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SchNEWS 737: EDL in Bradford - Out Of Their League

Jo Makepeace, 03-09-2010 02:10

A report of the English Defence League rally in Bradford last Saturday (August 28th) - which was followed by the English Nationalist Alliance attempting to march on Brighton the following Monday (30th). Neither were successful for the far-right, and met with anti-fascist resistance. Is this beginning of the end for the EDL - where can they go from here?

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Forced labour for Jobseekers

MULE, 08-03-2010 13:21

Despite high levels of unemployment due to the recession jobseekers in Greater Manchester will be forced to work up to 40 hours a week as part of the Work for Your Benefits (WfYB) pilot scheme. The region is set to be the trialling ground for a government initiative that will see unemployed people put into mandatory work placements for up to six months just to hold on to their Jobseeker’s Allowance. Read more | 1 comment >>

Hasty Lane Adopt-a-Resident Launch- Manchester - Sun 7th Feb 2010

Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport, 10-01-2010 16:48

Public launch - Sunday 7th February 2010
On Sunday 7th February 2010, Hasty Lane tenants threatened by the expansion of Manchester Airport will be teaming up with climate justice campaigners in the public launch of the Adopt-a-Resident scheme. Like at Heathrow, the scheme aims to build solidarity and campaigning links and to send out a message that if the bulldozers come, they will have to deal with people from across Manchester standing together to protect people's homes and to protect the clmate. Read more | 3 comments >>

Still working for a Nuclear Free City?

MULE, 15-12-2009 14:47

mule nuclear
The University of Manchester’s Dalton Institute is to receive over £8 million of investment from the Government to support the civil nuclear industry, in a deal announced this week by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson as part of the government’s plans to create a low carbon economic area in the Northwest. Yet the development will jeopardise Manchester’s status as a nuclear free city.

This latest move by the government aims to boost technical expertise in nuclear power generation while at the same time securing more environmentally sustainable sources of energy. The region already boasts a strong presence in the nuclear sector, employing more than 25,000 skilled professionals in 300 companies across the region, with a reported combined turnover of approximately £3 billion. Read more | 5 comments >>

Northern Indymedia Launches

IMC Northern England, 01-08-2009 00:06

August 1st 2009 sees the official launch of Northern Indymedia by the alt-media monkeys of IMC Northern England. Having revived the dormant IMC Leeds/Bradford and merged with IMC York, the collective is officially launching their new site as a news resource for all those seeking a better world in the grim north and beyond. 9 Months of hard work are culminating in the public unveiling of the new site at Hyde Park Unity Day in Leeds, where there will be a solar powered "Be the Media" centre provided by the collective. The pitch will also include members of the Climate Camp Yorkshire neighbourhood who are helping to launch "The Great Climate Swoop" on the same day. Full coverage of all the goings on will be put up on the new site:

Links: New site of IMC Northern England | Join our mailing list | Collaboration tools on Crabgrass | IRC Chat room | New IMC form submitted | Letter sent to IMC York proposing merge | Letter sent out to local groups in the North of England | Northern IMC at Glastonbury 2009

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Abolish All Immigration Prisons

borderhoppers, 17-03-2009 21:17

phil woolas change of heart
Last Friday evening, two dozen activists entered the offices of Minister for Immigration and Borders Phil Woolas in Oldham, ‘detaining’ him for about 30 minutes. The campaigners included members of No Borders Manchester, No One Is Illegal and the Anarchist Federation . The action intended to mirror the government’s practice of detaining migrants in ‘immigration removal centres’ without trial or sentencing, for indefinite periods of time. This was the second time since his appointment last year that the immigration minister has become the target of an action by No Borders, after a member of the group pushed a custard pie in his face last October .

On Tuesday morning, 20 anti-deportation campaigners blocked access to the Tinsley House immigration detention centre near Gatwick airport. Activists used d-locks and superglue to blockade the entrance gate for several hours. The action aimed to prevent the forced deportation on a charter flight of approximately 50 Iraqi refugees from the UK.

