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01-08-2008 08:28 | 2 additions

Cobham, Surrey : Activists Blockade Cargill Europe Head Office

Since 7.50 am this morning, 20 participants in this year's Camp for Climate Action and members of Action Against Agrofuels have been blockading the only access gate to Cargill's European regional head office in Cobham, Surrey. 8 activists have locked on to the gates closing the site down completely. Agrobusiness giant Cargill are being targeted by the protesters for their role in rainforest destruction and land-grabbing as well as for profiteering from the food crisis.


31-07-2008 18:23

Big Brothers latest gadgetry now in use at a ‘Fat Cat’ demo near you.

A massive and violent insurection erupts in the City of London.
This morning while reporting the antics of some trots outside the Goldman Sachs building in the City of London; I noticed a strange protrusion on the hat of a cycle cop.

At first glance it looked like a trendy new device for holding a spare lipstick. On closer inspection a wire was spotted coming from the back of it. The copper in question was friendly enough and explained that the device had completed its trials and would be rolled out for general use within a couple of months. As well as the head cam there was a second one on his chest in case anyone tried to grab the more obvious one. It was activated by a switch and also stored the 30 seconds of footage prior to its activation.

If all the Police are due to be trained and issued with this gear, does that mean that a certain unit (known for their blue shouldered jackets) will soon be surplus to requirements? Well, if in a couple of months time you spot some familiar faces working as security guards in your local Tescos, you now know why…..

30-07-2008 19:54

29.07.08 Climate camp caravan - film stop.

UK, London. Oval. Climate camp caravanners watching cycle-powered cinema.
Images from Tuesday's stop for the climate camp caravan as it makes its way from Heathrow airport to Kingsnorth Power Station.
The caravan stopped at the Synergy Centre, near Oval in London. Around 30-50 people watched a film about sustainability in Cuba, on a cycle-powered cinema. Afterwards there was a Q+A session with climate camp staff, London councillors and other green - thinkers.


28-07-2008 18:29

Turbulence 4: 'Who Can Save Us From the Future?'

Turbulence 4
Out now!

Check out:

26-07-2008 21:55

26.07.08 Climate Camp press conference

UK, Greater London. Climate camp press conference, Harlington Baptist church.
Images from the climate camp press conference, Saturday 26th July 2008.
The climate camp will move this weekend from its location at Heathrow Airport to a new location - Kingsnorth power station in Medway, Kent. This conference aimed to examine the ongoing situation at Heathrow and bring different groups such as Camp for Climate Action, local campaign groups HACAN and NoTRAG), and Greenpeace to discuss a broad strategy against expansion.


26-07-2008 14:16 | 1 addition

600 million of pounds burned last night at the Hackney Planning Committe

How 600 million of pounds were burned last night
in the Hackney Planning committee of London.

Hackney Council effort to sell off most of its land bank asset to
speculative driven private property deals suffered a blow last night
at its very own home - the Hackney Town Hall.


24-07-2008 11:01

AIDS: Genocide of neglect

DAN JAKOPOVICH delves into the rich states' record on HIV/Aids. Read more >>

19-07-2008 14:45

The Problem With...Work

At what age do you think your working future is planned out for you? If you are conscience of the impact civilization has on our lives, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the answer is: "from birth". Read more >>

18-07-2008 15:01

Private Equity Headquarters Under Lock Down in London July 17

beginning of demo at Trafalgar Square
On the Global Day of Action against Private Equity, 50 people collectively delivered a giant invoice to Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts's (KKR) headquarters in London. Read more >>

16-07-2008 18:40

Fannie, Freddie, Food and Fuel

The financial crisis deepens with the nationalization of IndyMac and the likely bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie May by the US taxpayer. The financial crisis has company as inflation, and in particular huge increases in global food and energy prices, enters the fray.

The American economic model has been discredited and the American century has lasted but a few decades. These developments have and will further open up a new period in the struggle between capital and labor on the world stage and the US working class will have a major role to play as it re-connects with its militant traditions. Read more >>

16-07-2008 08:08

George Galloway exposed as he betrays East End over Crossrail - deal with Ken

After having done a deal with Ken Livingstone, which involved selling out the East End over Crossrail in true SWP style, George Galloway has been attending the Commons plugging his reputation as a man who cares about the middle East. The man's latest concern is Pakistan while the poor and oppressed in East End continue to suffer at the hands of Tower Hamlets Council and the Respect clique which has joined forces with disreputable contingencies in the Labour, Liberal Democrat and increasingly Conservative Party. In short, George Galloway and his supporters are a fraud. Look at his record Read more >>

15-07-2008 11:21 | 1 addition

Carnival Against Vivisection! - German, French and Spanish Translators needed

English Version
A huge thank you to those who are currently translating a polish version and helped with the Italian version below. Read more >>

14-07-2008 22:47

RATB tells Lloyds TSB: Hands off Cuba!

Rock around the Blockade demonstration against British bank’s complicity with the US blockade of Cuba


14-07-2008 11:50

Tony Blair: A Sudden Turn Of Conscience? No.

My inbox has been overflowing with love and best wishes to the planet from all sorts of people recently — one of them is no less than Tony Blair, that great peacekeeper (1), climate saviour (2) and lover of human rights (3) is pushing his big plan (yes, another one) to return the planet to its former health. It’s called “Breaking The Climate Deadlock” and you can read the latest report here [] (4). Read more >>

12-07-2008 14:31

End G8 Domination!

End G8 Domination!
Joint Statement on the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan Read more >>

07-07-2008 12:59

LGC & Project 2012 Independence Day Picnic Report - 4 July

empty plate picnic protest
To "celebrate" American Independence Day, the LGC took a break from its weekly vigil (we did that too!) and went to the park next the Embassy and held a freedom picnic and debate on what freedom, if it exists, means to us all now? Feel free to add any extra thoughts below... Read more >>

07-07-2008 11:07

Photos of "Plan C" demo in Croydon Saturday 5th

Some Photos from the demo in Croydon last Saturday.
For Freedom of Movement, Freedom to Protest and against the G8! Read more >>

07-07-2008 10:00

Private Equity Sucks...

... energy wealth and power away from our communities.

Rise Up and Resist the Giants of Global Capitalism
Squeezed by Debt, Taxes and Cost of Living? Join in on a Global Day of Action against one of the oldest and largest Private Equity Firms in the world: KKR (Kholberg, Kravis and Roberts)

Thursday, July 17th meet 1:00 PM in Trafalgar Square (near the lions) Read more >>

06-07-2008 20:52

Action against Private Equity July 17 1pm Trafalgar Square

*Join the Global Day of Action against one of the oldest and largest private equity firms in the world: KKR (Kohlberg, Kravitz and Roberts)* *Thursday July 17 1PM Trafalgar Square, under the lions*

On Thursday 17 July 2008, thousands of trade unions, community organisations, environmentalists, workers and activists will be taking part in a global day of action against KKR - actions are planned in 100 cities in 25 countries. Read more >>

06-07-2008 19:27 | 4 additions

G8, NoBorders, demo in Croydon– bike ride included

Was told after the demo that this had also been a Freedom to Protest action. Which suited quite well, given the amount of harassment given by police to all present, from the start. It feels like the objective is to discourage people from being politically active by simply giving us an unbearable hard time. Read more >>


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