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25-01-2008 13:56

++ Brad Will Film at rampART ++ WED 30TH ++ 8pm

Popular Uprising in Oaxaca
When Mexican paramilitary forces shot Brad Will in the chest, killing
him, his camera fell from his hands. But it didn't stop recording. It
continued moving from hand to hand.
Brad's camera paints us a picture of what his life was about, and what
so many of his friends continue to struggle for. Read more >>

24-01-2008 12:52

After Sangatte Film Premiere, Thurs 31 January, SOAS University

Thursday 31 January, 2008: SOAS University will premiere a photographic slide show, short film and discussion on the growing Refugee crisis in Calais, France. Read more >>

23-01-2008 13:42

Anti-sweatshop benefit gig with Rob Newman, London, 31 January

Come and have a laugh while helping to raise money for anti-capitalist international workers' solidarity campaigning... Read more >>

17-01-2008 18:15

Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results

Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results Read more >>

15-01-2008 16:16

Supersize My Pay activist speaks in UK as part of anti-sweatshop week of action

The No Sweat campaigns third week of anti-sweatshop action will be taking place 11-18 February 2008, including a speaker from the Supersize My Pay campaign which has organised thousands of young fast food workers in New Zealand. Read more >>

15-01-2008 14:34

WWF : Buy Yourself A New Corporate Image

It seems that any corporation, however bad their past, can sponsor WWF in order to make them look good. Surely this is wrong, but that's what's going on.

13-01-2008 17:31

Resist, Rebel and Revolt!

All places where the elite caste talk, control and package the news, are monopolized and not accessible by university workers.

It is time for the revolt!

09-01-2008 22:49 | 1 addition

LARC's monthly film night kicks off with 'Bamako', 8pm, Wed Jan 1

please pass the word along...

To inaugurate LARC’s new monthly film night, we’ll be showing ‘Bamako’ at 8pm, with tea and cake available from 7.30. Entrance free, though donations always appreciated. Read more >>

09-01-2008 14:25

Does CrossRail hole plot-backer UK minister Bassam have the honesty?

On Monday 7 January 2008, a transport minister in the 'house of lords' in London spoke by recognizing the role inn the UK of European convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. He refrained from using the full title of the conventions. But his words in fact referred to the constitutional framework that exists in practice under the UK's treaty obligations [dating back to 1950]. So does the minister himself practise his apparent affiliation to the conventions? Not really, if the evidence of his behaviour in promoting the crossrail hole plots is anything to go by.


05-01-2008 10:51

Crass role by Crossrail-hole-backer Tower Hamlets Council, again!

On 18 December 2007, one of the employerdf publcity staff in the Tower Hamkets Coucnil issued a 'good news for Crossrail' e-mail to the local paper. The hedaing was misleading. The truth of the matter is that they wanted to fend off the latst camapgn progamme announed by Khoodeelaar! whioch is goin to petoton the Hosue of Lords later this month [8 january 2008 and onweards] against the Crossrail Bill. Read more >>

04-01-2008 22:35

The Asylum Crisis

The Flipside of the Globalisation Coin

04-01-2008 17:55 | 1 addition

London Rising Tide activists 'die' in the Tate Britain (4 January 2008)

Activists from London Rising Tide staged a 'die-in' in the BP sponsored Tate Britain this afternoon. Read more >>

02-01-2008 14:00

wmv film of xmas slackers karaoke

Video slackers choir in carnaby street
here is the wmv file of the slackers xmas karaoke Read more >>

02-01-2008 13:39

xmas karaoke with slackers anarchist choir

Video the slackers choir in carnaby street
just before xmas the south london anarchist choir (slackers) took to the streets and shops of the west end to perform their anti-capitalist christmas carols. sing-along with this karaoke rendition of their wonderful performances Read more >>

30-12-2007 02:10

Christmas message 2007, Against racism, war and exclusion ''illegals''

Contrary with the hypocrisy of the traditional Christmas-celebrations and the consumption-hysteria, the message is to work for peace, against racism and exclusion of ''illegals''
To say it shortly: the advancement of human rights, without distinction

28-12-2007 09:43

Lydd airport stopped by..... nuke power ??

British Energy, owners of Dungeness B nuclear station have now officially objected to the planed expansion of Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh Kent.

ooer missus, saved by nuclear power ??

22-12-2007 20:32

Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill - objection to be put to 'House of Lords

On 8 January 2008, the UK Upper Chamber ['House of Lords] 'select committee' on the 'Crossrail Bill' starts receiving formal objections to the 'Bill'. That Bill has just been 'sent' there by the 'Lower House' [=] the 'House of Commons' which gave it the 'Third Reading'. Khoodeelaar! is organising a series of formal objections to be put to that ‘committee’ against the contents and the purpose of the ‘Crossrail Bill’. The background is that constitutional campaigning CAN produce results. May be not all that is wanted. But the Khoodeelaar! campaign against Crossrail hole Bill track record shows that we have had some results. It is a matter of serious consideration whether the same outcome would have been available had we stayed inactive, silent and casual and ‘hoped’ for the part-time, media-fixated ‘faces’ occupying any number of public positions [fetching them handsome cash remuneration and other benefits] in the name of the East End to make the odd, publicity-oriented utterances… Read more >>

21-12-2007 16:42

Khoodeelaar! Manifesto for ‘elections’ May 2007 London free from CrossRail hole

Crassrail hole plot backing propaganda outfit for the Big Business interests 'London First' has just publicized its alleged manifesto for London. It is promoting the City of London and their stogies on the GLA.
They will not support the people of London or the communities and areas that are targeted and affected by the CrossRail hole plot. Read more >>

16-12-2007 15:46

CrossRail has contaminated fragile climate of legality in UK parliament

How? By the secret promoters of CrossRail hole plot [‘the CrossRail Bill’, now set to be formally 'considered' in the House of Lords following the 'Third Reading' see more below], Big Business interests and agenda-setters like the USA giant Bechtel, to dictate how the ‘sovereign’ UK and its ‘elected’ parliament and Govt should behave! This is what has been seen in the latest exhibition of ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ as displayed in the House of Commons three days ago when MPs of all parties acted openly as poodles with not a singe recorded move by a single MP against CrossRail at this finalizing procedural stage! The ‘Party’ which has been alleged to have introduced ‘Mr Bean’ into the so-called lexicon learned discourse in ‘ the mother of parliaments’, exposed its own infinite idiocy by competing fur space to show just how pathetically full of ignorance and lack of substance it was…. This is why the Khoodeelaar! Campaign has to carry on with the task that fills that gap s brazenly created by the bankruptcy of the time serving, unrepresentative and overpaid MPs… Read more >>

15-12-2007 18:21

Totalitarian Oil get out of Burma protest in Chiswick

On Thursday 13th December, eight protesters campaigned at the Total Oil
station at 137 Chiswick High Road against Total's funding of the repressive
regime in Burma.


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