Groups affiliated to the UK No Borders network are now calling for demonstrations against immigration detention on Saturday 21st March. A protest march will lead from Bedford to the Yarl’s Wood detention centre, which was half destroyed by fire in 2002, following an uprising ignited by the ill-treatment of a sick woman by guards. Transport is available from London. Solidarity demonstrations are planned in Manchester and Edinburgh. The demonstration in Manchester will be going to the newly-expanded ‘Pennine House’ detention facility at the airport. The campaign to close this prison has achieved a high profile recently after the invasion of Phil Woolas’s offices and an intervention during a speech by Manchester City Council leader Richard Leese. In Edinburgh, campaigners will picket the private security company G4S. G4S profits from running immigration prisons in the UK, including Brook House, Dungavel near Glasgow and Pennine House.

Links: Tinsley House blockade | Photos 1 | Phil Woolas Detention | Custard Pie

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Over a dozen university occupations for Palestine

imc-uk-features, 22-01-2009 13:00

Student for a free palestine - occupations

Students across the country are holding occupations and sit ins in solidarity with Gaza. SOAS shut down a MOD exhibition on their campus whilst students at LSE declared victory after seven days when the university agreed to all of their demands.

They are followed by others at King's College,Essex, Warwick, Sussex , Birmingham and over 80 Oxford University students have occupied the historic Bodleian building to demand that the university releases a statement condemning the attack on Gaza and cancel the lecture series at Balliol College inaugurated by Israeli war criminal Shimon Peres. There are also early reports of occupations at Manchester Met, Newcastle, Leeds, Cambridge [Pics], Bradford, Queen Mary, Sheffield Hallam, Nottingham, Strathclyde and Manchester universities. Update Wed 28th: The occupations have started to bring in results as both Sussex and Bradfod students have declared "victory" [See Sussex and Bradford declarations] On the other hand, the Cambridge University occupation is under threat of eviction [more] Update Sun 1st Feb: Nottingham occupation violently evicted [more | video] Update 11th Feb: Golsmiths University and the University of East Anglia are occupied.

In Yorkshire, students have occupied a building at Leeds University whilst the Bradford AGM voted to give the university the weekend to comply with demands to support the Palestinians, or expect action on Monday. On Tuesday morning, around 80 students occupied the university boardroom. The students say they "are enraged and horrified by the unspeakable atrocities that have been committed by the Israeli military on the people of Palestine, and ... will not tolerate the complicity of ... institutions of education in this violence."

Regional features: Cambridge | Nottingham | Sheffield

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Northern Climate Rush

, 13-01-2009 13:59

Bradford and Manchester activists at the Northern Climate Rush
On Monday 12th Jan 2009 between 1830 and 2100, free expression occurred
at terminal three of Manchester International Airport. A protest was held by Climate Rush in a designated zone away from all passengers and prying eyes with a cordon for the press and some police horses.

Approximately one hundred protesters descended decorously to make their
views on airport expansion known. Edwardian dress was the order of the day,and we didn't disappoint. Top hats and tails, corsets, shawls and a street urchin all made an appearance. Read more >>

Resistance escalates with Airport 'Green' Light

imc-uk, 12-01-2009 13:13

Both Heathrow and Manchester airports were targeted Monday with the domestic departure lounges of both airports simultaneously occupied by protesters. In London over 500 people defied airport bylaws by staging a sit-down dinner forcing airport operator BAA to close 18 check-in desks. In Manchester police used powers under Section 14 of the Public Order Act to contain up to 100 protesters on the ground floor of Terminal 3 and there was one arrest.

The Climate Rush actions were timed to coincide with MPs return to the house of commons with the government expected to announce the decision on the Heathrows airport expansion during week. Meanwhile, Greenpeace revealed that a plot of land within the proposed expansion site had been purchased in an attempt to delay the construction.

Despite media speculation that the announcement would be delayed, by Wednesday nght the media were reporting that the expanision plans have been given the green light. After the official announcement on Thursday, 'climate suffragettes' smashed the windows of the Department of Transport and on Saturday 500 flash mobbed at Heathrows terminal 5.

