. Come down and give him a (globally) warm welcome. He speaks on 'Access to World Markets: Tackling Poverty, Creating Equity', at the The Royal Commonwealth Society, 18 Northumberland Ave, London, WC2N 5BJ. Be outside at midday if you can. Read more >>

11-11-2003 20:39

Bush-Uribe: Assasssins in Colombia

From Bogota to Sarevena: Unity Rises, the People Resist
US military aid to Colombia is threatening more people and more biological diversity than the wars in the Middle East. Iraq is a terrible quagmire of US sin and violence. It is visible and well covered by the media and the world social movements. A second twin-tower of US violence burns in the headwaters of the Amazon and threatens all of the Northern Andes.


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