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13-02-2006 23:11

Hugging Hippies spread Love while Tourists Watch

Reclaim Love 3
Operation infinite Love

02-02-2006 18:19

G8 Genoa Diaz Trial: British Testimonies and a Personal Report


Last week the final British witnesses gave their evidence in the Italian court case against 29 police officers accused of crimes relating to the horrific raid on the GSF Diaz school in Genoa, when Italian police stormed their way into the school and savagely beat scores of people. In the building opposite the police immobilised the grassroots media, smashed equipment and phones, stole video tapes and took the hard drives of the volunteer legal team's computers. Read more >>

01-02-2006 15:57

Indymedia Radio London - Weekly News Roundup + Audio

Here's some of the stories from Indymedia London Radio's weekly broadcast on Resonance FM - taken from UK and Global Indymedia, and this week a few stories culled from the excellant Schnews.

Only half these stories were used on the radio show, as there was also an interview about the ongoing 2001 Diaz school raid court case in Italy, and a 20 min piece about the High Court challenge of the use of Section 44 of the terrorism act against protestors.

Also featured was the protest after the sad death of Bereket Yohannes who hung himself at Harmondsworth Detention Centre (

Listen to the show every week at 1pm every Wednesday in London on 104.4FM or on the web at:

...or check out other imc audio at

01-02-2006 11:53

call to stop all airport expansions across the uk!

Airport expansion is nearly on us, and we have to get networks running in order to defeat these multi billion pounds projects! cutting through our country side, building new roads to supply them, and of course, CLIMATE CHANGE!
hit them where it hurts! the pocket!!!!

30-01-2006 23:48

Personal report of Genoa 2001 G8 trials starting in Italia recently

Diaz school story

23-01-2006 00:03

This is it !!! Broadway market Eviction very likely Monday am

All the signs are pointing to the posibility of an eviction Monday am of the community occupied cafe in Broadway market Hackney. Come and support the struggle against the gentrification and homogonisation of our communities. Read more >>

21-01-2006 16:07

The Genova G8 Diaz trial - Chilean night

As the first week of testimony from the British witnesses at the Genova G8 Diaz raid trial passes, despite many incursions by lawyers representing the police, Oscar Beard recounts the events of the attack in interviews with several victims. Read more >>

18-01-2006 19:18

Hackney STWC public meeting and DVD screening

STWC Banner
2nd Feb, Public meeting of Hackney Stop The War Coalition.

Chair of the national stop the war coallition Andrew Murray will be present and we will be screening the new DVD from Decembers' International Peace Conference. Read more >>

18-01-2006 11:38

Japan's own Enron causes stock market crash

For anyone who managed to get to rampART a couple of weeks ago for the screening of the documentary 'Enron - the smartest guys in the room', the latest corporate scandle revolving around the internet trailblazer Livedoor should be a familiar one. Read more >>

18-01-2006 00:12

Will the energy crisis cut aviation?

Today, the highest oil prices in more than three months led to the largest drop in the stock market in over six weeks and knocked back big consumers such as British Airways Plc. But will increasing oil prices help to temper the increased demand for air travel, the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions?

If air travel were to grow at the predicated rate it would soon become the biggest single obstacle to curbing climate change and put all other efforts to cut greenhouse emissions in danger of being swamped by aviation emissions.

The UK, for example has set a target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. But it also predicts a quadrupling of air travel by the same date. If the predictions are accurate then air travel would use up every last tonne of British emissions entitlements.

But as we reach the peak of world wide oil production, can the air industry survive until 2050 anyway? In fact can the economy and indeed civilisation as we know it survive until 2050 or even 2020 for that mater... Read more >>

17-01-2006 03:21

Manufacturing takes a hit

Rising global energy prices are hitting UK manufactures, but the costs have yet to be passed down to the consumer... Read more >>

16-01-2006 18:46

First student anti-sweatshop week of action

The first national student anti-sweatshop week of action will take place 11-18 February 2006. Read more >>

16-01-2006 15:53

Gunboat attack forces Shell retreat from Nigeria - oil prices rise again.

Shell oil has been forced to evacuate facilities in the niger delta after further attacks on it's facilities... Read more >>

16-01-2006 13:37

Lydd Airpt arrogantly flys in 737 jet

Apparently as part of its 'expansion' plans Lydd Airport (Romney Marsh Kent) bosses (Saudi owners!) allowed a 737 jet to fly in over the weekend. The Keep The Marsh Special Alliance is trying to highlight the arrogance of this with local media.... Read more >>

14-01-2006 01:32

Chavez threatens to cut off US oil supplies

On top of disruption to oil supplies this week from Nigeria after sabotage and kidnapping, and on top of concerns over stability of supplies from Iran should the UN initiate sanctions, now the 5th largest oil producer in the world has asked the question 'what would happen if we were to stop exports to the US'?

Should this implied threat be taken seriously it could spell further increases in oil prices in an already jumpy market. It could also fuel speculation that the US will taken action to remove Chavez from power in the coming months.... Read more >>

13-01-2006 21:27

Wildlife Area Handed Over To Oil Industry

Bush is really scraping the barrel now. Having failed to convince the congress last month to hand over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to his buddies in the oil business, he has had to satisfy the countries growing thirst by sacrificing the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area instead. The move sweeps aside decades of environmental protection and is just one more sign of the desperation of a dying empire in the face of a global peak of oil production.

13-01-2006 18:00

China and India form power block

Today we consume around 4 times as much oil as we discover. Approximately half of all know oil reserves have already been recovered, and oil production will peak in the near future, or perhaps already has. Demand for oil by the world growing economies will soon outstrip supply.
Oil prices will continue to rise, as will the cost of transportation, industrial production, consumer goods, and food... Read more >>

13-01-2006 14:30

Anti McDonalds Demo Central London

Regular Anti Mcdonalds demo's in Central London

12-01-2006 18:12


A review of the Bolivarian Revolution achievements and the threat against Hugo Chavez by the U.S. Read more >>

12-01-2006 12:52

Venezuela - Bolivarian Revolution, Coal Mining and Indigenous Resistance

•Tuesday 24th Jan, 6pm The Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, Brighton
* Report back from a recent trip to Venezuela
•* FILM: Bolivarian Venezuela; people and struggle
•* Short film from a new libertarian social centre in Caracas
•* Information on indigenous struggles in the rural North West


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