Newswire Reports : Climate Rush Heathrow images, 12.01.09 | Heathrow Terminal One Climate Rush Picnic a success! | Northern Climate Rush at Manchester Airport | Northern Climate Rush Photos (video) | Protests against airport extension in Frankfurt | Why I renounce my vote | Suffra-jets smash windows

Campaign Links: Plane Stupid | Airport Watch | Climate Rush | T5Flashmob"> | HACAN ClearSkies | No Third Runway Action Group | Stop Heathrow Expansion | Campaign for Better Transport | Airport Pledge | Stop Bristol Airport Expansion

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salford star, 13-12-2008 20:43

media city uk
A recently released academic paper questions the very basis of Media City and the BBC move as a tool for creating jobs and equality in the community and sorting out Salford’s economic problems. Its author, Brett Christopher, is well out of the way of any vested interests, based at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Basically, he argues that the benefits cited for the Peel Holdings led project “appears to be an article of faith” which get repeated by its champions and somehow gains credibility.

He writes that “we can perhaps think of the project as a form of `corporate gentrification’…whereby `real estate development becomes a centrepiece of the city’s productive economy, an end in itself’…” Or in plain English, that Media City is more about building loads of luxury apartments, expensive commercial spaces and places for “elite consumption practices” than anything else. Read full article at the Salford Star website.

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Oil-money magnates buy up Man City football club

James, 01-12-2008 18:31

Manchester City Training Ground

Manchester City are joining the Premier League big spenders as their new owners splash the cash in an effort to bring the good times to the Eastlands. They still have along way to go, as Sunday's 1-0 defeat at home to Manchester United proves, but just where has their new found wealth come from? Sarah Irving investigates...

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Mule Web Issue Out Monday 1st December

mule, 30-11-2008 20:24

See the Mule website for the December Web Special Mule issue!

The December 2008 Mule Issue will be a special web exclusive issue, and will mark the official launch of our website. From Monday the 1st of December you'll see a steady stream of new articles uploaded to the website regularly over the course of the month, to form Issue 5. Visit the mule website

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Liverpool anti-ID picket: No One Is Illegal

Manchester No Borders, 26-11-2008 22:54

20 students and No Borders/anti-ID campaigners from Manchester made their way to Liverpool on 25th November, the day that the government introduced ID cards for non-EU nationals living in the UK. There they joined a group of 30 Merseyside activists outside Reliance House to protest at the introduction of compulsory ID cards for international students and non-EU spouses on that day. Read more >>

Squat Manchester - an uprising of autonomous activity

Tricky, 23-04-2008 23:14

squat manchester
This weekend saw an uprising of unauthorised squat related activities, including a squatting film night, banner drops, a new squatted social centre, public family fun day, a No Borders March, the occupation of Jacksons Wharf and a busted 'free' party. Check out this summary of the weekends' events.

Up to 200 squatters and supporters followed a call for an unauthorised demonstration in the city centre from Manchester's No Borders group. Accompanied by a samba band (Rhythms of Resistance) and two soundsystems mounted on bike trailers. "With the cops not bothering to show up, we marched undisturbed from Victoria Station into the Northern Quarter, along Market Street and Kings Street , through Spinningfields into Castlefields."

The lead banner read FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR ALL - DEFEND AUTONOMOUS SPACES. Hundreds of copies of the Mesho were given out to passers by. The Mesho was a squat themed spoof news paper was also distributed in other participating cities.

The aim of the widespread action was is to develop interconnections and solidarity between autonomous spaces and help create more visibility for them as a political movement. In the UK the scale of the actions were extensive. Fuller coverage is here.

(A summary of the weekend ) (Demonstration of squatters turns into mass occupation) (Pics of demo and mass action | Video of demo Stream or Download Mpeg1

Also on the subject of immigration and fighting gentrification Check this upcoming event.
Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a grass roots organisation of immigrant communities fighting against gentrification in El Barrio (East Harlem) 7.30 pm Thursday 8th May 2008 at the Town Hall Tavern, Manchester - more info


Biofuels: A wolf in sheep's clothing!

