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15-10-2007 10:36

one arrest at Royal Bank of Scotland banner drop this morning

around a dozen activists from 'rising tide' highlighted royal bank of scotland's shoddy record of investment in climate change. one clambered on the glass canopy of their city hq to unfurl a banner while others handed out more than 900 leaflets Read more >>

14-10-2007 18:31

Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Demo

An article about the worldwide anti-McDonald's day demo Read more >>

13-10-2007 21:07

RBS Update and Leaflets

Leaflet Front
It's only a few days away! There are plans afoot all over the country, and
there's still time for you to organise something in your local area. A few things that might help:

09-10-2007 08:36

Oh no! BAA cocks it up yet again...

'Future Heathrow" - a spurious lobby group set up to help push through BAA's unpopular plans yesterday released an survey showing Londoners' apparent support for more and constant overflying.

However the "independent" survey showed its true colours when it emerged that it had been e-mailed out by BAA, who forgot to remove the footer reading:

“If you would rather not receive future email messages from BAA......" Read more >>

08-10-2007 08:49 | 1 addition

Plane Stupid / Manchester Climate Action blockade Manchester domestic terminal

Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid have blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport. Read more >>

04-10-2007 13:26

The Atmosphere Is Not For Sale

I feel like an eco-fraud. There’s me thinking that we should be protecting the land, the sea and the atmosphere from the profit motives of large corporations, and then a big group of like-minded people come along with a signed document saying the opposite and repeatedly hit you round the face with it.

04-10-2007 08:46 | 1 addition

Government sits on damning Heathrow noise report

Biggest study for 25 years shows numbers affected by noise could be 10 times higher than admitted

Campaign groups urge Aviation Minister to ‘end the lies and the deceit and publish the report Read more >>

01-10-2007 23:31

Heathrow camp for climate action photo update

You fly we die
Heathrow diversityphotos update

30-09-2007 12:26

London demo against Iceland's deportation of eco-activists

A demonstration against Iceland's persecution of environmental activists will take place in London on Tuesday 2nd October, meeting at Sloane Square (nearest tube: Sloane Square) at 1pm.

28-09-2007 15:30

Climate urgency builds parliamentary support for Simultaneous Policy

Another MP signs the Simultaneous Policy Pledge bringing the world closer to global co-operation to solve global problems such as war, poverty and environmental destruction. Read more >>

27-09-2007 09:13

Another own goal for BAA

Aviation Minister orders investigation into night flight numbers at Heathrow after
investigation shows night flights significantly exceeding legal limits. Read more >>

26-09-2007 14:45

CUBA Calls for End to Insensitivity...

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque spoke on Monday, September 24, at a UN high-level event on climate change in New York, United States. We offers here the full text of the Cuban diplomat's speech. Read more >>

23-09-2007 21:17

Save Tara: The Greenman goes to the Green Party

17 August 2007, if two actions in the day were not enough, the Greenman, backed up by Save Tara campaigners and the International Culture Conservationists headed to Dublin to confront the Irish Green Party. Read more >>

20-09-2007 11:37 | 1 addition

Guardian Bullshit: "You're either in the Gatwick camp or the Heathrow camp"

Brendan O'Neill's dreadful article on the Guardian's "Comment is Free" site, In the other camp, ends with this conclusion:

So, are you a green or are you a supporter of completely free migration? Because it seems to me at least that you cannot be both. You're either in the Gatwick camp or the Heathrow camp. Make your choice.

18-09-2007 07:44

Streets for People and sustainable mobility.

European Mobility Week has started and will run until Car Free Day on the 22nd. Many towns and cities all over the world will be taking part, with walking and cycling events and including road closures to motorised traffic, so what about London? Read more >>

17-09-2007 21:41 | 1 addition

Save Tara: Roestown Site Invasion, 17/08/07

Following the archaeologist blockade, the Save Tara activists and International Cultural Conservationists invaded the Roestown site to halt work. Read more >>

10-09-2007 13:48

Campaigning On The Edge Of Society

What does it matter whether a campaign changes the world, so long as the intentions are good? Well, yes, it matters a hell of a lot. Set your sights low enough and reaching them is easy; set them high and you might have to risk your life to get there. Read more >>

06-09-2007 21:42 | 1 addition

Save Tara: Blockading the archaeologists

Friday 17 August, the International Culture Conservationists joined the Save Tara campaign in a human blockade to stop the construction company-backed archaeologists from entering the site. Read more >>

04-09-2007 20:05 | 1 addition

Save Tara: Protestors Walk The Line, Direct Action Halts Construction

Thursday 16 August, protestors walked the route of the M3 motorway to view what destruction of the ancient sites in Tara Valley have already disappeared. Then they decided on a little direct action. Read more >>

04-09-2007 01:54

The Canadian toothpick and the US president

He was STANDING on the sands of Irak. Like, that's going to happen to the entire planet if humans don't curb their gas guzzling and their fantastic way to consume the resources of our world. Read more >>


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