, 06-03-2008 16:59

The start of the new year has seen environmental campaigners from around Manchester taking action to raise awareness of the threat to global ecosystems posed by plans for increased bio-fuel production. Biofuels were initially viewed by many as a clean, sustainable solution to an impending oil crisis: emissions produced by their combustion are lower, and CO2 is absorbed by the fuels as they are grown. However, further investigation shows large-scale industrial production of biofuels to be potentially more harmful than the use of conventional fossil fuels. Campaigners have attempted to expose the EU's plans for increased biofuel production as a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Manchester Climate Change Activists Blockade Domestic Flights

, 10-10-2007 15:25


Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.

Passengers were denied access to the departure lounge by seven activists locked together using arm-tube devices. Two banners were unfurled reading, “Manchester City Council...supporting climate chaos” and “Domestic flights cost the Earth”. Other protesters leafleted passengers with information about aviation and climate change as well as handing out train timetables for route destinations.

Video | Photos | Press release

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Anti-war greeting for Tweedle Brown

imc-uk-features, 27-06-2007 12:12

End Brown's Wars

Gordon Brown is facing an anti-war welcome during his first week in power, with little sign that he will break with Blair's disastrous foreign policy. A War Is Still the Issue camp was set up in Parliament Square from Saturday 23rd [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Video ] (the fact that it was allowed may be a sign that SOCPA will be repealed? ... well, in fact probably not!). There was a demonstration outside Brown's Labour leadership coronation in Manchester on Saturday [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] and a Military Families Against War demonstration took place on his first day as Prime Minister on Wednesday [ Pics ] Later in the evening, a small group of activists braved the rain outside Blair's new Connaught Square home and made neighbours aware of their new resident [ Pics ].

Links: War is Still the issue | Voices in the Wilderness | Justice Not Vengeance | Stop the War Coalition | Military Families Against the War

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Protest at Kidnap Centre

mcr imc, 17-03-2007 20:41

The Congo Support Network held a demonstration on 13 March 2007 at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, Salford Quays, in opposition to the recent and continuing deportations of Congolese asylum seekers to war-torn DRCongo. It was attended by over 100 Congolese and Libyan refugees and supporters. To begin with everyone assembled in the road opposite the main entrance to Dallas Court before marching round to the back, where kidnapped asylum seekers are snuck out in blue vans to detention centres. Soon after, the crowd assembled at the entrance and the demonstartors held a banner completely across the doors.

The entrance to Dallas Court was then blockaded by the brave protesters, before being forced back by the police. The refugees chanted: 'SHUT DOWN DALLAS COURT!' and 'NO DEPORTATIONS!' throughout, along with many chants and songs in French. At around 1:30pm news emerged that Rosetta, a female Congolese asylum seeker who had had to 'report', had been kidnapped at Dallas Court while the protest was happening! In solidarity, the protesters announced that they would extend their protest and stay until Rosetta was released. They chanted for the next 2 hours and the atmosphere was electric. At one point the police attempted to arrest a Congolese man. As he was dragged off towards the police van the crowd swarmed around and dragged him from their grasp.

Full report | Close Down Dallas Court


Everything But The Incendiary

mcr imc, 26-02-2007 20:51

Everything But 1

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has been active throughout the UK, since the 1980s, and operates globally today. Individuals campaigning for animal rights have liberated thousands of animals, and have caused millions of pounds worth of damage to those who profit through their suffering. Everything But the Incendiary is a celebration of all these individuals.

Through different events, installations and information this exhibition at Manchester's basement social centre will provide people with a space to discuss issues connected with animal rights, share skills, and promote direct action in the endless struggle to help those who are defenceless in the face of corporate greed, and in the name of so-called 'science'.

Full article

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Esso: Number One Denier

mcr imc, 13-02-2007 20:51

closed for denying climate change

Thirty climate activists shut down an ESSO petrol station Feb 9th on Upper Brook Street in Manchester for two hours, using bits of fencing and traffic cones. The action aimed to highlight the link between the oil industry and global warming. As a symbol against car culture, three people locked themselves with D-locks to bicycles. Two others were locked to concrete based signs. Two large banners were displayed reading “no.1 supplier, no.1 denier, no.1 profiteer” and “closed for denying climate change”.

Climate change has become very topical of late. A week earlier and coinciding with the latest IPCC report on climate change, an illustration of a carbon footprint was found decorated on pavements in Manchester outside flight centres, petrol stations, supermarkets and a humvee garage. Remaining on a climate theme, there is to be a celebration in Manchester of the perfect antedote to global warming, the bicycle. From 30th March to 20th April the I Bike MCR festival takes place - a grassroots festival organised by cyclists for cyclists with diverse events that will entice any cyclist.

Carbon Footprints: What Do They Mean? | I Bike MCR festival | Esso garage Shut Down

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Get Down to Your Local Indy

imc-uk-features, 09-02-2007 11:00

Local Indymedia Collectives

Local Indymedia groups (IMCs) exist all over the UK. Some have existed longer than others and some are more active than others, but they all have one thing in common: they need your help. If you're interested in working on independent media on a local level, or if you have technical skills, why not become involved? Help organise film screenings, benefit events, or report on local issues, compile features and do admin work on the websites. There is a lot to be done!

Local IMC kollectives have regular meetings which are open to anyone interested. These include:
Bristol: Monday 19th Feb, 8pm at the Hillgrove Pub, Kingsdown, Bristol
Cambridge: Monday 19th Feb, 7:30pm at 3 Fletchers Terrace Cambridge (more on meetings)
Manchester: Wednesday 14th Feb, 7.30pm at Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever St, Manchester, M11DZ

Click at the 'Full article' link above to know more about the local kollectives and how to get involved.

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Two Days of Action Target Climate Criminals

Climate Camp, 06-02-2007 03:37

Over the weekend of 3-4 Feb 2007, actions up and down the country and beyond targeted dangerous 'greenwash' being desperately pushed by corporations and politicians. The actions came in the wake of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released on Friday, which warned of world temperature rises of over 6C by the end of the century. The report indicated that a 4 degree rise would mean a 10% loss in global food production due to draught, flooding, water shortages. While the world slowly wakes up to the magnitude of climate chaos, Shell and Exxon Mobil last week announced record breaking profits. With the figures laid out so clearly, the nauseating hypocrisy spouted by corporations and politicians has spurred action from Paris to Aberdeen.

Links Press release for oil spill action | action report, photos & video | another video | Shell sponsorship background
Other actions Glasgow | Edinburgh | Plane Stupid | Greenpeace
Coming up Protest against ESSO, 9th Feb | Spring into Action
Climate Camp 2006 indymedia page | website | 2007 Camp 14-21st August | next organising meeting 17-18th Feb


Battle of Belle Vue

, 26-01-2007 13:21

"I tried to help someone up who was on the floor, he was at the feet of a policeman with a dog snapping right at him, and was holding his leg and screaming. I went to help him out of the way of the dog and got hit from behind by a truncheon in the side of the knee and back of my leg 4 times before I could get out of reach." Alex - would be party goer.

Last weekend about two thousand party goers were attacked by police whilst attempting to attend a free party in the Manchester area. The A57 was closed for about 2 hrs when police forced party goers out of a warehouse and on to the streets. According to one first hand report the rave was already filling up by around 11pm, nearly half an hour before the police arrived, and the premises were protected under section 6 "squatters rights" due to it being the permanent residence of a small number of people.

The police upon entry ignored this warning and proceeded to use extreme force on people who were showing no resistance and breaking no laws. This behaviour was carried out under supervision and instruction of the attending Detective Inspector. Several accounts confirm that people were beaten with police batons, bitten by Dog units for not moving fast enough and/or were thrown around by the police.

Outside the venue a large crowd of about 800 people had gathered outside in anticipation of the rave. It response the police saw necessary to form a line complete with riot units, and rush the crowd with both dogs and batons.

On Friday 26th a protest was held at Manchester Magistrates court to support a raver charged with affray. (see video below)

Reports and comments | Pictures of injuries and the night | Video of first hand reports at the protest on Fri 26th


Hummer Dealership Shut Down

mcr imc, 20-10-2006 17:16

On the 16th October around 40 individuals shut down the Bauer Millettes hummer dealership in Manchester town centre. The eco-activists headed down to the SUV garage in various states of attire to highlight the link between our unseasonably warm weather and the emissions of the polluting 11 miles per gallon SUVs.

A banner saying “Stop urban 4x4s” was dropped from the tram bridge overhead. Several others entered the forecourt and attached themselves to the front of vehicles, one lay covered in fake blood a casualty of the killer hummer. The other activists dressed as clown soldiers, pixies, a gas-masked bride, Tony Blair, a skeleton, Marylin Monroe with a half burnt American flag, the yuppies and various generically-modified hippies infiltrated the garage then bounced around the £50K+ luxury soft tops and SUVS.

Full Report


'i' the film - screening tour

Indymedia, 09-10-2006 22:14

Indymedia meeting at protest
Touring the UK this week, 'i' the film expands on the explosive prequel, "Eye of the Storm" and examines the relationship between media and power as manifest by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media activists - Indymedia. Further Links: 'i' The Film website | European tour schedule | Film reviews | Report and Audio from Nottingham Screening | Argentina Indymedia | Wikipedia on Indymedia | Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006


Peace Camp Set to Defy Ban

mcr imc, 19-09-2006 20:19

mfaw placard

"We think it's because it's the Labour conference and they don't want us going and voicing our opinions" Rose Gentle, Military Families Against the War

"They have got every right to protest, and I think we will find they will protest. Whoever is responsible for this are idiots." Walter Wolfgang

A protest group is planning to defy a ban on setting up a peace camp in Albert Square imposed on them by Manchester City Council. Military Families Against the War - an organization of relatives to members of the Armed Services opposed to the war in Iraq - will be pitching camp outside the town hall in the run up to the Labour Party Conference. Come Saturday the camp will be joined by thousands of people protesting against the continuing military occupation of Iraq and British foreign policy in the Middle East.

The Council claim the ban is in place for 'logistical' and 'health and safety' reasons, a claim that is strongly disputed by MFAW, who say the council is merely doing the bidding of the Labour Party. A further claim that there were 'security issues' with the camp have been denied by GM Police.

The conference is set to meet a high level of dissent this September. Aside from the peace camp a march and rally has been called by the Stop the War Coalition on Saturday 23rd which will include an anarchist block. Also on the menu, welfare rights group, Coalition Against the Welfare Reform Bill, are planning a demonstration and lobby on Monday 25th in reaction to the punitive approach towards disabled welfare claimants outlined in the bill.

Military Families to Defy Ban [ 1 | 2 ] Demonstrate Against Welfare Reform Bill [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] | Military Families Against the War | Stop the War Coalition | Time To Go? | Anarchist Block

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Close Down Dallas Court

mcr imc, 25-08-2006 12:50

Defend Asylum Seekers

On 18 August 2006, asylum seekers and anti-racist campaigners gathered outside Dallas Court Reporting Centre in Salford Quays, to protest against the treatment of asylum seekers and the continued practice of detaining people at Dallas Court, including the recent detention and transfer to Campsfield of Jean Lobouka from Congo (Brazzaville).

Many asylum seekers are forced to 'report' at Dallas Court every day, week or month, some from as far away as Bolton and Northwich. Many have no cash to pay for travel, as they are not allowed to work and the only support they have are ASDA electronic vouchers. They are subject to arrest and detention, and removal of food and accomodation if they refuse. When complying with their immigration service restrictions, some are unexpectedly arrested, seized and taken to prisons or 'detention centres'.

Story | Digital Diaries - Video about Dallas Court


Locals Object to Preston Quarry

mcr imc, 11-07-2006 10:59

Local campaign group "Save The Ribble" are calling for people and organisations to object to proposals for a Quarry at Lower Brockholes, intended to supply concrete to the 'Riverworks' Ribble Barrage.

Lower Brockholes is a beautiful ancient farmland on the Preston side of the M6, and is bordered by several Biological Heritage Sites including the ancient Brockholes Wood, Brockholes Meadow, and the River Ribble.

As such, this farmland is part of a broader ecosystem and itself offers diverse habitats, including mixed grasslands, hedgerows, small streams, and mature trees, supporting numerous bird, mammal and insect species.

Full story | Save the Ribble



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